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Daily Chatty Style Horoscopes - Friday 29 May


Apparently, the Sun is halfway through its ten billion year lifespan. So, in about five billion years, people won't be able to say with the same level of certainty we can that the Sun is guaranteed to rise the next day. But as serious as that sounds, it's hardly a problem that concerns any of us. Can something not be said about a matter you believe to be an imminent problem? Chances are, it isn't worth worrying about.


Many scientists enjoy discussing and studying something called The Catastrophe Theory. Despite the negative connotation to its name, it involves assessing the science behind how and why a situation ticks along predictably and suddenly flips to become something else. You may have grown used to a situation in your world becoming painfully predictable. Prepare to see it flip.


Would any of us be happy if a fairy godmother or genie told us that success was guaranteed with something we set out to do? We might believe we'd be overjoyed to hear such news. But a part of us would feel deflated, knowing that we wouldn't experience the satisfaction that comes from receiving a reward through effort. Don't become despondent if all you see are twists, turns, and bumps along a journey to success. They really will make the effort worth it.


It's not what you say now that matters but how you say it. But that's the problem. You might believe you're conveying yourself succinctly and straightforwardly. Others might find your tone or verbal approach to be aggressive or barbed. That's why a balance needs to be found. By all means, be direct but also be aware of how easily you can put others' backs up by being too direct.


A particular issue could be as complicated as you want it to be. The thing is, because you believe it to be complex, you see it in such a way. What if you were able to alter your perspective? What if you chose to see the matter as something easily solvable that you could tackle and move on from? If all that's needed is a bit more confidence, then that could arrive now or shortly.


It's possible that a keyword affecting your life presently is 'control.' You could be aware of what you wish you had more control over. You could also be aware of what or who controls you. Yet, we know this is a time when none of us have as much freedom or influence as we wish we had. You could receive a reassuring insight into how you have more influence in some way than you thought you did.


This could be a time to assess priorities. The process could be enlightening if it reveals you're putting too much emphasis on what used to be important but is now less important than other matters. But that's where the saying about not being able to 'see the wood for trees' comes in. You could be so close to certain situations that you can't see that they don't deserve as much time as you perhaps believe they do.


You're able to give others a choice now. In fact, this has probably been building for some time, but they either 'take you as you are,' or they don't. If they choose the latter, then a parting of ways might be necessary. You know who understands and supports you. If others need their arms twisted to do so, then it might be time to wish them all the best - and move on.


You could be surprised where advice or helpful input comes from. It probably won't arrive from somebody who, as the old saying goes, 'likes the sound of their own voice.' It's more likely to come from somebody who's a clever observer and listener. Keep your eyes peeled for such a person in your world. What they have to say really is worth listening to.


We're all aware of the saying 'one step forward, two steps back.' It relates to a belief that we're making progress, only to discover we must return to a particular stage to correct or improve something before we can move forward. That can have benefits, though. If you're experiencing something similar, then take that as a sign that you're doing something right. Proper, solid foundations are being put in place for a vision or plan that deserves them.


It is believed that if 1000 people concentrated on the Empire State Building or Eiffel Tower at the same time wishing it to move, it would move. What if only 999 people took part? Would one absence make a difference? Maybe that one person is crucial to the plan working. Perhaps, you're more important than you believe yourself to be where a shared plan is concerned. Don't see yourself as superfluous or inferior.


Everybody is blessed with a fantastic imagination. The only restrictions are those we create ourselves. But as wonderful as it is to have the ability to dream on such a massive scale, real magic is created when we apply our imagination or find an outlet for it. You can undoubtedly make your and others' worlds a brighter place by doing so. Let your unique creativity emerge in whatever way it wants or needs to now.


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