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Monthly Love Chatty Style Horoscopes - October 2017


A new and possibly unprecedented level of openness could exist between you and a certain person this month. You have fantastic celestial support to cease keeping thoughts or feelings to yourself – and this includes your deepest and most intimate desires! From this month until November 2018, Jupiter influences deep sharing – on every level. In other news, Venus influences love partnerships, and a New Moon on the 19th marks the start of a new chapter between you and the object of your affections. The key to the most fulfilling romantic or relationship progress lies with a new level of candor in your emotional world. Speak up and don't hold back!


If you've spent much time looking at love relationships everyone else seems to enjoy, then this period – and throughout most of 2018 – looks set to be a memorable and pivotal time for you! From the 10th, the planet of luck and blessings, Jupiter, influences your partnerships and commitments. He will work some serious magic where affairs of the heart are concerned, and if you're in a committed relationship, then you won't be excluded from delightful and heartwarming experiences. You get a taste of what's in store from early this month. A conversation or exchange on or around the 18th could also give you a glimpse into what you can expect more of!


Oh, how a red-hot and potentially X-rated month awaits you, my Geminian friend! From the 14th, Venus influences all things connected with love and romance. You're blessed with Venusian support until November 7. If you're a single Gemini looking for love, then this is a perfect time to make yourself available. A fantastic New Moon in the same sector on the 19th marks the start of a new romantic or relationship chapter if you want one. Then – and you'll like this – energy and passion planet Mars influences your sex life until early December! Whether you're single or attached, a passion-fueled period is on offer – this month and beyond. Make the most of it!


Possibly the most important news for affairs of the heart this month surrounds Jupiter influencing your true love sector from the 10th until November 2018. Whether single or attached, discussions surrounding children could become more prevalent. It's also possible you and the object of your affections embark upon a creative project together that will be a source of pride for many years to come. What gets discussed or agreed around the 18th has all the hallmarks of success. A major love-life decision could be made at that time. Another date for your diary is the 26th. What occurs could be a heartwarming and memorable. So much can be achieved by sharing ideas and or combining talents. Seize every chance to do so!


Even if your abode isn't the venue for romantic or red-hot connecting, a family member could play Cupid in a way you'll be grateful for. Jupiter influences all things connected with your home and family and will do for the next 13 months. It's particularly important where love, romance and creativity are concerned. Some single Leos might also find a neighbor or someone who lives nearby could be The One. Other Leos might combine ideas and talents with a partner to make a home more of a love nest – or decide to move in together. In any case, home seems to be where the heart is this month. The most pleasurable experiences could be on your doorstep!


Continue to make the most of Venus's influence in your sign until the 14th. Your powers of attraction remain at their highest until then. You also have the continued influence of Mars in your sign until October 22, so a boost to your passion is on offer throughout much of October. Fortunately, the planets of love and passion are keen to ensure October starts as you'd like it to continue as they combine forces on the 5th. This powerfully sexy connection can serve more than one purpose where affairs of the heart are concerned. You could be reminded of why you believe someone to be the sexiest lover you've ever known – or why it might be time to call it a day. The rest of October could be dictated by what transpires as early as the 5th. It's make or break time!


Good luck and expansion planet, Jupiter, has occupied your sign since September 2016. It departs for pastures new and will be influencing another area of your world from the 10th. However, many delightful distractions are on offer! Venus moves into Libra on the 14th, boosting your powers of attraction until November 7th. A New Moon in your sign on the 19th has been tailor-made for anything connected with partnerships or commitments. Mars's arrival in your sign on the 22nd boosts your libido and bossiness factor – but in ways that could thrill a loved one or potential partner!


After a 12-year absence, Jupiter arrives in Scorpio. The biggest planet in our solar system grinds its way into your sign on the 10th. Should you be excited about your romantic prospects by having the planet of luck, confidence, enthusiasm and optimism residing in your sign for the next 13 months? Absolutely! The feel-good factor it brings will have a direct and very noticeable knock-on effect to your love life. Feeling more confident and lighthearted can only help with forming a bond or strengthening one. You'll see for yourself how captivating and irresistible others find you during coming weeks!


This month kicks off with a Full Moon influencing true love on October 5th. Some Archers will be faced with a question about whether they should stay or go. If a breakup is on the cards, then you'll probably have known for some time a relationship was falling short of expectations and needs. It might also be a time when you ask yourself, in a brutally honest way, if you truly love the person you're with. As for single Centaurs, romantic opportunities are in plentiful supply this month. Much depends on how willing you are to capitalize on Venus's influence by socializing, use dating websites or allow a friend to play Cupid! The results can be amazing!


If you're a Sea Goat who has been focused intently on career progression in recent weeks, then the cosmos is determined to bring romantic reverie to your world! The first plan of action involves your social life and connecting or reconnecting with others becoming more of a priority from the 10th. Jupiter, the planet of good luck and optimism, influences friendships and networking for the next 13 months. If you're single, then you'll be able to form new, deep and potentially intimate connections this month - and beyond! Attached? If it has been some time since you chose to show off your partner in a social setting, then you could be surprised at how your heart flutters by doing so!


A boost to your bank account can bring a wave of relief to your emotional world. Whether this windfall means a romantic or relationship plan gets underway or you and a loved one sleep more easily at night by knowing a dark financial cloud is removed, coming weeks bring a chance for your feel-good factor to be enhanced. The cosmos is also working to help you feel less anxious or vulnerable when revealing your deepest, most intimate desires. Fear or an unfounded reason to keep sexy secrets to yourself needn't be an issue any longer. All you need to do is accept that your reluctance to open up might have been your biggest obstacle to intimate fulfillment.


Passion starts to intensify from early October, so make the most of it! Love and libido planets, Venus and Mars combine forces to influence relationships and commitments. This speaks of a tremendous wave of passionate energy with the power to transform your connection with a certain person. If you and the object of your affections have been together for a period of time, don't think you're not able to learn something amazing about each other. If you find yourself wondering what else might be possible this month, give in to the urge to explore. There are so many sexy secrets waiting to be uncovered if you're willing to use new levels of openness and honesty the cosmos is bestowing you.


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