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Monthly Love Chatty Style Horoscopes - December 2017


An issue might exist surround how much to open up and reveal secret thoughts or feelings to the object of your affections. Fortunately, it's a case of 'better out than in' as you discover whatever you've been suppressing is needs to be released. Things can only get better when Mars energizes deep sharing and intimacy from the 9th until the 26th of January. If your libido has taken a nosedive recently, then both you and one lucky person will be delighted at how it has returned - with gusto!


With Mars influencing partnerships and commitments, this could boost a passionate connection in wonderful ways or be the cause of tension. On the one hand, you could feel motivated to increase your efforts to take a relationship into new, and deeper territory. On the other hand, it might be time to bring into the open a tense issue swept under the carpet and you'll be unconcerned about how forceful or confrontational any exchanges become. Either way, what has remained dormant or concealed is about to be addressed - with passion and conviction!


With Mercury moving backward during the first three weeks of December, it will be difficult to see realistically or make sense of certain relationship or commitment issues. A Full Moon in your sign on the 3rd won't help matters either, especially if emotions are enhanced. Fortunately, a New Moon influences relationships and commitments on the 18th, just a few days before Mercury goes direct once again. Therefore, what has been confusing or blurred between you and a certain person not only becomes clearer but is receives a fantastic fresh start.


The biggest news for you surrounds the entry of Saturn in your opposite sign from the 19th until late 2020. This month marks the start of a very new and potentially rewarding phase where relationships and commitments are concerned. What transpires between you and someone close around the 19th will probably offer a strong clue about where Saturn intends to focus its disciplinary and restrictive energies. From the 9th, passion planet Mars influences all things connected with love and romance. Prepare for some delightfully steamy moments!


Venus influences love and romance from the 1st until the 25th. This bodes well for the vibe between you and someone special becoming sweeter and more harmonious. However, with Mercury commencing backward motion in the same area from the 3rd to the 22nd, communication issues arise. This won't be helped by Mercury's insistence that you keep casting your mind back to your romantic or relationship past. Fortunately, by the 22nd, confusing energy subsides but not before a final decision is needed about whether something progresses or comes to a halt between you and someone else.


You'll feel an undoubted sense of relief as home or family matters become less of an issue from the 19th but restrictive energy you've grown used to in that area shifts to anything connected with love and romance. Until December 2020, you have a new series of lessons to learn about affairs of the heart. Your love life will feel as if it is targeted with more responsibilities and this will, at times, feel unmanageable. However, you'll emerge stronger - and wiser. In other news, Venus brings a stronger sense of emotional security this month. Welcome and embrace it!


Communication issues are likely between the 3rd and 22nd, so tread cautiously when instigating discussions or exchanges with a loved one or potential partner. Decisions or commitments will probably need to be re-discussed or renegotiated later. Whether single or attached, you could need the support of your sweetheart where home or family matters are concerned. This theme commences from the 19th until December 2020. Whatever domestic demands or responsibilities arise, making clear how you need a loved one to be there for you to overcome them at this early stage makes it easier to cope with home or family issues in the future.


Mars' arrival in your sign from the 9th until the 26th of January boosts your passion power and charisma. You might struggle to suppress passionate energy or a significantly increased libido! From the 19th, Saturn influences thought processes and communication until December 2020. From this month, you could become increasingly aware of how more effort is required to convey yourself, and this will prove problematic at times with affairs of the heart. However, the period of cautious communication is intended to be helpful. It could be clear by the end of the month how making an effort to slow down and consider carefully your message of love brings surprising benefits.


You're blessed with delightful Venus in your sign from the 1st until the 25th. Regardless of your relationship status, your powers of attraction are boosted with little effort on your part. However, affairs of the heart encounter obstacles due to two other influences. The first involves Mercury moving backward in your sign from the 3rd until the 22nd, making expressing thoughts or feelings tricky. The second involves the Full Moon on the 3rd that blurs anything related to partnerships and commitments. However, a New Moon in your sign on the 18th brings clarity and a fresh start to your love life. You just need to get through the first three weeks!


Much activity related to your love life is 'behind the scenes,' and much of December could see you keeping certain love-related matters close to your chest. However, it's the arrival of your ruling planet, Saturn, in your sign from the 19th until December 2020 that will boost levels of seriousness you apply to all areas of your world – including affairs of the heart. Regardless of your relationship status, a new level of responsibility is applied to commitments. However, with Venus arriving in your sign on the 25th, not only are your powers of attraction enhanced, but your love life experiences new levels of warmth, comfort, and harmony.


You might feel a need to request input from friends or close associates regarding your love life during coming weeks. It might take the insight offered by one pal to help you to see something in your love life or within a close partnership that you haven't seen – or refuse to accept. You're about to enter a period of assessment where your emotional world is concerned and what comes to light during December plays a big part in how affairs of the heart proceed. Information that arrives on or after the 25th should bring much-needed clarity to make a far-reaching decision.


Home might normally be where the heart is but this month; it's where the most frustrating and potentially tense scenarios arise. A Full Moon influences domestic matters and emotional security on the 3rd. Tension and uncertainty continue during coming weeks as something connected with your love life or a partner, and your home or family becomes a bigger issue. You might feel you have to re-explain or justify for the umpteenth time your thoughts or feelings about a home-related matter to a loved one. It's possible a family member offers well-intended but potentially hurtful advice about your love life or a close partnership. Either way, you'll need to summon much patience and sensitivity if you're to get through this brief but tricky phase.


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