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Weekly Chatty Style Horoscopes (Updates on Friday) - 15 June 2018


This week, be open-minded to substitutions. Be receptive to replacements. Embrace extensions. Above all, be prepared to push boundaries and usher in possibilities. Doing all of the above will make an obstacle or change of plan much more manageable. It's important you don't see a plan that alters its direction as going off the rails. It's resetting its trajectory to take you to a much more pleasant destination. All you need to do is accept that any changes aren't setbacks, they're an essential part of a bigger and more promising process.


Sometimes, we feel lost regarding where we're supposed to start to encourage someone to see something from our point of view. It's easy to adopt an 'attack is the best form of defense' when defending a view. We can believe if someone didn't get the point immediately, then we should waste no time in laboring it until they do. This week, resist such an urge. Someone's apparent inability to understand what you need them to understand might be due to them seeing your point in a healthier perspective. They might not be as wrong as you believe they are.


Throughout much of this month, you're offered a chance to pick up the pieces in certain areas of your world and reassemble them. This week brings a development that gives the proverbial green light to start doing so. Whatever has been in a state of flux or disarray can be put on to a much firmer footing. See what this does to your optimism levels. A sense of relief and anticipation isn't unfounded. If anything, it's long overdue.


You could feel reassured that a plan close to your heart isn't quite the mirage it has appeared to be recently. There's still work to be done or possibly some persuading to do, but each tiny step forward brings a sense of relief. This week, coming events could confirm why you're right to continue making the effort you've been making to make one cherished ambition real. This could result in you feeling more optimistic about the future of one relationship, too.


Many years ago, an author named Gavin Kennedy wrote a best-selling book called, 'Everything is Negotiable.' As the spirit of negotiation becomes evident and increasingly stronger in an area of your world, apart from getting yourself a copy, you'd be wise to accept that negotiation is always a two-way process. Both sides must feel they've come away from a discussion having benefited in some way. This week, adopting an open mind and accepting someone's point of view will go a long way to them accepting yours. You can bring balance to what might feel imbalanced.


A plan or aspiration you might have been resigned to doing yourself could require the assistance of others. That's good news, because if you're not yet seeing the benefits of many hands making lighter work of it, then you will do shortly. Rather than be concerned that sharing a workload might involve having to share its success, focus instead on who is not only keen to assist or support you but is well-placed to do so. Rather than shut them out, let them in.


This week, dare to be different. This needn't be done to reveal to the world how or why you're unique. The benefits of adopting an unusual or unorthodox approach benefit you much more in the first instance. By connecting with your sense of adventure and applying a bit of ingenuity and creativity in the right ways, you can achieve a result that will warm your heart and, perhaps more importantly, encourage you to push yourself further in other ways to see what being a bit more daring can bring!


When something doesn't work, say a TV or washing a machine, we can automatically assume that solving the problem will be complex or take us out of our depth knowledge-wise. Sometimes, a solution could be as easy as spotting the way something has become unplugged! Before you resign yourself to having to reinvent the wheel to understand why something isn't 'working' in your world, be willing to start at the very beginning with finding a solution. You could discover it's remarkably simple. Adopting a calm and measured approach this week will help enormously.


Some people have amazing jobs involving tasting certain foods or drinks all day. Anyone would think they'd be literally sick of their jobs after a short space of time, but some I know have done them for decades. To do it effectively, they must clear their mind and focus only on essential criteria whatever they sample must meet. They can only do this if they detach themselves from personal preferences or opinions. That's something you need to do this week. To assess something fairly and confirm the goodness it offers, it must be treated with a very open mind. Do that, and you'll remove any risk of missing an opportunity hidden within it.


Trust, we are told, is like a paper. Once crumpled, it can't be perfect again. You can flatten the paper and try and make it as straight as you want, but it will never be restored in the same way. There's some truth in that statement, even if it is a bit harsh. We're all able to forgive, and even though we're not necessarily obliged to forget, we can restore or revive wonderful relationships by being compassionate and understanding. This week, a new and deeper level of trust can occur between you and a certain person. All this needs is a willingness on both sides to let bygones be bygones and move forward confidently and trustingly.


The half-time period in many sporting events is often anticipated eagerly by players. It gives them a chance to relax briefly, recharge their physical batteries and, where necessary, reassess their playing strategies. These times to 'take stock' tend to be more helpful than interrupting. Try to bear that in mind this week if it becomes clear you must revisit a strategy in some way. You could find yourself being very appreciative of the need to do so.


This week, your ruling planet, Neptune, commences backward motion until November. This might offer some respite from the pressure you've experienced recently, especially if the winds of change have grown powerful and you're having to adapt to constantly changing circumstances. You're not afforded a chance to take stock of your world and connect with what the influx of change has been in aid of. This week, resist an urge to prime yourself for more. Consider what's occurring now as 'time out' called by the cosmos. You and it have a chance to confirm the ways you're both on the same page!


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