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Monthly Career Horoscopes - October 2017


The best word to describe Mars, warrior planet of the cosmos and your ruling planet is fearless. Mars gives you the courage to fight for what you want and to make things happen. And when he returns to your work sector, which he does once every two years, he brings that fearless and warrior energy into play here. This is just one of the reasons why these are often the busiest six weeks in a two year period, for you're able to take a fearless approach to making things happen and getting things done. This month Mars is a planet on a mission, for when he leaves your work sector on the 23rd October he not only wraps up his last visit until 2019, but all the planetary activity on the work front for the year. The Sun and Mercury both left last month, but with Venus here until the 14th October, this makes this the most potentially successful and one of the best months of the year on the job front. However, while Venus and Mars are bringing all the planetary activity on the work front to a close for the year, they don't see this as an ending. This is more a transition, from work and job matters taking the lead and onto a more career driven period. Pluto only ended his five month retrograde period in your career sector late last month. It was during those months in retrograde motion that work and job matters carried the ball and kept your professional year in play. Now as work and job matters finish their turn, career matters are ready to step into play again. Everything on the work front is a stepping stone to what is now set to evolve on the career front. And spoiler alert, it's big, especially from December onwards.


October is always going to be a big month for work and job matters, with the Sun always spending the first three weeks of October in your work sector. This is when the solar spotlight will always be on your work situation and job matters. However, all the Sun can do is highlight what is already there and this year it is huge. The Sun returned on the 23rd September, just as Jupiter moved into the final 18 days of his 13 month visit. Since September 2016, Jupiter has been building the foundations for job growth, not just now but over the coming decade. Throughout that time Jupiter has been looking to the future and setting things in place and into play. What you tend to find with a Jupiter transit, is that you near the end and think 'well, that wasn't a particularly lucky year', only to find that things suddenly start falling into place. That is because Jupiter will spend a year setting things up and as the Sun and faster planets always return as or just after he leaves, that's when everything starts falling into place. That handover period is already underway, having begun when the Sun and Mercury returned last month. However, while Mercury will leave on the 17th October and the Sun on the 23rd October, you have until December to bring things home. That's because Venus doesn't return until the 14th October and Mars until the 23rd October. A New Moon in your work sector on the 20th October is a chance to draw a new line in the sand.


First impressions might not be good this month, but then you know what they say about not judging a book by its cover? The reason for that false impression is that the month not only starts with Neptune, in retrograde motion in your career sector under pressure, but under pressure from the previous 10 days. In that time Mercury, Mars and Venus all moved into opposition with either Neptune or Chiron in your career sector. Not only are Neptune and Chiron the only planets in either of your two professional houses, after Ceres left your income sector there has been no support. No wonder you're not expecting much professionally from this month. Yet you'll not only be pleasantly but shocked, as everything turns around. There is no gradual shift, but a complete sea change on the 11th October. It is Jupiter's return to your work sector on the 11th October that changes everything. It will change the dynamics on the job front, the dynamics of your professional year and any will turn any remaining pressure into motivation. Jupiter returns to kick off your biggest year for job growth and expansion in over a decade. While Jupiter is only here until November 2018, this will continue out until March 2019. With Mercury returning on the 17th October and the Sun on the 23rd October, once the doors are open the support will arrive. Jupiter returns once every 12 years and was last in your work sector in 2005/2006. However, Neptune has never and will never be in your career sector at the time. This will have a huge impact across both fronts over the next 18 months.


Work/life balance issues are common at this time of year, for as the Sun and other planets put the focus on things close to home, this puts them in opposition with both planets in your career sector. This is a given and has always and will always be part of the pattern that every year goes through. This year this has been more of an issue because until the 11th October you have Jupiter in your home and family sector. Right until the moment he leaves, Jupiter is on a mission to ensure you have the right work/life balance, which is why things might be tense at the start of the month, before dropping back. However, Jupiter is the planet of luck and everything he does is in your best interests. This is a chance to make sure the wheels are running smoothly and you have the right balance, before things really get busy. That's right 'really get busy', with your definition of busy set to change over the coming months. If you thought the year to date has been busy, you haven't seen anything yet. For now Saturn, in his second full month in direct motion in your work sector, is still taking things slowly. However, with Saturn leaving in December and then not returning for another 28 years, once the Sun, Mercury and Venus return next month, it will be time to bring things home. With Uranus and Eris both in retrograde motion in your career sector and Saturn still favouring small steps in the right direction, this is a month for streamlining and making sure you have the right work/life balance. Another reason is that you'll find that after the 11th October a life that is all work and no play will no longer be an option.


