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Monthly Chatty Style Horoscopes - February 2018


One very powerful, moment of clarity could arrive this month, relating specifically to affairs of the heart. If you've felt as if you've been sitting on a proverbial fence or had reasons to feel uncertain or doubtful toward one close connection, all the proof you need to take something to a deeper or more intimate level will arrive by mid-month. As if that wasn't exciting enough, the Solar Eclipse on the 15th influences your deepest hopes and wishes. One cherished aspiration could reveal itself to be more attainable than you believed it was. You believe in fate, don't you?


With a little help from your friends, life could become more ethereal. For some Bulls, this could involve focusing more intently on spiritual matters. For others, a friend could help you to get a cherished ambition off the ground. Either way, be prepared for connections made during February to be noticeably stronger and deeper than you're used to. The Solar Eclipse on the 15th targets powerful and potentially life-changing energy in your career. A deeper level of professional fulfillment can be yours if you don't resist the direction you're being pushed toward.


This month, push your creative boundaries. Being guided by your imagination can take you into new, creative territory. You'll be attracting the right kind of attention with your talents impressing the right people. As much as you might want to receive praise and recognition for creating something special singlehandedly, you'll need to delegate certain tasks or accept creative input from others to make your vision real. Anything connected with publishing, international communication or people overseas is superbly starred, so take your pick and pursue it!


So much focus exists on broadening your horizons in more than one way, and you're encouraged to think big, bold and consider your future in the broadest terms. Studying, travel and anything connected to the media – television, radio or publishing – offers tremendous scope to apply a creative talent. A legal matter could also be resolved satisfactorily. However, it will be on or around the Solar Eclipse on the 15th that money comes your way. This sort of cash falls outside your earnings. Commission, a bonus or tax rebate could bring a well-deserved smile to your face!


Although the Lunar Eclipse that occurred in Leo at the end of January is history, its legacy continues during February. This brought new levels of clarity in more than one area of your world, but particularly how you intend to connect with a certain person, deal with a certain intensely confusing issue, or both. Coming weeks will help you to know precisely where you stand and take the most appropriate course of action. A boost to your bank balance that comes from money other than earnings will bring relief, but it will be the Solar Eclipse on the 15th that takes one commitment into very new and more fulfilling territory.


Venus has some exciting plans in store to strengthen certain partnerships but can deepen and sweeten one in particular. If you thought one connection was as strong as it could be, wait and see what happens around the 21st. Feeling so 'loved up' will help immensely with reducing pressure or tension regarding a domestic or family issue that rears its head around mid-month. What is it exactly that a family member doesn't approve of? Finally, a Solar Eclipse on the 15th influences health, routines, and service to others. Something connected with your work or what you do on a daily basis is about to change and has 'long-term' written all over it!


The cosmos appears keen to make life easier on the work front and coming weeks should bring a stronger sense of harmony and comfort in the workplace. Throughout February and into early March, you have a chance to shine professionally, so be willing to take on new projects or responsibilities because you can't fail to impress. If you're a single Libran, then an office romance could commence! The theme of love and romance continues after the 15th as a Solar Eclipse focuses its powerful and transformational energy on affairs of the heart. Whether single or attached, a shared idea that starts as a meeting minds could soon lead to a beating of hearts.


Throughout February and into early March, Venus intends to boost levels of love and creativity in your world. Whether single or attached, your feelings for someone look set to run deep and you could be thrilled by what transpires and responses you receive. Just make sure you don't form too many preconceived ideas about how love will blossom because some delightful surprises are in store. Being so caught up in romantic reverie could make focusing on certain home or family issues that arise tricky, and the Solar Eclipse on the 15th brings a new chapter to something connected with your home or with whom you share it.


Tension or confusion that might have existed between you and family members could be banished thanks to Venus blessing anything connected with home, family or your domestic set-up. A stronger sense of harmony and cooperation could bring a helpful and timely revelation surrounding you accepting what you can control and what you should cease resisting or forcing on home or family fronts. A Solar Eclipse on the 15th influences your mind, intellect, ways you tackle problems and how you receive and absorb information. This makes February an ideal time to initiate anything involving speaking, writing, teaching or selling. You could be amazed at what sharing your ideas can achieve this month.


Something connected with your home or family could be an amazing source of luck this month. What arises unexpectedly could bring more than a smile to your face where a domestic matter is concerned. It might be the surprising level of support or advice you receive from a family member that can transform an area of your world. This might coincide with the Solar Eclipse on the 15th that intends to boost your confidence and make better or fuller use of a talent you possess. Feeling more self-assured about an ability is one thing. Seeing clearly how it can boost your earnings is another!


If you've wanted to see an increase in your earnings or spot ways to enhance cash flow, then Venus is determined to assist you. Throughout all of February and into early March, you have more than one superb opportunity to increase your earnings. You could still be dealing with residual partnership issues that arose at the end of January, and whatever occurred then is something you can move forward from or consolidate this month. With a Solar Eclipse occurring in your sign on the 15th, a fantastic opportunity exists to make a fresh start or commence a new chapter in whatever area of your world requires either or both!


Even if any health-related New Year Resolutions made early last month didn't get underway as planned, the Lunar Eclipse at the end of January hopefully spurred you into action. During February, you have a superb chance to put any health, diet or daily routine plans into action. You could also find yourself surprised at and delighted with support that comes your way where work-related changes are concerned. If you thought you had to tackle one task or project alone, then expect help from unexpected quarters. The Solar Eclipse on the 15th can bring a powerful level of healing for you. Be honest with yourself about secret fears, insecurities, and anxieties you might have nurtured for too long that have no reason to be given such attention. Then, prepare to be free from a past hurt or disappointment that has held you back for too long.


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