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Weekly Pet Horoscopes (Updates on Monday) - 24 June 2019


I am rediscovering some of my cool after last week's stars rattled my nerves in a way that made me lose some of my 'street cred'. I am not usually impacted by Full Moons, but a Full Moon on top of other planetary pressure even got through my defences. Yet in the process this has awoken a sense of wanderlust, curiosity and adventure, making me realise that I may have been playing things too safe. I feel a lot braver this week and be warned, more of a risk taker as well.


As my confidence starts to return after last week's tricky conditions, I am likely to become a lot more vocal. It is when I am quiet that you know something is bothering me and while I haven't reached the point where I am in love with the sound of my own voice, something tells me that this is the direction I am heading in. For now, what I am really lapping up this week is as much indulgence and spoiling that you can give me.


While my birthday month wasn't the easiest of experiences this year, it ended on a high note over the weekend. So much so that a late boost in confidence only now has me ready to celebrate or to be made a fuss of. If we didn't get to celebrate my birthday during my birthday month, I don't know about you but I am all for a 'better late than never' approach.


The Sun's return to Cancer over the weekend has brought me to the start of my birthday month and with it a whole new boost in confidence. This is a complete turnaround to the last few weeks, when my confidence likely to have taken a knock. Last week's Full Moon, on top of a high pressure time cosmically in general, has knocked me around a little. Yet moving into my birthday month has changed all that and I am ready now to be spoilt rotten.


Two things happen on the solstice, which we reached over the weekend. The first is that this begins the month count down to the start of my birthday month, giving you time to prepare and plan for how you are going to spoil me. The second is that this can often take the wind out of my sails, making me feel more lethargic. However, this year I am already there and am starting to come out the other side. I am starting to become more active but still need my naps.


This is the time of year when the Sun always brings a new social energy into play, except this year this will accentuate a social vibe I have been under for some time. There is a chance that my nerves couldn't handle too much stimulation over recent weeks, not liking being in a place that was too busy, with too much company. I am better able to handle that this week, feeling less stressed in social situations.


I am feeling a lot more relaxed this week and when I am feeling relaxed I am a lot more confident and a lot more affectionate. I will still be on my guard though, in case things slip backwards. As always, balance is important for me, with my nerves still not handling wild extremes too well. It could be that simple and boring does me just fine.


I am positively giddy with excitement this week. The week not only begins with a mix of playful lunar and adventurous solar vibes in play but behind each is something that is going from strength to strength. After some difficult stars over recent weeks, with last week, in particular having played havoc with my nerves, I'm ready to have some fun.


After a Sagittarius Full Moon at the start of last week, this week might also get off to a bumpy start. However, this week it is more a false alarm and the fact that my nerves are still sensitive. If I appear a bit jumpy at the start of the week, there is nothing for this to hitch onto so will quickly pass. It was my confidence that took a hit last week and while it is returning, a bit of ego stroking and affection will go a long way to helping me rebound.


While I normally take a stoic approach to life, there were times when last week's conditions did get to me, with my nerves still feeling rattled. Yet the more you can keep things on an even keel, with as little uncertainty as possible, the quicker my confidence will return. I am not looking for excitement and variety this week, with the more we can keep things routine and predictable the better.


While my energy levels are still stop/go at times, for the most part they are on the increase. I am more likely to be suffering from nervous energy that needs an outlet than I am to want to simply nap. However, the wild swings between the two are becoming less extreme, as I spent more time on the active rather than the inactive side of the scale.


There is a whole new energy in play this week that has me excited. If last week's Full Moon and other tensions got to me last week there will be no sign of it this week. Playful and adventurous forces come together in a fun and exciting way, just as my energy levels and a need to be active in particular, is on the rise. Something has shifted, as I wasn't feeling this energised last week.


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