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Monthly Love Chatty Style Horoscopes - April 2018


Mercury's backward motion in your sign won't be helpful where communicating or conveying any message of love is concerned. This frustrating scenario is likely to occur during the first two weeks of April. However, you have a superb chance to be clear in your mind and heart about what you want and don't want during this time. Mercury moving forward coincides with a superb New Moon in your sign on the 15th. This offers a brilliant chance to make romantic or relationship progress and once Venus influences communication from the 24th until May 19, your interactions and exchanges with a loved one or potential partner will become noticeably sweeter!


You're encouraged strongly to focus on your needs in every area of your world, and your love life will undoubtedly benefit from doing so during April. It's essential you don't beat yourself up about love life lessons learned recently or your perceived role in what has been or continues to appear less than satisfactory with affairs of the heart. Regardless of whatever or whoever has knocked your confidence, you have a fantastic opportunity this month to pick yourself up, dust yourself down and take essential steps to boost your confidence. The cosmos promises you'll have enough reasons to end the month feeling more buoyant and optimistic.


Much could be blurred and confusing during the first two weeks where affairs of the heart are concerned, particularly if you're a single Gemini looking for love. Miscommunication, misunderstandings, and misinterpretation are rife, and you could feel frustrated at how what emerges from your mouth differs from what you intended to say. Venus also influences secrets until the 24th and could play a part in you feeling the time isn't right to reveal what's in your heart. Fortunately, this confusing energy wanes after the 24th when Venus enters your sign! Regardless of your relationship status, your powers of attraction – and confidence - will soar until May 19.


It might feel as if new levels of responsibility and effort are finding their way into your love life. Hopefully, you're aware of and focused on why both are needed, especially if they're connected with a long-term romantic or relationship plan you're keen to embark upon. However, the theme regarding love, romance and relationships is all about effort bringing rewards, so don't resent any need to work a bit harder because actions will cause the right reactions. A Full Moon on the 29th influences true love – and your jaw could drop or your heart beat faster at what transpires!


Effort might be needed to balance your work life and love life, but, for many Leos, the two could be integrated gloriously. Either your increased ambitiousness will be admired by a loved one or the two of you could put your heads together to make something special happen professionally – it's not impossible! If you're a single Leo, then once Venus starts influencing friendships and the social scene from the 24th until May 19, you could be delighted at romantic options on offer. If attached, then there will be plenty of opportunities to show off your other half socially!


An air of seriousness could permeate your emotional world, but you're likely to put in the effort if you sense it's necessary to build a strong foundation for the future – and it will! The same effort brings a shift where you've experienced an obstacle or setback for some time, and this could be evident from as early as the 7th. You're encouraged to think 'bigger' and see boundaries that have existed regarding forming a new connection or strengthening an existing one as less problematic. Affairs of the heart benefit enormously from removing yourself from an established comfort zone or routine, and you look set to be delighted by what comes from doing so!


Mercury's backward movement affects relationships and commitments until the 15th, and this confusing energy is bound to create ripples in the form of miscommunication, misunderstandings, and misinterpretation. However, on the 15th, Mercury not only starts moving forward once again but a brilliant New Moon occurs that offers a fresh start for relationships and commitments. The urge to instigate a change could grow strong, but the need to do so could outweigh any doubts. Coming weeks will see you standing your ground in some way regarding matters of the heart – whether a partner or potential sweetheart is on board with your plans, or not!


You'll have Venus working her magic where partnerships and commitments are concerned until the 24th. She's rounding up Saturn, Mars, Neptune, and Pluto to help sweeten your connection with at least one person in the most delightful ways. If you're a single Scorpion, then you have the most glorious green light for a commitment to deepen. After the 24th and until May 19, Venus focuses on influencing joint finances, and you and a partner might have a financial gain or victory to celebrate. Venus will also assist with making intimacy more sensual and erotic. Finally, a Full Moon in your sign on the 29th could bring feelings and emotions to the surface, but in ways that feel comfortable and necessary, rather than forced or awkward.


Until the 24th, Venus focuses attention on your daily routines, work, health and service to others. Before you believe the pleasure planet has ignored your emotional needs completely, be aware of how your emotional world can benefit from her influence in these areas. For starters, if you're a single Archer, you could be surprised at how love can be found in anything connected with health or fitness – gyms, doctor's or dentist's waiting rooms. Romance could also blossom in the workplace or from work-based routine. The big love life news surrounds Venus influencing commitments and partnerships from the 24th – and a choice involving two romantic options might need to be made!


You're blessed with oodles of Mars energy all month and beyond. However how you choose to focus this will determine whether you see the power planet's influence as a blessing or curse. It will be the former if you allow it to boost your romantic efforts and libido. It will be problematic if fuels impulsiveness and aggressiveness. Once Venus starts to influence your service to others from the 24th, you could assess what you truly need from a relationship or if an existing bond ticks all the essential boxes. If you're a Sea Goat in a relationship of convenience rather than offering a love-filled future, then this could become clear, especially around the Full Moon on the 29th.


Much connected with affairs of the heart will likely be your 'business' and nobody else's. If you're attached, then the urge to spend time alone with a loved could be increasingly stronger. If you're single, then you'll be unlikely to divulge any love life details to anyone, regardless of how much they pry. However, significant changes occur after the 24th, once Venus starts to influence love and romance until May 19. Any single Aquarians looking for love could find two options present themselves suddenly. The area of love and romance also governs children, and attached Water Bearers wanting to become parents might need to double up on essential baby items as twins could be a possibility!


Venus sweetens romantic conversations and exchanges in the most delightful ways until the 24th. Use this period to convey what's on your mind or in your heart to someone special, because the chances are high that the right words will be found to touch someone's heart. After the 24th, pleasure planet Venus focuses on your home and family. This would be plain sailing if more than one option didn't complicate a domestic situation or decision. However, if you've been dating someone and feel it's time to introduce them to your family, then a warm and loving reception could be had. Single Pisceans looking for love might also find it literally on their doorstep!


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