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Monthly General Horoscopes - October 2017


Life takes a turn for the better this month, in almost every aspect of your life. Jupiter's departure from your relationship sector on the 11th October is going to take a lot of the pressure off you and your relationships, while at the same time leaving your relationships in safe hands. Mercury, planet of communication will remain in your relationship sector until the 17th October, giving you the resources to keep the communication lines open. While Venus' return on the 14th October and Mars' on the 23rd October will ensure your relationships have all the support they need. But with Jupiter gone there is no longer the pressure and that will be felt on both the personal and professional fronts. You can finally enjoy all that you have worked for over the last 13 months. At the same time, Jupiter's return to your financial sector on the 11th October opens the doors to an 18 month period of financial growth. This is also a passionate period of your life as well, full of expansive opportunities. The reason Jupiter's 13 month visit to your relationship sector was more challenging, was because you have Uranus and Eris in Aries and in opposition. There is no opposition and no challenges for Jupiter when he returns to your financial sector, with nothing but support for the financial growth ahead. This is also a stunning professional month, with Venus and Mars giving work and job matters one final push, just as the tide turns on the career front. Yet work/life balance will be important, with Ceres dialling up an especially good month for matters of the heart and all things romantic. However, there can never be too much of a good thing.


There are challenges and there are challenges and this month marks the point where they separate out. There really are two kinds of challenges. The first is ordinary standoffs that you get at the same time every year. By that I mean that when the faster moving planets move through your romantic and creative sector and then move into your work sector, which they do in September/October each year, they come under pressure. That is because you have planetary activity over on the other side of the sky and have done for decades. These are the checks and balances that you face at this time every year and while I wouldn't call them 'no big deal', they are the norm that any year must go through. Since 2003 no planet has been able to move through your romantic and creative sector without hitting some roadblocks. At the same time, no planet has been able to move through your work sector without moving into opposition with Eris in a reflective part of your chart, since 1926. This is simply a message to slow down and pace yourself. The faster moving planets are just that รข?? fast. They move into and out of opposition too quickly for it to have too much of an impact. And then there are challenges and this has come from Jupiter's position in your work sector since September 2016. While this has been an expansive year for job growth, Jupiter's departure on the 11th October will take away a lot of the pressure you've been under, while allowing work and job matters to expand. It is a very different story for Jupiter's return to your relationship sector, with no planets on the other side of the sky in Taurus. This opens the door to a lucky and auspicious year for relationship building.


When you have a planet like Jupiter changing sign then you know the whole dynamics of the year will shift. In any given year, the main focus of any year is determined by where Jupiter and Saturn are located. These are the planets that set the main themes for any given year and this year that has been on matters of the heart and your relationships. When Jupiter leaves your romantic and creative sector on the 11th October, this not only ends a 13 month focus on heart and mind on the same page and all things fun, playful, romantic and creative, but changes the dynamics of the year. Saturn won't leave your relationship sector and return to your financial sector until December, but already this mission is coming to an end as well. There is no danger that matters of the heart and all things fun, playful, romantic and creative will go off the boil when Jupiter leaves and in fact, the best will come later. This will start with Venus' return on the 14th October and Mars' on the 23rd October. With Mars not leaving until early December, your biggest challenge will be to find a balance between work and play. However, Jupiter's departure means that while this remains an important area of your life, it is no longer the main thrust. That shifts onto your work situation and job matters and in the process this changes the dynamics of not just his professional year, but your professional game. Jupiter returns every 12 years and was last in your work sector in 2005/2006. Until leaving in November 2018 this is a major period of job growth. However, for the first and only time in our lifetime it happens while you have Neptune in your career sector.


This is the month when life itself starts to shift, subtly at first but when you eventfully look back and join the dots, this will be the point where it started. But in reality, you can look back another year and appreciate in hindsight that the gods have been preparing for this shift since September 2016. That shift is away from a life that is geared around work, home and life's other responsibilities and onto a chapter of your life that is more geared towards fun, play, romance and your relationships. The biggest ongoing challenge this year has been the on again/off again oppositions between Jupiter in your home and family sector and Uranus in your career sector. This has created a lot of professional pressure or work/life balance tension at times and especially last month. Yet what you don't know is why. Why have the gods spent 13 months pushing work/life balance issues down your throat and pushing you to create a better balance? You'll start to suspect why, when Jupiter returns to your romantic and creative sector on the 11th October, opening the doors to your luckiest years for love, matters of the heart and all things playful and romantically charged in over a decade. This period will in fact continue out to March 2019. You will remain busy, especially on the work front and the coming months are likely to become even busier. So both work/life balance and a balance between work and play will remain important. But it's later in the year that the planets that have been keeping things busy for the past three years, will slowly start to migrate onto your relationships. There is a sea change underway.


