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Daily General Horoscopes - Friday 23 February


You may have had some hard words with a loved one recently, perhaps even your significant other. Yet despite the disagreement there is a greater understanding possible. All you have to do is keep an open mind, and be accepting even if you don't agree.


Everyone seems to be tense and uncomfortable, even you. The best way to deal with it is to meditate, set up an appointment for a spa, massage or to buy some movie tickets to get away from reality for a while. Pushing things will solve nothing right now.


You might have to make some hard choices about your career, but it's all ultimately for a good cause. You could let go of something you thought you needed, only to find out it was that very thing getting in the way of your getting ahead.


You are in great need of some time off, and will have loads of energy for planning the weekend's activities. A family member or relative could throw an unpleasant monkey wrench into your plans though - don't plan anything that requires a deposit. You may have to change plans, last minute.


You will get strange phone calls out of the blue right now. Friends and siblings are calling to ask you for your advice or for help with unexpected problems at the last minute, and you could find it disruptive to your plans. You might want to consider screening your calls.


You will find out that someone or something you were counting on in your career or social life is not quite what they seemed to be. While you may be hurt or disappointed, you will also discover new opportunities as a result. There may be travel-related delays right now.


You have a lot of wonderful mental energy in your chart right now that you can use together with your circle of friends or business associates to brighten your financial future. Get together with some good pals to brainstorm your career choices for the next year.


You are not the most focused right now. You are making plans for an upcoming getaway, and are dreaming about your social plans. There are interesting creative opportunities in the workplace that you could miss if you don't put your nose to the grindstone.


Trust your instincts. You may get a strange urge to contact a loved one or relative for their advice on matters of the heart. They will have just the answers, or the wide shoulders, that you need to sort things out. If you are single, they may be interested in playing matchmaker.


You may have to sacrifice financially in order to get education for yourself or for a loved one. Your mind may not be on the road right now, so drive with extra caution. It may be a good idea to check the fluids and air in your vehicle, especially if you are heading into a long commute.


You may want to break free of a friendship, association or a responsibility that is a drain on your pocketbook, but something is holding you back from taking the next big step. Use your personal strength right now and take a stand for self-empowerment and personal growth. Trust your intuition.


Someone older and wiser may have to be brought in to manage a dispute in the workplace right now. You may find that you are over your head and need another manager or the "big boss" to set someone straight. Productivity could be negatively affected by petty territorial disputes.


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