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Weekly General Horoscopes (Updates on Monday) - 14 August 2017


Dear Ram, Mercury began his three week retrograde on Sunday in your work and health sector, which gives you the perfect opportunity to review your diet and exercise regime to ascertain what actually works best for you. There are two beautiful trines on Monday that will give you the chance to shine in both sensitive and practical ways at the same time. The first is a Sun Saturn trine in your house of children which allows you to pass knowledge and wisdom down to those that are still learning how to deal with the many twists and turns of life. At the same time, Neptune trines Venus, which plays out in your home sector, affording you a sensitive ear and a compassionate heart. There is nothing that you won't do to help or make your nearest and dearest more comfortable this week, and Saturn has given you the patience of Job to go with this. On Sunday when Mars picks up some super creative energy from Jupiter, why not have everyone around for a feast? It's what you do best right now and it will feed your sense of generosity.


Dear Bull, you have a mind to be heard this week with Venus in your communication zone, taking on an intense Pluto opposition and then a Jupiter square. In fact, it may be very difficult to keep your opinions to yourself and a lot of self control may be called for right through the week in order to avoid verbal conflict. This being said, if there is an axe to grind, now is the time to get to the nitty gritty and clear the air. Just remember to listen as well as declare your own feelings, so that you can give your conversation partner a fair chance. The Sun picks up some very responsible energy at the beginning of the week in your family zone which sees you getting a grip on affairs of the home. Listen to those who are older and wiser to get some tried and tested guidance in this area. By Sunday you will have a good handle on this subject, and when Mars and Jupiter connect favourably across this sector of your zodiac, there will be stamina to tackle the hardest family challenges.


Dear Twin, Mercury the ruler of your sign has started his retrograde through your home zone and for the next three weeks you will be reviewing family and living conditions so that you can tie down any loose ends in this area of your life. Perhaps you are needing to move on to a different environment, or just seeing where you could tighten up relationships within the family sphere? The Sun and Saturn are in a very advantageous angle with each other across your communication zone and this will help you to have the responsible and mature communications that are needed to tackle any deals that you need to close. There is strain on your money zone this week as Venus takes on some very intense energy from Pluto and Jupiter that could blow your budget out of the water if you are not mindful. Keep your eye on your priorities and don't fall prey to financial temptation, it will only lead to buyers regret. Sunday brings you a high energy transit of Mars and Jupiter that is conducive to working hard and playing harder. Get out on the sports field and burn off some energy!


Dear Crab, this is an excellent week for investments or closing money deals. The Sun in your value zone picks up some fortunate energy from Saturn that affords you a sober mind when it comes to your financial portfolio. Focus on your long term money goals this week and by Sunday, Mars and Jupiter will be available in the same area to give you a boost of luck. Mercury started his three week retrograde on Sunday and it begins in your communication sector, and ends up in your money sector, where you can review what you started this week. Right now though, there is a general addressing of your social circles and how they fit or don't fit your schedules these days. Keep an open mind and allow Mercury to show you what you need to trim down or adjust. You possess a good portion of grace and a friendly demeanour when Venus is in your personal zone like she is at the moment, but do be mindful of being over powering this week when Pluto opposes her and intensifies the manner in which you relate to others.


Dear Lion, with Mercury now in retrograde, and starting his journey back through your money sector, you will be having a good long look at your expenses and how you can tweak them into more manageable bites. This won't put a dampener on your spirits though, after all, it's your birthday month and you have the beautiful Sun in your personal zone lighting up the door way of your new solar year ahead. Even more auspicious for you is the fact that the Sun is getting wonderfully practical and achievement orientated beams from Saturn to smooth your path ahead for you. Your self esteem is set to rise and this is only the beginning. Venus, in your psychological zone, is very happy to receive a compassionate download from Neptune on Monday that lights up your week and puts you in the mood to day dream. Perhaps you are thinking about the year ahead and how advantageously you are going to progress? Watch a romantic movie, have a relaxing massage or spend the day in spiritual contemplation.


Dear Maiden, now that Mercury has started to retrograde through your personal zone, the next three weeks will give you the chance to review the way that you project your image in your surroundings. How can you refine your responses and round off any of the rough edges of your personality, to bring favourable returns in the future? The Sun is in your psychological zone right now, which naturally affords you a sense of compassion, but this week with a helpful Saturn connection, you also have far more patience than usual and an eye for detail. Mars is activated by Jupiter in the same area of your zodiac on Sunday, and the combination of these energies gives you the opportunity to reach out to those that may be in need of some spiritual guidance, or a dose of some good old fashioned wisdom. This is a great week to extend yourself in service, it will energise your mind and lift your spirits. It's just what you didn't realised that you needed!