Regardless of what else is playing out this month, you have two special passengers on board this month and they are passengers that are set to electrify your life for the next nine months and more. When Venus left Leo late last month, she brought to an end all the planetary activity associated with getting your new solar year off to an authentic start. Venus returned three days after the Sun left Leo and four days after a total solar eclipse, but she was still charged with giving your heart a voice and a say in what you wanted from this new solar year. Venus returned to find Mercury and Mars still in Leo and between them they were able to capitalise on the solar eclipse and the new doors this had opened. Venus was the last to leave and this brought you to a point where you could then commit to the journey ahead. But it was just four days later that Ceres returned for her first visit to Leo in four years. This is not part of your annual update and is a special chapter, with Ceres spending three months updating your real needs and priorities. This is the first time that Ceres has returned while the North Node is here in 18 years and as she won't leave until June 2018, they will spend the next nine months today, leading you on an authentic and fateful course. This is going to put a filter on everything and that includes personally, professionally, financially and in your relationships. You'll be more decisive, forks in the road will be no brainers and you'll have a confident sense of direction. In a good month for home, income, work and relationship matters and even for travel or adventure, everything will benefit from this golden touch.


When the Sun left Virgo last month this brought your birthday month to a close, but until the last of his retinue leaves, you are still defining what you want from this new solar year. Mercury left a week after the Sun, so you start the week with the mechanics of your birthday month over and at least some form of a game plan and resolutions. However, until Venus leaves Virgo on the 14th October and Mars on the 23rd October, you're still deciding what you want from the coming year and what excites you. Mars won't return to Virgo until 2019 and as the last planet to move through this year, his focus is on fuelling your passions and fighting spirit. When Venus and Mars do eventually leave Virgo, it will be to join up with the considerable developments on the income front this month. Neither will return while Jupiter is still here, but they don't need to. In fact, they are holding back, not wanting to get caught up in any financial tension. For throughout his 13 month visit to your income sector, Jupiter has been at odds with Uranus in your financial sector. This is keeping both sides on their toes, while it also means you'll be motivated with Venus and Mars return to exploit all the income potential. When Jupiter leaves your income sector on the 11th October he'll return to your communication sector, for the first time since 2005/2006. This will be especially good news for your relationships, who have been waiting for this. This comes during what is a good month for matters of the heart and all things fun, playful, romantic and creative. It might feel like a corner has been turned there, because it has.


For the majority of the past 13 months there has been both personal and relationship pressure and while this will eventually prove empowering for you and your relationships, you're ready for it to end. Another theme that is about to come to an end, is that for the past few months the lines between the past, present and future have been blurred. With Jupiter in Libra since last September, you're at the start of a new 12 year Jupiter cycle of expansion. Yet when the Sun returned to a reflective part of your chart in late August, this began the month long wind down of your old solar year. The closer Jupiter got to leaving Libra, the more the planets moved into the closing phase of their cycles, putting their focus on the past. It was only on the 23rd September, 18 days before Jupiter is due to leave Libra that the Sun returned, kicking off your birthday month and new solar year. Then a week later Mercury returned, taking your mental focus onto the rear view mirror and on the road ahead. Yet as Jupiter finally leaves Libra on the 11th October, Venus and Mars are still in a nostalgic and reflective part of your chart. It won't be until Venus returns to Libra on the 14th October and Mars on the 23rd October that you'll finally be ready to embrace the future you've spent the last 13 months preparing for. As that process continues, Jupiter's return to your income sector not only kicks off what is destined to be a potentially lucrative 18 months on the income front, but an opportune period for job growth.


First impressions suggest that this is a very ordinary month, with no indications of the major changes afoot or how quickly things are due to change. While you have reached an especially good month across the income, work and career fronts, personally you're more focused on navel gazing and looking at ways to put out the 'do not disturb' sign. This is the norm for this time of year and it can often be a time when you're running on empty, with no more wind in your sails. That is because, in the lead up to the Sun's return to Scorpio on the 23rd October, you're in the final weeks of your old solar year. Yet this year this will feel more extreme, because it is. That's because, as you move into October you are also in the closing days of a 12 year Jupiter cycle of expansion, one that began in 2005. If the end of 12 month solar cycle can leave you feeling like you are running on empty, the final days of a 12 year Jupiter cycle must be more extreme. Then, with no warning, no lead up and no announcement, Jupiter returns to Scorpio on the 11th October and everything changes. Your birthday month and new solar year is still 12 days away by that point, but this is when Jupiter returns to not only kick off your luckiest and most expansive year in over a decade, but a new 12 year Jupiter cycle of expansion. The lines between the past, present and future will remain blurred to start with, but when Mercury returns to Scorpio on the 17th October and the Sun on the 23rd October, more and more new doors will open.


