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Weekly Pet Horoscopes (Updates on Monday) - 26 June 2017


I know I have been a bit raucous in the house lately but this week you can breathe a sigh of relief as Mars takes on a more sensitive energy from Neptune, and encourages me to embrace the passive side of my nature. Don't get me wrong Mum, I am still in warrior mode when it comes to protecting my family, but you may find that my discretion is far more in line.


I know I was an annoying little beast last week Mum, but now that Neptune has made a soft aspect to Mars in my communication sector, I suddenly understand the merit in a give and take relationship. This week my communication styles are a lot more subtle as I tilt an eyebrow or flex my fur in an attempt to attract your attention and get my needs met, instead of howling at your door.


With Mars, the planet of instincts, in my self value sector, I have experienced the need for emotional and physical comfort. This week Neptune has been positively added to the mix which has given me extra sensory perception on many levels. If you find me hissing or growling at anyone this week Mum, perhaps you should stop and consider their intentions, because I am pretty aware of subtle energies right now.


Ah peace and tranquillity at last. With Mars in my personal zone this month there have been times when I have been less than amicable, but this week Neptune has emerged in the nick of time to substantially calm my instincts. Instead of trying to compete with Molly and Sam, I'd much rather just play or snuggle. I told you I'd be back to normal soon!


With Mars in my psychological zone there have been times last week where I admit that I was my own worst enemy. Since then Neptune has stepped into the picture to calm and fine tune my psyche. The veil is thin and I feel intuitively connected to the spirit world this week so don't be alarmed if I react to things that are unseen by humans Mum. This is quite natural to us animal folk.


Mars in my friend zone has ramped up my social skills over the last month and caused me to be downright rambunctious at times, but now that Neptune has eased this intensity down to a simmer, I am ready to play nicely again. Take me to the park Mum, or the beach, or even to your friend's house so that I can have a change of environment and hopefully find a lively pal along the way.


My ego has been off the chain for a wee while now which has made me seem quite unapproachable. This week Neptune has come to my rescue and eased some of the tension in this area of my chart. I certainly wouldn't be seen as a retiring pussy cat, but my aura is somewhat less combative. I'll let you answer the door this week Mum, and I'll do the sniffer test once the guests are seated.


With Neptune expanding Mars in my adventure zone my senses are fine tuned to the allure of exploration. I can hear the voices of the crickets in the hedge and smell the earthy fragrance of a nearby wood. All these sensory temptations have given me curiosity for discovery, so its' best you keep me close so that I don't get wind in my tail and take off.


Even though there's no Full Moon this week, I feel the overwhelming urge to go outdoors and connect with the enshrouded side of nature. I may even succumb to a wee howl or two, but don't be alarmed Mum, it is merely the effect that Neptune is having on Mars in a very primitive part of my animal nature, that puts me in sync with the rhythms of the night.


With Mars in my relationship sector this month, I have done my best to comply with your every wish, but this week you might not even need to verbalise your intentions for me to understand my duties. Neptune is making a favourable aspect to Mars that softs my instincts and ramps up my intuitive perception, which gives me a keen sense of your needs, without you even making them known. And that's just how I roll Mum!


Oh dear, I know I wet the rug again but as Mars connects favourably with Neptune this week in my health sector, I feel tuned into more subtle communications. Be on the alert for clues that I may leave around the house Mum, that I know only you will notice. This is my way of conveying my current state of body and mind to you.


I have been going through a very self expressive time while Mars has been in my creativity zone and this week is no exception. With Neptune coming in at the beginning of the week to sooth these energies down a notch, I feel the need to bond and play with children. Let's go to the park for some fun Mum, or perhaps you could invite your friend Mary around with her little girl who loves to entertain me?


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