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Daily Chatty Style Horoscopes - Wednesday 5 August


Is somebody's determination to get their way tantamount to bullying? Possibly. You could be dealing with an individual determined to push their point or win an argument. But don't allow their persistence to cause you to downsize your idea or vision regarding how something should be done. It could be your determination to stand your ground that helps both of you eventually.


Some people like knowing that others have got their backs and will assist with any problem that arises. Others resent those who try to be problem solvers. That's a fine line you might need to balance now. You could know intuitively what somebody needs or how to offer the right kind of assistance or support. But it's worth checking with them first that your efforts will be welcomed or appreciated.


We all know the saying about clouds having silver linings. But before we can find these, we must still acknowledge and deal with the fog that presents itself. But it's interesting how clouds never hang around for long. They morph into something else or are unable to exist in the strength of sunshine. Trust that whatever cloud hovers over your world now will have a short lifespan.


Years ago, when friends and I were bored, we would open a map or road atlas and plonk a finger randomly to find somewhere to visit. More often than not, we were grateful for the chance to have visited somewhere different that we actually enjoyed visiting. Sometimes, what's needed is a spontaneous action to experience something gratifying. Try not to let an idea or plan you might be considering to be bound by too much structure.


Before you can upgrade a plan or strategy that has worked well, you must first get your head around what you want to change. Then, it's necessary to understand your reasons for doing so. In other words, introducing a change for the sake of it isn't a good enough reason. Give yourself a chance to adapt before you put a process in place that involves something else evolving.


Yes, a challenge presenting itself can benefit from unyielding determination on your part. But before you throw yourself into tackling and resolving whatever it is, a bit of reverse psychology could bring an interesting result. This could involve treating it like a dog barking that must remain outside. Just because you feel a sense of pressure doesn't mean you're obliged to respond instantly. You can afford to take a bit of time before responding.


Here's an analogy for you. You're at an airport, experiencing a significant delay with boarding your flight. You're cursing unseen individuals and forces for a problem not of your making. But then the airline informs you that, due to your patience and understanding, you've been upgraded to first class. What you saw as a problem turned out to be something to be grateful for. Sometimes, patience and tolerance aren't unnoticed or unappreciated. See what applying a bit of both brings you now.


Shouting at a seed planted in soil might help someone inclined to do so to feel better about the fact they're doing something to accelerate a process. Or, at least they think they are. But we can all be guilty at times of pushing what will not budge, regardless of how much effort we invest. Try to be realistic about where you focus determined energy now. You really could benefit more from allowing momentum you've created to work some magic.


Shadows can look intimidating when they're cast at particular angles. Something small and harmless can appear daunting or even terrifying when it's exaggerated in such a way. That's something to bear in mind as you view certain circumstances with trepidation. You likely see a situation as inflated or exaggerated rather than realistically. Give the light that skews it a chance to become reassuring.


It can be easy to push aside something you don't understand. Chances are, you don't do so with the intention of ignoring it forever. You're probably aware of the need to allocate specific time to making sense of what may appear senseless currently. But the good news is, once you get started and treat this postponed task as a priority, you could feel reassured at how simple or straightforward it is.


We often hear people speak about 'windows of opportunity.' But if a window is available, then is it not fair to say a door is as well? I think most of us would prefer to make use of a door rather than a window in more than one way. There can be no harm in taking the path of least resistance where an opportunity presenting itself to you is concerned. Don't believe extreme or unnecessary lengths are needed to seize it.


It's possible that a particular matter in your world needs to be seen or treated like a mosquito, buzzing around the inside of a tent or bedroom. It can be surprising sometimes how something so small can be so irritating or annoying. But it can also be easy to believe more seriousness is needed than is necessary. Make an effort to see an issue in the right perspective. You'll then see how easily solvable or rectifiable it is.


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