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Daily Chatty Style Horoscopes - Wednesday 24 April


I have a confession to make that surrounds using overly-long and complicated words to start your forecast to help illustrate how something done easily can be made to sound complex and convoluted. I realized that doing so would have probably put you off wanting to read any further. You would have understandably preferred I didn't go to the lengths I was considering to make something simple unnecessarily complex. So - let's see if you can do the same in some way?


With Uranus in your sign, volatility is to be expected but not all disruption is unhelpful. Hopefully, you're starting to see or sense evidence of positive steps you're taking as a result of adjusting to and coping with all that is changeable. What's altering in your world now is yet another helpful and potentially far-reaching step forward. Try not to see it as an attempt to thwart a plan close to your heart. It might offer the encouragement or inspiration you need.


When we accept how integral patience is to a plan we need to move up a gear or two, it's usually a sign that we've put everything in place to get it running properly. As keen as you may be to closely monitor a particular plan or process, try to leave it alone. It can gain momentum with you nudging it gently rather than steering it determinedly. If you distance yourself from it, it could have a pleasant surprise in store.


We don't struggle to find options these days. If there's something we want or to make happen, then a quick search online often offers countless possibilities. There are times when we find ourselves baffled by how many options we have available and considering them all can feel tiring and daunting. The sky suggests that options or choices in your world may be dwindling but that's because you're gaining a clearer idea about where you stand with a commitment or arrangement. Don't believe you need to explore any more options than what you have available.


In some way, 'push' is doing more than coming to 'shove'. Your celestial scenario suggests an imaginary boot poised at your posterior. If you feel you've had enough of a certain situation or arrangement, then that's good news. It means a shift is possible and likely imminent, if you're willing to push aside what's superfluous and take a step you know needs to be taken. Don't resent how you may feel pushed or shoved a certain direction. It's for your own good.


Are you ready to step forward and do something impressive? Actually, that's an unnecessary question because you have all you need at your disposal to make something spectacular and potentially far-reaching happen. All you need to do is draw deeply from a well of experience and enthusiasm. Whatever it is you do and however you choose to apply both, you can be certain that you'll attract the attention you want – and deserve.


You may feel it's necessary and helpful to offer advice to a certain person but consider if it's something they need to hear. You can see a situation in a particular way but might not have as many facts available to you as you believe you do. It would obviously be more helpful if this individual put you in the picture in ways they aren't currently. Before you impart any advice, do a bit more fact-gathering first. Ask more questions, rather than be so keen to provide an answer.


It's important that you accept there is someone you need to impress. To do this, you'll need to summon some confidence. To identify this person to whom you have something to prove, you needn't look further than the nearest mirror. You know how a surge of confidence could take you from a stagnant situation to one that's more inspiring. Trust that you have the ability to surprise yourself. When you do, you'll feel justifiably impressed.


With little difficulty, we can think of numerous things that poking, prodding or constantly monitoring only delays a process and ends up frustrating us in more than one way. Before you take action to try and accelerate a certain process now, remind yourself of the benefits of leaving it alone. You've done what's needed on your part to get this underway. Now, a bit more trust and patience are needed.


Should you feel more respected and appreciated? Is there more you ought to do to command more respect and appreciation from others? You may wonder if you should do more or where you're going wrong. However, the sky implies that you don't need to lift a finger to receive more recognition, praise or support. Be assured that you'll have a reason soon to feel your efforts - or talents – are recognized and acknowledged.


A glimmer of hope is better than no glimmer at all. Where you may feel you'd be more likely to be punching the air with delight at having achieved or experienced an impressive and far-reaching development, it is possible you can expect to feel reassured that a plan is on track. What you'd been inclined to dismiss or write off offers a reason to feel confident that you haven't been wasting time or effort.


The reassurance that comes from knowing we were right is a special kind of reassurance. It's possible you've had to defend a decision or action and can allow others to see how right you were to do so. You've pursued a plan that suited you and not because it 'looked good on paper' but because it felt right and offered what you need. The good news is, your enthusiasm and optimism look set to grow even more as further confirmation of the fact that you were right arrives.


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