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Weekly General Horoscopes (Updates on Monday) - 19 February 2018


The week begins on a high for you and then just keeps getting better. This is less because of any one thing and more a case of a lot of little things adding up. The Sun's return to a nostalgic part of your chart on Monday begins the month long wind down of your old solar year, something that is likely to have unexpected consequences. This includes a boost in financial confidence, as the Sun joins a line up of planets already at a friendly aspect to lucky Jupiter in your financial sector. Monday is also the day that an alignment between Mars and Ceres bring a potent mix of romantic, adventurous and passionate forces together. It is also the day that the Moon makes its last visit to Aries before Venus and Mercury return each month, giving you an intuitive edge from the get go. As the week progresses you'll also hit some important days on both the income and career fronts. This is a week where the stars align in your favour.


This week is dominated by different stars aligning to create some auspicious conditions across the board. On one hand this is an auspicious week for friendship and relationship building, but also a week when you can expect a boost in financial confidence. It all comes down to the right planets being in the right place at the right time, with a lot coming together in the early part of the week. It not so much starts with the Sun's return to your friendship sector on Monday, but continues on from what Venus and Mercury have already started. The Sun, Mercury and Venus return here at this time every year, but it has been 12 years since Jupiter has been in your relationship sector at the same time. Alliances will only strengthen over the coming weeks, with increasingly positive conditions for friendship and relationship building. At the same time Mars, in your financial sector is getting support, something that will help fuel your financial confidence, passions and fighting spirit.


A lot of the focus is on your professional game this week, as the Sun returns to your career sector on Monday and for the first time in 12 years finds lucky Jupiter in your work sector. This is something that Mercury discovered when he returned over the weekend and Venus a week earlier. With Venus aligned with dreamy Neptune here midweek and Mercury over the weekend, a positive start to this important professional week will only see conditions improve. Yet an alliance between Mars and Ceres also make this a good week for both communication and relationship matters, with friendship and relationship building especially good in the early part of the week. Across the board there are only positives this week, especially as you won't have to sacrifice a sense of adventure for this professional shift. If there is one challenge it will be if you fail to heel a call to slow down in the second half of the week. If there is any work tension and job pressure just dial things back a bit.


The week gets off with two very different influences in play, yet surprisingly they are unlikely to get in each other's way. You start the week with the Moon having just returned to your career sector, coincidently just as an alignment between income and job forces begin. This creates a stunning start to the week across the income, work and career forces, yet this is still just a taste of things to come. This is a window into the real show, which will come together next month. Maybe that is why you should have no problem to also embrace the playful and adventurous forces in play midweek. That and the fact that you don't have an option. The Sun, the largest force in the solar system, returns to an adventurous part of your chart on Monday only to find Jupiter, the second largest force in the solar system in a fun, playful, romantic and creatively charged part of your chart. You don't argue with either with the professional gods just bringing a teaser.


The Sun's departure from your relationship sector on Monday is going to relieve a lot of the tension, as well as ending the potential for any more eclipses for another six months. The last three weeks have played host to a total lunar eclipse in Leo and to last week's solar eclipse in your relationship sector, both creating a lot of intensity. In the meantime, this leaves you with a more authentic sense of what you want from your relationships and what they need from you. Starting the week with adventurous lunar vibes in effect will bring the lift you need, allowing you to start the week on a high note. This will see the Moon connect with an alignment between Ceres in Leo and Mars in an adventurous part of your chart. This will create the potent cocktail of nostalgic, romantic, adventurous and passionate forces that the doctor has ordered. After some serious weeks it's time to have some fun.


When the Sun leaves your work sector on Monday this will take the solar spotlight off your work situation and job matters, but will not see all the professional gods leave the field. That won't happen until November and a lot of water will pass under the bridge between now and then. For now though, there is a chance to pull back and let things play out. The Moon's return to your career sector on Friday will also bring you a chance to regroup over the weekend. In the meantime, the Sun joins Venus and Mercury, the planets of love and communication in your relationship sector. From the get go it will be clear that something has shifted, with none of the pressure of previous years and instead a feeling of support from the get go. While some of this is coming from Venus and Mercury, this is mostly from the fact that for the first time in 12 years you have lucky Jupiter in your communication sector.


