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Weekly Pet Horoscopes (Updates on Monday) - 22 April 2019


I am feeling a lot more relaxed this week. It was the pressure from a Full Moon during the last full day of my birthday month that may have rattled my nerves last week. The weekend has been a great buffer and with my birthday month over and without the stress that can bring, I am feeling a lot more confident and ready to take on the world. In some cases literally, struck by a case of wanderlust in the early part of the week.


The Sun's return to Taurus over the weekend has kicked off my birthday month and with it comes a new sense of excitement and enthusiasm. I feel energised again and while I will still move at my own speed, the sluggishness of the previous month is gone. With my birthday month stretching out in front of me I am ready and waiting to be totally spoilt.


There are only two speeds on my dial this week, 'full stop' and 'foot to the floor'. I am either likely to be running around, full of so much nervous energy that I don't know how to stop, only to then crash and burn. Expect that cycle to repeat throughout each day, for I am under two main influences this week. One is telling me to slow down and the other injecting me with boundless energy.


Be warned, I might be a bit stubborn this week, with diva like qualities at times. It is a combination of knowing what I want and a new sense of competitiveness that will make it hard for me to back down. This might take you by surprise as I am usually so compliant and easy going. What do you mean this doesn't take you by surprise? Have you suspected that I have always had the tendency to be a bit of a diva at times?


A combination of an exciting sense of wanderlust, curiosity and adventure in the air and a need for companionship and camaraderie, will make it hard for me to stay home by myself this week. I need company and I need adventure and if I can combine the two then all the better. It is when every day is the same old same old that I'll get bored and you know what can happen then.


You know me, full of common sense and never causing you too many frights. Well, get ready to meet the new me, one that is not only under the influence of a sense of wanderlust but from a competitive spirit. Just going on an adventure isn't enough, I am up for a challenge. The harder I have to think and work hard to experience a tantalising adventure the happier I'll be.


Chances are last Friday's Full Moon shook my nerves and rattled me, something that may have taken the weekend to get over. Fortunately, it is a case of out of sight and out of mind as I start to bounce back. Yet as I do something has been awoken that I didn't realise at the time, a new sense of defiance and even rebellion, realising that I am the boss of me. Yet this is more a case of the pendulum needing to swing too far the other way, so it can eventually become more centred again.


While the Sun left my health sector over the weekend and the solar spotlight is no longer on my health needs, I am not only still receptive to healthy new choices, I am even more receptive. I want to feel healthy, full of vitality, energy and agility. If you have made healthy resolutions on my behalf over the last month, this is the perfect time to put this into action.


The Sun's return to my health sector over the weekend is something that happens at this time every year, with the solar spotlight highlighting my health needs. It is still early days, giving you time to simply pay more attention and become more mindful. You have another two weeks before you even reach the point where you can get specific, in terms of more information or taking action. For now, it is more about simply being aware.


Since the weekend I have become a real homebody. This was partly because last Friday's Full Moon may have rattled my nerves and I am drawing comfort from all things routine and familiar. However, what may have started as a need has since turned into a desire, with my happiest times of any day being when I am in the middle of home and family life.


I am always happiest in a crowd, when I have company or I am in a situation where I can see what is happening around me. Call for nosey, but I like to think that I am just inquisitive. And yes, there is a fear of missing out, but mainly it is because I love being around others, whether they have two legs or four or even if they have feathers. Just don't leave me alone too much.


I am feeling brave and territorial this week, taking my job of watchman and protector of my home and family seriously. I might act tougher than I actually am, but it is all for show. Beneath this I am genuinely interested or curious about any strangers who might come to the door, wanting to know why they're here and what they are up to. When all is quiet and calm I will just love being part of family life and of all things routine and familiar.


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