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Daily Chatty Style Horoscopes - Monday 24 June


The saying about judging books by covers could be appropriate now, as you may feel inclined to ignore or dismiss a development that holds more potential than it appears to. If your reluctance or hesitancy stems from dealing with something unexpected unfamiliar, then try treating what arises with a more open mind. Closer examination could reveal an opportunity worth seizing.


A grand, dramatic solution isn't needed. Instead, where a seemingly precarious or complex situation is concerned, a bit of imagination and creativity will likely do the trick. It might also be your financial situation where both should be applied. There is a way to enhance your monetary situation by doing something that inspires others. A talent, skill, or pastime could boost your bank balance. It's worth considering – or exploring.


Although it's necessary to watch and wait to see how a certain idea or plan pans out, the waiting, as they say, is the hardest part. It's probably unnecessary to check and double check that you've created a watertight strategy. What's needed is patience to allow momentum a chance to get going properly. Success is unlikely to happen overnight, but if you need reassurance that you're at least on the right track to achieve it, then reassurance is coming.


Resist any urge to focus on 'worst case scenarios.' They can be easy to create in our mind and offer a strange sense of comfort at times. You're just as capable of focusing on at least one positive outcome where you may be priming yourself for something different. A positive and potentially heart-warming development coming your way could soon alter your perspective on something you could be convincing yourself is likely to fail.


When we go on holiday, we put our passports and other official, important documents in a place that is usually easily accessible. We then feel a need later to double check that they're where we put them. In an area of your world, you could be prone to checking and double checking something that you can trust you did correctly the first time around. Focus instead on steps you can take to make progress, knowing that an essential base is covered.


We often hear that “people are like sheep.“ The statement implies that many of us follow what others do without stopping to think if it's right or appropriate. You have a chance to assess whether you ought to 'go' with a certain 'flow' that others seem happy to go with. If you have a more inspiring or creative idea or plan, then it may be better to stick with that.


Although the cosmos isn't encouraging you to be overindulgent or excessive, it does support the idea of showing a bit less restraint where you coud feel a need to apply it. If there's anything that could be taken to an extreme at this time, it's cautiousness. Relaxing a bit more or releasing some control could prove to be helpful and inspiring.


When Dorothy first met The Scarecrow in Oz, she discovered how futile it was asking him for directions. At least he admitted he was a bit confused or didn't possess certain knowledge. In your world, somebody may appear to be knowledgeable or a reliable source of information. In truth, they probably aren't. Try to be discerning regarding whom you seek certain advice from.


Although you might not switch into full rebellious mode, you could send out a message to one or two others that you intend to do something your way. The more someone tries to restrict you, the more this urge could intensify. That's fine, as long as you don't disrupt a collaborative or group effort that needs you working in tandem with others. You can suggest different ways of doing something without encouraging radical change.


Although a plan, arrangement, or commitment can offer the levels of comfort and security you need, you may struggle to ignore how unsuitable it is in other ways. What may have inspired or excited you at one time could now be seen as something tedious or uninspiring. However, whatever-it-is looks set to shift and head in a new direction. It may be worth giving it a chance to do so before you assess whether you continue to involve yourself with it.


Most people do something repetitively for more than one reason. Usually, reasons involve being unconcerned about introducing a new way of doing something, especially if it has always produced the desired result. However, you probably don't subscribe to such thinking. It's possible to apply your innovative and experimental qualities to something you sense is outdated. If anyone can introduce a more improved way of doing something, then you can.


One of the reasons why dreams can be so magical is because they're so unpredictable. We never know what world we're going to be taken to when our head hits a pillow. Although we can often come up with more interesting or exciting dreams while awake, there are times when our mind's creations can send a clear, unignorable, and potentially inspiring message. Be open-minded toward the one you may receive now or shortly.


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