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English Daily Horoscopes - Sunday 20 August


Your composure and dedicated approach are apparent for all to see, you deal competently with difficult of issues, it’s likely your efforts are appreciated and you need to acknowledge any praise you receive in as modest a way as possible. To maintain your wellbeing, incorporate some exercise into your daily routine, fresh open air is advantageous for you.


You take on the most problematic tasks with consummate ease. Admired and appreciated for your abilities as a team leader or someone who optimistically spurs others into action and provides the correct amount of stimulus for them to actively harness their dreams. In your personal life, your alert mind helps to resolve a problem you thought intractable.


The respect you receive makes you feel appreciated and you’re able tackle conversations that require a great deal of tact and diplomacy. Communication is the key, don't shy away from broaching difficult topics, you may be surprised by the positive outlook that develops. Remain composed and get some outdoor recreation in order to take a break from things.


You’re particularly attractive to those you meet, but this doesn't bode well if, as much as you feel like doing so, you flirt in inappropriate places. Singles should limit your search for new people to their leisure time, the right person could be just around the corner. If living with a partner, their needs should come first, show them there is no reason to be jealous.


You’re able to show your emotions and display them in a more obvious way, helping you improve your relationship and make it feel especially good. You find it particularly easy to express the way you feel. It's also a good time to get out and make new acquaintances. Nevertheless conserve your energy, despite all these positive emotions don't overdo it!


Your thinking is clearer and offers a chance for you to extend your understanding into new areas, to broaden horizons and it’s enjoyable too. Yet if you’re overly ambitious, unexpected pressures weaken motivation and hamper progress, making you feel unsettled and nervous. Counteract this by relaxing, by taking a walk, meditating or active recreation.


Relaxed and talkative, turn your attention to improving your personal relationships. It’s easy to reduce any tensions previously built up between you with a quiet heartfelt conversation that reassures the people concerned, they understand the considerable pressure you’ve been under and as a result your feelings deepen and become more gratifying and fun.


Pleasant , composed and generous in your dealings with others, be careful in your striving to be as fair minded as possible, that you don’t concede too much ground and later regret it. Generally speaking your diplomatic approach wins out in the end and others learn to appreciate and respect the way you conduct yourself and repay your generosity.


You cooperate with people, others are drawn towards the positive things you have to say and you find having such an optimistic outlook has the effect of cementing your friendships and making them even stronger than before. Possessing such positive energy helps you meet people and if you’re already attached you get on especially well with your partner.


Relying on your sound common sense you remain in control of your decision-making, whilst considering which actions are most appropriate for you take. Examining the true specifics of the matter at hand, sometimes you find that the actual facts or figures cover up more than they reveal, ultimately your choice is intuitive and reinforced by your gut instinct.


Dominated by positive feelings of love and good-will, any meetings you have, whether to do with work or personal matters turn out to be satisfying and good-natured. The warmth you show towards the people you meet, as well as those you love and care about most is warmly reciprocated and they feel positively influenced by your very agreeable mood.


Your relations with others run smoothly and are especially amicable. Your relaxed and easy manner in approaching and talking to people is infectious and brings you admirers. Take full advantage, prolong existing business or personal talks. Everyone benefits from your good mood, making any discussions a worthwhile and extremely enjoyable experience.


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