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Weekly Money Horoscopes (Updates on Monday) - 23 April 2018


There is a changing of the guard on the income front this week, with Venus leaving on Wednesday, just as the Sun is spending his first full week here. The five days between the Sun's return last Friday and Venus' departure on Wednesday, is a chance to bring Venus' focus on the 'what' and the Sun's on the 'when, where and how' together. The early part of the week is a transition or a handover from Venus putting together your shopping list and the Sun taking responsibility for making it happen. Fortunately, the professional conditions are ideal, with the Moon returning to your work sector on Wednesday, just as Mars and Pluto are coming together in your career sector. The Moon's intuitive edge will help you read between the lines and join the dots across the income, work and career fronts.


All eyes are on Venus this week, with her return to your income sector on Wednesday bringing the first planetary activity here since mid 2017. But what a difference this time around, with Venus returning to find Saturn no longer on the opposite side of the sky in your financial sector and in opposition. A three year financial boot camp only ended in December, with Venus bringing your first chance since 2014 to give new income opportunities full rein. With the Sun still four weeks away, this is a chance for Venus, planet of money to get in first and steer things in a lucrative direction. Venus returns exactly three weeks before Mars returns to fire things up professionally, giving you 21 days to focus on your shopping list. Knowing that the Sun and Mercury will return next month to focus on the 'when, where and how', this leaves Venus free to focus on the 'what'.


Starting the week with the Moon in your income sector might feel like a mixed blessing at the time, but this is nothing but good news. Any financial tension that this was going to cause would have happened over the weekend when the Moon moved into opposition with Mars, Pluto and Saturn in your financial sector. Yet leaving in the early hours of the week, the Moon will leave you with a sharp nose for money from the get go, with any remaining financial tension quickly turning into motivation. Fuelling that fast turnaround are Mars and Pluto, the planets of war and revolution heading into a conjunction midweek. A bit of pressure from the Moon has fuelled your financial passions and fighting spirit and with Pluto turning retrograde on Monday, the battlefield now extends out across the past, present and future.


All eyes are on the Moon this week, with its return to your income sector on Monday sharpening your nose for money, just as you are already moving into what should be a good week for income and career matters. On Monday, Mercury will not only move into his final three weeks in your career sector, but will begin moving back into alignment with Ceres and the North Node in your income sector. Now back in direct motion, Mercury is connecting for the third time in two months, with a lot of things now coming together on both fronts. On Wednesday, the Moon will leave your income sector just as Uranus moves into the final three weeks of an eight year visit to your career sector, with the Moon able to set things off in a lucrative direction. With Mars just three weeks away from your financial sector, this is a chance to cement a course forward on the income front. This is something you need to sense rather than over think things.


Chiron's departure from your financial sector has taken away a need to look back over your shoulder, with the past no longer as relevant as the future. By the end of the week Neptune, planet of dreams will be on his own, for the first time since returning here in 2012. With the planet of healing gone, you're no longer having to juggle the past, present and future. Until she leaves on Saturday Juno, queen of commitment is putting her resources behind the financial dreams that will now define where to from here. In the meantime, the Moon makes a timely return to your income sector, returning on Wednesday and leaving on Friday. This is exactly when Mars and Pluto are aligned in your work sector and Venus is handing the reins to the Sun on the career front. This will ensure your nose for money is sharp at a crucial turning point in this professional year.


The Moon is playing an important role in both income and money matters this week, in both cases in a positive, empowering and timely way. With Mercury moving into his final three weeks in your financial sector on Monday and Uranus on Wednesday, you've reached a point where you're able to get your head in the game and start tying up loose ends. The Moon will return to an intuitive and imaginative part of your chart on Monday and leave on Wednesday, in that time moving into a friendly aspect to both Mercury and Uranus. Their smart heads for money will come with the Moon's intuitive edge to fuel your financial confidence, instincts and imagination. Just as timely is the Moon's return to your income sector on Friday. Coming full circle from last month's Full Moon, this always had the potential to trigger unexpected developments. This will also ensure your nose for money is sharp just as Venus begins opening new doors on the career front.


