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Web Content

Horoscope Services provides a wide variety of horoscope content you can incorporate to your website giving your visitors free content and a uniquely memorable experience.

The majority of the general public have only known newspaper Zodiac Sign columns and perhaps tried telephone lines or SMS text messaging for Zodiac information.

Now, as well as XML, RSS, SMS options Horoscope Services offer high speed access to server systems with content incorporated to your website offering individuals easy access to informative horoscopes, containing comprehensive and wide ranging information written by our team of professional astrologers.

Using our exiting new AstroEngine.NET Web Service; an external interface to our astrology server that can be called from your web sites or other applications regardless of platform or programming language.

You are free to design how and which astrology data and text you want to display.

Mail Merge, with Astrology!

When you design your output template, which is HTML, you add specific replaceable fields. When the HTML is processed by our service it merges our astrology with your content.


Pet Horoscopes - Dogs & Cats

Give us a call and let us help you make your web site a more exciting experience for your visitors by adding unique content. Learn how you can increase your visitor loyalty and your revenue stream by using our bespoke astrology store and integrated management system.

Mobile Applications - iPhone, Android & More!

We can supply content and systems that can work with any mobile platform, iPhone, Android.

This can range from SMS daily text horoscopes, to a full astrology report on a mobile system.

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