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Daily Chatty Style Horoscopes - Thursday 22 February


Delegating or lightening your workload is possible, but it will rely on you communicating what others should be doing as concisely as possible. If assumption finds its way into how you convey yourself, then problems will undoubtedly arise. Spell out clearly what you need and make clear what your role will be. If everyone's 'singing from the same hymn sheet' as the saying goes, then progress will be made smoothly and speedily.


There could be something immensely satisfying about being in the right place at the right time, or finding luck is on your side in some way where certain connections are concerned. With a bit of luck lending a hand, you could find you make lighter work of something you were convinced would be tricky or time-consuming. Others could look to you for guidance, and you might need to get to grips with your fortuitous situation before being in a position to offer it.


Taking a situation at face value won't satisfy you at this time. To get certain answers you need, you'll need to do some digging and investigating, and with your interest in something so strong, you won't struggle to find the time or energy to do so. Something you might have had a suspicion about looks set to be confirmed. This might bring a sense of relief but could also cause you to reassess where one commitment or association goes from here.


If an idea or suggestion is met with some resistance, then count to ten and resist any urge to react emotionally. This includes losing your temper, too. Someone might require careful handling and summoning patience and sensitivity helps with reiterating your point in a way that helps them to understand better what you're asking from them. If at first you don't succeed, smile, grit your teeth, summon as much patience as you can muster and try again calmly.


There could be something comforting and reassuring with making yourself appear a tiny bit vulnerable or revealing your sensitive side. This could help to highlight an aspect of your character that contrasts your go-getting and dynamic side but could also be precisely what one or two others need to see. There can be no harm at all in showing you have feelings, too. Don't see it as a sign of weakness.


Watching what others are doing and how they seem to be achieving some level of success doing it could encourage you to take a leaf from their book or follow in their footsteps. However, what 'works' for them might not be as appropriate for you. Success you want to achieve in a certain area will require you to put your unique 'spin' on it. By all means, glean some ideas but be prepared to do something your way.


Progress can be made to alleviate tension or pressure with someone close. However, for this to happen, you'll need to lay all your cards on the table and leave nothing unsaid. Of course, leaving nothing unsaid has its right and wrong ways of doing so but honesty – underpinned with as much sensitivity as you can muster – is integral to resolving a disagreement or bone of contention with a certain person now.


There are numerous benefits to 'playing it safe' at this time. If your instincts tell you this isn't an ideal time to gamble or take risks, then do your best to listen to them. Taking the high road also applies to drawing certain conclusions in the absence of essential information. You might believe you know all there is to know about a certain person or situation. Consider that attitude to be risky too, because chances are, you don't.


Your enthusiasm could get the better of you, so avoid leaping before you look in more than one area of your world. It's also possible you have a willing mentor available to you waiting for you to come to them when you're ready to do so. You could be unaware of mistakes you're making or how much more easily something could be done if you're willing to ask for a bit of steering from this person. As the saying goes, 'when the pupil's ready, the master appears.'


Feeling as if much is starting to go 'your way' could encourage you to push harder to get 'your way.' Although you could have answers others don't have or are coming up trumps in some way, your ability to bask in the limelight or gain praise or admiration could be brief, so don't get too comfortable. This could also involve you adopting less of a stubborn stance in one area. Being a bit more flexible and accommodating helps you and at least one other person at this time.


Knowing a hunch was correct enhances your self-confidence but it could be the way others gravitate toward you that really boosts your feel-good factor. Whether it's your way with words or the way your communicative abilities put others at ease, don't underestimate influence you hold to encourage others to hear you out or rally round to make light work of something you might have been resigned to doing on your own.


Your time and attention could be pulled in several directions, but it will probably be a home or family matter that you're most keen to give focus to. This might require you to take your eye off of a professional issue to give a domestic drama the attention it needs. However, like most dramas, whatever is unfolding on the home or family front will likely be short-lived, so don't rearrange your work schedule completely quite yet.


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