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Weekly Pet Horoscopes (Updates on Monday) - 11 December 2017


Mars, my instinct planet, has finally taken the plunge into a part of my zodiac that puts me in touch with my animal nature Mum, and changed my entire mode. Instead of hanging around you all the time, my desire now is to remember my primitive instincts, and that could mean that I am playing out rhythms associated with my primal self. Digging, foraging and burying food are all behaviours that may come to the fore now, so don't be alarmed if I display these feral traits over the next two months.


I told you the tide was turning Mum, and now that Mars has fully emerged himself in my relationship zone, you may find that you have a much more engaging pet throughout the holiday season. Where I was more concerned with my physical self over the last months, I am now completely attuned to you, and your movements. I know this may get on your nerves once the novelty wears off, but please humour me, it's your love that makes me happy at the moment.


I was an entertaining house clown while Mars was in my fun zone for two months Mum, but now that he has exchanged this mode for one that is far more disciplined, you could find that I am an entirely different pet. I am attuned to my body at the moment, and aware of my vitality levels. Health is important to me, so over feeding or under exercising may have negative impacts on my energy levels if left unchecked. Let's get out into the sun and play, it's my favourite past time right now.


Some may say I am suffering from Moon madness, but what's really happened Mum, is that Mars has moved into my fun zone, and lightened my outlook on life. No more over vigilant house pet mode for me, I am far more interested in winning the applause of my audience right now, as I jump and twirl and do insane things to get your reaction. I need lots of space this week so that I don't run the risk of causing collateral damage in my wake!


Now that Mars, my instinct planet, has moved away from my communication zone and into my home sector, I am far less concerned with getting out than I am with protecting my home and family Mum. Over the next couple of months security will feature highly on my priority list, and this may be inappropriate at times. Make sure that you are around to give me gentle guidance regarding real or imagined threats, so that I am not overly combative during the Christmas season.


I know I have had a close relationship with my food bowl lately Mum, but now that Mars has moved into my communication zone, my attention has moved to my friends. I need to be in the company of likeminded fury companions right now, so that we can chew the fat and exchange tail sniffs. Take me to the beach and the park, where I can seek out some fun, and get the exercise that I need at the same time. You wouldn't want a yowly pet over the holidays would you now?


My attention has been diverted from self combative behaviour, to creature comfort focus Mum, and this is surely because Mars has moved signs and taken up a new place in my value zone. You may notice that over the next two months I have one eye on my food bowl and the other on my possessions. Perhaps you might even catch me hiding my food around the house, so that I have available snacks on demand. Make sure that I have fresh water and a full bowl, and I will be more settled.


Self protection is my primary concern now that Mars has moved into my personal zone Mum, and this could cause me to become excessively vigilant at times, over the next couple of months. My survival instincts are on high alert right now, and I may not take too kindly to strangers invading my personal space. If you take me out into public areas over the holidays, please help me to socialise without being nervous and snappy. I'm feeling a bit highly strung at the moment.


It's hard to believe that the outgoing, communicative animal that you were used to has now retreated into hibernation mode, but that's what happens when Mars moves into one's psychological zone Mum. I am happy with a concealed patch of garden to sleep in, and social activities are far from my mind at the moment. It's not that I am totally anti social, but let's just say that I am enthralled with my own inner world right now, and don't have a lot of energy to waste on physical activities.


I'm ready to relinquish my controlling nature now Mum, and focus my attention on my friends instead. I told you this difficult stage would pass, and now that Mars has moved into my friendship zone, I'm feeling much more playful and relaxed, and more inclined to mingle. Perhaps you could get that old football out of the cupboard, and take me down to the park for some fun. I'm sure we are bound to meet a few likeminded fury companions along the way, and the exercise might do you good as well.


I'm in tune with my purpose at the moment since Mars took up his new position in my reputation zone Mum, and playing out my instinctual animal role is most important to me. Some might call this ruling the roost, but I like to say that I am protecting my territory. At times over the next two months I could display combative behaviour, and I will need your gentle guidance to help me distinguish were my boundaries lie. Be patient, I am responding to anciently embedded protection cycles right now.


Every breeze seems to carry an invitation to take up the hero's journey at the moment Mum, and I am finding it most distracting. Mars has gone into my adventure zone, and left me feeling restless for wide open spaces. Because I long for freedom right now, the best way to settle my nerves is to take me on long walks so that I can sniff and investigate new places to my heart's content. Being house bound is not an option, it will drive me crazy and could cause chewing or other destructive behaviour.


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