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Monthly General Horoscopes - February 2018


Two of the main driving forces in your chart this year both reach a point this month where the focus shifts more to the journey and to their long game. Those two forces are on the financial and professional fronts, where the planets that are here for the long haul lose their support in much the same way that a rocket loses its boosters when it has broken free of earth's orbit. Saturn returned to your career sector where he'll stay for the next three years just before Christmas, but it is only on the 1st February that the last of the early support crews moves on. That final planet is Mercury, who leaves you with the intellectually savvy edge needed to keep your game plan. At the same time, while lucky Jupiter returned to your financial sector last October, it was only on the 27th January that Mars left. After months of more urgent focus on money matters, Jupiter settles back into what is now a long term journey towards financial growth. This creates less urgency on the professional and financial fronts, but also more stability and durability. Jupiter and Saturn are the two most powerful planets in the solar spotlight and they are transferring that power into your financial situation and money matters. At the same time Mars, warrior planet of the cosmos and your ruling planet is spending the whole of February in your sector of adventure, travel, learning and discovery. At a point of the year when the two major themes of the year start focusing more on the journey, the timing couldn't be better. As Mars fuels your passion for adventure and a hunger for life's richer experiences, the whole month is a journey and a voyage of discovery. There is also a lot more focus on your social life and matters, with matters of the heart getting a major boost.


A month that hosts both a total lunar eclipse and a solar eclipse is going to have some extreme points and especially when those eclipses fall on opposite sides of your chart. That is not surprising and in fact it is the norm with the lunar nodes, the forces behind all eclipses always in opposition. In your case the North Node has been in your home and family sector and the South Node in your career sector since May 2017 and will be until November 2018. And it is here that the eclipses fall, highlighting a push to find a better work/life balance that has been underway for nearly nine months. The Sun will always spend the first three weeks of February in your career sector, which is why the eclipses are falling now and not any other month. As you will always have a Full Moon in your home and family sector during the Sun's month long visit to your career sector, the total lunar eclipse underway at the start of the month is just a more intense version of that. Before leaving your home and family sector on the 2nd February the Moon will oppose the Sun, Venus and the South Node in your career sector. While this may bring work/life balance issues to a head, both sides benefit from the leverage this can create. It is two weeks later that the Moon will return to your career sector on the 14th February, to trigger the solar eclipse here on the 16th February. This time, instead of being in opposition the Sun and Moon are aligned, creating the potential for fateful and unexpected professional developments. In the meantime, across the financial and relationship fronts you will be hitting your stride, with a chance for real progress on both fronts. Yet pervading everything is Saturn's position in an adventurous part of your chart, reminding you that it's all about the journey.


A year that began with a strong professional presence and some busy work forces in play, continues to unfold but in a way that is a lot less urgent and demanding. There is a real sense this week that things are evolving. The manic pace on the job front dropped back dramatically when Mars left your work sector on the 27th January. This should have brought all planetary activity on the job front to a close, but instead with lucky Jupiter here until November, this is the point where you're able to settle back into the journey itself. At the start of the week this gives you a chance to pull back and take a wait and see approach as the professional gods rearrange the deck chairs. For it's on the 11th February that Venus will return to your career sector, followed by Mercury on the 18th February and the Sun on the 19th February. On one hand this is a shift that all three make at this time every year, but with lucky Jupiter in your work sector for the first time in 12 years and so much momentum already banked on the job front, this is a lot more significant. Yet as things start coming together professionally, this is not a month that is all work and no play. You not only have Venus in your sector of adventure, travel, learning and discovery until the 11th February, Mercury until the 18th February and the Sun until the 19th February, but a solar eclipse here on the 16th February. With things falling into place professionally, Mars spending the whole month in your relationship sector and money matters becoming more settled, this is a reminder that it is all about the journey.


This is the month when the work/life balance challenges of recent years make sense, as you realise that rather than challenges this was preparation for being able to have it all. In a way February is hub for all the major comings and goings of the year, with the main themes that will dominate the year falling in to place and new themes developing. One of the major new themes developing this month is a more sudden coming together of different strands from the past, at a time when you may have thought all potential had been exhausted. That theme is what is happening across the income, work and career fronts. When Mercury left your work sector last month he wrapped up over three years of continuous planetary activity, including the three years Saturn, hard taskmaster of the cosmos, had spent here. This came just as Uranus and Eris were turning direct on the career front, but were also at a standstill. In the early weeks of your new professional year everything looked like it was coming to a halt. Yet the juice was turned back on in the final days of January, with an explosion of developments across the income, work and career fronts this month. Where Mars' return to your work sector late last month has brought things back on line, a total lunar eclipse in your income sector at the start of the month will electrify things across the board. Yet this comes as Jupiter and Saturn, the two most powerful planets in the solar system settle in for their long haul journeys to your romantic and relationship sectors. At the same time the Sun, Venus and Mercury all return to an adventurous part of your chart. You really can have it all, but only because of what you've learned from the work/life balance challenges in the past.