There are two things happening on the work front this month. The first is what you can see happening and the second is what is really happening. What you see happening is things barely moving. Pluto only turned direct in your work sector in the final hours of September. By the time you move into October Pluto, in your work sector since 2008, has been in direct motion for less than 48 hours. Already one of the slowest planets in the solar system, it will take Pluto weeks, if not months to gain any real traction. The Moon was in your work sector as Pluto turned direct on the 29th September, so won't return until later this month. This gave you an intuitive read on work and job matters as the tide turned and it's that intuitive edge that needs to be your guide in the early part of the month. After five months in retrograde motion you're not going to get any movement to start with and you don't want to. Even right through to the Moon's return on the 25th October, it is more about getting your bearings, adjusting to the shift in focus and looking to the future. This is where what is really happening this month comes in, with looking to the future hugely important. Pluto is in your work sector from 2008 to 2024 and spends from April to September in retrograde motion. So this is something that happens at this time every year. Looking ahead means looking ahead to the Sun's return in December, which is when your next annual update begins. Not this time. Looking ahead means looking ahead to Saturn's return in December and the start of the three most powerful years on the work front you have ever or will ever live through.


While this may be a fairly quiet month on the professional front, this is not only the norm but something you need. After some very busy and active months on the career front in the middle months of the year and then all the intensity of August's lunar eclipse on the job front, to have things settled and to know where things stand is important. However, you have also reached a point in the year where you are starting to sense a divine hand in play. As you look back you're able to start to see a pattern emerge, where coincidences have dictated which turn you took at any forks in the road or have just influenced where things stand. Things are not quiet on the work front this month because things have run their course from the year, but because you can sense that where you are now is where you need to be. Also you're starting to trust that when it's time to make another U turn or take a different fork in the road, you'll know. What you're experiencing is the impact of having the South Node in your work sector. This is the force behind August's lunar eclipse. But for the rest of the year and right through until leaving in November 2018, this is a force that is always keeping you on track. The month starts with the Moon in your work sector, giving you an intuitive read on work and job matters from the get go and in the early days of the month. The Moon will return again from the 28th October to the 30th October, each time aligning with the South Node and giving you a chance to connect with the current that is keeping things on an authentic path.


When Ceres left your career sector late last month she brought all planetary activity on the career front to a close for the year and in the process changed the dynamics. Until then, the professional gods were dividing their attention between work and career matters. Two months after the last planet has often left your career sector for the year, Ceres left you with a clear sense of professional direction. However, this is the point where all the focus shifted back onto your work situation and job matters. For it is here that Neptune and Chiron are located and they are about to experience a change in fortune. Chiron has been in your work sector since 2010 and Neptune since 2012, so are now the background to your professional game that has become part of the landscape of each professional year. Both are in retrograde motion, as they always are at this point of the year and with Neptune turning direct next month and Chiron in early December, they're already slowing down. Also the norm at this time of year, is for the planets lining up to return to Libra to move into opposition. This was especially so last month, with any work tension and job pressure a call to slow down and pace yourself. Things continue as normal on the job front, with Neptune and Chiron working to make the most of the doors open to the past, second chances and untapped job potential. However, everything changes with Jupiter's return to your income sector on the 11th October. This opens to the doors to an 18 month period of income growth, one that will see Jupiter working with Neptune and Chiron on the job front.


October is usually the point in each professional year where things start winding down and your focus shifts to bringing your professional year home. It's not until the early months of next year that there will be a new surge on the work front and this is the point in any year that most planetary activity on the career front has run its course. However, even if that was the case, as Venus only left your career sector late last month, this would be something you were still processing. At the same time, while you might not expect any planetary activity on the career front at this time of year, with the North Node here until November 2018, there will be plenty of ongoing momentum. The North Node, the force behind August's total solar eclipse, will keep the wheels turning. And with Uranus and Eris in retrograde motion in your work sector, things were never going to go off the boil on the job front either. However, with Uranus and Eris in retrograde motion until January and the North Node focused more on keeping things on track, this should be a month for regrouping. That is still the case, but Ceres' return to your career sector just four days later, means career matters are still playing out. At the same time, a Full Moon in your work sector on the 6th October could see some unexpected developments on the job front. This comes just as income matters are coming back on line, creating the potential for a surprisingly good month across the income, work and career fronts.


