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Monthly Love Chatty Style Horoscopes - June 2018


With Venus influencing true love from June 13 to July 9, romance can be enhanced or blossom this month. Single Rams can experience a noticeable boost in warmth and passion with new connections made. If attached, then the spirit of teamwork can be boosted gloriously between you and the object of your affections. With passion planet Mars commencing a two-month slumber from the end of June, you might sense your passion levels or libido diminish. However, this can help you to focus more on the intellectual connection you have with a loved one or potential partner. Sometimes, a reduction in physical connections helps to highlight this!


A curious connection exists between your home or family and affairs of the heart. With Venus influencing all things domestic from June 13 to July 9, attached Bulls could make plans or work closely with a loved one to add more comfort or color to living conditions. Single Taureans who haven't yet introduced their amour to the family have an excellent chance to do so and will be delighted at how warmly received their flame is. Near the end of June, career plans or obligations could cause your emotional world to take a back seat and, whether single or attached, someone close could provide advice you need about taking steps to bring greater career fulfillment.


You have a fantastic New Moon occurring in your sign on June 13, so use it to bring a delightful fresh start to any area of your world – including affairs of the heart! Plans put in place have potentially a year-long shelf life, so make them wisely. With Venus influencing ideas and communication from June 13 to July 9, you probably won't struggle to find the right words to convey what's in your heart. Your words are likely to be calm and comforting, making any conversations had during this time pivotal to enhancing or forming a special bond.


Coming weeks could be very reflective where affairs of the heart or one special relationship are concerned. You might feel the element of fun has vanished in a love connection or an increasing list of duties and responsibilities make maintaining – or reviving – the spark between you difficult. With a Full Moon influencing partnerships and commitments on June 28, you'll likely be giving serious thought to the future of your emotional world or one relationship. Important conversations need to be had, and decisions need to be made. The good news is, you're about to remove uncertainty by doing so.


Energy, passion and libido levels could diminish as the month progresses and appear to come to a complete standstill by the end of the month. However, despite what you might think, this has its plus points! You're encouraged to reassess your relationships and commitments, and if you're an attached Leo, then you have a chance to look back on all that you and a loved one have experienced together and start formulating a new vision of the future. The process of reflection will last until August 27, but it will be integral to getting your emotional world on a firmer footing or becoming clearer about what you want.


Where affairs of the heart are concerned this month, you look set to experience more than one moment of clarity. Venus influences all that's hidden and encourages you to look deep within yourself for answers. There are many plus points to this, as you could discover how tolerant you've been of a love life or relationship matter that needs you to adopt a firmer stance. You could also decide not to allow your love life to be influenced so heavily by the past and free yourself from psychological burdens you've been carrying. Either way, the period between June 13 and July 9 will be revealing – and result in healing in some way, too.


You might sense complacency making itself felt in your emotional world, but this probably has nothing to do with laziness on your part. It likely has much to do with Mars, the planet of energy, passion, and libido having a two-month slumber, and this will undoubtedly affect your closest relationships and commitments. Whether single or attached, you could find your energy reserves feel depleted causing you to question if you have what's needed within you to maintain a relationship – or, in some cases, fight for it. Use this period of reflection to decide what you truly want and need. The outcome will be whatever your heart wants it to be.


A sense of clarity could make itself felt in your emotional world or a love partnership, but you might not be over the moon with any discovery you make. The fact is, you might be used to seeing your love life or a certain relationship idealistically. That's lovely on one level, but it means you see it in a way you want to rather than how you should, and there could be a big difference between the two. When passion planet Mars commences its two-month slumber on the 26th, you could feel your energy levels become depleted, and you don't have the inclination to make the changes or improvements that become clear. Don't rush the process. Be grateful for what is becoming clear, even if it doesn't appear helpful initially.


You could get caught up in a wave of excitement, and a fresh start or new beginning on offer should have you punching the air with delight and feel everything connected with affairs of the heart is hunky dory. However, in truth, you're likely to be questioning what's unfolding rather than embracing it. This is due to Mars commencing a two-month break and reassessment on your part regarding your what your heart truly needs. You'll need to ride this uncertain energy out because answers to your heart's questions probably won't appear overnight. However, you'll undoubtedly be grateful for having called 'time out' and taken stock in the way you're encouraged to this month, and beyond.


You could do a lot worse than have Venus influencing intimacy and that's what the planet of love will do for you from June 13 to July 9. You and a loved one can explore the erotic depths of your feelings in ways that offer much love, warmth, and comfort. Red-hot, urgent, noisy sex has its time and place, but when intimacy is blessed with Venus in the way yours can be from this month until next, deep and meaningful connections happen. Embrace your chance to make it happen for you.


Whether single or attached, a New Moon influencing all things romantic can mark a fresh start and help enormously with forming or strengthening a love connection. However, you won't ignore the ways your energy and passion levels diminish once Mars starts rewinding in your sign for two months. This is likely to be a pivotal time regarding your personal development and love life. Rather than focus on what your heart doesn't seem to be 'in,' focus instead on the chance to take stock and become clearer about what can kickstart your heart. Where affairs of the heart are concerned, the cosmos has your back, even if more questions than answers seem to arise.


Try to make the most of Venus' influence with love and romance until the 13th, because, from that date, Venus works some magic with your work or daily routines. If you're a single Piscean, then you could be surprised at how quickly something develops with a work colleague or someone you might have only made eye contact with previously. By the 26th, you might feel inclined to withdraw yourself and become more contemplative or introverted. Questions might arise regarding how you've focused your passionate efforts so far and continuing to offer the same levels of energy might need you to clarify a few things in your mind first. If so, then take the time you need to assess if your investment of emotional energy brings the rewards you want, or what needs to change for this to happen.


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