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Weekly Love Chatty Style Horoscopes (Updates on Friday) - 18 August 2017


A powerful New Moon Solar Eclipse highlights all things connected with love and romance, marking the start of a new chapter where affairs of the heart are concerned. The cosmos appears keen to encourage willingness on your part to listen and adopt a more reactive role towards love and if you're an attached Ram, your connection with a certain person. Information that comes to light during coming days needs you to absorb it properly and, for that to happen, you'll need to curtail talking and become more of a listener!


Something connected with your love life or a particular person has been a source of uncertainty recently, and you appear keen to finally know where you stand with a particular person in a particular way. You've likely been patient and tolerant, perhaps in the belief fate might intervene and remove uncertainty, and it's possible fate might step in to bring closure where you've wanted it. Knowing the reality of a love life situation will help you to step more confidently and knowingly into the future.


Despite the importance you place on communicating in all areas of your world, you might have started to grow weary of how much talking and discussion has surrounded a love connection – and how you want to see action reinforcing someone's words or promises. Events this week bring closure in some way. You've wanted to see evidence that someone close means what they say and once tense energy subsides, you look set to feel more reassured and relieved.


Try not to view a nosedive in confidence on your part as something to be concerned about. Events this week could cause you to feel uncertain and doubtful of something connected with a loved one or potential partner, but vulnerability is what's needed to strengthen your connection. Whether you like it or not, you're going to have to be more trusting of something you've viewed suspiciously in your relationship previously – and are about to be reassured your trust isn't misplaced.


A New Moon Solar Eclipse in your sign is unlikely to pass unnoticed, and it could be aiming its efforts particularly at your love life this week. If attached, then what comes to light during coming days could be integral to determining the future of a relationship. A certain truth will need acknowledging and accepting. If you're a single Leo, then romantic progress is assured if you're willing to come to terms with what your heart needs now compared to previously.


A new level of honesty is finding its way into your closest relationships, and your love life is no exception. You're no longer happy to scratch the surface or engage in superficial or flirtatious chitchat. You want and might even crave a greater level of depth to your exchanges, and that's something events this week could help to make happen. Bringing concealed thoughts and feelings into the open needn't be anywhere as awkward or difficult as you believed it might be.


For single Librans, a friendship that has ticked along at a comfortable and predictable pace could be taken to a very new level in a sudden – and potentially passionate – way. When feelings come to the surface, there could be much passionate intensity involved! If you're an attached Libran, then events this week could help you to feel more reassured and less stressful about a relationship's connection with a cherished, long-term vision. If you and a partner haven't been on the same page regarding a certain aspiration, then that could shift shortly.


It could become clear this week how you and a loved one or potential partner are becoming increasingly reliant upon each other, but not necessarily in overly needy ways. Each of you has a helpful and supportive role to play where the other's needs or aspirations are concerned. Something you both seem to share is a slight sense of apprehension about taking a step into the unknown and, together, you can allay each other's concerns.


With your sense of adventure activated so strongly this week thanks to the New Moon Solar Eclipse, there's no telling how your ambitions and vision of the future can affect your love life or the future of a close relationship. You could be inclined to seize a chance to broaden your mind through studying or traveling but, if you're an attached Archer, then your desire to implement plans suddenly could confuse or concern a loved one. By all means, aim your sights high but guard against impetuousness getting the better of you.


The New Moon Solar Eclipse highlights 'deep sharing' and you could be surprised and delighted with an opportunity that holds amazing potential to bring a new level of intimacy to a budding relationship or an existing one. A restriction or boundary that has existed where physical closeness is concerned could shift or be removed altogether. Whether this involves exploring what has been considered taboo between you or being more willing to experiment sexually, a new chapter involving a physical connection looks set to commence.


This week's New Moon Solar Eclipse highlights relationships and commitments and intends to assist with bringing a deeper and more satisfying level of fulfillment between you and a certain person. If you've felt it was best to say nothing where any dissatisfaction in your love life is concerned, the then truth could emerge during coming days and help to make conveying your thoughts and feelings easier. What gets put in place or agreed between you and the object of your affections might never be an issue again in the future.


Change, they say, is as good as a rest and what alters in the light of the New Moon Solar Eclipse this week could bring a new level of spontaneity to your world that, in turn, boosts the feel-good factor in your emotional life. You and a loved one can feel excited and rejuvenated by abandoning a tired and tedious routine in favor of one that offers more variety. This includes embarking upon diets or a fitness regime together, and you could see other in a very different light soon - literally!


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