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Weekly General Horoscopes (Updates on Monday) - 16 October 2017


Dear Ram, personal relationships play an important role for you this week with Venus, the goddess of human interaction, entering your relationship zone for the first time since November 2015. You are far more adaptable now and willing to strike a compromise rather than take a hardnosed attitude towards adjustment. You have additional help from expansive Jupiter, and fleet footed Mercury this week who are both going to be in your shared resources zone together in a conjunction, to actively help you turn the other cheek when it comes to power struggles with a partner. Your feelings of intimacy seems to be at a comfortable level now that you feel you can let go, and trust more, as you forgo the need to resort to coercive methods of achieving your objectives. On Thursday there will be a beautiful new Moon in this part of your zodiac which will give you the chance to wish upon a star for all your romantic dreams to be fulfilled.


Dear Bull, it's all about your physical body this week with Venus entering your health zone for the first time in almost two years. When Venus is in this part of your zodiac you are filled with enthusiasm to get things done efficiently, which plays out in your work and daily schedules, as well as your physical body. Now more than ever, you will be keen to watch your diet and make sure that you get enough daily exercise. Mars is due to enter this house next Monday as well, to accelerate your energy and help you achieve your goals. Mercury is also on the move on Wednesday and entering your relationship zone, where he will pass over the face of Jupiter on his travels and really add exuberance to your inter personal communications. Best to make sure that your responses stay positive because Jupiter does have a way of encouraging exaggeration. There is a new Moon in your health sector on Thursday that promises you a new beginning when it comes to your vitality. Go for gold Taurus, you have all the help you need.


Dear Twin, your passion is for entertainment, and light hearted flirtatious fun this week, as Venus the goddess of relationships, enters your creativity zone after a very long absence. Your charm and self expression are peeking right now, as this week in particular you find invitations for fun rolling in out of the blue. Later in the week there is a new Moon in this house, which affords you an opportunity for a new beginning in your romantic or creative life. The ruler of your sign Mercury, also changes houses this week and heads straight into your house of health and routine. Jupiter is already there, and has been paving the way for Mercury to take his place and, ignite your interest in topics around health, work, efficiency and your diet. This is a good week to take control of your habits, and whip yourself into action, because once Mars enters your creative zone next week to join Venus and the Sun, you may have your mind on other things.


Dear Crab, you have become a real home body since Venus entered your home and family zone last Sunday. You would much rather be caring for loved ones and keeping the house ship shape this week than anything else. Your mood is more gentle, which inclines you to bend over backwards to nurture your family and loved ones. This is a special week for manifesting goodwill and beauty within your home, with the new Moon on Thursday in this part of your zodiac, giving you the perfect opportunity to lay your intentions before the universe. This is a busy week which also sees Mercury changing houses to take up his new post in your fun sector for a month. You can expect some good times and lots of laughs as you focus on creative experiences like romance and art. If you are single this is a good time to meet someone new, especially when Mercury moves over Jupiter this week and your entertainment budget gets a dramatic boost of expansion. You would probably do well to watch your diet and intoxicant levels though, Jupiter is not shy to indulge when he is in this house of the zodiac.


Dear Lion, as Venus starts to take her place in your house of communications this week you could feel as though someone has suddenly switched the lights on in your brain. You feel excited about life because there are so many things to know and learn, and exchanges with people are easy and interesting now. You definitely have the gift of the gab this week and the charm to go with it, which makes this a very good time to enter into any interpersonal negotiations. On Thursday there is a new Moon in this sector, giving you the chance to lay down some foundations or new beginnings when it comes to your studies, siblings or your means of transport. Expansive Jupiter entered your home and family zone last week and now Mercury, the planet of intellect, is joining him on Wednesday to make this a month that is very much focused on family and security matters. Get out the wallpaper and put on your gardening gloves Leo, it looks like you are going to be busy around the house soon!


Dear Maiden, Venus has taken the plunge into your value zone this week and this means that your powers of attraction are strong right now. In a weeks' time Mars, the planet of assertion, will join her to strengthen your intentions even further. You long for creature comforts now, and you may need to keep your purse strings tightly fastened in order to prevent over spending on luxurious items. Financial security is also destined to take an upward trend, with Venus gifting you the ability to blend socially, which allows people to naturally feel comfortable in your presence. You should lay out some positive intentions on Thursday, when the new Moon in this part of your zodiac allows you to sow seeds for a new beginning in the arena of expanded earnings, or self confidence. To help you even more with social relations, Jupiter the planet of expansion, and Mercury the planet of communication, have both just gone into your communication zone where they are already working towards giving you a natural curiosity and an affinity for words. This week promises you one swirling social event after another, which may continue for some time yet. Enjoy!