February might be the shortest month of the year, but it is packing a lot into its short 28 days and there is a surprising amount of harmony and variety. Considering the sheer number of powerful forces in play and the diversity, there should be more conflicts, competition and pressure. Instead, the only area where there could be some pressure and some balance issues is on the personal and relationship fronts. The Sun will always spend the first three weeks of February in your relationship sector and with Venus here until the 11th February and Mercury until the 18th February, this puts a lot of focus on your relationships. A solar eclipse in your relationship sector on the 16th February adds even more weight to relationship matters this year. Yet you not only start the month with the Moon in Leo, but with a total lunar eclipse underway. Right in the heart of some of the most intense relationship focus of the year, this lunar eclipse asks 'what about me'? Yet this is simply bringing to a head a push to find a balance between your personal and relationship needs that has been ongoing since last May and will continue until November. Yet apart from a need to take a balance between your personal and relationship needs seriously, everything else in play this month is either supporting other forces or staying out of their way. Two areas where there is a lot of focus is on the playful and adventurous fronts, with both supporting you personally and the lunar eclipse in Leo at the start of the month. At the same time important forces in play on the home and job fronts are strong within their own rights and are self contained units, not creating any demands or putting any pressure on each other or other areas of your life. It should be easy to find a balance between work and play.


January and February are always going to be the most active months of any year for work and job matters or at least this is when the solar spotlight is on your work situation and job matters. This year this is only partly true, for with Mars set to spend an extraordinary amount of time in your work sector this year, this is a stepping stone for much bigger developments. However, with Mars not returning until May and then having until November to play things out, this is something you can't yet plan or prepare for, other than to work with what is available now. This puts a lot more significance on the solar eclipse in your work sector on the 16th February. For while this can trigger fateful new developments, the professional gods will be using this to push work and job matters onto a path that might not make sense now, but position you for some real breakthroughs when Mars returns in a few months' time. With Venus in your work sector until the 11th February, Mercury until the 18th February and the Sun until the 19th February, this is likely to be a busy month. However, life is not likely to become all work and no play. There are two very powerful themes that will dominate the whole of 2018 and on both those fronts things are settling back to a steady pace that is more about the journey. Those two themes are on the fun, playful, romantic and creative front on one hand and on the other hand not just Jupiter's position in your communication sector, but his support for relationship forces. This is something that you will be able to take advantage of when Venus returns to your relationship sector on the 11th February, Mercury on the 18th February and the Sun on the 19th February.


As you move into the second month of 2018 what is significant is that the Moon has now made one complete orbit and therefore cycle through your chart. This is important, because it is the first four weeks of every year that every aspect of your life is put to the test. During the first four weeks of any year the Moon not only crosses every planet in your birth chart, it aligns with every planet in the solar system and forms every aspect possible to each transiting and natal planet. This is like running a systems check when you get a new piece of electrical equipment in order to get a sense of how things are running. By the time you move into February the Moon has just left your career sector, having come full circle from a Full Moon in the New Year. With that full lunar cycle over, this explains a new sense of confidence and anticipation. Last month the Moon put everything to the test and the result is that the personal and/or relationship tension of last year is gone. The Moon put those to the test and while this may have spiked at the time, there was nothing for this to hold onto. In the process this exposed the stunning position you find yourself in on both the income and job fronts. The opportunities might not have manifested yet, but they are definitely there. As well as getting an A on job and income potential this year, relationship forces are a lot more solid and well supported. In fact, there is some major support on the communication, friendship and relationship building fronts. Another aspect that is getting an A is on the fun, playful, romantic and creative front, with a solar eclipse on the 16th February making this a stunning month for matters of the heart. Even when things start to move on the job front, which they will do from the 11th February, it will be easy to maintain a balance between work and play.


Welcome to February, a month that you are going to absolutely love and mainly because of the variety. In almost every direction you look, on the personal, professional, financial, home and every other front, there is nothing but good news. Underlying this will be a strong sense of personal empowerment. When Mars left Scorpio at the end of January, he not only left you with your passions and fighting spirit fuelled but Jupiter, planet of luck and expansion is staying on to keep them fuelled. This is the start of a new 12 year Jupiter cycle of expansion and it will really start to feel like it this month. Mars' return to your income sector late last month and position here until the 18th March was always going to make this a potentially lucrative month. Especially with a huge amount of untapped potential. Yet what is going to give this wings is Mars' partnership with the professional gods. The month not only begins with a total lunar eclipse in your career sector underway, but stalled work and job matters starting to move again as well. Stunning forces will not only remain in play throughout the month, but will continue to grow next month. Yet that doesn't mean that life is about to become all work and no play. It might look that way to start with and that's okay, for you can gain some real leverage across the income, work and career fronts at the start of the month. Things become more balanced when Venus returns to a fun, playful, romantic and creatively charged part of your chart on the 11th February, followed by Mercury on the 18th February and the Sun on the 19th February. At the same time this is an important month for home, family and/or property matters, especially into the lead up to a solar eclipse here on the 16th February.


