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Monthly Chatty Style Horoscopes - April 2018


The month has a very strong career-related focus and could commence with you feeling as the brakes have been applied forcefully to a career plan or project. You might also need to bite your tongue and swallow some pride should you get hauled into any discussions with powers-that-be. However, a New Moon in your sign on the 15th can shift your focus to moving plans up a gear or three that have been in the pipeline for some time. Just ensure your efforts are underpinned by faith and positive determination, not anger or resentment.


April could commence with noticeable pressure coming your way. This could be from within you as you reach a 'breaking point.' Alternatively, it could be due to a certain person testing your patience, forcing your hand in some way or leaving you with no option other than to release what has been bottled up. It might take until mid-month before you release your emotional avalanche, but, once you, do, a strong sense of relief will likely be felt. Venus will sweeten any plans involving people at a distance, travel or learning. Finally, a Full Moon on the 29th influences partnerships and commitments, bringing an end to one emotionally-intense saga.


If any relationship or friendship has been strained during the final days of March, then the first two weeks of April could see you being increasingly withdrawn or non-communicative. An issue could also surround what is and isn't someone else's business regarding your personal life, so do your best to be tactful. Try not to let self-consciousness affect a close relationship. The greatest sense of pressure to appear a certain way, say the right words or placate a special person could be coming from within you. Once Venus enters your sign on the 24th, life becomes sunnier and sweeter in every way!


Just as career-related discussions showed signs of progress, Mercury's backward motion delays what was moving forward. This is likely to be the case until mid-month, so do your best to grin and bear it. If it's an individual who's unsupportive or downright awkward, then you have a choice about how much you allow them to thwart your plans. Taking the reins and steering your own professional destiny is an option. Fortunately, a New Moon in your career sector coincides with Mercury moving forward, and it will be all-systems-go on the professional front. A Full Moon influences affairs of the heart and exciting news surrounding a child could be a very pleasant distraction!


This is a month to look closely at what has become too habitual in your world, particularly a work routine or general well-being. It's time to be honest about what isn't 'working' or drains your energy or emotional reserves. If your attention is drawn to either or both by a certain person, then you need to take notice of what they tell you. By mid-month, a New Moon and Mercury moving forward after a 3-week slumber bring a helpful and potentially powerful moment of clarity. An answer or solution might appear from nowhere, and this could come in handy when a Full Moon influences your home, family or domestic set-up on the 29th.


The month kicks off with a strong focus on affairs of the heart and all things loving and romantic. A brilliant link between Mars and Saturn sets the tone for the first two weeks. Mars is all about 'push, push, push' and 'go, go, go' while Saturn is all about 'holding your horses' and remembering patience is a virtue. The clean break or fresh start you want can happen, but you'll need to accept circumstances that are beyond your control and the need for patience. However, a reward for your patience arrives on the 15th, and a bond can deepen or reach a new level of intimacy. Venus influences your career from the 24th until May 19th, helping you to dazzle and impress bosses or potential clients. The month could finish with a nifty contract or agreement bring finalized, too.


A family or domestic issue could be a bone of contention between you and someone close as the month commences. This could also be made more complex due to the way both of you are standing your ground and refusing to budge. Tension surrounding this could escalate until mid-month, but there will be undoubted benefits of stating your case, even if any discussions become heated. A New Moon influences partnerships and commitments at the same time Mercury awakes from its three-week slumber, so it might be after the 15th that you and someone resolve your differences or agree to disagree! A pleasing development regarding your earnings at month-end could help restore harmony and boost your optimism levels.


You could start this month being very aware of how your lips are moving but few people, if any, hear what you say. Rather than reiterate any points forcefully, go with the flow of this confusing and contradictory energy. Although at least one heated exchange will be difficult to circumnavigate during the first two weeks, it could take until Mercury awakens from its three-week slumber on the 15th before progress – or an apology - is made. Fortunately, as the Full Moon increases during the second half of the month and culminates in your sign on the 29th, you'll feel more reassured that any awkward or tense exchanges served a helpful and necessary purpose.


It could be clear as the month kicks off that your life revolves around routines that serve others better than they serve you. You might be aware of how integral you are to plans or projects but what you receive for your efforts falls short of what you need or expect. You might also feel your earnings don't reflect your efforts, too. However, from the 15th, you start to see strong indications of how valued, appreciated or loved you are. In fact, affairs of the heart receive a wonderful boost from the 15th, and once Venus influences partnerships and commitments, you could end the month feeling much more needed and adored!


A strong sense of urgency could involve a plan or goal that you believe needs 100% effort applied to it. However, your Capricornian self-restraint will soon kick in, reminding you that focused and steady effort is needed instead of throwing yourself into whatever-it-is. By mid-month, there could be a tense moment connected with your home or family. This might involve discussions had while Mercury was slumbering during recent weeks, and once it awakens on the 15th, exchanges could become awkward or heated. Out-of-the-blue news or decisions relating to your home set-up or a family member could also arrive. However, a Full Moon on the 29th could be memorable where a friendship – or closely held dream – are concerned.


Mercury's backward motion will likely affect communication on all levels. It might be increasingly clear that decisions, commitments or certain arrangements simply won't proceed regardless of how hard you push them. However, try to see how you're given a chance to reassess your position and make one or tweaks to plans that can bring a better result. You could be glad to have had the chance to do this once Mercury awakens on April 15. Amazingly, this coincides with a brilliant New Moon influencing communications. If it has been some time since you experienced a Eureka Moment, then you can expect one at this time! The month ends with a Full Moon influencing your career and status. Embrace the chance to shine professionally that this offers!


Financial issues could appear to prevent a cherished aspiration from getting underway. However, any issues that arise will be temporary and shouldn't deter you from pursuing whatever-it-is. You could view things differently by mid-month, particularly due to a New Moon influencing your earnings, and could also experience a money-making brainwave. Focus then shifts to your domestic set-up and family. If you've wanted a chance to repair a family connection or make your home life more comfortable, then you'll have plenty of opportunities to do so during the final two weeks of April – and beyond!


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