Dear Scale Bearer, what a fabulous week awaits you! Venus, the goddess of grace and beauty has just entered your personal zone and already you are more animated than usual. Maybe it is because you are feeling so agreeable, and easy going which shows on your face, but with Venus in this part of your zodiac you tend to take on a gracious and charming disposition that few can resist. You will probably be thinking about getting yourself some new clothes or having a new hairstyle, in fact it may be hard for you to resist spoiling yourself this week, so be aware of your budget. With action packed Mars revving his engine to join Venus next Monday, you could be looking at some romance in the near future as well Libra! Mercury has also jumped ship and is now in your value zone alongside expansive Jupiter. The placement of these two planets in your value zone work hand in hand with Venus this week as they too will boost your confidence and encourage you to spoil yourself with treats that you usually deny yourself. You may have to be quite disciplined now to avoid over extravagance.


Dear Scorpion, with a new Moon in your psychological zone on Thursday, and Venus' arrival to this part of your zodiac last Sunday, you are more inclined to focus on inner work and introspection at the moment. You have needed a mental vacation for some time now and this week is your chance to let go of the stress and just have some time out. Withdraw from society for a day, go for a massage or listen to a guided meditation to embrace peace and tranquillity. With Venus in this house for the next few weeks you are naturally inclined to take a back seat in society, but this is where the dichotomy comes in. Jupiter the planet of expansion, along with communicative Mercury, have both just entered your personal zone to stimulate matters extensively in that arena. Although there is a secret retreat of the mind at work, there is also quite an expressive and exuberant attitude of self taking place. Your faith in the universe is heightened now and you feel as though there is very little that you can't achieve. Step out in confidence Scorpio, you have providence on your side!


Dear Centaur, the party is where you are at this week with Venus entering your friendship zone for the first time since November 2015. This of course is reason to celebrate, and celebrate you will, but it is also a time where you will engage in some warm bonding friendships with people from groups or clubs that you belong to, because when Venus is in this part of your zodiac she encourages networking and social mingling. With a new Moon about to rise in this sector on Thursday it is a perfect opportunity for you to lay down some goals concerning income earned through networking, or the development of a friendship that you wish to nurture. If you put your heartfelt intention into this manifestation, you should see some active growth in two weeks, at the time of the full Moon in your creative zone. Jolly Jupiter, the ruler of your sign, has also moved houses and entered your psychological sector to path the way for the other planets to follow. This heralds the beginning of a more spiritual and sensitive time for the next year, as Jupiter gifts you empathy and the ability to believe in that which you cannot at first see.


Dear Goat, your professional life is about to take on a serious remake, with Venus, the planet of human relations, taking up her new post there this week. It's all about team work for you right now and the more you can graciously organise others, the more you seem to shine. It is quite likely that you may catch the eye of those in authority, as they smile approval at your friendly efficiency. This is the perfect week, under Thursday's new Moon, for you to develop your business plans and goals for the future. Focus on the image that you are casting to the world and see where you can make improvements that will promote your professional reputation. With expansive Jupiter and intellectual Mercury both recently entered into your friendship zone, you are not only conscious of your career this week but also of your networking abilities. Jupiter and Mercury together in this part of your zodiac are a huge boon to connectivity and will certainly help you to grow your profile in the most positive way.


Dear Water Bearer, you suddenly feel less inclined to sweat the small stuff this week and I am sure that this can be attributed to Venus, the planet of human relations, who has just entered your adventure zone. You can't be bothered with fuss right now and would much rather kick off your shoes and stroll along the beach licking an ice cream. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if you were trolling the travel websites right now, as this is the type of open minded adventure that you are up for when Venus is in this part of your zodiac. Somewhere exotic sounds good doesn't it? Even if you can't get to leave the country just yet, you may want to take a journey of the mind, into some marvellous adventure land that exists between the covers of a book. With Jupiter and Mercury both entering your career sector as well, there may only be time for fiction, when they dial up the heat on your professional stage and help you to expand your portfolio. You are most likely to be quite focused on your business life for the next month as Mercury brings communication onto your public stage.


Dear Fish, it's all about money and investments for you this week with Venus entering your shared resource zone as well as a new Moon in this part of your zodiac on Thursday. You can expect a possible increase in finances during the next few weeks of Venus' stay in this part of your zodiac, as income through partners is favoured. It's also a good time to review your budget and take control of any debt that you can possibly pay off. Having a new Moon in this house often allows for focus on intimacy and the opportunity to set some new goals within this facet of your life. Jolly Jupiter, who is the ruler of your sign, has just gone into your adventure zone, where he is very comfortable indeed. Mercury is hot on his heels and will enter this sector on Monday, to bring you much expansion of your life view, which could bring up questions like, why are we here, and where did we come from. This is a week where you put things into perspective and start to take a much broader view of life in general.

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