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Monthly Love Horoscopes - October 2017


You have reached the most important month of your most important relationship year in over a decade, the point where the real journey begins. Jupiter's return to your relationship sector last September kicked off your biggest and most defining relationship year in over a decade. While this has been challenging at times whether single, in a relationship or between relationships, this has forever defined the way you approach and what you want from your relationships. Jupiter will leave on the 11th October, not to return until 2028 and with that, a lot of the pressure will drop. Yet that pressure has been the push to move from what you have settled for in the past and onto demanding something much more authentic. This is also the point where the backup crew take over. Jupiter has put all the ingredients on the table and now it's time to bring them all together and do the relationship gods have a team for you. As is always the case, the Sun will spend the first three weeks of October shining the solar spotlight on your relationships. You also have Mercury, planet of communication on board until the 17th October. It is Venus, planet of love and guardian of your relationships' return on the 14th October that will really usher in the magic. She will be on board when a New Moon on the 20th October brings a chance to commit to your relationships, the future and the journey ahead. On the 23rd October the Sun will leave and Mars will arrive, bringing the passion and the warrior spirit needed to bring things home.


To start with all the focus is on matters of the heart and all things romantic, as it has been for several months now. Both the Sun and Mercury left your romantic sector last month. But with Venus and Mars, the planets of love and passion staying behind, by the time you move into the new month you are right in the middle of the most romantically charged weeks of the year. Venus won't leave until the 14th October and Mars until the 23rd October, creating all the romantic support you could need, but with a sense of urgency. For once Mars leaves on the 23rd October there will be no more planetary activity on the romantic front until mid 2018. This makes the romantically charged lunar vibes kick in from the 16th October to the 18th October especially important. Yet while a romantic push is just running its course, it's on the relationship front that something special is developing. There has been no planetary activity on the relationship front this year and at the start of the month that is still the case. However, that changes dramatically with Jupiter's return to your relationship sector on the 11th October. This kicks off your luckiest and most important relationship year in over a decade, but also a relationship journey that will take 18 months to fully play out. Whether single, in a relationship or between relationships, this is the start of the new journey. Mercury, planet of communication will return on the 17th October, bringing the resources to ensure the communication lines are open in these early weeks. On the 23rd October the Sun will return, shining the solar spotlight on your relationships and on this new relationship era.


On both the romantic and relationship fronts you are in the final phase of a major and defining journey. In both cases the main driving force behind the scenes is getting ready to leave, but backup support is either already here or on the way to bring things home. By early next year, both your romantic and relationship sectors will be areas of your chart that are active for just a few months each year, something that hasn't been the case for some time. Relationship matters still have a few months to go, but romantic matters reach that point this month. It was Jupiter's return to your romantic sector last September that kicked off your luckiest year for love and matters of the heart in over a decade. Jupiter has had to battle some obstacles, but by the time he leaves on the 11th October you'll not only know what you want from love, but how to get it. At this point there might be no evidence that this has been a lucky year for love, but be patient, with things coming together at the end. Mercury will stay on in your romantic sector until the 17th October and the Sun until the 23rd October. However, the real magic begins when Venus, planet of love returns on the 14th October and Mars, planet of passion on the 23rd October. Mars is here until early December, which is how long the love gods have to work with Jupiter's implications. Saturn won't leave your relationship sector until December and his follow through will take until March, but you're still looking at bringing things together.


To start with there is nothing out of the ordinary and in fact everything looks exactly how you would expect it to look at the start of October. Pluto is in your relationship sector from 2008 to 2024 and since returning has spent from April to September of each year in retrograde motion. What you expect to see as you move into October, is Pluto in his early days in direct motion and your relationship focus having just shifted to the future and the journey ahead. And that's exactly what you see. The difference this year is that with Venus in your communication sector until the 14th October and Mars until the 23rd October, there is a lot of communication support. The other thing that you can expect at this time of year, is no romantic support up to this point, but the Sun drawing close to your romantic sector. The Sun always has and always will return to your romantic sector on the 23rd October each year. So to move into October with no planetary activity on the romantic front, but a sense of anticipation in the air, is again exactly what you would expect to see. It is 11 days into the month that everything changes, with Jupiter's return to your romantic sector on the 11th October kicking off your luckiest year for love in over a decade. Jupiter is here until November 2018, but planetary support will continue through to November 2018. This is the start of a major new romantic journey and the point where work/life balance challenges start to make sense. For where you're going life can't be all work and no play.


