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Daily Love Chatty Style Horoscopes - Sunday 20 August


A loved one could be appearing distant or possibly aggressive toward you, and your instincts could be telling you instigating a discussion could end up being more confrontational than helpful. But bringing this matter into the open is precisely what needs doing so push aside any fear and take the lead where this necessary conversation is concerned.


Your love life or connection with a certain person might have posed more questions than answers recently, especially if you've been unsure about precisely where you stand with them in a particular way. Facing a fear or getting to the root of an issue looks likely to be easier than you believe it will be. You're owed an explanation or two and can expect to be enlightened soon.


Something needs to settle between you and a certain person, and you might be required to summon more patience than you feel you're able to give, especially if you feel something between you is moving backward instead of forward. You and the object of your affections have different ideas about how something should be managed or grow between you. You'll meet in the middle soon enough.


There's much comfort to be enjoyed by 'playing it safe' in your emotional world or within a close partnership, but you're possibly becoming intrigued by what can be enjoyed from being a bit less 'conventional.' There could be sexy benefits to introducing more than one change – and the more unusual, the better! A loved one could be taken aback by what you suggest but in a way that will excite and intrigue them.


A sense of optimism permeating your emotional world could encourage you to believe anything's possible but be honest with yourself about how optimism could be conveniently concealing one issue that needs to be acknowledged and addressed. The first person you might be hiding the truth from is yourself. If you've delayed a discussion or exchange with the one you love, then now's as good a time as any to have it.


A loved one could be dealing with their own tense circumstances or a crisis of some kind. As much as you want to involve yourself with it and be supportive in every way possible, you might need to understand that the most helpful thing you can do is watch from the sidelines. This might be something someone close needs to tackle and resolve themselves.


Demands and obligations could be coming at you from numerous directions other than your love life so make a concerted effort to deal with each efficiently before indulging in romantic reverie. It would be helpful for you to be more reactive or responsive than proactive because being less keen to steer or control situations keeps your stress levels reduced – and this includes your love life, too!


This is a time to don your imaginative thinking cap because the more creative you can be when it comes to expressing thoughts or feelings, the stronger and deeper a connection will become. Your colorful approach could be exactly what inspires a loved one to respond similarly. This combined creative self-expression could be very powerful – especially as an aphrodisiac!


Romantic thoughts or your vision of a relationship's future could be so intense that you'll struggle to convey clearly either with words alone. This is a time to allow what you're thinking, feeling and visualizing to become clearer in your mind and heart before sharing anything with the object of your affections. Giving in to impatience will only complicate your message of love now.


Tension that might be prevalent in other areas of your world is at risk of over spilling into your emotional world so try to separate affairs of the heart wherever possible. A loved one could bear the brunt of your frustrations if you're not careful and that would be both unfair and unhelpful. Don't allow a dark cloud hanging over other areas to spoil what deserves to be enjoyed and savored with someone special now.


You might believe keeping certain thoughts or feelings to yourself is preferable to releasing them in a clumsy way to a loved one but could find your words flow surprisingly easily. Try not to overthink your message or rehearse it in the belief everything will go according to plan. The more spontaneous you are in conveying what's in your heart, the stronger the message will be.


Being aware of what might be a bit too routine-like or predictable in your emotional world could encourage you to apply your fantastic Piscean imagination to reignite a spark where one's needed. You don't need to make grand or dramatic gestures, just a small change fueled by imagination could be enough to relieve boredom - and bring a big smile to a loved one's face.


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