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Daily General Horoscopes - Friday 23 February


The Moon's final hours in your income sector are always going to sharpen your nose for money, but today this will also provide some professional clarity as well. Pay attention to the internal message that don't miss words and are fairly specific, as in turn left or turn right. You might not know what it means, but when you trust your gut, especially on the income and professional matters, the clues are there.


The Moon wraps up its most important visit to Taurus this year and while that's not saying much, as this is just the second visit, this has given you some vital information and some valuable clues, hunches and insights. The next few days will be a valuable time to process it all, getting to the real message. In the meantime, this is a day for committing to personal and professional goals and ambitions, even if it is just to the next step.


Juno's return to your career sector tomorrow is set to be a game changer, bringing the queen of commitment into the game at a time when you're continuing to gain resources. You've already got your heart and head in the game and the Sun is already shining the solar spotlight on your professional game, with a lot more resolve kicking in from tomorrow. Until then keep your mind and your options open, letting a sense of curiosity take the lead.


As Juno spends her last full day in your financial sector, this is a day for working with the queen of commitment to have at least something to commit to. You don't have to reinvent the wheel or have all the answers, for there is still a lot evolving on both the income and financial fronts. However, think back to the financial resolutions you may have made in the New Year, realising that today you have a lot more information and the right kind of conditions.


In the Moon's final hours in your career sector, an opposition with Jupiter on the home front could create some personal and/or relationship tension. If it is, this is a valuable but also a fleeting chance to become aware of where there is an imbalance. The Moon leaves today and there is nothing to maintain any work/life balance tension or issues. However, you can't change what you can't see and with things becoming much busier professionally over the coming months, this is important.


The timing of the Moon's return to your career sector today couldn't be better, ensuring your professional instincts are sharp during Juno's last full day on the job front. Juno has been a silent witness to all that has developed across the job front over the last few months, including last week's solar eclipse. Now, the queen of commitment gives you a chance to commit to the next steps. Together this is a chance to get your ducks in a row across the job and career fronts.


There is something rebellious about the Moon and Juno, coming together today in a playful and adventurous way. With Juno returning to your work sector tomorrow and the Moon to your career sector the day after, they come together today for what is a last hurrah before things become even more professionally focused. Make the most of the adventurous lunar vibes that kick in during Juno's last full day in a playful part of your chart.


It is during the Moon's final hours in your relationship sector that this might push some buttons. An opposition with Jupiter in Scorpio will see your personal and relationship needs clash and if there is any imbalance, this could create the some personal and/or relationship tensions. However, no sooner are you aware of it than the Moon will be gone, making this a brief wakeup call. Yet you have some impressive communication support standing by ready to turn this into an opportunity for a breakthrough.


The timing of the Moon's return to your relationship sector today couldn't be better, especially as this might push some buttons over the coming days. It's tomorrow that an opposition with Mars in Sagittarius could create some tension, with a chance to get a jump on this today. For the Moon has the good fortune of returning during Juno's last full day in your communication sector, with a chance to give your emotional responses and relationships a voice from the get go.


The playful lunar vibes of the last few days have been a real confidence boost, as well as a chance to lighten up a little. As the Moon leaves and returns to your work sector, this is unlikely to change, allowing you to gain some insight on the job front without letting life become all work and no play. The last few days have also resparked your creativity, something you need to continue to explore even after the Moon moves on.


Throughout the last five weeks as the Sun, Mercury and Venus all moved through Aquarius and even throughout last week's solar eclipse, Juno has been a silent witness. Making her first visit to Aquarius in four years, the queen of commitment has been watching developments, ready to help you commit to new and more authentic resolutions for the coming year. Now in her last full day, Juno is helping you put together a game plan and resolutions.


While you might be in the early days of your birthday month and new solar year, there is still a part of you that needs to pull back from time to time. Whether it's time out to smell the coffee or five minutes just in order to hear yourself think, when you feel the need to pull back don't fight it. At the same time don't underestimate not just the power boost but the creative boost that a nap can bring. If you feel the need to close your eyes for five minutes and go within, this is the perfect day.


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