Romantic and relationship matters are both in a good place this month. Your relationships because of the support they have from the communication gods and romantic matters because you're starting to gain some momentum. Both romantic and relationships matters also benefit from having a force watching over things. On the relationship front it is the South Node, the force behind August's lunar eclipse. For the most part this is a passive influence, focused more on keeping your relationships on an authentic path. However, it is this massive amount of communication support that creates the potential for some breakthroughs this month. You have Jupiter in your communication sector until the 11th October Mercury, planet of communication until the 17th October and the Sun until the 23rd October. However, it is Venus' return on the 14th October and Mars' on the 23rd October that will really give your relationships a voice and create the potential for a breakthrough. In the meantime, Saturn is spending his second full month in direct motion in your romantic sector. After five months in retrograde motion and little movement last month, Saturn is starting to move forward and due to leave in December he is wanting to see matters of the heart and all things romantic move forward. To that end Saturn is drawing a lot of support from adventurous forces, giving you the courage to move out of your comfort zone or out of any romantic rut. It is next month though that will really see romantic matters take off.


You are in a position where romantic and relationship matters will never completely go off the boil. Unlike your cosmic mates, that have planetary activity in their romantic and relationship sectors at certain times of the year and then need to wait another year, this is permanently turned on for you. That is because your relationship sector has been continuously active since 2003 and your romantic sector from 2008. And with Pluto not leaving your romantic sector until 2024 and Neptune not leaving your relationship sector until 2026, it will stay that way for many years to come. It then comes down to what is happening here this month and in both cases there is nothing but good news. Pluto only turned direct in your romantic sector in the closing day of September, with the tide having just turned. With major romantic developments later in the year, this is a chance to shift the focus from the past to the road ahead and to slowly move forward. Here the focus is on fostering a sense of romantic confidence and anticipation. On the relationship front there has been a false impression. As the planets move through Virgo each year they will move into opposition with Neptune and Chiron, in retrograde motion in your relationship sector. This could have seen personal and/or relationship tensions rise last month and again at times this month. Until Venus leaves Virgo on the 14th October and Mars on the 23rd October, there will be some pressure. Not only is this the norm for this time of year, with Jupiter returning to your communication sector on the 11th October, this turns into an opportunity for a major breakthrough.


As is often the case at this time of year, there could be some relationship tension at times. This is the price you have to pay for having long term planetary activity in your relationship sector and also the safeguard to ensure your own needs aren't neglected. Uranus has been in your relationship sector since 2010 and won't leave until 2019 and as the planets move through Libra, which they do at this time of year, they will move into opposition. However, with Eris in your relationship sector since 1926, you have known it no other way. What has made this more challenging this year, is that you have had Jupiter in Libra since September 2017, with that battle to balance your personal and relationship needs an ongoing challenge. Jupiter's departure from Libra on the 11th October will take a lot of that pressure away, but until the last planet leaves Libra in December that balancing act will remain. Fortunately you have Saturn in your communication sector and now in direct motion this is a chance to push forward on the communication front. There is also likely to be some romantic developments this month, triggered by Venus, planet of love's return to Libra on the 14th October. As the planet of love and guardian of your relationships Venus is not so much immune to any balance issues between your personal and relationship needs, but adept at juggling them. For the first time in 17 years Venus will return to find the South Node, the force behind August's lunar eclipse, in your romantic sector. This could create some real magic.


With no planetary activity on the relationship front and continuous planetary activity on the romantic front from 2003 to 2026, things are definitely weighted onto the romantic side of things. Especially as all the planetary activity on the relationship front ran its course in early July. While this means you will have to be more mindful of your relationships yourself, there is some special support on the communication front. It was in the closing days of September that the tide turned there, making it easier to connect and to keep the communication lines open. In the meantime, dreamy Neptune is spending her last full month in your romantic sector and she's out to make the most of it. Romantic matters have had mixed fortunes over recent months, but have benefited from a lot of support from adventurous forces. If there have been or continue to be any challenges, these are more likely to be challenging your excuses, at a time when the doors are still open to the past and second chances. Neptune and Chiron, also in retrograde motion in your romantic sector, gain some major support this month. It begins with Jupiter's return to Scorpio on the 11th October. This will put Jupiter on friendly terms with both and guarantees romantic support through to March 2019. This is likely to boost your romantic confidence, even if you can't put your finger on why. The second support is much more fleeting, but it is timely. Only the 14th October Venus, planet of love will return for a short 25 visit to a nostalgic part of your chart. This nostalgic trip down love's memory lane will tap into the romantic nostalgia already in the air.


