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Weekly General Horoscopes (Updates on Monday) - 11 December 2017


Dear Ram, your philosophical sector is alive with action this week as Mercury swiftly collects light from 3 planets on his meander backwards through this expansive arena. It's possible that your thoughts could be on far reaching subjects right now, and this mode definitely leaves you dissatisfied with the mundane. Mercury passes across the Sun and Venus during the week, bringing into your consciousness the renewed desire to delve into life's big questions. There is potential to reach for the stars now as Uranus awakens the urge to think outside the box at the same time. Mars finally moves out of your relationship zone, where he has been for the last two months and takes up his new expression in your house of shared resources. Over the next few weeks, you can expect your focus to turn to any shared investments that you and a partner might be responsible for. You are of the mind to take action with unresolved debt right now so that you can restore your financial power. It's a passionate time with Mars in this house as your deepest emotional responses are activated, encouraging personal transformation of some kind.


Dear Bull, the process of reviewing your house of shared resources starts this week as Mercury begins his retrograde trip through this part of your zodiac. Any issues here will be brought to the light of consciousness on Wednesday when the Sun and Mercury join forces in a conjunction. There is also a change bearing vibration from Uranus across the heavens that pings Mercury and encourages you to seek change in this facet of your life. Use the adaptable energy of Venus over the weekend to help you institute this in a compromising way. This is a time when deep exchanges of feeling can take place between you and your partner, which could take you to deeper levels of emotional connectivity. Mars is jumping ship as well and will take up his new post in your house of relationships for several weeks. There is much energy spent in asserting your needs within your interpersonal relationships, and a word of caution might be to watch your tolerance levels with regards to interactions between you, and your significant other.


Dear Twin, the all important ruler of your sign, Mercury, begins his steady journey back through your partnership zone this week to give you some insight into your dealings in personal relationships. This is an auspicious time for you Gemini, as you have the chance, to sum up your communication style and see both sides of the coin. It is particularly significant that Mercury crosses paths with the Sun and Venus as he makes this trip, which brings topics of sharing and personal identity to the fore. You have the desire to cooperate with and understand other people's point of view now, especially when it comes to a committed relationship that you are involved in. As Mercury makes his way through your relationship zone, and eventually changes direction, to traverse this ground again, you will gain more and more clarity as to any personal adjustments you need to make. Change is in the air for Mars as well, as he changes signs and takes his position in your house of work and health for the next two months. Even though you have great energy to complete tasks now, you may be agitated or impatient with those that you work with.


Dear Crab, your mind is on health and work this week, as Mercury takes up his retrograde period through your health and work zone. Now more than ever you are willing to seek insight into this aspect of your life and make positive changes that can put you in line to be far more efficient in your daily schedules, once Mercury is done giving you this personal review. You are more inclined to focus on details and probably won't be gobbling down fast food without a thought like you might normally do. In fact, as Mercury touches the face of the Sun and Venus this week you may be weighing up the pro's and con's regarding a healthier life style and a more organised approach to your daily duties. Everything has a place, and you are of the mind to make sure that your cupboards are well ordered so that your home and work environments can operate systematically. You can also look forward to avid expression across the arena of children, romance and hobbies, with Mars moving signs and entering your house of creativity. This is an exceptionally passionate time for you and it is not unusual to find a love interest during this transit, but be aware of burning the candle at both ends.


Dear Lion, your thoughts may turn to your creative ventures this week as Mercury takes his first step backwards, into your house of fun. Perhaps the last couple of months have been all work and no play, leaving you feeling dull and unspontaneous? During Mercury's retrograde this month you have a chance to revisit themes of self expression, and possibly find more effective ways to have your cake and eat it. This is also the section of your zodiac that deals with your children, and as Mercury swoops across the face of the Sun and Venus this week you receive a powerful boost of consciousness that helps you work through any issues in this arena with authority, as well as love. Your energy levels for work around the house are due to rise this week to, with Mars taking the plunge into your home and family zone. You could find that you get stuck into any odd jobs around the house that need catching up on. This is the time to secure your rafters as well as your domestic relationship arrangements. Keep your temper under control with family members, conflict could be on the forecast!


Dear Maiden, with Mercury the ruler of your sign, doing a back step in your home and family zone, there is much to be reviewed when it comes to your emotions. Your mind is wandering back to the past this week, and summing up the do's and don'ts of your emotional expression within your domestic or family realms lately. If there have been any old emotional scars that remain unhealed, now is the time to survey the truth, and decide how to allow this insight to carry you forward. The helpful conjunction that Mercury makes with the Sun and Venus along his path will boost your vital life force, and assist in adaptability during this intense time of introspection. I'm sure that there will be enough going on in your social life to keep you busy, as Mars takes his new role in your communication zone, and amps up your social calendar. This is an excellent transit for salesman because it gives you the capability of using convincing speech. Do mind your tolerance levels though, Mars in the communication zone can often indicate snippy remarks or over vigilance.


