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Weekly Chatty Style Horoscopes (Updates on Friday) - 16 February 2018


You're not obliged to share your fantasy-based visions with anyone. If anything, the sky implies the coming week could be ideal for allowing one or two to simmer away quietly in the background. It's also possible a revelation could come your way that highlights how certain barriers or obstacles to success and happiness are your own creations. If you feel you're being pushed to distance yourself from others, then trust that it's likely for a good and timely reason that will become clear shortly.


We learn from an early age that genuine skill is needed to persuade someone to give us what we want. This skill can't be taught, either. It needs to be harnessed and adapted over time. It doesn't take us long to learn that the more passionate and enthusiastic we sound when asking for something, the harder it is for someone to refuse giving it to us. This week, the cosmos is helping you to express yourself clearly when it comes to asking for something you want or need. Get this right, and you're one step closer to fulfilling a certain dream.


This week, it could become clear that something needs to be said. A certain matter can't be ignored or disguised any longer. This is unlikely to be a sudden development, either. It's probably been brewing for some time. However, even if you can't help what you feel and know, in your heart, a proverbial 'elephant in the room' can't be concealed any longer, you have considerable influence over how you make a certain point. Do it sensitively and with compassion, and you won't permanently close a door that, in the heart future, you'll be glad to have left open.


Career matters come into focus this week. If your earnings don't reflect your efforts or you believe your talents can be put to better use elsewhere, then you probably won't find yourself short of ideas to boost your income. You could encounter resistance from an authority figure regarding your plans, but it's important to know your worth among those who are integral to what gets paid into your bank account each month. One idea holds massive potential, and you might need to keep this close to your chest until you're more confident about how to proceed with it.


To bring improvement to a relationship or become clearer about what a certain commitment requires from you, you might need to focus solely on your own needs. After all, how can you feel confident about meeting someone else's needs if you haven't taken time to address what's 'in it' for you by doing so? Whatever has been confusing for you and a certain person or blurred what's expected of you is about to become considerably clearer. A solution is on offer, provided you're honest with yourself about what you want or need from it.


It might have suited you to follow rather than lead in a particular area of your world. Perhaps, you have been acutely aware of a line that you daren't cross regarding showing initiative or contributing over and above what has been expected of you. This week, it's important you trust your judgment of a certain situation and are willing to cross a line you've remained behind so far, possibly due to pressure from a certain person. Be willing to recognize the contribution you could make if only you weren't so restricted. This week, that chance could arrive.


Are you being presented with an opportunity that deserves to be seized and pursued with as much effort as you muster – or are you being given a second-rate substitute for what you really want? This could be a question you ask yourself this week, and if your response is along the lines of the latter, then stop and reconsider the first option! What might appear unappealing or fall considerably short of an expectation holds more potential than you might see, at first. Push aside all logic and reason. Listen to your heart and what your intuition is telling you. Then, you will soon be able to see how right what you're being offered really is.


Beauty, we all know, is skin deep. This is probably truer today than it has ever been, given how much emphasis is put on making everything and everyone we see so appealing. We know we shouldn't 'judge books by their covers,' and, this week, you might realize how you're placing too much emphasis on something that is not as important, valuable or relevant as it appears to be. If you want to achieve something truly deeply satisfying, then you might need to start caring less about something that simply doesn't deserve levels of attention you appear keen to give it.


Whether or not a family member or someone connected your abode connects with and understands a point you're keen to make depends on how able you are to dial back your passionate energy or enthusiasm. Where conveying thoughts, feelings or a vision of the future is concerned, you'll need to curtail your words or actions in some way. You could be inclined to make your point forcefully, and this will only bring delays and complications. Be passionate but allow a certain person some necessary time to understand what you're so keen to make happen.


You could find yourself dealing with an enthusiastic and possibly overpowering individual. They appear to want something done their way, believe your opinion counts for little, and that's all there is to it. This week could be made to feel like a small cog in a machine, involved only because of someone's expectation that you'll simply do as you're told. Well, they clearly don't know you very well, do they? You hold more influence and have the upper hand in ways they don't realize. If you're tired of playing a subservient role in a certain arrangement, then you have a chance to take the lead. It might be time something was done your way, for a change.


We all know about frustration felt when dealing with someone determined to make something simple and straightforward more complicated. We also know about frustration felt when a glaringly obvious solution is on offer and someone refuses to see or accept it. This week, as the Sun and Mercury work brilliantly in tandem in your sign, expect to experience clarity or a Eureka Moment. When a solution presents itself, don't run with it. Treating it carefully and respectfully will ensure it becomes even more vivid and makes clear the way you're expected to apply it.


Your mind could be likened to a 'dreams machine' as you probably possess an amazing ability to conjure one fantastic vision after another. Some of these excite you and get stored in a mental folder to be returned to in the future. Something that fired you up and inspired you in the past still holds considerable potential for success in the future. If you find your mind is taken back to the past and giving a new level of consideration to it, don't see it as an unhelpful or irrelevant U-turn. The time could be ideal to finally pursue what you pushed to one side.


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