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Daily Chatty Style Horoscopes - Thursday 3 December


What do you think the three best answers would be to say to a Genie, released from a magic lantern, keen to grant you three wishes? I dare say genies dislike smart alecs who ask for more wishes. But would sensible answers not be health, wealth, and happiness? A wave of security permeating your world can, undoubtedly, help you achieve more of each. They're the best wishes you could want.


Life's challenges are often referred to as obstacles or hurdles. But how often do we ask ourselves why such words are used? Both imply that ways exist for us to get over them. So, that makes them temporary, not permanent. A challenge facing you now or shortly appears to practically beg you to overcome it. It has a weakness. Spot that, and you'll succeed.


'Phew, that was a close call.' It's difficult to not read those words in the way most people say them. If a recent upsetting or fearful experience hadn't occurred, then you probably wouldn't be armed with information or knowledge you likely possess now. But should something similar happen again, you won't be caught off-guard in the same way. Despite what may have been precarious, what seemed unmanageable is about to become manageable.


Motivational speakers often ask audiences what 'path' they're on. Are they on one destined for success or failure? Personally, I don't believe it's as 'cut and dried' as that. Sometimes, the path we're on isn't as important as the direction we're heading. We may be on a particular path, which is better than doing nothing, but where is it taking us, exactly? Don't resist a chance to make a small tweak to your trajectory. Changing circumstances may require a slight but necessary change in direction.


'You've got something I want.' If those words are said to us, then they can either be intriguing or intimidating. Fortunately, in your case, they have a very strong positive connotation. You appear to have something somebody not only wants but needs. That makes what you offer extra valuable. Don't rule out how you stand to gain from assisting or supporting this person, either.


'Let me tell you how it is.' If someone says those words to us, then they imply we're not 'in the picture' about something in ways we believe we are or should be. There's a hint of an overdue conversation needed, too. If you and a particular person have, for whatever reason, delayed an important discussion, then you could feel the time is right to have it now. But it's unlikely to be only one of you who leaves a conversation feeling more enlightened.


Sometimes, nothing makes our heads hurt more than trying to make sense of what appears senseless. But until we get to grips with the reality of circumstances we're dealing with, an answer is unlikely to arrive instantly. That doesn't mean one doesn't intend to arrive for you shortly. But there's more you must understand about what you're dealing with here and now before that can happen.


Sometimes, discovering our well-intended efforts are unwelcome or unappreciated can knock us for six. Even the tiniest bit of ingratitude on someone's part can cause us to draw a line about assisting them in the future. But you might misinterpret somebody's actions as a lack of appreciation now. Don't go drawing any lines yet. Trust that what you're owed is coming.


You have control in a particular area. However, you probably don't have as much as you may have had in the past. You have new circumstances to consider and input or insights that didn't form part of the equation previously. But progress in a key area appears to rely on somebody's willingness to assist or cooperate. Rather than making clear that you want to be in charge, try to encourage a team effort. A better result awaits by doing so.


We hear people use the phrase that involves 'getting the wrong end of the stick.' To explain this popular saying's origin, it would be best if you weren't eating. However, we know it means to get the wrong idea about something or misinterpret a situation. Your assessment of something is likely to be accurate. It's someone else who could benefit from guidance or steering. With care and sensitivity, you can help them let go of an inaccurate or unfounded belief.


With a calculator and awareness of average age expectancies, we can work out how many hours, minutes, and seconds we have available during our lifetime. Although we know we're supposed to live each day as if it's our last, we'd probably leave this mortal coil due to exhaustion! With that in mind, consider the strength of a sense of urgency in your world now. You can benefit from being patient rather than overly-determined. Time, where you need it, is on your side.


When somebody does something impressive on their own, other people naturally don't want to disrupt what's working well. Yet, we can all fail to send out the right signals where a need for help or support is concerned. If it's clear that others aren't picking up on these, then frustration can set in. Don't let something get to that stage. If doing something solo - that may also benefit others - is becoming draining, then you're not only right to ask for help, you're owed it.


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