This is a month where there are a lot of changes and a lot of things coming to an end. It is also a month where the lines between the past, present and future will start to blur. Coming to an end is all the planetary activity on the career front for the year. This has already begun, starting with the Sun and Mercury's departure last month. However, even while Venus will leave your career sector on the 14th October, until Mars leaves on the 23rd October the professional gods will still be exploiting every option. At the same time Jupiter's 13 month visit to your sector of friendship, teamwork and networking comes to an end on the 11th October. While this won't be the end of all cosmic focus here, it is the beginning of the end. However, a major ending is to your current 12 year Jupiter cycle of expansion, one that began in 2006. This is something that will take 13 months to complete, but the process starts with Jupiter's return to your sector of subconscious thinking, imagination and review on the 11th October. This is just 12 days before the Sun returns on the 23rd October, to begin the month long wind down of your current solar system. On the 17th October you will also begin the short wind down of your current Mars cycle. Yet when old doors close, new doors must open and while the Sun won't return to Sagittarius until later next month, Saturn is already here and Mercury will return early next month. With Saturn's three year visit to Sagittarius now in its final months, there is a real sense of change in the air, with old doors closing and new doors preparing to open.


It is said that from small beginnings big things grow and that is definitely what is happening now. Except when you're at the small beginnings stage you can't appreciate that, with nothing to go on but a sense that the tide has turned. This comes from Pluto's direct turn in Capricorn late last month, something so ordinary that it can't be responsible for a new sense of anticipation. In Capricorn from 2008 to 2024, Pluto will spend from April to September in retrograde motion. This makes his retrograde turn in the final days of September part of the annual pattern. Yet it wasn't Pluto's direct turn that has you excited, but the view you have of the road ahead. This is the point where, personally you're moving to the future rather than the past and it's that future that has you excited. It will take you until just before Christmas to get there, but by the time the Sun returns to Capricorn you'll be me in the early days of a period of major new beginnings. For what you're looking ahead to is Saturn's return to Capricorn. Saturn returns once every three decades, but has never and will never again be here at the same time as Saturn. The most powerful three years in several lifetimes and now less than three months away. This is going to put a new context on everything, including a final professional push, taking your financial power back and will empower every aspect of your life. After driving through windy mountain roads for months, you finally reach a point where you can see the landscape stretching out in front of you.


There is very little at the start of the month to suggest the sea change that is about to happen and the professional surge this will create. In fact there is nothing to suggest this. It was only at the end of September that Ceres left your work sector, finally bringing all planetary activity on the work front to close for the year, two months later than is often the case. Usually there can be up to a three month gap between the last planetary activity on the work front and the Sun's return to your career sector on the 23rd October. The Sun returns to throw the solar spotlight on your career and professional game at the same time every year and first impressions suggests that things are running to normal. Running to normal means the Sun is in his final weeks in your sector of adventure, travel, learning and discovery and there is a sense of wanderlust, curiosity and adventure in the air. Instead, by the time you reach the 11th October your biggest professional year in over a decade will be underway. For it is on the 11th October that Jupiter leaves your sector of adventure, travel, learning and discovery and returns to your career sector, for the first time since 2006. In the process this completely changes the dynamics of not only this professional year, but the year itself. In terms of what this opens the doors to on the career front, this is just the start of an 18 month journey. This will have implications on the income front as well.


October is a month that begins disguised as any ordinary October, but within 11 days will drop the disguise and reveal some of the most exciting developments of not just this year, but in over a decade. Jupiter starts the month in your financial sector, where it has been since September 2016 and with the Sun and Mercury as well. The Sun will always spend the first three weeks of October in your financial sector, shining the solar spotlight on your financial situation and money matters. So it's business as usual and that includes the usual pressure between financial and income forces. There may even be a sense of regret in the air, for while this is a stunning month across the income, work and career fronts, when Ceres left your romantic and creative sector late last month she wrapped up all planetary activity there for the year. With the focus no longer on matters of the heart and all things fun, playful, romantic and creative, does that mean that life is going to become all about money or all work and no play? The answer is no. For on the 11th October Jupiter will leave your financial sector and as he does the whole dynamics of the year and life itself shift. Not so much because of where Jupiter leaves and all because of where he returns. For on the 11th October Jupiter will return to your sector of adventure, travel, learning and discovery, where he'll stay until November 2018. Mercury will follow him on the 17th October and the Sun on the 23rd October, with Venus following next month and Mars in December. Life is about to get a lot more exciting and a lot more adventurous.


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