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Daily Chinese Zodiac Horoscopes - Tuesday 24 April


Today the opportunities come in the form of discount travel tickets, free books and chances to meet people in places where travel, learning and ideas are shared. You may find that it is hard to form your ideas into words at times, but they will come if you take things slowly.


Unexpected expenses involving computers or the Internet could arise because of your sudden interest in learning or travel. If you are booking online tickets right now, make sure you triple check your order before you hit the "purchase" button.


Your intuition will not be as sharp as it seems right now. Be careful before making any sudden changes to plans, and avoid impulsive spending. You especially want to be careful to avoid large purchases that are hard to exchange or return later on. There is "buyer's remorse" in your chart.


You may have to make some unexpected changes or adjustments to a planned "family outing". While you have been busy trying to get everyone's schedules together, they are busy flying off in sixteen different directions at the same time. This is not one of the best days for a picnic, unless you have loads of patience.


Listen to that nagging little feeling that says it is long past time you had some fun. That's your inner child speaking - well, yelling, perhaps. You don't have to worry, it won't all be fun and games, you'll actually learn something important while you are playing.


You have been on a career roller coaster the past little while, and things take another dramatic upswing right now. Just when you were sure that the big deal fell through, there is another change in fortunes. This time, make sure you get all the promises in writing.


You are drawn to interesting new people right now. If you are single, you could meet a new romantic prospect who is creative, intelligent and a little mysterious. If you are married, you may be sharing a special romantic moment this evening.


You may decide to go on a bit of a year with regards to the clutter around your home. You want to get rid of the old, and make space for the new. A charity might welcome your castaways. You might also look into Freecycle, a way to give instead of using the landfill.


You have a strong urge to play right now, but you may be tempted to spend far too much money on your choice of entertainment. If you are a parent, setting aside some time to play with finger paints or a favorite craft could help you soothe the urge to be creative and have some fun together with your kids.


Looks like you have managed to resolve most of the family troubles that have been dogging you the past few days. You will find that relatives and loved ones are a lot more supportive and understanding right now. One could even come bearing a pricey gift!


Someone may introduce you to a new sport or hobby, but there are dangers. First of all, it's likely to be expensive. Second of all, you may find that it is a lot harder to master than you anticipated. You should also be careful to avoid anything too "rough and tumble".


You are looking forward to some fun and it is hard to keep your mind focused on the daily realities right now. There are likely to be a lot of phone calls and interruptions, and there may be annoying little problems with computers. Three words, backups, backups, backups!


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