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Daily Chinese Zodiac Horoscopes - Thursday 14 December


You could make new friends and meet new people right now. You may be invited to join a group, club or charity. Your interest in computers or the Internet could come in handy for a group of people who get together for the primary purpose of helping others.


Your workplace seems a little unsettled right now, probably because a workplace friend or a friendly coworker is going through a personal challenge, or because you are feeling uncertain about their loyalties. You don't know the full picture yet, so withhold judgement.


An alternative treatment or herbal remedy may help you or a loved one overcome a physical or health challenge. Keep things simple. Review your lifestyle and diet first. Small changes could make a big difference over time, if you stick to them.


You can be helpful to a loved one who is seeking spiritual answers or religious solace right now. They are feeling doubtful and confused, and you can help by leading by example. Don't be afraid to admit that you just don't have all the answers - and show it is okay to go forward with that!


Be careful when taking alternative healthcare treatments, vitamins or supplements. You may think you know everything there is to know about the treatment, but do you know how it interacts with other medications? Sunlight? Certain foods?


Relationships will be a major theme of the day. While there may be an unpleasant phone call or encounter, it could turn out to be a blessing in disguise. You'll be able to get your needs and concerns across once you decide to open up with total honesty.


You will be drawn to unusual ideas about health, fitness and lifestyle right now, but before you get too carried away, make sure to double-check with your doctor or a qualified naturopath. You are missing something that will later seem obvious in hindsight.


A new hobby or pastime could brighten up your energy and this could have a positive impact on your well being overall. You may find a new food product or supplement that boosts your energy and improves your mood.


You will be uncomfortable with a choice made by a family member right now, likely because they have placed you in a position of responsibility you did not want. This is likely to be a financial duty, and it may possibly take the form of being an executor in a will.


You need to love your work. That's the bottom line. You will either find your "zone" in your current job, find a new job, or start off on a new path, because you will decide that "success" is measured not in dollars, but in the amount of satisfaction you get from a good day's work.


You will be making a lot of phone calls right now, especially if you are a parent. Everyone has different schedules to tie up. There will be good news about a child's education or their sudden interest in computers will be a source of inspiration for you.


You might want to pull out a pen, paper and a calculator and go over you spending budget. Indications are a little bit of planning could dramatically improve your financial picture. You may discover a way to boost your income with a part-time home business.


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