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Monthly Love Chatty Style Horoscopes - June 2017


Love and money are interlinked and if you're an attached Ram, then you and the object of your affections could find discussions increase surrounding money or joint investments. The great news is, the cosmos is supportive where boosting your respective or shared bank balances are concerned. If you're a single Aries, then you could find enlisting the help of someone to make your abode more comfortable or decorative could result in the start of something special!


Having Venus in your sign this month makes coming weeks extra special where love and romance are concerned. Whether this involves embarking upon a new relationship or consolidating an existing one, a greater sense of harmony, comfort and closeness will be evident. A noticeable feeling of youthfulness will attract others to you and if there's one special person you want to be closer with, then seeking out places relating to the arts can be integral to a bond deepening!


Coming weeks could highlight a need for you to reassess a love or relationship strategy that isn't working. A Full Moon on the 9th highlights a new chapter where a certain relationship is concerned and rather than persist with a plan that isn't producing results in the belief it will if enough time and effort are invested, use this month to formulate a cleverer and more imaginative approach. A different tactic is likely to result in a deeper level of bonding over time.


Any insecurities or lack of confidence you've felt recently where your emotional world or a particular relationship is concerned could vanish during coming weeks. Where you might have wondered if you should or shouldn't take action you've been considering, you could throw away the rule book and pursue a plan with vigor. Having your mojo back means your libido gets a significant boost and if issues have existed in that department, then they're about to vanish, too!


A Full Moon on the 9th brings a new chapter where love and romance are concerned and you could be focused on bringing a new level of depth to a connection. You're likely to want to explore new, deep and meaningful topics to determine if a love interest is able to offer mental and communicative depth you need. Your needs could go beyond physical into something more cerebral but whether or not a true meeting of minds can exist remains to be seen.


From the middle of this month until November, you'll gain a greater level of clarity where romantic or relationship expectations are concerned. It will be as if much of what has been clouded in uncertainty becomes more clearly defined and this will be integral to progress in your emotional world. You might have a new set of questions to ask yourself, possibly surrounding how unrealistic certain love life expectations have been. Welcome this new level of enlightenment.


An opportunity exists this month for a certain bond to go from one level to a much deeper one and if you're a single Libran, then a connection that has been platonic could become something much more physical and intimate. Regardless of your relationship status, you and the object of your affections look set to discover a new world of physical closeness and exploring unexplored territory can bring new levels of emotional fulfillment for both of you.


You have love planet Venus influencing your closest relationships and one in particular can benefit in a delightful way from what Venus has in store. There can be a real sense of bonding, perhaps involving you and the object of your affections working more as a team than you've done recently. A greater sense of collaboration and trust is permeating your emotional world and if you've felt isolated or detached from a loved one recently, then that's about to change dramatically.


A Full Moon in your sign on the 9th could see you reaching breaking point in some way where a close relationship is concerned but this will be more helpful than upsetting. What has become imbalanced between you and a certain person or where you've possibly grown weary of your goodwill being taken advantage of, a new chapter can commence. This will facilitate a new – and possibly overdue – level of dialogue between you and someone close.


You have some utterly amazing support from Venus this month to ensure coming weeks bring delightful levels of love, comfort and harmony to your emotional world. If you're a single Sea Goat, then this month is particularly important for you to make yourself available. Whether single or attached, more than one romantic opportunity and heartwarming experience awaits. All you need to do is be willing to accept and embrace them as they arise!


You could want a greater depth of communication with a loved one or potential partner but don't think your desire to experience a stronger cerebral connection will mean physical and intimate experiences fall by the wayside. Stimulating, deep and meaningful exchanges intrigue and excite you and the cosmos appears exceptionally keen to ensure you experience these during coming weeks. From there, less verbal exchanges take over, making this a very memorable month!


There are so many ways you can channel the feel-good factor the cosmos is determined to bring to your love life this month. An enhanced sense of adventure and willingness to take a risk or two can bring a much greater sense of fulfillment to affairs of the heart. When you're on top form, your sexiness factor goes through the roof and being seen to be so upbeat and buoyant by a loved one or potential partner will make you absolutely irresistible!


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