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Daily General Horoscopes - Monday 26 June


You are researching, studying, reading or surfing the Internet right now when you come across what looks like a promising medical treatment or lifestyle idea, but when you run out to buy it, it is not on the shelves, has gone bad or is more costly than you expected.


You won't feel much like working right now. Your mind is on some hot new gadget or a recreational activity you have planned. If you have to make a choice between "fun" or "study", hit the books. You can learn a lot right now, and you may find there is a big price to pay for too much distraction.


You may be spending a lot of time on the telephone right now. If you are still single, the calls could have a lot of romantic content. If you are already married, you may be talking about your family, particularly children, both present and future.


You will be able to make some dramatic changes to your lifestyle now. Focus on those that impact on your physical appearance, fitness and well being. You may decide to join a local gym or buy some time at a spa. You will want to be more physically active.


You'll feel conflicted right now, for reasons you don't fully understand. Something you know to be true seems at odds with the facts you are presented. Focus on the solution, idea, or "truth" that feels right in your heart. Don't worry too much about being "right".


Your mate's crazy ideas are unlikely pay off right now - especially those involving dramatic changes to your social schedule or career ambitions. It may turn out that renovations you undertake right now could be more expensive than either of you thought.


You may be thinking about adding a pet to your family. Realize that this is a lifetime commitment. You may not realize how much extra work may be involved. Even if you already have a pet, this may be more than you are ready for.


You will be hearing good news about your finances and income right now, but don't get into too big a rush to spend any extra money that may come in right now. You may find that the hot new bargain you found in the electronics store is not as good a deal as you thought.


You may get some interesting alternative health care information that could help with a chronic healthcare problem for you or someone you love. A sacrifice or change may need to be made. Someone may need to give up their treasured sweets.


It would be a good day to practice the virtue of being a good listener, because your words and ideas are apt to get you in a heap of trouble - especially with older family members. They already think they know everything, you'd only confuse them with the facts.


Your wounded pride of late will be salved right now. Someone is going to make it clear they admire your leadership ability and "take charge" attitude. Don't be afraid to take the initiative, especially in romantic, playful moments. If you have kids, you may be taking them to a sporting event right now.


You may feel that your values are changing as a result of your recent interactions with a woman or a group of women who have showed you new ways of looking at the world. One if these women may help you boost your bottom line.


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