Dear Scale Bearer, Mercury has finally started to take you through a journey of your inner mind, and during the next three weeks you will be reconciling your deepest thoughts, so that you can bring more structure to them. It is advisable to go with your gut feelings while this process is under way and not to assume knowledge of the outcome, but remain open to any necessary paradigm changes that reveal themselves to you. There is a wonderful Sun Saturn trine that plays out in your house of friends this week that puts you in the limelight as the trusted companion. You could find that you are called upon to assist friends who know they can rely on your patience and virtue in their time of need. It is also an excellent week to get your long term goals tied down because Saturn affords you the responsibility to tackle routine chores that you may normally just sweep under the mat. Indeed with Venus in a square aspect to Jupiter on Thursday, your mind will be on socializing rather than the seriousness of work. Take the day off and play, you've earned it.


Dear Scorpion, your friends are a very important part of your life and with Mercury's retrograde turn over the next three weeks, you will be given the opportunity to review just what this means to you. Perhaps there are some issues that need to be set straight, or you might have to step up to the plate yourself when it comes to putting your money where your mouth is. This time for retrospection will prove most helpful to you in the future. This is also a week to shine on the career stage while the Sun takes on some very fortuitous energy from Saturn and possibly gets you some long overdue recognition from a superior. People may come to you for advice now or give you more responsibility in your job because your overall demeanour in the work place is one of trustworthiness and capability. Well done you! By Thursday when Venus in your adventure zone takes on the mighty Jupiter, you would do well to go to a foreign movie or experience some exciting and different cuisine. It's definitely and optimistic play day that could take you wherever the wind blows.


Dear Centaur, your reputation and public face are the theme of the Mercury retrograde that started on Sunday in your professional zone. For the next three weeks you will be finding ways to restore any misgivings that may have occurred in this area of your life recently. Review any misunderstandings and set the record straight for a renewed and polished image in September. With the Sun and Mars both taking on very fortuitous energy from Saturn and Jupiter in your philosophical sector, you could also be knuckling down on your belief system. Saturn ensures that you have the structure and responsibility that is needed to bring your point across to others, and Jupiter connecting with Mars brings stamina and endurance to carry this message as far as you need to. This is an ideal week for you to tackle any difficult tasks of the higher mind because success is almost certainly guaranteed. This is a moralistic and realistic transit in a very open minded part of your zodiac that could gift you an opportunity to receive some deep wisdom.


Dear Goat, you will be considering the future according to your belief system over the next three weeks while Mercury, who has now gone retrograde through your philosophical sector, re examines your overall life philosophies and reassesses what the truth may really mean to you. Use this time to revise, re educate and explore the differences in the world, along with how you feature in the big scheme of things. Venus is also ignited this whole week in your partnership zone, which gets you and your significant other dealing with power play pressures. The best way to handle any overwhelming feelings is to identify their source and expose their hidden truths. In this way you will be laying to rest any dramas and opening the door to a smoother partnership experience all around. Not a moment too soon, the Sun and Mars both pick up helpful and expanding energy in your shared resource zone that will get you and your partner on the same page of the ledger. Saturn provides the structure and maturity to get your cards on the table and Jupiter gifts you the optimism and courage to finally balance this area of your life.


Dear Water Bearer, for the next three weeks while Mercury retrogrades through your shared resource sector you will be given the opportunity to sum up where you stand with regards to the shared assets between yourself and a partner. Are you getting a fair share of the financial cake, or are you demanding more than you deserve? Spend this time reviewing debt, discussing investments and bringing financial balance back into the equation. If need be you may be called on to re allocate or re pay in order to do this. Don't panic, all is not lost because the Sun in your partnership zone picks up a constructive trine from Saturn that brings stability and reality into the picture. This will give you and a partner the chance to set some sterling future goals that should take care of any loose ends on the financial front as well. If that were not helpful enough, Mars in the same area of your zodiac picks up creative energy from expansive Jupiter on Sunday that elevates your libido and imparts fortune on any plans that are set at this time. Way to go!


Dear Fish, when Mercury retrogrades through your house of partners, like he has just started to do now, you could find yourself re negotiating the terms of your personal relationships. These could be the unspoken rules that form the bonds of your liaison, which are often taken for granted. Over the next three weeks it's best to allow Mercury to do his job and get the channels of communication open with regards to what is unclarified. Whether this is a marriage or business partner, it is necessary now to refine the thread of this relationship. On the health front, this week is one of the best times to start a new diet or fitness regime because the Sun is picking up a very practical and constructive trine from Saturn. This will give you a well structured look at reality, as well as the ability to set a long term goal around this sector of your life. Mars comes to your aid in this department on Sunday as well with an invigorating Jupiter trine which gifts expanded endurance and determination. You know you can do it!

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