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Weekly Pet Horoscopes (Updates on Monday) - 14 August 2017


With Mars, the instincts planet, in my creative zone, this has been a month of much energetic expression that has left me rather fatigued. I must admit, I have had the energy for great antics but not a lot of self discipline, which may have got me into trouble at times. I am especially fond of playing with children this week Mum, so take me to places where I can run and frolic with them.


My home has been my safe haven for the last month since Mars went into my family zone and alerted me to security concerns around the house. This may have played out in a difficult way sometimes when I got confused between threats and normal everyday routine, like the postie coming to the gate, but believe me Mum, my intention is to protect. I just sometimes get carried away.


I know I have been a bit impatient and impulsive for the last few weeks Mum, but Mars is so close to the Sun and they are both in my communication zone. This dials up my vocal expression and scatters my energy, which could sometimes come across a bit neurotic. You need to take me out as much as you can so that I can socialise and run off some of this erratic energy.


With Mars in my value zone being illuminated by the strong Leo Sun, I have had a voracious hunger. Perhaps my instincts are remembering a time when my kind had to grab whatever food they could find? Try to give me solid, quality meals this week so that I feel more satisfied Mum, and if you know that I've had enough, it's best not to fall prey to my persistent requests.


I guess it's safe to say that it all happens in my personal zone for the next couple of weeks. The Sun and Mars are there, and next Monday there is also a Solar eclipse in this area of my zodiac. This is why my vitality is stronger than it's been in a very long time. To coin a phrase, bright eyed and bushy tailed is my signature Mum.


I am very susceptible to strange sounds and noises this week and I guess I have to put it down to Mars being in my psychological zone. Even the wind through the trees seems to frighten me and turn me into a shivering Nellie. Maybe you can leave a radio or the TV on to play soft background music so that I am not so distracted while you are at work Mum?


I've been staring out the windows and waiting at the front door since Mars has been in my friendship zone these last few weeks, and I'm sure it must be because I am so eager to spot anyone that I can play with. I would love an engaging game of Frisbee with you Mum, but if you simply can't manage this, let's go out into a public area where I can meet and greet to my heart's content.


If I have been combative lately when the doorbell rings, it might be because Mars and the Sun are so close together in my reputation zone, which makes me feel like I have to protect my home and its occupants. This week, when Mars takes on Jupiter energy, things may escalate Mum, so it is important to make me sit quietly every time the bell rings, and then reward me with a treat if I manage to do well.


This week while Mars is in my adventure zone, and picking up some extra wanderlust from Jupiter, I need a lot of space to do my own thing Mum. Being in the house is not top of the agenda for me when I feel the call of the explorer, and find it very hard to settle down. Long bush walks are definitely something that I can identify with, but failing that, please leave the back door open so that I can come and go as I please.


Digging is an intrinsic behaviour that is deeply engraved in my DNA, but when Mars and the Sun are traveling through my instinctual zone, and taking on creative energy from Jupiter as well this week, this practice could become intensified. Digging is a form of exercise you know Mum, so if you don't like the backyard carnage, how about challenging me with a more positive kind of physical exercise?


With Mars in my relationship zone, and picking up some expanding energy from Jupiter this week, you may find that I am a bit reactive when it comes to other animals. I guess I just want to make sure that I get the respect that I need Mum, and the only way that I know how to command it is with my teeth. Help me to understand that this is not fair play, and reinforce any good behaviour with a treat and a pat.


I had a side glance in the mirror this morning and there before my eyes was a chubby version of the old me! Since Mars has been in my health zone my digestion has been strong and I have been bristling with vitality Mum. Extra pounds only serve to slow me down, and that is not what I need right now, so go slow on the treats, and engage in some exercise with me instead. I'll love you for it!


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