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Daily Love Chatty Style Horoscopes - Wednesday 20 June


Seizing a chance to have a conversation or exchange with a love interest could encourage you to say more than you intended – or should! You could take a lighthearted exchange to a level a loved one sees as crossing a line. It's also possible a fine line exists between innocuous banter and inappropriate flirtation so maintaining a bit of mystery or dialing back your communicative eagerness are wise choices at this time.


An issue from your romantic past doesn't have to lurk in the back of your mind and act as a reminder of something - or someone - you'd prefer to forget. Your romantic and relationship future relies on you learning from this episode and moving on from it, once and for all. You're supported to do this now. A small amount of courage and willingness to cease allowing a ghost from the past to haunt you is all that are needed.


A collaboration or agreement between you and a friend might hint of romantic possibilities but resist getting carried away with such thoughts at this time. You might be prone to reading more into a situation than really exists. Balancing being supportive with being slightly detached could reveal how you're misreading someone's keenness to connect with you – and why it's wise to have resisted making an embarrassing move!


You might struggle to meet a loved one's expectations if they want you to be fired up, raring to go or willing to take a bold step in your relationship. However, you don't need to go to great lengths to impress your sweetheart in any way at this time. If you could use some pampering or a bit more understanding from them, then you might need to make clear that your personal needs are a priority. Give them a chance to come up with some fun or imaginative ideas to satisfy these, and they might do so!


You might be aware of strong views or opinions emerging within you, but it would be prudent to keep them to yourself for the time being. They might be relevant but don't need to be voiced yet, especially in the potentially vociferous way you're inclined to. Continue being supportive to a loved one in the knowledge that your thoughts and feelings on a certain matter will be revealed soon enough and probably in a calmer way than you're likely to reveal them now.


Intense feelings could be simmering beneath the surface and might encourage you to go to greater lengths than are necessary to express these. The key to romantic progress at this time lies in saying or doing no more than is necessary. Your propensity to go over-the-top could confuse and complicate a certain situation. Keep your cool, and all will be fine.


Your confidence levels could receive a timely boost which is bound to be helpful. However, keep a tight rein on them as they could escalate to the point where you become dismissive of advice offered by a loved one that it's in your best interests to hear. The ball will remain in your court regarding what you decide to do, but a willingness to curtail your confidence will serve you well now.


A potentially big step is waiting to be taken with matters of the heart. This could help to clear up uncertainty or smooth over a tense situation or with someone close. Although the onus is likely on you to move things forward, you'll be glad when you do. You're looking out for a loved one's best interests now, and this probably won't go unnoticed or unappreciated.


A matter connected with your emotional world or a love partnership could be difficult to accept or tolerate. However, it's possible to channel your frustrations into a helpful conversation. A loved one might be taken aback by what you bring into the open, but you probably won't struggle to help them understand why you feel what you feel. They're willing to help and support you, so try to come up with a solution rather than simply identify a problem.


An ongoing vague or tenuous situation or arrangement between you and someone close could move forward at this time. You've probably been quite happy for a situation to continue as it has done and seen no need to alter or formalize it. However, a matter of principle is becoming increasingly important, and the object of your affections might decide you've had enough time to decide your next move – or what you want.


A loved one is willing to offer their support in some way, but if you believe this is unnecessary or unasked for, then there are right and wrong ways of stating this. They know you probably want to tackle something singlehandedly and will probably give you the freedom to do so. However, if your reasons for refusing assistance stem solely from stubbornness, then there are benefits to allowing the object of your affections to assist in ways they want to. See what putting two heads together can achieve.


If you sense something connected with your emotional world or a close partnership should be kept secret or information should be shared on a need-to-know basis at this time, then your instincts could be sending you the wisest message. You'll be better placed to reveal the mystery if pressure is reduced to do so. You owe it to yourself to ensure you have all the facts available to you before revealing whatever-it-is or making an announcement of some kind.


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