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Daily Love Chatty Style Horoscopes - Thursday 14 December


Some deep and potentially profound feelings and emotions could be surfacing at this time. The way you release these could take a loved one or potential partner by surprise. However, don't underestimate or overlook how you're in control of whatever is emerging. Conveying yourself in a calm and restrained way ensures too much doesn't get released too soon.


You might feel frustrated at how a loved one or potential partner has the upper hand in some way or is making clear how they believe something must be between you. However, connect with the part of you that knows this doesn't stem from selfishness on their part. Together, new relationship boundaries can be established. Patience and sensitivity are needed to help this unfold without any hitches.


Advice from a trusted colleague or close friend could come from their ability to see something within your emotional world or a love relationship you can't. Be willing to consider rather than reject any pearls of wisdom from someone who might see something more objectively and realistically than you. Their advice can be helpful if you're receptive to being helped.


Something you believed to be truthful in your emotional world could reveal itself to be flimsy or more of an assumption than factual. In truth, that's something to be grateful for rather than resent where this is concerned. You and the object of your affections can remove what has been seen inaccurately and start to see it realistically. A bond can deepen very quickly as a result.


You might not be over the moon at the thought of having a certain conversation with a loved one. However, the need to summon the courage to have it continues to grow stronger. This exchange needn't be tense or confrontational if you speak truthfully and from the depths of your heart. It's all about a certain fact that needs facing, and doing so can only benefit you and someone close.


Your imagination could be your most powerful asset now. However, you'll need to know when to apply it and when to step back to see what your inspired effort has brought you. Something you might view as 'broken' probably isn't in need of 'fixing' is a way you believe is required. Giving a quick burst of creativity and then watching a development unfold is your best option at this time.


Just as you feel confident to take a risk with your heart, you could succumb to a sudden urge to step back and reassess your motives. However, this could be your instincts telling you that a love life situation or scenario doesn't need altering as drastically as you might believe it does. Taking the risk might prove to be fun and exciting, so don't believe serious consequences await you by doing so now.


You might feel confused about a love life connection, and all would probably be fine if pressure wasn't coming from someone. You might also be right to question how what you're feeling increasingly pressured to do suits someone else's agenda more than your own. Progress in a relationship relies on your needs being taken more into account. A loved one might need a gentle reminder about this.


You might need to be prepared to dig deeper to get to the truth of a romantic or relationship quandary. You appear to need more facts to reinforce - and reassure you about - what you're sensing or seeing. All that appears hunky dory on the outside could be concealing something very different on the inside. You've done some superb detective work in the past. It's time to do so again.


What you might have perceived as a mistake in your emotional world, you might now see as something that can be consolidated or possibly pursued in a new way. Recent love life circumstances might have prevented you from taking action you feel more confident about taking now. Don't question why you didn't take a certain step sooner.


Where you might have discovered considerably more effort was required previously to convince someone close about your point of view, you could find less effort is needed to do so now. Whether a loved one has experienced an epiphany and perhaps realized you were right in the first place, progress can be made where you've struggled to make it recently.


You might want something to be 'picture perfect' in your emotional world before taking a certain step. However, you could be overlooking how as close to perfect something is already. Might your quest for perfection be concealing a fear? As long as your heart is supportive of your idea or plan, then make an effort to take that necessary step now, not later.


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