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Monthly Chatty Style Horoscopes - December 2017


December kicks off with you feeling extra-determined by adopting an 'it's my way or the highway' attitude and approach. That would be fine if certain others didn't see this as creating chaos for the sake of it. Expect resistance to your plans because at least one person has strong opinions about ways in which you should be 'towing the line.' However, your adventurous side is begging to be released and will emerge eventually. If you must choose where your efforts are best focused, then give attention to personal and financial issues. Coming weeks bring a chance to make significant steps on both fronts.


The urge to take a bold or controversial step could be strong this month. However, hasty actions have consequences so be prepared to put right whatever goes awry through being impetuous. This is a time when you start to probe a bit more deeply within yourself for answers. Being honest about what you're doing with your life and where certain present situations or arrangements will be in the future brings interesting revelations. The desire to push progress in more than one area will make it difficult for someone close to keep up with you. Be prepared to stop and give them a chance to catch up with you before embarking again on your steadfast journey.


A cherished plan might have 'it's now or never' written all over it but a focused and gradual approach is needed, regardless of how frustrating that might feel. Be honest with yourself about why something needs to be done so urgently. You might accelerate a result, but would it not be better to do whatever-it-is properly thoroughly? Fortunately, you have a grounding influence in the form of someone able to help you dial back your passionate, impetuous energy. It might also be necessary to involve this person with your plans because as invincible as you believe yourself to be, you'll soon take on more than your share of responsibilities if you're not careful.


A plan that has ticked along comfortably could be altered with little or no warning, so being flexible is essential if you're to keep your stress levels low. It will also be important to recognize the right and wrong ways of asking others for support. Believing you and they are all on the same page could result in you coming across as bossy or demanding. You want to ensure something is done properly and thoroughly but might need to accept that, while others share your keenness, they have their ways of doing what needs to be done. At month end, a reason to question someone's loyalty later arises. Don't make a bigger deal of this than is really necessary.


Your confidence receives a timely boost but don't allow a surge in self-assurance to encourage you to speak your mind too forcefully. Others might hang on your every word at other times, but you'll get peoples' backs up by conveying thoughts and opinions too strongly. Coming weeks also require you to scrutinize fine print in anything requiring a signature. This is particularly true where finances are concerned. Overlooking one small detail now could be a major pain in your posterior later. From mid-December onwards, be realistic about what you can make happen and what might need to wait until January. Ensure your To Do List is a realistic one.


The month could kick off with a seemingly unwelcome financial development. However, this will be manageable and resolvable if careless actions don't form any part of decisions. The first half of the month could bring feelings of isolation or detachment, especially if you expect more support from certain individuals. Your daily routine receives a turbo boost, which is great for maximizing your efficiency but presents problems with conveying yourself. Making your point or stating your case too vigorously creates delays and increases the need for apologies. From the 20th, the next two years bring a stronger sense of duty and responsibility where loved ones are concerned. Be prepared to invest more effort to convey feelings that might normally flow with ease.


It might feel as if certain individuals are going out of their way to disagree with you but being willing to compromise or agree to disagree helps with diffusing tension. A chance exists to connect or reconnect with others through short distance trips and scintillating conversation. Around mid-month, the urge to spend extravagantly could be strong, so go easy with credit cards. Spending only what you have in the bank will be a wise move that saves considerable stress later. From the 20th, Saturn's shift into Capricorn encourages progress on the domestic and family fronts until 2020. It's time to make your emotional security more of a priority.


Your passion is amazing and a very attractive quality, but needs reining in this month. Don't let delays or certain enforced restrictions frustrate you. They're more temporary than they appear. You might also believe a love life or partnership situation needs you to seize control of and steer it. However, you might need to accept that someone close needs time and space to do something for themselves. From the 9th, your energy levels shift from first to fourth gear and certain obstacles that have been problematic recently get knocked to one side. From the 20th, Saturn transits Capricorn until 2020. Be prepared to invest more effort into conveying yourself clearly.


Focus this month is on what you can do for others rather than what they can do for you. More than one opportunity exists for you to be a mediator where friends or close companions are concerned. Don't be surprised if your shoulder is sought after for someone to cry on, either. However, as willing as you might be to offer opinions and insight, guard against doing so too forcefully or insensitively. Saturn's transit through your sign since 2014 has reminded or taught you much about patience and self-restraint. From the 20th, Saturn leaves your sign to influence your earnings until 2020. If you can save money during what might be the most expensive time of the year, then you and Saturn will get along fine over the next two years.


You might prefer to kick back and sit on the sidelines as the Sun influences detachment and self-reflection. However, the cosmos has other ideas, and a home or family development could require you to spring into action swiftly. However, a careful and methodical approach will save the day. Be prepared to have to work harder to convey yourself. You could discover you and someone else aren't on the same page in ways you thought you were and will have to double your efforts to make any point succinctly. Then, your ruling planet, Saturn, returns to your sign. Life will take on a more serious tone, but sometimes we need to become serious if we're to make serious things happen. That's your mission until 2020.


Your rebellious nature could be stronger than usual but try to accept how certain others aren't responsible for restriction experienced in a particular area. You could be tempted to take action and hang consequences which doesn't help you or them. It might be your unusual approach to something that causes you to feel unsupported at times. Remember that a good leader doesn't need to shout. Fortunately, from the 20th, both the Sun and Saturn encourage self-reflection and detachment. Stepping back and assessing certain situations could prove enormously helpful, especially if you've been focused more intently on finishing lines than how you plan to win races.


You might feel as if you're in the right places at the right times and making the right connections this month. You ooze reassurance and confidence, two qualities at least one person is looking for from you. Both qualities will come in handy as the month commences, especially if a financial fiasco presents itself. However, an opportunity exists to formalize or finalize an arrangement that has been in preparation or discussion stages for some time. A friend could use some support, so be willing to set aside time for connecting or reconnecting with a chum who might be struggling with a personal matter. As far as you're concerned, a friend in need is a friend indeed.


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