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Daily Love Chatty Style Horoscopes - Friday 23 February


The current trajectory of your love life might feel unfamiliar, but there's something exciting about what's mysterious. As much as you might want to accelerate one love development, the future might appear too far off in the distance. Summon patience if you can, even if goes against the grain of your impulsive nature. For now, dial back any passionate expectations and enjoy what's unfolding gradually.


Even if you feel comfortable with your current love life circumstances, there could be something exciting about embracing new experiences now. However, experiencing change you'd like to see happen doesn't require you to take grand or dramatic steps. Opportunities to take bold steps will present themselves soon enough. Don't be too keen to focus on the future and risk overlooking some of the 'little things' that can be a source of delight and pleasure in the present.


You could feel noticeably more adventurous about love and romance and prepared to push aside what feels too comfortable or predictable in favor of taking a bold step toward a new and exciting adventure. A loved one might not share your fervent desire to throw caution to the wind, so be prepared to dial back your intrepid pursuit if they need time to get on board with it!


You might be projecting a happy and carefree vibe to a loved one but, deep down, you're in the throes of deep introspection regarding affairs of the heart. Someone close will probably sense that, behind your positive persona, your mind is whirring away in the background about something you're keeping to yourself. If you're simply in a reflective mood and are enjoying being immersed in your thoughts, then let them know. Don't allow them to draw any inaccurate conclusions.


There could be something exciting about knowing you and a loved one can read each other's' thoughts at this time. Words might not come close to helping to strengthen a connection in the way that reacting intuitively to each other's' needs can. A deeper bond can be formed by tuning in to what your lover thinks and feels, rather than encouraging them to explain themselves verbally.


Keeping a promise to a loved one could be tricky, especially if there is something the two of you disagree about. You're aware of an increase in responsibilities in your relationship but are giving it 'A' for effort to fulfill them. However, meeting your lover's expectations shouldn't be seen as another run-of-the-mill responsibility. If necessary, make an effort to prioritize what needs addressing immediately and what can wait. This could do much to resolve any disagreement.


A love life hiccup or obstacle could present itself, but, fortunately, you'll be able to spot how this is small enough to be handled swiftly before it becomes something unnecessarily bigger. Knowing you were integral to keeping the peace will boost your feel-good factor and help a loved one to push aside and move on from whatever lover's tiff was waiting to happen!


A love life matter – or interest – could preoccupy your thoughts. As tempted as you might be to play hooky and focus on more pleasurable pursuits, shirking responsibilities isn't wise at this time. Postponing any sexy spontaneity will make it even more exciting when the time comes to give your undivided focus to whatever or whoever lights your fire!


You could discover you have more work to do than you thought where particular love life progress is concerned. However, you're inspired enough to remain positive and enthusiastic, even if a loved one experiences moments of doubt. You and the object of your affections might see one scenario in different ways. As long as you both make an effort to listen to each other's point of view. you'll overcome any challenges with grace and ease.


It could become clear a loved one has been avoiding discussing a certain matter. They could decide now is the right time to raise it, too. Before you get hot under the collar or roll your eyes in despair at having covered this topic umpteen times previously, do your bit to help bring closure to it, once and for all. If whatever-it-is is causing a dark cloud of negativity or uncertainty to affect a love connection, then bringing into the open has to be a sensible move now.


A Finger of Blame could be pointed on both sides between you and a loved one. Unless you and they agree to cease highlighting what each other is doing wrong, finding a solution won't be easy. Tension might increase further before a resolution can happen, but any positive and constructive effort to clear the air and put this matter behind you will help tension to dissipate. Saying nothing and letting it fester simply isn't an option.


A potentially painful episode from your love life past could rear its head. However, addressing this unpleasant scenario will help you to redirect your focus on what deserves to be appreciated in the present. The wisdom and experience gained from what occurred previously can't be ignored, and if it helps you to accept that there is much to be enjoyed here and now, then even better!


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