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Weekly Pet Horoscopes (Updates on Monday) - 21 January 2019


There is something seriously exciting in the air this week and especially in the early part, with Monday especially exciting. This has something to do with Monday's Full Moon, but this is no ordinary Full Moon, with a playful and adventurous energy to this that has me seriously excited. A burst of exuberance might make it hard for me to sit still for long.


This is a time of year when I can take myself a little too seriously, but quite frankly I can't be bothered. It is less that I am feeling lazy and more that I am feeling relaxed, without the usual need to prove myself or to show off. I know I'm smart and I know I'm clever, so why waste time trying to prove what we both know. I would rather spend time in my favourite sleeping place or just watching life go by.


A Full Moon doesn't usually have much impact on me. I am too sensible and objective to lose my cool like some of my friends do. However, Monday's Full Moon could have quite an effect, with the pull from these lunar vibes a lot stronger. Yet it is unlikely to rattle my nerves and instead will loosen my vocal cords. I am likely to be a lot more vocal at the start of the week and you may even find me howling at the Moon.


I was born at a time of year ruled by the Moon, so I am a lot more sensitive to all the lunar cycles and to Full Moons in particular. They can really rattle my nerves and strip away my confidence, becoming quite jumpy until they pass. Yet Monday's Full Moon seems to have the opposite effect, pumping up my confidence and giving me a new sense of bravado.


Monday's Full Moon has my name written all over it and is likely to have a strong impact on me. There is something about this Full Moon that almost speaks to me, amplifying all my responses. This will also make me a lot more transparent, to a point where you won't need to wonder what I am feeling or trying to say, for it will be obvious.


I might suffer from a case of Mondayitis this week, with an eclipsing Full Moon on Monday taking the wind out of my sails for a few days. This is only temporary and I will bounce back by midweek. Things might be a bit quieter then, so make the most of this, especially as I am bound to want to make up for lost time in the second half of the week.


I am not only keenly interested in everything you do this week, I am taking an active approach to showing you my love and affection. From hunting for special treats to getting under your feet, what you see as annoying or even naughty behaviour, is simply me trying to show you how much I love you. I could just look at you adoringly, but I am into more tangible displays of my affection this week.


Be warned that I am into power struggles at the start of the week, without even realising I am. I will totally believe that I am right and will become intensely involved in making sure that I get my way. Yet by midweek I am likely to forget what all the fuss was about, returning to my old self again. I will love a battle of wills and any chance to go head to head. You could just let things pass and wait for me to come down off my high horse.


I am likely to be a happy chappy this week, with everything in life looking rosy, optimistic and not only fun but adventurous as well. I am able to see the fun in any situation, with some of my playfulness and optimism contagious. If I appear full of life it is because I am and spent any time with me and you will find that this is contagious.


While my birthday month ended over the weekend, it is never too late to make up for lost time. Especially when it comes to any resolutions you may have forgotten to make on my behalf. My birthday month is less about treats and new toys and more about the resolutions I can't make for myself. The Sun only left Capricorn on Sunday, meaning that it is not too late.


Monday might be the first full day of my birthday month, but I am unlikely to feel the birthday spirit take hold. At least not to start with and instead, an eclipsing Full Moon seems to have it out for me, feeling under pressure and a bit picked on. Yet I will feel much better by midweek, ready then to embrace my birthday month and the fresh wave of enthusiasm this brings. This means I have a birthday coming up.


I have always been strongly influenced by Full Moons and Monday's eclipsing Full Moon is likely to be a doozy. Yet this is less likely to rattle my nerves or prey on my emotions as a Full Moon often does and is more likely to have a physical impact. It could go either way, either taking the wind out of my sails or fill me with so much nervous energy that I can't sit still. Either way, it will pass by midweek.


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