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Daily Love Chatty Style Horoscopes - Tuesday 24 April


A stronger sense of trust permeating a love relationship could help with adopting a more relaxed attitude toward love life developments. This could also help you to gain the support or agreement from a loved one where you need either or both. Ensure your easygoingness is genuine and not part of a plan to gain the upper hand in some way. Trust that's strengthening between you could be compromised otherwise.


If you know you can be helpful or integral to a loved one achieving something close to their heart, then offer whatever support or guidance you can. Your preparedness to cross a line you might have remained behind can also bring an improvement to one unresolved issue, too. Your positive approach makes you very much part of any solution that needs applying, and it might be what a loved one needs to have their confidence boosted.


Romantic or relationship fantasies could whir through your mind but don't dismiss any as ridiculous or nonsensical. One or two could be truly inspiring and motivational. You might need to make some effort to remain in the land of the living, but your romantic imagination deserves a chance to reveal how you can experience a deeper sense of fulfillment with affairs of the heart. Allow it to roam freely!


There might have been plenty of pleasing developments professionally recently, but these could pale into insignificance if your love life or a love partnership has suffered as a result. This could be a time when you refocus your mind and heart on bringing some magic and sexy spontaneity back to affairs of the heart. No grand or exaggerated gestures or actions are needed. In fact, something done subtly can bring the sexiest result!


If you're a single Leo, then someone's flirtatiousness could be noticeably stronger or unsubtle. However, there's something exciting about knowing how much you have in common. Your mission now involves keeping conversation flowing while being a bit mysterious at the same time. Your head might be telling you to cease wasting time and test the relationship water properly. Fortunately, your heart knows why dialing back your passionate energy is wise.


Conversations could head straight into 'money matter' territory at this time. However, even if you've succeeded in summoning necessary enthusiasm to discuss finances with a loved one, it might not be enough to tackle one monetary issue. Take that as a cue to consider your options. Even if the clock is ticking and a fiscal solution needs to be found now or soon, taking brief time on both sides to focus on the end result could work well for you and someone close.


Even if you make a concerted effort to focus on all the necessary, mundane tasks in your world, something connected with affairs of the heart or one special relationship could make thinking about anything else difficult. An ambitious love life dream might have a big question mark hanging over it and how you intend to make it happen, but your determination will soon override any concerns or fears.


Your desire to focus all your attention on the object of your affections could cause time to slip away and leave you aware of how your own needs have been ignored. The future needs focusing on and addressing, regardless of how caught up you are in focusing your passionate energy elsewhere. Don't allow an issue that is being conveniently swept under the carpet to continue to be ignored.


Even if you're priming yourself to reiterate a point to someone close, you could be relieved to discover you encounter no trouble being heard by the one you love at this time. Do all you can to capitalize on this positive, two-way energy. Also, try to let a conversational agenda dictate itself. Deciding that now could be ideal for raising awkward topics could disrupt what's flowing smoothly and bring complications. These can be addressed another time, not now.


A loved one might appear to be trying extra hard to persuade you to change your mind or opinion about a matter you're keen to stand your ground about. The more someone close pushes you, the further they'll push you away if they're not careful. However, you won't be able to deny how passionately they feel about the matter. Understanding and accepting this makes reaching a compromise easier, even if it doesn't happen instantly.


You can probably sense love life challenges ahead of you, but with your passion levels receiving a glorious boost, overcoming challenges will undoubtedly be easier at this time. That doesn't make you invincible or able to resolve every issue instantly. It means you'll do whatever is necessary to see any love life challenge in the right perspective and approach it with a healthy combination of enthusiasm and, if necessary, courage.


Even if you're determined to enjoy your own company at this time, you could find the pull toward the one you love to be exceptionally strong. However, you'll need to rely on your instincts to tell you if someone close needs some 'you time' as well. A bit of detached time might serve to make hearts grow fonder on both sides!


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