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Daily Chatty Style Horoscopes - Thursday 14 December


You have a choice regarding how you choose to react to someone with a differing opinion. Your first reaction might be to fight fire with fire but will hopefully see how that doesn't help either of you. Taking time to reflect on why someone is contrary helps with seeing less malice in their words than you believed existed. It might be you who's reacting unfairly or unnecessarily.


As much as you might normally go to great lengths to avoid relationship conflict, you could lose self-restraint when subjected to someone's inconsiderate behavior. If this interrupts a routine you need to run without a hitch or obstacle, then you won't hold back with letting someone know this. Your words carry considerable clout now, so be aware of the consequences of lashing out in a way you want to.


Who brings out 'the best' in you? Your list might be a long one, but it appears one person is capable of firing your imagination and encouraging your creative side to reveal itself. This collaboration has all the hallmarks of success. Whatever is underway creatively between you and a certain individual needs to be nurtured and encouraged. Don't be hemmed in by any perceived restrictions.


The saying about huge oak trees growing from acorns might be one of the oldest clich├ęs in the book, but it's relevant to you now. A plan or idea could hold massive potential. You might only see a few tiny shoots emerging from soil at this stage, but these are being nurtured in the right way to create something permanent and far-reaching that you'll have every reason to be proud of.


A sense of the unknown could be instilling a false sense of urgency or, even worse, fear, within you at this time. What you don't know, can't hurt you, so you're in the best position possible by remaining unaware of what's transpiring. It's important to trust that you're in safe hands and have support where you need it. You're not alone in tackling and resolving what needs resolving now.


Even if a simple 'thank you' from a certain person for effort you're investing on their behalf wouldn't go amiss, you're right to continue giving in ways you are. You stand to benefit from your efforts, even if the payback isn't immediate. You are more appreciated and valued than someone might be letting on. Soon, they'll make their appreciation clear.


Your efforts in a particular area might not be met with approval or applause by certain individuals or possibly one person in particular. However, don't let their apparent lack of praise or recognition cause your enthusiasm levels to drop. Something needs you to continue giving it the levels of focus and effort you've been giving it. Someone might be slow in recognizing your diligence, but that doesn't mean they don't.


The Moon's influence in your sign boosts your passion levels, but it might become clear how your passion in one area outweighs someone else's. if you've planted a seed of inspiration in someone's else's mind, then allow them a chance to become inspired in the same you are. Being impatient and trying to get them to see the obvious could only delay them from doing so.


It's just as much within our abilities to bring about negative outcomes as it is positive ones. Much depends on what 'plan' we're working to. There is always a plan for success and another one for failure. Fortunately, you appear able to modify a plan in your world to take it from the negative outcome it's heading toward to a positive one. All this requires is a simple change in attitude.


We know, instantly, when we have found an elusive answer. We know when a Eureka Moment has arrived and usually know what's required from us to bring closure to a troubling or confusing issue. The sky speaks of such a moment arriving for you, now or very shortly. Even if it's spotting an answer to someone else's problem, you can still benefit from your own advice!


It's not like you to be concerned what others think. As far as you're concerned, the more unusual an idea is, the better! It might take one or two others some time to get to grips with your thinking, but it's a case of 'better late than never.' You might be excited about an unusual train of thought you're experiencing now. Don't let others' apparent lack of enthusiasm cause you to question it.


We all know people who, knowingly or unknowingly, adhere to a motto along the lines of 'do as I say, not as I do.' Some people can offer advice on any subject under the sun but aren't quick to do as they advise others to do. You, however, are an exception to this. Advice you're able to offer someone is reinforced by two things: experience and an amazing ability to connect with what someone truly needs to hear!


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