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Weekly Pet Horoscopes (Updates on Monday) - 13 August 2018


You can think of me as your canary in a cage, knowing that if I'm happy and relaxed then all is well. I am more attuned to the cosmic conditions than you are and that is why I may have been stressed or a little more fragile than usual. In the early days of this week, you're likely to notice a sea change, as my playful and even mischievous old self returns. I'm excited and so too should you be.


Have you ever been in a situation when you suddenly realise that you've forgotten to have fun and that somehow a need for adventure has fallen off your radar, wondering how that happened? Well the same is happening to me this week and all in the very early hours of the week. A cosmic shift and then next minute, a sense of curiosity and wanderlust is back in a way that suddenly reminds me what I've been missing out on. I'm not going to let that happen again.


Something has shifted. I can feel it in my bones and in every fibre of my body. All of a sudden, I feel more energised, less stressed and more excited. All it has taken is a planet or two to move to the left and another to move to the right and they are no longer at loggerheads. At the same time, the weekend's eclipsing New Moon has reignited my sense of curiosity.


While we all have animal instincts and us pets even more so, born under a Cancerean Sun and so emotionally connected, I feel everything. I am the first to sense when pressure is building, but on the other side, I am the first to sense that it has passed over. While I have started to relax a little more over recent weeks, only to relapse, something shifts this week and I'm happy to finally give the all clear. I'm ready now to have some fun and some adventures.


Don't be surprised if I become more restless and that it kicks in during the early hours of the week. It is a combination of a new need for movement and the fact that I will need to shake off a sense of lethargy first, that may see my body lag behind my mind. Especially if at first I don't know what to do with myself. I may even end up pacing, until I figure out where to direct a new influx of energy.


While this is always a point in any year when I am more lethargic, recharging my batteries ahead of my birthday month next week, I am likely to relax a lot more this week. There is a difference between napping peacefully and still being on alert. The fact that my whole body language is set to relax this week is a sign of improving cosmic conditions. Finally, I can sleep peacefully.


Don't be surprised if am strutting a lot more than usual, walking around as though I really do own the place. A combination of feeling more confident and a lot more sure of what I do or don't want, is making me a little more precocious. The same conditions that are making me more cocky are also making me more affectionate, which makes it worthwhile.


We are all going to feel more relaxed and confident this week and I'm not just talking about us pets. Tensions that had been building have broken and are now receding, just as I am starting to feel more competitive and confident. This is likely to see me become a lot more boisterous and even more cocky this week, as I see what I want and go after it.


While I have been flirting with a sense of wanderlust, curiosity and adventure for some time now, something has been holding me back from fully embracing this, which is not like me at all. Whatever that was moves aside this week and I am finally willing to embrace this. Be warned, as my tolerance for boredom plummets, the confidence to make a bold move rises.


If I haven't been quite myself of late, all that changes in the early hours of the week, as I regain my mojo. This has been something I haven't been able to put my finger on, but I just haven't felt like myself. Yet that changes big time this week, to a point where I not only feel like my old self again, but a much younger version of my old self. I have a spring in my step I haven't seen for a while now.


At the same time that my energy levels could drop this week, so too will my stress levels. Where I have been energised, but partly with nervous energy, that evaporates this week, leaving me feeling calmer and more relaxed. So relaxed that I am likely to sleep more, not because I'm tired and more because I no longer feel a need to constantly be on guard.


This is a good week to get an accurate gauge on my health and vital levels. The Sun has been shining the solar spotlight on my health needs for several weeks now, but feeling under pressure and out of sorts, this has not given an accurate view on things. As the pressure drops and I relax more, anything brought on my nerves or stress will start to disappear.


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