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Weekly Pet Horoscopes (Updates on Monday) - 19 February 2018


Don't be surprised if I'm more lethargic this week or think that I have become lazy. It is because of this that I am unlikely to run into the trouble that you humans can run into at this time of year. The month long wind down to my birthday month starts on Monday and if I don't slow down I run the risk of burning out. You might be into that but I'm not.


I am feeling a lot more social this week, wanting companionship and not liking being left on my own. The exception will be over the weekend, where if I have too much of a good thing I might need to find a quiet place. For while I am excited about being around human company or the company of my four legged friends, too much stimulation could put me into a spin.


While I am not exactly stubborn, I am especially stubborn, if I do say so myself. I am constantly stunned when I watch my other four legged friends when they kick up a fuss in order to get what they want, when I know it is more effective to get smart. I know exactly how to charm you in order to get that extra treat or guilt you into playing with me and be warned, I am on a major charm offensive this week.


Fortunately for you I am not that brave when it comes to escaping and taking myself off on adventures. But then unfortunately for you I will be expecting you to come with me or find other ways to satisfy a sense of wanderlust, curiosity and adventure that only becomes stronger this week. Boredom is my number one enemy this week.


I am into change this week and in a bit way, but fortunately a few small changes will do. What I don't want is for you to mess with my holy grails, like my food and my special routines. Introduce just enough change into my week that I can enjoy the variety, while keeping my routine feeling stable, for that's how I gain my sense of security.


As I approach my half birthday I am going to become more needy or so it might seem. In reality I just want to be close to you, watching what you're doing and trying to communicate more. While my ways of getting your attention might not always be desirable or welcome, this is what I am trying to do. If I appear to be acting up or being naughty, chances are I'm just trying to get your attention.


The Sun's return to my health sector on Monday brings us to that time of year again, when the spotlight is on my health needs. This is always a good time of year to schedule check ups, make sure I'm up to date with my vaccinations and treatments. This is also a good time to take notice of all my health needs and that includes body, mind and soul.


There is a chance to kill two birds with one stone this week and you can thank the Sun and Moon for that. In the early part of the week in particular, the Moon is putting the focus on my health needs, exacerbating anything underlying. At the same time the Sun puts the focus on fun and play. This will make me more active, which has to be good for both my physical and mental health.


Home is where my heart and mind is this week, with the focus on all things routine. While I am a bit of a homebody this week I am not necessarily territorial, happy for anyone to pop by and visit. In fact bring the party to my house and I'll provide the entertainment. My home and company are my twin loves this week.


Expect me to be a lot more vocal this week, whether I have something to say or not. There will be times when you may even wonder if it's just a case of being in love with the sound of my own voice. The answer is 'most probably'. However, I will genuinely enjoy those times when we're talking, whether we know what the other is saying or not.


There is a fine line between feeling confident and being cocky and this week I'm likely to nail it. Most of my problems and definitely my stress levels all come back to how confident I'm feeling, with a lack of confidence having a negative impact on body, mind and soul. Yet too much confidence and even I know I can get a little cocky. However, if it comes down to a choice, being over confident trumps being under confident any day.


The Sun's return to Pisces on Monday brings me to that time of year. It's my birthday. Regardless of when, over the coming month my actual birthday falls, the Sun's return to Pisces is going to make me feel more confident and at one in my own skin. However, please feel free to spoil me with as many treats as you like.


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