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Daily Love Chatty Style Horoscopes - Monday 26 June


The urge to spend could be strong, especially if you believe doing so will help consolidate or strengthen a certain bond. In truth, the object of your affections probably has far fewer expectations than you do where being impressed is concerned and money is unlikely to feature within them. Someone wants to see the real you, not the extravagant you.


Your social life and love life could be in need of balancing or prioritizing and if you're a Taurean who has embarked recently on a new relationship, now might be a perfect time to reveal your other half to friends, or maybe a few select ones. This might also reduce or eliminate any tension that could arise from you accepting social invitations and becoming distant from someone close.


A new level of focus is finding its way into your emotional world and having a new romantic or relationship goal could prove to be a perfect motivator. Balance might need to be found between accepting sensibility surrounding allowing a love life process to unfold slowly over time and accepting what needs to be done in the present to ensure an opportunity doesn't slip by.


If a loved one or someone close has something on their mind that they're keeping to themselves, you'll likely spot this in a second. They might have reasons for not wanting to share what they're thinking or feeling and you might need to do a bit of gentle probing to get them to open up. This might need only involve you saying you can read them like a book and leaving them to come to you.


A loved one is likely to need your support in some way and as much as you have on your proverbial plate right now, you'll need to make sure you set aside some time to assist them. There could be a family or home angle to whatever issue someone close is dealing with and if they're treating it as a priority, then they'll expect you to as well.


Opportunities exist within the social scene to connect with potential romantic possibilities but it's the one person you know socially or are introduced to who inspires your imaginative and creative side who is the strongest prospect now. This individual might be connected with the arts or possess the ability to encourage your artistic side to shine. Either way, be prepared to be inspired artistically.


You might believe it's in the best interests of a loved one to keep a secret to yourself but will have some serious explaining to do if someone close or potential partner discovers you've known for some time something they've just discovered. If something has 'secret' written all over it, then share it with someone close. It will save so much aggravation later.


It might appear as if someone close is changing their mind constantly or proving difficult to please but it might actually be you who's causing them to feel so unsure or doubtful. Look closely within to see if you're sending out any mixed or confusing signals or messages. You might be unaware of how inconsistent you might be in a particular way.


Someone close could ask for your opinion about a matter close to their heart and you'll be expected to give an honest reply. That's what might prove slightly tricky, as you know doing so will not be what they want to hear. Yet, you don't want to tell an untruth, either. Honesty is the best policy, even if it creates a brief storm in a teacup. A loved one will appreciate your candor.


An event or get-together that doesn't fill you with inspiration or you might actually be dreading could prove to be well worth attending. If you're a single Sea Goat, then don't rule out the possibility of being singled out by someone keen to make your acquaintance. If attached, then let a loved one take the lead where mingling is concerned. You might just take pride in showing them off.


You might believe you've handled one close association from the past in the right way but a loved one or someone close might think otherwise. Your reasons for wanting to sever a certain tie might be appropriate to you but seen as a bit harsh to someone else. Be prepared to justify the swiftness you remove someone from your world. Your actions might raise more questions than answers.


A careless or insensitive comment made by someone whom you thought knew better than make such comments should be taken with a pinch of salt, especially if what's said is aimed in any way at your love life or partner. Dismissing this as a one-off, thoughtless remark is the best plan of action. You've nothing to explain or justify to this person and ignoring it will save any tension from escalating.


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