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Daily General Horoscopes - Sunday 20 August


The family secret has hit the fan and not everyone is happy, but trust me, there is great value in the old clich? "The truth shall set you free". You just have to remind your loved ones that hiding the truth never works for very long and it almost always makes things harder.


Now is the time for you to put your best foot forward. You have a talent or skill and you may be offered an opportunity to share that gift with others. Do not be afraid to jump out in front of an audience right now. What you say could make a difference in a big way.


You may be considering changes to your home or daily routine that have unexpected and positive benefits in your wellness, both physical and financial. You may have a home-based business opportunity, or are looking at a renovation that will boost home equity.


You can just tear through the paperwork right now. You have a million ideas and are running on high-octane energy right now. You may find that you have to slow down a bit so that others can understand you, never mind catch up to you. One of those ideas is a major winner.


You have an overwhelming urge to exercise or change your diet right now, perhaps because of something you have seen on TV or read in your horoscope! But be aware it is best to make small changes, don't leap into the pool to do 100 laps right off the bat.


You may have strange and unusual psychic experiences or dreams right now, but try not to read too much into them. They may not be the cosmic message they seem to be at first. In fact, they may merely distract you from more important issues at hand.


You may have a misunderstanding with an important person in your workplace. It is best to avoid hot-button topics like sex, politics and gender issues altogether. Keep things light and impersonal. Avoid the office gossips, keep your head down.


The phone is going to be ringing off the hook right now. The positive calls will come from friends and loved ones. Your social life is on the upswing. The challenging calls come from coworkers, employers or demanding customers making last-minute changes to everything.


Your compassion and good will towards a loved one could get you into a spot of trouble right now if you over-extend your budget. There is a chance for you to do some good, and that's a good thing. Just try not to be too quick to throw money at the problem.


Your career is driving you around the bend right now because once again you are being asked to make changes, and you are a sign that likes the status quo to be stable. You may act rashly and impulsively in an effort to get some semblance of stability but that is only making it worse.


Your workplace is likely to be something of a hotbed of gossip and office politics right now. You may be suffering from information overload, or from not being able to get the information that you need in order to get your work done on time.


If you are looking out for opportunities to make a good impression on your partner, avoid a very tempting opportunity to ingratiate yourself with their parents. You may find that you are able to talk your way out of a bad situation, but only if you are utterly sincere.


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