There is a changing of the guard on the financial front this week and with it a change in focus. The five day period from the Sun's return to your financial sector last Friday to Venus' departure on Wednesday is a crossover period, where the focus is able to first merge and then shift from the 'what' to the 'when, where and how'. Venus' job is to fuel your financial confidence, desires and expectations, not to figure out how to make it happen. In addition, Venus is not interested in reality checks, while the Sun is all about reality checks. The Sun needs an authentic starting point, knowing you can only do what you can, with what you've got, from where you're at. By the time Venus leaves on Wednesday you should know what you want, but what you don't need to know is what to do with that. With Mercury and Uranus returning next month, the money gods have an army of support on the way.


Five weeks and two days separate Mars' departure from your income sector last month and Venus' return to your financial sector on Wednesday and that has been crucial. This has given you time to create a firebreak between three years of near continuous planetary activity on the income front, before turning your focus onto money matters as a whole. This has given you time to work with developing conditions on the job and career fronts, with the professional gods now keeping the momentum going on the income front. If things have dropped back or even become stalled, as things move professionally, they will pick up the momentum again. When Venus returns to your financial sector on Wednesday she will find the coast clear. And with the Sun still four weeks away, this gives the planet of money time to focus on fuelling your financial confidence, desires and expectations.


There is a lot happening across the income, work and career fronts this week and they all come together midweek. Wednesday is the day that Venus will not only leave your work sector, but hand the reins to the Sun who will take it from here. As the planet of money, Venus wraps up her job, which has been to fuel your job confidence, attract opportunities and steer things in a lucrative direction. The Moon's return to your career sector on the same day will ensure your professional instincts are sharp as the Sun takes the reins on the job front, but also as Mars and Pluto align in your income sector. This gives the planets of war and revolution the maximum professional support as they move into a three day alignment, one that will give you the courage to come out fighting. With Pluto turning retrograde in your income sector on Monday, the battlefield will extend out across the income, work and career fronts.


The Moon's return to your financial sector on Monday will do more than fuel your financial instincts and imagination, with both income and money matters benefiting. This is unlikely to create any financial tension, but it will create enough competition between income and money matters to trigger some rivalry. By the time the Moon leaves your financial sector on Wednesday, Mars will be just three weeks away from your income sector, but that's not what makes the timing so auspicious. It was the Moon's opposition with the South Node in your income sector that created that friction and with Mars just three weeks away, this will start to fuel your fighting spirit. This creates the perfect conditions for Venus, as she returns to your work sector on Wednesday. As the planet of money, Venus returns to fuel your job confidence, attract opportunities and steer things in a lucrative direction.


This is a big week for income matters, though in a subtle way that is more about a transition in where your focus is. With Chiron, planet of healing in your income sector since 2010 and Neptune, planet of dreams since 2012, they have been balancing each other out. Neptune has been building the dreams, while Chiron has focused on laying old ghosts and demons to rest, which would ultimately leave you free to chase the dream. Chiron left last week, ending the focus on the past and in the process shifting all the focus onto Neptune and onto following your dreams. By the end of the week, Neptune will be here on his own for the first time since returning in 2012, with support from Jupiter in your career sector increasing. Until then Juno, queen of commitment is working until she leaves your income sector on Saturday, to give you the confidence to commit to those dreams and the journey ahead.


This is a big week for both Mercury and Uranus, brother planets who both bring a smart head for money, but in different ways. Mercury's smart head for money is focused on the details, while Uranus' smart head for money is focused on the overall direction and a sense of what's possible. Mercury moves into his final three weeks on Monday and Uranus his final three weeks on Wednesday, with the Sun's departure last week bringing them into the end game. Of course income matters will continue to unfold, but this week Mercury is teaming back up with both forces in play on the job front, in both instances for the third time. Mercury's retrograde phase means he is now crossing the same ground for the third time, cementing relationships already formed. The Moon's return to your work sector on Monday will cement this even further.


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