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Astrology Web Service

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Astrology web service content produces free readings based on date of birth only. Offer follow-up full-length Astrology readings. Features the Future, Relationships and Personal Development. Available for Apps and web sites.

Option to use your own payment gateway. View demo White label store system with the samples of the personal readings you can offer.

Astrology content Integration API

Astrology content Integration API We can send you an API key for your developers which shows the process of producing reports. Request API demo access to DIY landing pages.

There is also a generous volume discount scheme. Means you earn more profit for your promotional efforts. Request licensing details

Dedicated Management system

Dedicated Management system Tracks all users in real time. Allows for refunds and corrections within the report production system. Provides daily, weekly and monthly total sales. As well as costs for selected products.

How Astrology Web Service it Works

How Astrology Web Service it Works You are free to design how and which astrology content you want to display. The astrology web service provides high speed access to server systems.

Astrology content incorporated to your website. The web service offers users easy access to informative personal astrology readings. Readings contain comprehensive and wide-ranging information written by professional astrologers.

The ourWeb Service is an external interface to our astrology server. Called from your web sites or other applications. Regardless of platform or programming language.

Documentation site:

Mail Merge, with Astrology!

You design your output template, which is HTML, you add specific replaceable fields. We process the HTML and it merges our astrology with the ‘content’ you provide.

Examples:  Relaitionship Calculator

Love Match - try yourself. View Now

Give us a call. Make your web site a more exciting experience. Provide your visitors with personalized content.

Increase your visitor loyalty and your revenue stream. Use our bespoke astrology readings and integrated management system. Request licensing details

Astrology Content - Mobile Friendly Celebrity Samples

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Readings Samples Tip: Try viewing samples on your phone and tablet as well as desktop/laptop.


Star Work & Money - for Bill Gates View Sample
Star Destiny - for Angelina Jolie View Sample
Star Spirit - for Bill Clinton View Sample
Star Talents - for Tom Cruise View Sample
Star Dating - for Uma Thurman View Sample


Star Love-Life - for Tiger Woods View Sample
Star Predictor - for Russell Crowe View Sample
Star Forecaster - for Renee Zellweger View Sample


Star Intimacy - for Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie View Sample
Star Lovers - for Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie View Sample

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