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Daily General Horoscopes - Thursday 19 October


You're about to hear some very good news the career or workplace department. You may be looking at changing jobs, getting a new job, or starting a new business of your own, Keep your eyes open for exciting opportunities that will propel you to the next level.


Your love life looks warm and relaxing right now. It is a good day to curl up with your significant other and spend some relaxing time alone together, sharing your favorite music or movies. If you are single, you will be attractive right now - get out and shake your booty.


Your family is about to surprise you in some way right now. An unexpected financial or investment opportunity could open the door to home ownership for someone who had thought this was an impossible dream. You may be celebrating mutual good fortune this evening.


You may have financial concerns and are not getting much support right now from your significant other. In fact, you may be feeling taken for granted. You need to open up and share your concerns and reactions. It may not be easy to talk about money, but it will help.


You may want to break free of a friendship, association or a responsibility that is a drain on your pocketbook, but something is holding you back from taking the next big step. Use your personal strength right now and take a stand for self-empowerment and personal growth. Trust your intuition.


A family member will perk up your spirits right now. You are still having communications troubles, but you should be able to work around most of it. You may find that the biggest challenge comes from computer equipment that has a mind of its own.


You will be able to come to a solution that helps you sort out chronic family issues - but you may have to work hard to communicate right now. If you are patient and forgiving, you will be seen as gregarious and generous. If not, you may risk coming across as a tad petulant.


You are enthusiastic and energetic right now, and can carve a big swath through that growing mountain of paperwork on your desk right now. You may be a little overly energetic at times and this could lead to arguments if you are too insistent in resisting compromises.


Some extra money will come your way soon, and you may be thinking about ways to spend it. It would be a better idea to spend some time thinking about ways to save or invest it. Money set aside for the future is an important and lucky theme for you right now.


You have an opportunity to direct your high energy into some major home renovation or redecoration project, but watch your impulses right now - you could end up regretting your choices if they are a little too dramatic. You need to make sure everyone living in the space has a say.


You will be getting serious about your diet and lifestyle. A healthy attitude includes a rather strict and structured schedule for sleep, food and exercise right now. You may be denying yourself pleasures for your own good, and that will feel right - for a change.


Your friends and companions are a source of great comfort to you right now. They are there for you when they are needed with advice and support, particularly where it comes to romantic or spiritual matters that have been troubling to you lately.


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