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Weekly Money Horoscopes (Updates on Monday) - 26 June 2017


As she spends her last full week in your income sector Venus was always going to be determined, especially to boost your confidence and your expectations. Yet empowered by an alliance with Pluto and career forces over the weekend and having gained a nose for money and a lucrative sense of direction late last week, Venus is ready to make this week count. Once Venus leaves next week there will be no more planetary activity in your income sector until 2018, so this is important. Yet Venus will leave you with a lucrative sense of direction that the professional gods will take on board, leaving no room for panic. However, what is urgent is a need to focus on your confidence and your expectations. Your income expectations will define your reality and what you pursue. But your confidence and a sense of what you deserve will define your expectations. So start with the things that really matter, your confidence. Even if at first you have to fake it till you make it.


Two very important developments are unfolding this week, one of them income and the other on the financial front. The fact that they are in opposition at the start of the week and could create some financial tension, can only work to your advantage. It was over the weekend that Saturn and Ceres moved into opposition, for the first time while Saturn is in your financial sector and Ceres in your income sector in 60 years. Yet as that opposition ends on Monday, these are clearly forces that see the big picture and are altruistic. Ceres knows that the key to defining your income expectations is having a solid financial foundation and Saturn knows that the key to financial stability, is the right amount of money coming in. With the most potentially lucrative weeks of 2017 kicking off next week, this is a chance to take care of some housekeeping.


The one thing that you can count on this week is that things won't be dull on the income and financial fronts. While the balance of power is on income forces, money matters are mounting a spirited defence which will provide benefits on both fronts. With the Sun spending his first full week and Mercury his first, last and only full week in your income sector, this was always going to be an important week for income matters. Even more so after the weekend's New Moon and with Mars aligning with Neptune in your career sector in the early part of the week. With a nose and a smart head for money from the get go, you have arrived when it comes to a chance to drive income matters forward. The fly in the ointment is the pressure this will put on Juno and Pluto in your financial sector. However, any financial tension this might create can be harnessed and used as motivation on both fronts.


All eyes are on the Moon this week as it makes an extraordinary visit to your income sector. There is nothing extraordinary about the Moon returning to your income sector on Monday and leaving on Wednesday, for this happens every four weeks. The Moon returns, sharpens your nose for money, gives you a lucrative sense of direction and moves on. It is less what the Moon does and more what this picks up on that makes this extraordinary. This is just the Moon's second visit since the North Node returned, with a nose for money giving you access to what is now a reliable, strong and lucrative sense of direction. Yet this is also the last before a series of lucrative developments start to kick in from next week, giving you your first real sense of what is to come. For the first time this year you have wind of the very lucrative developments ahead and a sense that they will be anything but a flash in the pan.


Ever since Mars returned to an intuitive and imaginative part of your chart earlier in the month the warrior planet of the cosmos has been doing two things. The first is support Neptune as his retrograde turn has brought a chance to revisit the financial dreams and passions you began the year with. The second is to move closer to Neptune, something that has already been fueling your financial confidence and imagination. That support peaks as the two align at the start of the week, three weeks after Mars' return. Neptune and Mars began the year aligned in your financial sector, so he has a vested interest in the financial dreams and passions you now have a chance to revisit. It is almost as though Neptune has been waiting for Mars to get here before opening those old doors. As well as a chance to revisit the financial dreams you began the year with, this is a chance for a do over.


A new sense of confidence on the income and financial fronts will be starting to show, mainly through a lack of urgency. When you have opportunities to seize before they are lost there is a sense of urgency, yet that is not the case on either the income or financial fronts. When you know or sense that the tide has turned and things are now flowing towards rather than away from you, you can afford to be patient. The Moon's return to your income sector on Friday and position here over the weekend will give you a valuable nose for money. This will be the Moon's first visit since Jupiter turned direct here earlier in the month. As well as a chance to tap into a lucrative sense of direction, the Moon may trigger unexpected or expected income developments. By then it will have been three weeks since the tide turned.


As she spends her last full week in your financial sector Venus is looking to the future with confidence. In fact that is her main priority in this final week, boosting your financial confidence. Thanks to the Moon's visit to your financial sector last week, your financial instincts are sharp and there is enough urgency to get your attention. Once Venus leaves next week, there will be no more planetary activity here until 2018. The money gods are ready to move on and turn their attention to preparing for major new income developments in just a few days' time. They will do that by supporting the professional gods, as they work to get your professional ducks in a row. Yet in her last full week Venus is still on a mission to fuel your financial confidence. For while your financial expectations will define your reality, it is your confidence that will define your expectations.


While there may be some financial tension at the start of the week, this is the kind that could create some real breakthroughs. If not in actually putting more money in your pocket, then in helping to define your expectations on the income and financial front. It is on Monday that you are in the final hours of an opposition between Saturn in your income sector and Ceres in your financial sector. This is their first opposition here in 60 years, but the difference to other oppositions is that they are both trying to see it from the others' point of view. This is an opposition between income and financial forces, but is a chance to see how they must work together. Saturn is surrounded by support on the job and career fronts, with any financial tension very quickly turning into motivation. Money matters are equally well supported.


Starting the week with the Moon in your financial sector can be a mixed blessing, but to start with this is pure motivation. The Moon will leave on Monday, but the final hours are all about wrapping up the weekend's New Moon. Your financial sector is packed full of resources that are helping you to keep your head in the game, your financial instincts sharp and your financial passions and fighting spirit fuelled. This really is a chance to take your financial power back. It is from Tuesday that financial tension might start to creep in, as first the Sun and then by the weekend Mars moves into opposition with income forces. This is inevitable at this time of year, with a clash between income and money matters the norm in July. The difference this year is that both sides have brought more resources to the fight. Use this as motivation and an opportunity for a breakthrough.


At a time when the lunar nodes are working to keep income and money matters balanced, the Moon will tilt the scales towards money matters this week. The Moon will return to your financial sector on Monday, making it important to have your finger on the pulse and ear to the ground from the get go. The Moon is only here until Wednesday, but the information you're able to gain will be invaluable. For this is the Moon's last visit before the Sun, Mars and Mercury return, later next week. With two New Moons, including a total solar eclipse coming up, hold onto what your financial instincts are telling you, without over thinking things. Even after the Moon moves on, continue to let your emotional, intuitive and imaginative responses run their course, without getting in their way. They need to speak to you rather than the other way round.


Even just the sheer amount of activity on the job front is enough to boost your income confidence. It was the weekend's New Moon in your work sector that has given work and job matters a tailwind, as well as creating some real momentum. Yet it is Mars that is not only driving things on the job front this week, but in a lucrative sense of direction. This is all because of Mars' alignment with Neptune, which becomes exact on Monday. This is something that has been building for three weeks, ever since Mars first returned to your work sector. Here he has been able to support Neptune in your income sector, especially as he turned retrograde. Now, as the doors open to new opportunities on the job front, Mars is helping to build a bridge between the doors that are now open to the past, second chances and untapped income potential.


There is a whole new sense of confidence on the income and financial fronts this week and there is every reason to expect this to only increase. Still in his early weeks in direct motion in your financial sector, Jupiter is starting to gain some traction and forward momentum. The fact that there is no urgency is evidence of opportunities ahead. The Moon's return to your financial sector on Friday and position here over the weekend will provide more insight. This will be the Moon's first visit since Jupiter turned direct, allowing you to get a read on where the undercurrents are moving, what speed and in what direction. The week is also dominated by a major alignment of income and career forces, in effect as the Moon, in the early part of the week, delivers news of work and job developments ahead.


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