Dear Scale Bearer, over the last months your life has been super busy while Mercury travelled through your house of communication, giving you the ability to multitask. Now that this planet of mental cognisance has gone into retrograde in this house, you are slowly retracing your steps. Perhaps there has been an increasing awareness of just how fast paced your existence has been, and also how you may not have had the time or mindfulness to give solid intention to your dealings with others. This realisation is common when Mercury travels back over old ground in retrograde motion through your communication sector, particularly when Mars, the planet of assertion has been in your personal sector, to raise your agitation levels. Any harsh conversations that you might have had with a sibling recently will come to the fore now as you review themes of your conversations, and consider better ways to conveying your opinions. Mars moves into your house of money and values early this week, which is pleasing because you will experience an added vitality and enthusiasm to earn your keep, as well as make your personal ethics known.


Dear Scorpion, you are a force to be reckoned with this week as Mars, the planet of assertion takes up his next station in your personal zone for several weeks. This comes at the same time as Mercury takes his first steps backwards into your money and values zone, and gets you to have a real hard think about how your spending habits may be affecting your opportunities. This is a time for budget assessment and good old fashioned financial planning, and Mercury is intent on bringing this theme to your conscious mind for examination. Perhaps you may also have a closer look at your personal values, and make some strong decisions that will take you forward more smoothly into January next year. You should come out of this retrograde in three weeks with a healthier attitude towards your possessions as well. You have the initiative of Mars to get you moving in the right direction this week when he enters your personal zone for the first time in two years and affords you heaps of energy to move your plans forward. Be careful not to be too combative though, there is a time and place for everything, and you will not get the best out of people if you mow them down with strong opinions.


Dear Centaur, Mars the planet of assertion is about to give you the chance to consider your unconscious behaviour patterns, as he moves into your psychological zone on Monday for the first time in two years. It's probably not a bad thing either, as we all need to take stock of our movements from time to time in order to clearly see where change is necessary. This can be an enriching experience if you embrace it, with much effort afforded to reflection, and the reformulation of future goals. Permit your intuition to serve you over the next two months and take time to listen to the voice of inner wisdom that may whisper messages to you in your dreams. On the whole, it is a week of great contemplation, as Mercury, the planet of thought and communication, starts his retrograde period through your house of self at the same time, making you aware of recent conversations with a partner. This leaves you mulling over events and clearly highlights where adjustments to your attitudes should be made. Mercury does have help from the Sun and Venus along the way, as he conjuncts them both this week to consciously help you determine where your relationship boundaries may start or end.


Dear Goat, over the last month you have had the chance to spend some time in quiet contemplation and examine your past for answers, while Mercury, the thinking planet, has passed through your psychological zone, which is where your secret thoughts reside. This week Mercury starts to move backwards over this area again in retrograde motion, and this time you will be waiting for everything to fall into place. Don't be hasty though, this may not happen overnight, as quite a bit of restructuring needs to take place first. During the week Mercury touches base with both the Sun and Venus, which adds cooperation and clarity to your ruminations, and sets the stage for the next fortnight of realisation. Listen closely to your intuition at this time, it is your trusted friend and will offer you some surprising wisdom if you concede. You have the added advantage of Mars entering your goals section on Monday, which gives you courage, and the initiative to set the wheels in motion for change. During Mars' two month stay in this part of your zodiac, it will become very apparent to you that no man is an island, and if we want to achieve we need the help and cooperation of friends and teams.


Dear Water Bearer, over the last month Mercury, the planet that attunes us with our intellect, has been traveling through your house of goals and brightening your mind with inventive ideas. This week sees the start to Mercury's retrograde season, and also gives you the opportunity for the next three weeks to review the myriad of thoughts in order to define and select your best future options. It is also a time to look back at the condition of existing friendships or group involvements and make sure that there are clear boundaries put in place. You have the stars on your side though because as Mercury takes his first steps this week he conjuncts the Sun and Venus, who make you aware of your own identity and also adds a good dose of cooperative charm to the equation. Mars the dynamic planet of competent assertion, is due to enter your professional sector this Monday too, which will see you pumping huge doses of energy into your career life over the next two months. You are of the mind to be noticed for your accomplishments now as this ambitious energy engulfs you and gets you to put your best foot forward.


Dear Fish, for quite some time now you have been thinking predominantly about your career while Mercury has been traveling through this sector of your zodiac and assisting you to develop a sterling reputation for yourself in the world of business. This week sees the beginning of Mercury's retrograde period back through your professional zone, which gives you the opportunity to review your professional moves and smooth out any existing rough edges. Perhaps there are some finer details that you may have overlooked in your mad cap quest to get to the top, which may now become far clearer to you. Your ultimate success is simply a matter of refocusing your thoughts. There's some exciting energy coming your way this week too when Mars the planet of courage and initiative enters your adventure zone for the first time in two years. You are of the mind to expand your horizons now and may take an interest in travel, higher studies or a new philosophy that broadens your current outlook. This is a perfect time to plan some travel to far stretching exotic places where you can learn from foreign culture.

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