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Monthly Love Chatty Style Horoscopes - February 2018


Don't be dismissive of love or romantic fantasies that will occupy your thoughts this month. Your first reaction might be to tell yourself you're being too idealistic or kidding yourself about what could occur between you and a loved one, or someone you yearn to be closer to. However, with Venus involved with much of what your mind conjures, you could find what you'd dismissed as unrealistic or too fanciful holds real, heartwarming potential! See what occurs around the 21st if you want proof of how deep and strong one bond can become.


If you've been waiting for ages to be truly swept off your feet and would love nothing more than to while away the hours lost in romantic reverie, then you could experience both this month! If you're a single Taurean, then a friend could be instrumental in making one truly fabulous connection. It's what occurs on or around the 21st that could have you drifting on Cloud Nine, regardless of your relationship status. Something special and memorable could occur between you and a loved one or potential partner. If it has been some time since your heart fluttered, then expect it to during coming weeks!


Who doesn't enjoy showing their lover off to the rest of the world? If you're truly in love and are happy and know it, then you'll really want to show it! Coming weeks could see you exceptionally keen to ensure a loved one or potential partner is seen in a specific way by others, and all will be fine as long as you set yourself some strongly grounded, realistic expectations about how you want them to be seen – and what's in it for you by putting a loved one in the spotlight. They could be integral to your success in some way if you handle things sensitively.


This month, it could become clear a love life comfort zone needs you to remove yourself from it. The cosmos appears determined to help you identify ways you and a loved one or potential partner could embark upon a 'journey of discovery' together – physically or mentally. Putting yourself in different surroundings might be an option, and travel could feature in plans. So too could a learning curve of some kind, involving studying or writing. New experiences beckon, and a strong connection can be formed this month by deciding to seize and explore them!


If you and a loved one are weary from focusing on money matters, then developments this month could bring considerable relief. Whether it's you or the object of your affections who has good news to share about a financial gain, this can help reduce or eliminate any tension that has plagued your relationship of late. A Solar Eclipse on the 15th focus its energy on relationships and commitments, bringing a very new level of hope to one connection. Whatever new chapter commences looks set to warm your heart delightfully!


Venus intends to work some magic where relationships and commitments are concerned. Coming weeks will bring a stronger sense of harmony between you and a loved one or someone you want to be closer to. It could also become clear that focusing on past disappointments only hampers delightful progress on offer in the present. Something requiring you and a loved one to put your heads together to resolve could be the catalyst for your connection deepening. What transpires on or around the 21st could leave you in no doubt about your feelings for them, too!


The cosmos appears keen to inject a major spark into your love life, and this could be evident as early as the 6th. Whether single or attached, many heartwarming opportunities exist during February. If you're single, you could hit the jackpot where forming one connection is concerned and will love experiencing the thrill of dating or going beyond 'getting to know you' chitchat. If attached, then excitement you experienced when you and your loved one first met could be revived in fantastic ways. And it gets better - the Solar Eclipse on the 15th marks the start of one new chapter where love and romance are concerned! A truly memorable month awaits.


Fantastic and memorable experiences are on offer this month. However, how fantastic and memorable they are will be determined by how realistically you view your love life or one connection in particular. You could find yourself fired up and enjoying being lost in a colorful world of romantic reverie, only to discover all isn't quite as it seems once you're forced to return to Earth. However, this uncertain energy improves dramatically by the 21st. If you want to form a deeply spiritual connection with a certain person, or have wanted to finally meet a soul mate, then see what transpires on or around then!


You'll have to summon as much patience as possible if you're going to get through the numerous distractions affecting your love life or emotional world. Much might be easier if your passions weren't intensified or libido heightened in ways both appear to be. You're keen to focus on making delightful romantic or relationship progress but could find home or family distractions to be frustrating obstacles. It might feel as if others are going out of their way to disrupt progress you want to make with affairs of the heart. Just smile, be obliging and supportive where possible. Magical moments are on offer to make up for any domestic issues likely to demand attention!


If a past or present lover ever accused you of being insular or non-communicative, then you're about to show how wrong they were - or are! Venus influences your ideas and way with words, and you could be surprised at how easily you convey thoughts, feelings, and desires from the depths of your heart. This ability will come in handy on or around the 17th when you could confuse a loved one or potential partner by becoming a bit flat, or unmotivated. Don't leave them guessing as to why. Speak openly about what you feel – especially if pressure from them is draining your energy or enthusiasm in some way.


Your powers of attraction and charisma remain strong until the 10th, so if you're a single Water Bearer, then make the most of cosmic support on offer. However, whether single or attached, it's the Solar Eclipse in your sign on the 15th that offers a powerful and fresh start in all areas of your life, and your love life is no exception. It's likely you'll look back at the last two weeks of February as the time 'that' occurred between you and someone special. Single Aquarians could embark upon a new relationship shortly. Attached Aquarians can benefit from a powerful boost to strengthen or reinvigorate a connection intensely, and delightfully!


If you're one of the very few Pisceans who believe you don't possess an amazing ability to sweep admirers off their feet and turn them into proverbial putty in your hand, then events this month could leave you in no doubt about your ability to do both! Venus occupies your sign from the 10th until early March and promises to make your love life spectacular. One essential date for your diary is 21st of March. What occurs on or around that time is truly the stuff romance stories are made of. Also, if you needed proof of the powerful connection that occurs when soul mates meet, you could receive it! If you're an attached Piscean, then you and a loved one could spend much of February immersed in a delightful and colorful world of fantasy together. The really good news is, together, you can make one fanciful or idealistic shared vision real. Wait and see!


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