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Weekly Love Chatty Style Horoscopes (Updates on Friday) - 23 June 2017


A chance exists this week to engage in a very timely, helpful and potentially deep conversation or exchange with a certain person. Whilst its timeliness is unlikely to be questioned, how helpful and deep this dialogue becomes is largely up to you. Neither will occur if you're only prepared to 'scratch the surface' and ignore the treasure that waits to be discovered. Be prepared to dig deep this week and something heartwarming can occur.


Something needs nipping in the bud this week and whether you're a single or attached Taurean, a matter relating to your emotional world or a close partnership needs addressing. This surrounds accepting certain boundaries and, if attached, putting in place an understanding of where something goes from here. If you sense you're wise to agree on a plan or strategy from outset, then you're right. Whatever gets put in place or agreed now will ensure problems are reduced significantly in the future,


Waves of excitement, enthusiasm and optimism are making their way into your emotional world this week. In the way that waves do, they've probably been moving forward into your emotional sphere and then retreating again for some time. However, this week is an important one for you to connect with the rhythm of each. It's by allowing them to make their presence felt and then withdraw that you can maintain control and restraint that need to be applied during coming days.


You can hear what someone in your world is saying, but what do they really mean? This person might be asking the same question of you. That's why a crucial dialogue needs to be based on an understanding that openness and honesty are underpinning every word. There can be no skirting around certain issues or leaving certain topics to remain under the carpet where they've been brushed conveniently.


Something connected with your emotional world might feel like an old pair of shoes. They might provide some level of comfort but not anything like what you know would be felt if you chose to upgrade them. They might not even suit your needs in ways they once did. This week, acceptance needs to happen where something connected with affairs of the heart are concerned. It's time to seek a new level of comfort on offer that can only come from accepting what no longer serves you.


The cosmos appears keen this week to ensure levels of comfort you've grown used to remain in your emotional world but it also seems keen to encourage you to remove yourself from one comfort zone to 'test the water', so to speak. Romantic possibilities exist where you're willing to apply a greater sense of adventure or be willing to experiment. There's no need to rush this. Just allowing yourself to be led by curiosity might be enough to bring a delightful change.


You know you're speaking the truth and only truth to a certain person but we all know truth can have a tendency to hurt. This only happens if truth is ignored and it's the way you can see the reality of a certain situation that a loved one or someone close cannot that could be a source of frustration this week. As long as whatever you're conveying is done with complete honesty and sensitively, you'll succeed in enlightening you-know-who.


Plenty of mental stimulation is on offer this week, regardless of your relationship status. Single Scorpions could enjoy a meeting of minds, particularly in environments that facilitate discussions around a shared, common interest. Attached Scorpios could be tempted to adopt an unorthodox approach to something that's normally handled in a safe, traditional way – and a love one will be delighted with your unusual or spontaneous thinking!


Romantic or relationship progress this week relies on your ability to spot subtle clues and signals. This will require you to become more focused and attentive in order to do so. It might also require you to be more reactive than proactive where affairs of the heart are concerned. Listen to what's being said or implied to you. Look beyond an obvious, bigger picture at what it's comprised of. Spot the clues and signals this week and something wonderful can occur.


With both of the zodiac's power and passion planets clashing, your emotional world could experience tension and conflict. That's the bad news. The good news is, you're about to be less inclined to control something connected with affairs of the heart than you've been inclined to recently. A new level of trust is making its way into your closest relationships or one in particular. You're expected to be more trusting and if you relax and try to be, you'll benefit from doing so.


Your love life can benefit this week from you being more of an observer than a do-er. When you're not observing, make an effort to be listening wherever possible. It's by detaching yourself from your emotional world briefly that you'll be able to see aspects of more clearly. You'll spot the clues and signals. You'll not be at such risk of misunderstanding what's being said to you. During coming days, much that hasn't made sense can start to make sense.


If professional or domestic matters have taken much focus recently, then the coming week should bring some much-needed, well-timed and well-deserved relief. You owe it to yourself to enjoy some quality you-time and a loved one or potential partner could be intrigued by how you choose to bring levity into your world. Someone definitely wants to accompany you on your journey to find fun and laughter. Be willing to let them do so.


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