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Weekly Fashion Horoscopes (Updates on Monday) - 16 October 2017


Venus the planet of fashion has finally taken the plunge into your relationship zone, where she will happily spend the next few weeks romanticizing your clothing choices. Your style will change this week from the straight line cut, no fuss designs that have served you so well, to a softer more elegant expression. You are keen to show off your more feminine side, so choose pastels and fabrics that simmer and accentuate your curves.


All good things have to come to an end and this week Venus exits your pleasure zone in favour of a dress code that suggests prudence. It's time to clean up the fashion scene and embrace simplicity and your preferences seem to be crisp and cheerful with the least amount of embellishment. Sporty outfits suit you best, and your most complimentary colours are shades of white and cream. Try some natural fabrics like cotton and linen this week, and avoid frills, bows or anything garish.


The fun dial is turned up high since Venus entered your pleasure zone this week and I can only imagine what she will coax out from within your wardrobe. You are in the mood for passion and drama when it comes to clothing choices so select the boldest and most creative items that you can find. High hair, sequins, bright hues and bling, are all ideas to build this look. You have the desire to be noticed now and you have the courage to pull off some outrageous ideas, so go on and be a daredevil!


It's time to flaunt the yummy mummy look now that Venus has taken up her new role in your home and family zone for the next few weeks. You are ready to experience fashion through the lens of the domestic goddess, and your choices have become softer and more gracious. Gentle knits, leggings and silk tunics, girl next door sneakers and pretty cardi's are just some of the fabulous choices that are open to you for the rest of this month and beyond.


Life has suddenly become so much more social since Venus entered your communication zone this week, and set your fashion sense on edge. Because you are so socially active now it's a good idea to try and layer your outfits so that you can step out of the office and head straight out for drinks without a care. Bright colours suit you best, and so do cheeky designs, why not try a school girl look with a thin tie over a long button up shirt and pencil skirt for laughs!


Your fashion image has certainly turned full circle since Venus left your personal zone and entered a part of your zodiac this week where quality is king. It's out with the sharp and bold as you appreciate comfort right now, and long to portray a classic image of timeless elegance. Your best fabric choices should be sensuous and figure hugging, so choose soft knits, or satins and chiffons in gentle colours like mink and pearl to set this look on fire.


You sure mean to make a bold fashion statement since Venus entered your personal zone this week and put fire in your belly. She is on a warrior's mission when she is in this part of your zodiac and you will naturally respond by choosing fashion garments that are striking, and command attention. Make sure to wear a lot of reds and blacks over the next few weeks and try some asymmetric designs to add a futuristic flavour.


What a difference a day makes when Venus changes signs and brings you a totally different spin on fashion choices. Last week was all about striking a statement, and now you would much rather lounge in gentle cottons, while you take a back seat to life. Try some flowing gowns that bring out the inner fairy. Soft and lacy are your go to fabrics, and rainbow pastels or muted ocean colours suit you best right now. Any long and flowing garments are fabulous this month Scorpio!


You are up for some creative fun while Venus is in your friendship zone for the next few weeks, which seems to have given you a talent for mixing and matching fashion items like never before. You aren't afraid to try new styles at the moment, and this seems to give you the edge. Get creative this week with colour and design, and mix clashing genres like granny print and stripes, or greens and blues. This is your chance to be funky and courageous.


With Venus entering your career sector this week you have your mind set on making some status changes, and what better place to start than with your wardrobe. It's all about creating a professional look, and Venus is determined to show you how. Choose elegant but serious styles this week that reflect professionalism, like tailored skirt suits, with matching shoes and bag. Make sure that your colour palette remains reasonably neutral, and take care to avoid anything too flashy, it just wouldn't be taken seriously.


Venus the goddess of style, has entered your adventure zone this week and is urging you to take on a more relaxed dress code over the next few weeks. You are not into fuss right now and tend to gravitate towards items that can be taken directly out of a suitcase and still look great on you. With Venus in this part of your zodiac you are part adventurer, and part bohemian, so choose windswept and interesting garments that portray this image.


Naughty Venus is up to her tricks now that she has moved into this very sensuous part of your zodiac and she will encourage you to play along by means of your fashion choices. You desire to convey a statement of power and control this week and tend to choose items that bring this message across. Rich and passionate colours like plumb, midnight blue, and deep purple will help you achieve this statement, and make sure that there are no frills or bows. You are the sultry siren right now, not a damsel in distress!

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