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Love Match Compatibility

Love Match compares the ‘Star Signs ‘of two people. Valuable insights about how well you get on together, The challenges you face. The enjoyment and intimacy you share.

Your web site or app visitor will appreciate this easy to use application. It reveals and compares the two individuals approach to love and their relationship.

Love Match Brings Registrations

An excellent way for you to get visitors to sign up with their email address. Also, provide even mor compatibility information. When you send follow up offers. Choose from the relationship compatibility reports from the white label affiliate store system.

Use in combination with a dating site or psychic services.

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Celebrity Love Match

You can supply a list of celebrity star signs so the user can compare how they ‘Get On’ with them in surprising ways. Ways they had not thought of or considered. Often ways that make them smile and enjoy. So making ‘Love Match’ something they may want to ‘share’ with their friends.

Getting On : Shows how each person gets on with their partner. What you must do to get on better.

Challenges : Understand the challenges you must face together. How to confidently ‘handle them’.

Enjoyment : The different ways you enjoy each other’s company. Tips for you both that make your relationship more enjoyable.

Attraction : How each person views the intimacy you share. Suggested ways you may improve your relationship.

Try Love Match Calculator

Discover many revealing insights. Simple form entry. Enter two peoples date of birth. Or select Zodiac Star signs. Produce an exciting and detailed relationship reading.

Author- Jeff Prince

Many users find relationship content fascinating. They can compare themselves and friends. Investigate all sorts of possibilities. At the same time they are provided with insightful information. Interpretations by professional astrologer Jeff Prince.

Integration Guide

Add love match calculator to your web site or app. We provide a demo API key and integration instructions and offer full technical support by email. Request a demo API key


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