There are a lot of interesting developments on the romantic front this month, with a mix of pressure and support, but also a Full Moon thrown into the mix. With continuous planetary activity in your romantic sector since 1926 and even more so since Uranus returned in 2010, there is never a month where there is no focus on romantic matters. The question is 'how much focus' and this month it's a lot. Eris and Uranus are both in retrograde motion in your romantic sector and not due to turn direct until January, the doors will remain open to the past and second chances for the rest of the year. This is also the point of each year where the Sun, Mercury and Venus are always in opposition and this year Mars as well. This is creating some roadblocks and some pressure, but this simply keeps you on your toes. With Uranus and Eris in retrograde motion it would be easy for things to go into hibernation and off the boil. Yet this year this is being balanced by some unexpected support from adventurous forces. This is not usually the case, but as well as keeping a sense of romance, adventure and nostalgia in play all month, it is keeping your romantic confidence high. That support will be especially evident during a Full Moon in your romantic sector on the 6th October. There was always going to be something fateful and serendipitous about this Lovers Moon, but this could also trigger a sense of rebellion. This is the kind of Full Moon that should have any romantic rut or old excuses feeling threatened.


You have reached a point in the year when all the planetary activity in your romantic and relationship fronts is over for the year. This is not surprising and is the norm. What is surprising is that the last planet only left your relationship sector in late September, two months after all planetary activity for the year has normally run its course. Romantic matters did the same, only just running their course at the halfway point in the year. So while all the planetary activity for the year is over, in both cases it has extended far enough that all you really need are the Moon's monthly visits to keep both on track. When Ceres left your relationship sector late last month, she not only left you with some clear relationship priorities, but with locked in support from the communication gods. Keeping your relationship on track is now down to keeping the communication lines open. This will be especially so during the Moon's monthly visit to your relationship sector, from the 11th October to the 13th October. At the same time, while there is no planetary activity in your romantic sector Venus, planet of love is doing her best to keep the romantic flame burning. Until leaving an adventurous part of your chart on the 14th October, Venus will be working with Mars to brew a potent cocktail of romantic, adventurous and passionate forces. They will get some help from the romantically charged lunar vibes that move through from the 7th October to the 9th October.


There are some surprise developments on the relationship front this month, something that will have implications not just this month, but for months, if not years to come. While the Sun left your relationship sector just days after August's total solar eclipse here, Venus only returned just days later. Whatever the solar eclipse triggered Mercury, Mars and Venus stayed on to exploit it. It was late last month that Venus finally left, supposedly ending all planetary activity on the relationship front for the year. With the North Node, the force behind August's solar eclipse here until November 2018, there was never any danger of relationship developments going off the boil. However, without planetary activity this would tick away in the background. All that changes when, just four days after Venus left, Ceres returned. As the queen of nurturing, Ceres is charged with looking after your needs and once every four years, she will spend three months delving deep into your relationship needs. With so much water having passed under the bridge and the North Node here, this is a game changer. If you know what you want from your relationships you definitely have the means to make it happen. Except Ceres is not here for three months and isn't here until June 2018. She will still be here when Venus returns next year, guaranteeing continuous planetary activity there through to September 2018. This is the first time that Ceres has met up with the North Node in your relationship sector in 18 years, bringing you to the start of a fateful new relationship journey.


There is something auspicious about the timing of the Moon's return to your romantic sector from the 11th October to the 13th October. This is an ordinary event that is set to have extraordinary consequences, all because of the timing. I have to admit until realising this, I was a bit worried for you when it comes to romantic matters this month. While romantic forces did remain in play two months longer than is often the case, then Ceres left your romantic sector late last month, she did bring all planetary activity for the year to a close. The concern for romantic matters wasn't just that the last love god had left the field, but how many distractions there are. There is not only a lot of competition from your relationships, but there is a major surge across the income, work and career fronts. There is a very real danger that romantic matters will be all but forgotten. How then can the Moon's monthly visit eliminate that worry? It all comes down to timing. For just hours before the Moon's return to your romantic sector on the 11th October, Jupiter will return to your sector of adventure, travel, learning and discovery. This kicks off your most adventurous year in over a decade. Romantically charged lunar vibes kicking in during the early hours will immediately move into a positive aspect to Jupiter, who shares the same distractions and competition for your attention. If Jupiter is wondering where to direct a sense of adventure to first, all of the sudden there are romantically charged lunar vibes jumping up and saying 'pick me'.


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