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Daily General Horoscopes - Monday 26 June


For the last time for some time Saturn is under pressure, but in a way that could prove liberating. Where there is frustration and you feel confined to go through the same motions day after day, you will find something that is trying to break free. Instead of focusing on what is stopping you from embracing a sense of wanderlust, curiosity and adventure, focus on what's on the other side of the glass.


While the pressure between income and financial forces hasn't quite dropped back completely, what remains is less about the money. What is in opposition today are your overall intentions on the income and financial fronts, in a big picture way. This is challenging a sense of what you really need in contrast to what you think you want. Money is simply a means to an end, with a chance today to peer behind the scenes.


While personal and/or relationship tensions might still be running high, the nature of them has changed considerably over the last few days. It is no longer about specific issues or even a battle between your own and your relationship needs. There is a sense of clarity that allows you to see both sides of the fence. Call it empathy or being able to stand in someone else's shoes, but by seeing things from both sides everything becomes clearer.


The Moon's final hours in Cancer are also the final hours of a New Moon that brought you a chance to commit to your new solar year, the future and the journey ahead. While it is still the very early days of your birthday month and new solar year, it is that lack of time to over think things that allows you to take a more authentic step into the future. Listen to both your instincts and your passions, for they are leading the way forward.


As the Moon returns to Leo today there is a need to pay extra attention to the emotional, intuitive and imaginative responses triggered. However, that is unlikely to be a problem as they should be compelling. All of a sudden this feels personal, with a sense of anticipation suggesting that new doors are about to open. The Moon will be here for the next few days, so go into this with your mind and your options open.


As much as there might be some work/life balance tension or issues today, this is more the tail end of some tension between your home and professional lives. The difference today is that you're able to see both sides of the fence, allowing you to see this for what it is, which is all about a balance that works for you. It was never about a 50/50 split and all about your own priorities and what kind of balance works for you.


In the Moon's final hours in your career sector keep your finger on the pulse and ear to the ground. This is no ordinary visit, but the wrapping up of a New Moon two days ago, something that has helped to galvanise the forces in play here. Before the Moon moves on, listen to what your professional instincts are telling you and also to what your emotional and intuitive responses are triggering. More important than anything is a sense of direction.


The good news is that this is the last day that financial tension will be running high, before dropping off tomorrow. The bad news is that this is the last day that financial tension will be running high. For the financial tension in play today is the kind that is not only empowering and motivating, but comes with a view of both sides of the fence. At the end of the day this all about a balance between money coming in and money going out.


It was 16 days ago that a Full Moon in Sagittarius kicked off a flurry of oppositions between personal and relationship forces, putting both you and your relationships to the test. What was really put to the test is a balance between the two. As the final opposition now runs its course, there is a better chance to see both sides of the fence. An authentic relationship requires at least some time spent walking in another's shoes.


In the Moon's final hours in your relationship sector hold onto the message behind any strong emotional responses, without over thinking things. As a New Moon two days ago runs its course, this is about having an authentic starting point. Whether single, in a relationship or between relationships you have to start somewhere and this is a good place and time to start. But you can only do what you can, with what you've got, from where you're at.


Right in the heart of a special alliance between income and job forces, a New Moon in your work sector runs its course today. The Moon's final hours are all about listening to an intuitive read on work and job matters, without over thinking things. You've got the means to keep your head in the game, ideas on the table and the communication lines open, but you also have time on your side. All this is, is a chance to draw a new line in the sand.


The good thing about the final hours of the last opposition between your home and professional lives is that this is almost over. The bad thing is that this is almost over. You're just 10 days away from the start of a busy new chapter on the job front, one that will remain busy for the rest of this year and beyond. Where you're going work/life balance is vital, with a need to pay attention to any final reminders today. You can't fix what you can't see.


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