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Weekly Pet Horoscopes (Updates on Monday) - 12 March 2018


You'll know that I'm a lot happier, more relaxed and confident by the way I'm able to switch off and switch on this week. When I'm awake I'll be alert, frisky and full of beans, but when I need to slow down, then you may feel a need to check that I'm still breathing. I'll be so relaxed when I'm napping that I may appear unconscious at times, but then full of life when I've recharged my batteries.


You can think of me as your canary in a coalmine, with my sixth sense always a lot more alert to the cosmic conditions than you are. In the same way that I can hear someone approaching the house before you can, I can also pick up other vibrations. The fact that I'm going to be more relaxed, happy and socially inclined, has a chance to rub off on you.


While I will still want to get my own way and am happy to enter a battle of wills when it matters, for the most part I am more interested in having fun. I am feeling a lot more social this week, loving to hang out with my four and two legged friends. While I am capable of entertaining myself, I am likely to complain if I'm left alone for too long. What I really crave this week is company.


I am likely to be in my happy place this week, so much so that I may become a handful at times. The fact that I am even being defiant at times is good news for me, because it means I am feeling more confident. There is a mix of fun and adventure in the air this week that is making me feel much more like my old self again.


It doesn't take much for me to embrace a sense of wanderlust and this week there is a lot to tap into. To make matters worse, a desire for adventure is coupled with the smarts and cunning to plan my own escape. If I am a known escape artist from way back, expect me to be up to my old tricks and if I'm not, there is always a first time.


I have been struck by a desire for change, but there are some holy cows that you don't mess with. The trouble is you won't know what they are until you put this to the test. Try introducing small changes rather than spring it on me all at once, for that will guarantee a revolt. However, I'm ready for change, so this is a good week to experiment.


As the Sun spends his last full week in my health sector, this is not only an important week to look at my health needs, but the week to look at them. Especially in the lead up to the weekend's New Moon, for this is the best time to implement anything new. I am always going to be more open to anything on a New Moon and this New Moon is all about health matters.


While I am still into play and having fun, I am starting to take this more seriously or at least I am hoping you will take this more seriously, on my behalf. The Sun's return to my health sector next week will put the spotlight on my health needs, but play is the key to my health and wellbeing, including body, mind and soul.


I am likely to have one foot on the brake and one on the accelerator this week and in a way that is either full on or at a dead stop. When I need to rest there'll be no rousing me, but when I'm full of energy, expect me to be overtaken by nervous and restless energy. It might pay to take advantage of my rest periods.


While communication is still important this week, I am no longer in love with the sound of my own voice. It is no longer sound for sound sake and for the joy of making a noise. This week when I have something to say I'll say it, speaking both verbally and through body language. Fortunately for me you're becoming fluent in both.


I am starting to feel a lot more confident and that is going to be good for my mental and physical wellbeing. There is nothing better for body, mind and soul than to feel confident. It won't take much, because the stars are doing most of the work, but a few signs of approval and praise will take me the rest of the way. What really boosts my confidence, is knowing that I'm doing a good job.


In the last full week of my birthday month I don't need the treats or presents, instead needing the kind of healthy intentions that you might make during your birthday month. I'm at a disadvantage because I can't control my diet or any of the other choices I need you to make on my behalf. But getting back to treats and presents, I'm not saying no to them.


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