While the Sun left your career sector on the 23rd September, which it does at that time every year, it is not unusual to still have planetary activity playing out as you move into October. This year you have the two planets you want to see here, with Venus and Mars able to create some of the best weeks of this professional year. Venus is only here until the 14th October, but it is Mars who will wrap up all the planetary activity on the career front for the year, when he leaves on the 23rd October. This does create a degree of urgency and this will add fuel to Mars' professional passions, fighting and competitive spirit. Especially as Mars is not only wrapping up all planetary activity on the career front for the year, but in both your professional houses and the warrior planet of the cosmos himself won't be back until 2019. With the Sun and Mercury gone the annual reality checks and housekeeping is done and you've already had a chance to get your head in the game. Until she leaves on the 14th October, Venus will be working to attract opportunities, while Mars gives a fearless sense of confidence, ready to fight for what you want to achieve. However, Venus and Mars will also be working closely with Pluto, as he spends his first full month in direct motion in your income sector. Together they will work to point this professional year in a lucrative direction and onto a path that is easy to maintain. This is the professional gods' last real push for the year.


October is a month that will always have the spotlight on your career situation and matters, due to the fact that the Sun will always spend the first three weeks of October in your career sector. However, there hasn't been a moment of this year when you haven't had your professional hat on, thanks to Jupiter's return last September. Yet what you have this month is a passing of the baton, with Jupiter's 13 month push coming to an end, while the forces that will take things from here arrive. The Sun and Mercury both returned to your career sector last month, the Sun just as Jupiter moves into his final 18 days. By the time Jupiter leaves on the 11th October, he will have done everything he could to bulldoze a path for ongoing professional growth and to give you as much professional traction as possible. By the time Venus returns on the 14th October Jupiter will be gone and the Sun and Mercury will be focused on the 'when, where and how'. With so much water having already passed under the bridge, Venus will be focused more on attracting opportunities and exploiting all the potential. Mercury's departure on the 17th October means he won't be here for a New Moon on the 20th October, but his intellectually savvy edge will make it easier to draw a new line in the sand. Yet with Mars returning on the 23rd October but not leaving until early December, it will take a few more months for things to fully play out.


It was in the closing days of September that Ceres left your work sector, finally bringing all planetary activity on the work front to a close for the year. After nearly four months, this had given work and job matters as much of a push as the professional gods could, while giving you a chance to pull back and let things settle. Because the Sun will always return to your career sector in October, you need that break between work and career forces. In most years that break can be up to three months. The Sun always leaves your work sector in July and this is when all focus on work and job matters ends for the year. With the Sun not returning to your career sector until the 23rd October, this gives you up to three months without any professional gods on the field. This year you have just 17 days. For it is just 17 days after Ceres left your work sector last month that Jupiter will return to your career sector, for the first time in over a decade. Arriving 12 days before the Sun and six days before Mercury returns on the 17th October, Jupiter is able to get in first and open the doors to your most important professional year in over decade. Jupiter himself will stay on until November 2018, but the forces that will tie up loose ends will be here until March 2019. This makes the first 10 days of the month critical for keeping your professional hat off, knowing it will be your last chance for another 18 months. The Moon's return to your work sector on the 11th October will ensure you start this massive year for professional growth and expansion with an intuitive read on work and job matters from the get go.


What makes this such a good month for work and job matters, despite the fact that you have good support on both fronts, is that there is no urgency or pressure to make things happen. Instead, on both fronts it is more about the journey, while giving you some serious clout and momentum. With Saturn in your career sector since 2014, it is not surprising that there is action on the career front this month, as there has been every month for nearly three years now. However, while Saturn is in his second full month in retrograde motion and is already getting ready to leave in December, it won't be until the Sun, Mercury and Venus return next month that there will be any need to flex your muscles. Saturn is building the foundations for the next three decades and is more focused on small steps in the right direction. You'll know when it's time to step it up, but that won't come until early next month. The Moon will move through your career sector from the 23rd October to the 25th October. Saturn will be in his final two months by then and with Mercury just days away, it will be important to listen to what your professional instincts are telling you. What is a surprise is to still have things unfolding on the work front. Venus' departure from your work sector last month should have brought all planetary activity to a close, with the North Node staying on to keep things on track. However, Ceres' return four days later means that things remain in play. However, here for nine months there is little urgency on the job front. Pay attention to the Moon's intuitive read on work and job matters from the 13th October to the 15th October.


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