February should be your first full month in over three years with no planetary activity in Sagittarius and you should no longer be looking at new options or quests to begin, explore or exploit. When Saturn returned to Sagittarius in December 2014 there had already been planetary activity here for nearly three months and when he left just before Christmas, Mercury was still here. It wasn't until Mercury left Sagittarius on the 11th January that a continuous period of planetary activity in Sagittarius since September 2014 finally ran its course or had it? The answer is no, for it was just 16 days later that Mars, planet of passion and the warrior planet of the cosmos returned to Sagittarius and here until the 18th March, you've still got a champion at your side. That 16 day break between Mercury's departure and Mars' return was a fire break and means the warrior planet of the cosmos has no direct connection with Saturn and his rules. Mars is here to exploit all the potential the last three years have created, as well as firing up your financial passions and fighting spirit. You will find that you have more energy, drive and your warrior spirit is back. This is something that will be felt personally, but is also something that you will take into almost all aspects of your life. The one aspect that the stars aren't pushing this month is your professional game and while you can put Mars' passions and fighting spirit to work there, this will be your doing. The professional gods are holding back, with major new developments on the job front not starting to unfold until later next month. Where the stars are helping to channel Mars' passions and fighting spirit is on the income front, the home and communication fronts and into a mix of romance, passion and adventure.


With the first full month of the year under your belt you have a much better feel for 2018 and moving into February than you did moving into January. If the question you moved into the year with was 'is 2018 a whole new year or more of the same' you should have your answer by now. And that answer is that this is definitely a whole new year and is definitely not more of the same. Missing is the professional intensity of the last few years and with the work/life balance challenges and pressure this created. Yet at the same time this is when you are enjoying the benefits. Mars only wrapped up 16 months of continuous planetary activity on the career front and with 13 of those months hosting Jupiter, planet of luck and expansion, this has created a huge amount of momentum. You get to enjoy that momentum this year, but not at the cost this extracted over recent years. One area where you will be experiencing the benefits is on the income front. The Sun will always spend the first three weeks of February in your income sector, so this can be a lucrative month. However, this year you have two things going for you that you didn't last year. In 2017 Venus, planet of money spent less than 72 hours in your income sector. This year you have Venus here until the 11th February and with a solar eclipse on the income front on the 16th February, there is the very real potential for an income breakthrough. The money gods will also use this to help you line up for some major developments on the income front from May onwards. The month starts with a total lunar eclipse underway in your financial sector, making this an important month for both income and money matters. Across the board a lot of things are falling into place, while becoming a lot more stable.


With the Sun always spending the first three weeks of February in Aquarius, whether you are a January or a February born Aquarian, this is your month. This year you have a lot more resources to not just make your birthday month count, but in the process get this new solar year off to an empowered start. One of those resources is Venus, who is spending a lot more time in Aquarius this year. Last year Venus left on the 3rd January, spending less than 72 hours of 2017 in Aquarius. This year Venus returned on the 18th January and won't leave until the 11th February. You began your birthday month with Venus here and you begin February with Venus still in Aquarius, giving your heart a voice. What makes this not just a well resourced start to your new solar year but an astounding one, is a solar eclipse in Aquarius on the 16th February. With Mercury leaving on the 18th February and the Sun on the 19th February, in the closing days of your birthday month this will create the potential for major new beginnings. Unlike last year, which saw the Sun's departure from all planetary activity in Aquarius come to an end, with Mars due to spend a lot of time here this year, you're able to focus more on starting goals, quests, ambitions or journeys. Mars will return for what should be a six week visit in May, but won't leave until November, with a need for a lot of faith in the future. This should not only be a good month professionally, but a lucrative month as well. When Venus returns to your income sector on the 11th February, Mercury on the 18th February and the Sun on the 19th February it will be to find that for the first time in over a decade, you have lucky Jupiter in your career sector. At the same time this is a stunning month across the communication, friendship and relationship building fronts.


We are told that we can't have it all, but this month's stars respectfully disagree, because one look at your chart for February and not only can you have it all, you do have it all. The month not only starts with a total lunar eclipse underway on the job front, but with Mars in his early days in your career sector and income forces starting to move. A stunning start to the month across the income, work and career fronts is just a taste of things to come, with things continuing to develop all month and even more so next month. This is stunning news professionally and financially, but it must come at a price? It doesn't seem to, for with Jupiter spending his first full month on his own in your sector of adventure, travel, learning and discovery, it is unlikely that life is going to become all work and no play. Mars only left in the closing days of January and the passion he is using to fuel your professional passions, fighting and competitive spirit this month, he spent most of December and January channelling into a passion for adventure and a hunger for life's richer experiences. You also begin the month with the closing weeks of your old solar year underway, creating a reflective tone. This might create a few problems at the start of the month, with the lunar eclipse on the job front in opposition with the Sun at the start of the month, this is more a chance to set some boundaries. As income, work and career forces strengthen Jupiter's position on the adventurous front will also gain support. This begins with Venus' return to Pisces on the 11th February and continues with Mercury's return on the 18th February and the Sun's on the 19th February. This exciting, adventurous and potentially successful and lucrative professional month is the stage for the start of your new solar year.


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