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Weekly Pet Horoscopes (Updates on Monday) - 23 April 2018


While my birthday month ended last week, I'm still feeling pretty pleased with myself. The Sun only left Aries on Friday, so it's not too late to jump in and make any last minutes resolutions on my behalf. And if perchance you actually forgot my birthday, then do I have the guilt trip for you. Meanwhile, I'm likely to be a bit of a diva this week, but that's only because I'm feeling more confident.


If I have a new spring in my step it's because I'm feeling full of myself. Full of confidence and full of a new kind of energy. I am not sure what's happened, but the first week of my birthday month is making me feel like my old self again. I think that means that I have a birthday coming up and you'd better not forget this year.


This is a week of swings and roundabouts for me this week, but either way I'll be having fun. Those swings and roundabouts are to do with energy levels. I'm likely to start the week looking fairly lethargic. Yet this is less to do with a lack of energy and more to do with the fun I'm having escaping into my daydreams. Yet as the week progresses I'm likely to get bored and will be looking for fun. Only to remember that I really do need a nap. That cycle is likely to repeat over and over all week.


While I am not antisocial or averse to being in company, this is more that I get shy and also that there are times when I genuinely enjoy my own company. This week both are being pronounced. I am feeling a lot more confident in company and am likely to not want to miss anything going on around me. Yet as the week progresses I will start to want my own space more or at least a balance between the two.


You can expect a battle of wills this week, for if I want something I am not going to back down. This is just a warning to pick your battles wisely, because it's not the prize I'm after, but a feeling that I won this one. I am also likely to be full of nervous energy, so find ways to let me run or work this off. I am likely to be a lot more active, but when I've had enough exercise I'm likely to crash and burn.


While I am far too sensible to try and escape, I am feeling a lot more adventurous this week, with a severe case of itchy feet and wanderlust. It is the same old same old that will leave me feeling board and we all know what happens then. If you have the time I would love to go off on adventures with you, otherwise leave me with plenty of things to satisfy my sense of curiosity.


I am likely to be feeling a lot more passionate about all that I do and that is especially so when it comes to my home and family. I am feeling like a real warrior, especially when it comes to protecting my family and my territory. Yet I will also turn into a real softy when I am surrounded by my family and all things routine. It will be a different story if a stranger comes into my territory.


Let me count the ways that I love you. I could stay close by your side, so close that I become a tripping hazard. I could give you treasures I've found or I can make as much noise as possible, so you don't feel lonely. That's just for starters, but I'll work on the list all week, until I sense that you've got the message. I may come across as needy, but I don't need anything other than for you to get that I really do love you.


The Sun is spending his first full week in my health sector. While I have no idea what that means, I think it is something to do with my health needs being more obvious and you needing to pay more attention. Other than that I'm just going to do what I've always done. I trust that you'll know and do what's right for me, as you always do.


You know me, I can be a little too serious at times, with the weight of responsibility always weighing heavy on my shoulders. Or at least that is normally the case. This week, I don't know why but I'm feeling less serious and more playful. There may even be times when I am so busy having fun, that I forget to worry about things. This is putting a more youthful spring in my step.


Home is definitely where my focus is this week and where I will feel grounded and full of joy. This is not likely to make me overly territorial, as I am less focused on what is happening outside the home and more on what is happening in the home. This is nothing complicated, just a nice feeling when we're all just doing what we normally do.


While I am likely to become even more vocal this week, this will take on a different gear by midweek. To start with you won't need to wonder if I have fallen in love with the sound of my own voice, because you'll know that I have. Yet that will change by midweek, when it becomes less about just liking to make sound for sound sake and more about what I actually want to express. And for that I find I usually don't use words. For some reason you seem to be able to read me.


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