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Daily General Horoscopes - Thursday 14 December


Taking a class or workshop in a new technology may increase your chances at success in work or business. You may have an opportunity to pass along what you learn to a coworker, friend or an older loved one. You may be surprised at how much positive impact you can have.


Your romantic energy is white hot right now. You are sexy and interesting, and most people find you utterly irresistible. If you are single, you may meet someone special whose first words are "I don't think so!" ... but you will not let an apparent rejection stop you.


You need to be a little selfish right now. You have a limited budget for spending on personal entertainments and your loved ones my try to push you to doing what they want rather than what you want. If you are going to a movie tonight, go to the Cineplex and each see what movie you want.


Take some time to review your budget. There may be an opportunity to shave some costs down. Make sure to set aside some money for a special treat or vacation. It looks like you could use a break.


You are going to have to delay gratification if you want to succeed in the long run. You may be putting in extra hours, or it could be you are forced to give up some tickets to a sporting or musical event because there is too much work to be done.


There is the possibility of an intense and dramatic confrontation with a family member right now. You will be able to spin things to your favour though when you pull some good financial news out of the proverbial hat. You may come up with enough to do some home renovations.


Someone is making wedding plans! Whether that is you, or someone you love, the atmosphere will be exciting and romantic, and for once, you won't be in the mood to fight it. Expect all kinds of phone calls with good news. Don't spoil it by gnawing on the details.


Love and romance perfume the air around you in a heady cloud. You may not even be able to think straight right now, because your passions will be in control of all your senses. You want to sit on the phone or the Internet and chat all day long, but you really do have to attend to the daily realities.


You will likely be the centre of attention amid a large group of people right now. You may be tempted to blow your own horn just a little too much. A true leader does not have to broadcast their presence, they simply inspire followers. You will find that if you are more subtle right now, you'll be more effective.


You seem to have bizarre, unusual ideas that can make a big difference in your career or social position. Don't be afraid to act on impulse if you find a sure thing drops in your lap. You will have a lot of physical energy right now and need to find a way to work it off.


An older person, an official or authority figure, could help you sort out some issues in your career path, offering ideas and helpful suggestions you may resist at first as too structured or old fashioned. Have another look at these ideas - they may be golden.


There is some good news coming in your career. A new job offer, a promotion or a significant raise in your operating budget will help you become more productive and prosperous. Don't be afraid to propose a challenging new idea. The bigger the changes the better.


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