White Label Horoscope Affiliate Program

Horoscopes for e-commerce, media and publishers. Readymade astrology and horoscope landing pages. Select and brand the content you want to offer. Personalized content delivered on screen and by email.

Create Compelling Landing pages

Include options for free birth chart readings. Daily horoscopes and personal astrology forecast subscriptions. Includes company or web site branding. Custom form Integration for merchant banking and your web site design. Get White Label Access

Daily Horoscope Content

Unique daily horoscope feeds. An easy, inexpensive and effective method to attract users. Keeps visitors coming back every day. Horoscope Services combines technology with the work of accomplished astrologers.

Horoscope Topics and Languages

General, Love, Money, Career, Business, Health and Fitness, and Fashion. Over 25 language options. View Daily Horoscopes Content

Video Horoscopes

Weekly video service. Featuring horoscopes written by Jeff Prince. Video options include free personal report promotions with follow up sales. View Video Horoscopes

Love Match Calculator

Compares the ‘Star Signs ‘of two people. Shows how each person gets on with their partner. Try Love Match

Free Personal Horoscope Readings

Enable email collection and revenue streams to your site. Follow up sales from our range of personal Horoscope readings. Choose from Love, Sex, Relationships, Career, Past Lives and many more personal reports. Try Free Personal Readings

Free Tarot Readings

Offer Free 3 card Tarot readings with email collection. Follow up sales from our range of personal Tarot readings. Choose from Classic or 10 Card spreads. Topics include Love Career,  Money and Relationships. Tarot Readings, also available in Spanish. Try Free 3 Card Tarot Reading

Free Astrology Birth Charts

Provide powerful personalized free horoscope content. Birth Charts, Personal Profiles, Forecasts, Relationship Readings. Easily create ‘Landing Page’ campaigns’ Build your email marketing list. Try Free Report Promotions

Landing pages Content

Tools available to create compelling landing pages. Instant delivery on screen and via email. Readings that contain Birth Chart plus Full length interpretations.

Personal Profiles in Six Languages

French - German - Spanish - Dutch – English – Russian. View  Career, Money, Work, Love, Relationship Sample

Simple implementation Process

Quick access to horoscope and astrology content. Simple to follow instructions for your developer. Ask for sample API code.

Mobile Astrology

We provide content and systems for mobile phone applications. From SMS daily text horoscopes to full personal astrology chart and report display. View sample astrology app

Astrology Authors

We design content for astrologers and publishers. Our report Design System lets you Create unique astrology readings. Contact us with your proposals

Contact Us

Contact us, with your requirements and we can supply you with horoscope pricing and a trial feed.


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