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Weekly Chatty Style Horoscopes (Updates on Friday) - 20 April 2018


A new way needs to be explored, and, better still, tried where career-related progress is concerned. You might have been comfortable with pursuing a plan that has brought results on one level but are right to wonder what else might be possible if you tweak your strategy. This week, luck is on your side to do precisely that. Make an effort to feel your way gently into your new plan, rather than throwing yourself headfirst into it. You have a chance to shine with an idea that is yours and can bring a greater sense of financial security if you embark upon it sensibly.


Knowledge, they say, is power. Sometimes, being blessed with 'power' through information coming to light that has been concealed doesn't necessarily mean we must wield it. When certain facts arise that shed new light on a situation or arrangement we thought we had an accurate measure of, then that can be the final piece of a puzzle that spurs us on to take the next step we've been unsure about taking. It's for that reason that you should welcome what you discover this week.


You fellow Gemini, Bob Dylan, believed answers could be found 'blowing in the wind.' Perhaps, if we tried hard enough to listen with an open mind, we might hear a faint solution begging for attention. This week, you could benefit from opening your mind and casting it back to the past to find an answer. Something from your past needs revisiting or re-examining. To make a positive change, simply accept there is something you don't know or know enough about. The answer lies in a past event, and when you identify it, a valuable discovery awaits.


Why do people discourage others from pursuing something? There are usually two answers to this. The first surrounds them being concerned the other person might actually succeed with what they're embarking upon. The second, and more deep-rooted reason, usually involves the discourager being scared to attempt it themselves. Try to bear these points in mind this week should you come up against someone determined to impart their negative views on something that motivates and inspires you.


A delightful and potentially timely 'Eureka Moment' awaits this week. Although this will likely arrive in the form of a green light to proceed with an idea or plan that has caused your head to ache from assessing it from umpteen angles, you'll be aware of the level of effort that will be required to get it underway. Being able to have the potential confirmed with what you've been considering should be enough to help you pursue it calmly and sensibly. This will be essential to its progress and ultimate success.


If you've felt a certain person in your world has needed time and space to get to grips with a personal matter, then events this week could bring a reward for your patience and support. A connection could have been deepened in some way through your patient efforts, but it's important to recognize how this needs to be continue consistently. Sensing certain dark or stormy clouds are clearing could result in taking an impulsive step that could undo much of your hard work. This is a week of personal consolidation and not one for hasty action or risk-taking.


The sky speaks of progress on the home or family fronts this week. A connection exists with a loved one or someone close. If recent weeks have been fraught with uncertainty or tension, then coming events should help to clear the air and get a domestic arrangement or agreement back on track. The more you can see what's unfolding as the fresh start it is, the sooner you'll feel relieved that a stuck or stalemate situation is crumbling.


This week, it's as if the cosmos is working with you in the same way a personal fitness trainer might! You're given plenty of guidance and support, but, ultimately, the effort required to bring the desired result has to come from you. Fortunately, you're receiving a helpful confidence boost, and this might be enough to push you in ways you might have feel apathetic toward recently.


This week, Venus starts to influence partnerships and commitments and will do so until May 19. Venus can help 'sweeten the deal' in more than one way on your behalf, but it will be up to you to decide how you want to use this delightful Venusian energy. In any case, you can expect a noticeably increased sense of warmth and harmony permeating your closest relationships – or one in particular.


You've been on a personal mission in more than one way recently. Seeing signs of progress or how your efforts haven't been in vain could spur you on to take the initiative in ways you might not have done for some time. For you, this is great and exciting. For someone else, they could feel neglected, or your personal quest matters more to you than they do. If this involves a family member, then, with just a few kind and compassionate words, you can put their mind at ease.


Lines of communication between you and a certain person are reopened gloriously this week. If you've been on tenterhooks waiting for a response or for someone to take the initiative and contact you, then you look set to feel more reassured and relieved shortly. Other good news involves Venus influencing all things romantic and creative from this week until May 19. Affairs of the heart look set to become more harmonious – and much more promising!


From this week until May 19, Venus influences all things connected with home and family. Apart from helping to bring new levels of peace, calmness, and harmony to those with whom you share your abode or are related to, Venus also intends to enhance comfort levels within your home itself. Thinking of decorating or investing in a certain luxurious item? A new array of possibilities could present themselves during coming days and beyond.


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