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Daily Chatty Style Horoscopes - Sunday 20 August


You're right to believe that sticking with a traditional way of doing something is unappealing and uninteresting. That's because you're being encouraged to put a unique spin on a tired and repetitive methodology. A new way of doing something needs and deserves to be explored. You might have some convincing to do where certain others are concerned but wait until you're able to demonstrate the tangible results that will come from doing something your way for a change.


Boredom is often the result of a lack of mental stimulation. When we feel our brains aren't being challenged in ways we want them to be, we tune out to whatever is causing us to feel unchallenged and seek the challenge elsewhere. Before you do something similar, don't rule out how what appears mentally unchallenging presently, could provide a perfect stimulus. Seeing an opportunity within something you believe offers no opportunity could soon get you back on track.


Someone might, in your eyes, be making something complicated that you believe couldn't be more straightforward. Your relationship with a certain person is evolving, and a partnership is becoming stronger, but you can't help but wish someone would accept the simplicity that exists within what they're determined to make unnecessarily complex. For now, be patient. You-know-who just needs a bit more time to accept and connect with your way of thinking.


When a passenger aircraft lands, people seize the chance to get out of their seats, retrieve on-board luggage and then stand for a period before being allowed to leave the plane. They then rush to the baggage claim. Anyone who has been patient and not succumbed to urgency arrives only to find the same people standing waiting for their luggage to appear. There are rarely benefits to succumbing to a sense of urgency or impatience. Where you feel it's sensible and practical to be patient, make an effort to be both now.


Be prepared to allow one or two people in your world to catch up with you. You might be unaware of how focused your effort has become in a particular area and where you believed others were able to keep up with your physical energy or thinking, you could find you need to be more patient or accommodating. There are benefits to you of taking your foot off the gas at this time, too. A breather or being able to take stock of a situation can do you a world of good.


Something connected with your past is acting like a ball and chain around your ankle, and you might even be confused as to why you're continuing to allow it to have any influence. One door to a past episode needs closing and to be left closed. You might be mistaking any perceived comfort with familiarity. A new chapter commencing needs you to give it the focus it needs and leave alone what should be left in the past.


Action always causes a reaction, and a decision always has consequences on some level. You might be aware of how a decision or dilemma you're weighing up now affects you and others. That's what's making it appear so complicated. Yet, if you act in the best interests of yourself, then will others not benefit ultimately from the action you're considering taking? Doing what's right involves connecting with what feels right. Don't be motivated by fear.


A task or responsibility you took on with the best intentions could be revealing itself to be more complex than you believed it to be. You know you have to see it through to completion, but the end in sight could be appearing as more of a mirage than something tangible. Something you've started needs you to continue giving it attention and effort. The satisfaction and admiration you'll gain from completing it will more than make up for any frustration felt now.


We're not always aware of when we're overthinking something. One thought leads to another that leads to another and where we believe we're covering every base or accounting for every possible outcome, we're actually stifling progress we're so keen to make. Something in your world has had enough thought and assessment given toward it. Now, it's time to stand back and leave it alone. That's the only way you'll see it in the right perspective before returning to it.


If we don't have certain essential ingredients for a recipe, then we accept it won't taste as it should do. Skilled or experienced cooks can improvise sometimes, but replacements often don't match what was ideally required. In an area of your world, you've had to make do with the absence of certain key 'ingredients' to a plan. These are now being made available to you. Where you've felt hampered or hamstrung, you're about to start making significant strides.


You have something interesting and helpful to say in a particular area of your world. However, you might believe it's not your 'place' to be so vocal. You could be made to feel that your role should involve being a quiet observer, leaving others to make decisions. It's time to let go of this unfounded belief – or fear. You're being encouraged to speak up and say what needs saying. Believe you'll have a very willing and receptive audience.


Many children throughout history have seen no point in eating vegetables, or at least certain ones. It's far more interesting and fun to plow through what does appeal to taste buds to get to the ultimate culinary desire: dessert! Similarly, you might be questioning why you have to tolerate an undesirable set of circumstances when a bigger prize looms tantalizingly on the horizon. With the right attitude, what's undesirable will be short-lived.


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