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Weekly Pet Horoscopes (Updates on Monday) - 16 October 2017


Mars, the planet of animal instincts, has only one week left in my health zone Mum, and already I'm feeling more tranquil. It's been a great ride and I have certainly felt alive and vital over the last few weeks, but now I am winding down because I sense that quieter times are just around the corner. Take me out for a long walk this week while I am still in the mood for physical exercise, because next Monday the tide is set to turn once more.


These last few weeks have certainly been a celebration of my creativity while Mars has been in a very imaginative part of my zodiac, but on Monday when he changes signs, things are about to become a lot more serious. For one thing, my diet has not been very prudent Mum. All those treats that you have awarded me for the tricks I have done, definitely have had their impact on my health. I feel a detox coming on and the funny thing is, I think I'm ready for it.


Watch this space Mum, because your serious, grouchy pet that has been skulking around the house, is about to become the class clown! Mars is changing signs next Monday and is moving into my creative zone for a few weeks to help me lighten up. And not a moment too soon I might add! Already I feel the mood easing and my curiosity peeking, and by next week there will be no end to the amount of mischief that I could get myself into.


I know I have been seriously distracted by outward events over the last few weeks Mum, and that is because Mars has been in my communication zone. This is his last full week in that part of my zodiac before I trade playfulness for loyalty, to spend more time at home with the family. Already I feel a sense of lethargy sweeping over me, but don't be fooled, I am about to become super aware of home security, and tuned in to every domestic murmur.


All that fixation that I have been experiencing around food and belongings, is about to fly out of the window Mum, as Mars my planet of instincts, moves out of my possessions sector next Monday, and into a far more outgoing part of my zodiac. Friends and sociability seem to take the foreground soon and this week is all about me adjusting to the coming change. Start the ball rolling early by taking me out to the park where I can meet some new pals that will ignite my social interests again.


I know that I have been combative for a few weeks since Mars has been in my personal sector Mum, but this is his last week in this part of my zodiac and I feel a subtle shift in focus taking place. It's not so much my personal space that I am out to protect as much as my food and possessions. You may notice that my appetite increases soon too, as I fall back on creature comforts to sooth my temperament.


I'm starting to come out of my hibernation this week Mum, as Mars the planet of animal instincts, is moving into my personal sector in a week's time and already I feel my spirits lifting. It's been a quiet and introverted few weeks lately, but very soon things are about to make a complete turnaround. Get me out and about this week for exercise Mum, so that I can start to adjust to this new expression of myself in advance.


I feel calmness and serenity engulfing me this week Mum, and it is because Mars my instincts planet, is moving out of my personal sector soon to take up residency in a more retiring part of my zodiac. Protecting my personal space seems far less important to me now as I seek to procure a secluded spot for myself in the house, from where I can watch the world go by incognito.


While Mars has been in my reputation zone I have been rather guarded and on edge Mum, but this week I feel my demeanour changing as I start to take on a more sociable vibration. I guess this is because Mars, my planet of instincts, is moving into my friendship zone next Monday, and is urging me to mix and mingle with my own kind. Can we start to go out to the park again Mum? I promise I will behave.


I know I have been out more than in, while Mars has been in my adventure zone Mum, but next week that is all about to change. Mars is moving into my status zone soon, and already I am feeling amped to protect your welfare and mind. I may start to get a bit combative over the weeks to come so do be aware when you take me out in public. I am feeling alert to danger, and sometimes I may not have a good handle on my responses.


I feel the call of the great outdoors this week Mum, as Mars my instincts planet, moves ever closer to entering my adventure zone next Monday. My curiosity is peeked as I listen to the sound of outdoor bird song, and hear the rustle of the leaves in the trees. If I am a bit restless this week it is because I am feeling inquisitive to what is beyond the garden gate, and pretty soon I will be venturing forth to take a better look.


If I've been intent on following you around, and curling up at your feet lately, it is because Mars is in my relationship zone Mum, but my demeanour is set for some dramatic changes soon. Already I am feeling more connected to my animal instincts and driven by the rhythms of nature, as Mars prepares to move into my primal urges sector next Monday. Let me give you a word of advice in advance, keep the lid firmly secured on the bin!


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