While the Sun will not only leave a playful part of your chart on Monday but return to your work sector, something that happens at this time every year, life will not become all work and no play. This isn't as absurd as it sounds, for in most years once the Sun, Mercury and Venus leaves a fun, playful, romantic and creatively charged part of your chart, there is no more planets here until the following year. That is not the case this year, with forces maintaining a balance between work and play right through to November. This comes from a genuine ability to have the best of both worlds. The Sun returns to find things already moving on the job front and with some lucrative conditions in play on the income front. The playful forces that stay on aren't demanding and are welcomed by the professional gods. For they know that a balance between work and play is key to maintaining your productivity and creativity.


The Sun's departure from your home and family sector on Monday gives you the best of both worlds. This takes away a lot of the intensity on the home and family fronts over the last few weeks, with things exacerbated by a pair of eclipses. Yet the Sun leaves behind enough forces to keep home and family matters ticking over. What you will leave behind is the drama and intensity. The fact that the Sun will not only return to a fun, playful, romantic and creatively charged part of your chart, but team up with Venus and Mercury, will bring some light relief. Yet the week also gets off to a stunning start across the income, work and career fronts. This is more a preview or a taste of things to come, for this is a prelude to the real coming together of income, work and career forces, from early next month. This gives you time to figure out how to find and maintain a balance between work and play.


There is something about the playful and romantically charged lunar vibes at the start of the week that will awaken something that can't be put back in the box. This is not the Moon's first visit to a fun, playful, romantic and creatively charged part of your chart for the year, but it is the last before Venus and Mercury return early next month. Yet what makes this so special is the timing, with the Moon moving through just as Mars is fuelling a passion for adventure and a sense of nostalgia. This creates a potent cocktail of nostalgic, romantic, adventurous and passionate forces that are in turn a taste of things to come. They will trigger something that will continue even after the Moon moves on and even after it returns to your work sector on Wednesday. This will bring a need to put your work hat on, but in a way that is more about observing and paying attention.


The Sun's departure from your income sector on Monday will leave you with more than enough momentum and resources, but it will take away some of the pressure and intensity. While the Sun was the cause of both last week's solar eclipse in your income sector and the total lunar eclipse in your financial sector two weeks earlier, it was only because he was the trigger for forces already in play. Those forces will continue to play out, but without the Sun the pressure, tension, hype and drama will drop back dramatically. The Sun in turn will team up with Venus and Mercury, the planets of love and communication, in your communication sector. While all aspects of your life will benefit from a groundswell of support from the communication gods, thanks to Venus your relationships have been the first to benefit. In the meantime, the closer Mars gets to his return to Capricorn next month, the more you'll find a need to pace yourself.


Your birthday month comes to an end as the Sun leaves Aquarius on Monday, but don't be surprised if you still feel undecided. With Mercury having left over the weekend and Venus a week earlier, this is normally the point in any year that all planetary activity in Aquarius is over. This should mean having a game plan and resolutions nailed down and a clear sense of what you want from the coming year. This is less to do with procrastination and everything to do with the fact that you haven't yet explored all your options. Not only is the South Node, the force behind last week's solar eclipse, staying in Aquarius until November, Mars will spend months here, over two visits. You don't yet feel ready to commit to anything specific, because all your options aren't yet on the table. What you can commit to is the journey ahead and a need to follow your personal truth.


Monday will not only see you move into a new week, but thanks to the Sun's return to Pisces on Monday, into your birthday month and new solar year. Mercury returned to Pisces over the weekend and Venus a week before, allowing you to step into your new solar year with your heart and head in the game from the get go. The fact that the Moon leaves just hours before the Sun returns, also means you start the week, your birthday month and new solar year with an intuitive edge from the get go. This is why it won't take you long to realise that this is no ordinary year, with just the conditions in play at the start of the week proving otherwise. For the first time in 12 years the Sun has returned to Pisces to find lucky Jupiter in your sector of adventure, travel, learning and discovery, making it clear from the get go that this will be an adventurous year. Yet an alliance of income, work and career forces also makes it clear that this will be a stunning year on all those fronts as well.

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