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Monthly Love Chatty Style Horoscopes - August 2018


The cosmos appears to favor single Rams this month, but that doesn't mean attached Rams won't benefit from far-reaching love life developments. If you're in a relationship, then you might find coming weeks to be more plain-sailing than if you're not. A spectacular Solar Eclipse occurs on the 11th, targeting all things connected with love and romance. However, other planetary factors suggest single Aries will be looking to the past for a love life answer, and if an ex-partner emerges, things can become increasingly complicated. A strong sense of restriction will be felt during the first week, but after the 9th, this will wane, leaving you feeling freer to express thoughts and feelings that have required time to get to grips with.


Regardless of your relationship status, August has 'love and romance' written all over it. Venus starts to influence your work and daily routines from the 6th until the 9th of September, and single Taureans could discover someone connected with the workplace who has been harboring a secret crush on them. You might see only complications regarding this, but if you can spot the genuine opportunity on offer, then something potentially heartwarming can happen. As August draws to a close, you might be willing to take a risk with your heart. The sky implies it's one you're unlikely to regret.


With Venus casting a delightful influence over love and romance from the 6th until the 9th of September, an enhanced feeling of love and warmth will permeate your emotional world during coming weeks. Attached Geminis will find an interesting opportunity arises to embrace the spirit of teamwork or collaboration, and the result of putting your heads together could be far-reaching and spectacular. Single Geminis can benefit most from Venus's influence as the planet of love can create more than one opportunity to meet that special someone. However, don't throw in the towel at a hurdle that arises on or around the 9th. Things will become sweet again soon afterward.


The first half of August could be frustrating, especially if you must dig deep within your patience and compassion reserves to help a loved one see a situation realistically instead of pessimistically. If you and the object of your affections don't see eye-to-eye on a certain matter, possibly related to your home or family, then it might be up to you to help them accept that the proverbial glass is half full instead of half empty. Tension can also arise with a love interest but only because you and a certain person are allowing a matter to fester rather than bringing it into the open to be discussed, warts and all. Some concealed thoughts and feelings could emerge with gusto, but you'll both have a clearer idea where you stand with a certain matter.


During August, if you were able to see certain situations connected with affairs of the heart more clearly, then you'd respond to them differently. However, you're dealing with confusing and undeniably powerful influences in the form of a backward-moving Mercury and a Solar Eclipse, both happening in your sign. Your future, either generally within your emotional world or with a special person relies on your ability to shake some outdated attitudes and beliefs that you could be clinging strongly to. Perhaps, it's a person you're clinging to that you need to release. In any case, by the end of August, you'll have adopted a new mindset and be much more philosophical about the future.


Whether you're single or attached, the cosmos implies strongly that a blast from the past will feature prominently in your love life during coming weeks. The re-emergence of a past love or a need to connect with a previous flame could arise, and although this might be lovely and exciting initially, by the end of the month, you could end up wishing you hadn't agreed to revive the connection. You'll need to be extra-discerning about taking any steps to support or reconnect. Proceed with caution.


Venus will grace your sign from the 6th until September 9th, enhancing not only your powers of attraction but also your confidence. All would be delightful and copacetic if certain other planetary influences weren't so disruptive. If you're attached, then even the tiniest relationship snafu could feel like an insurmountable obstacle, requiring both you and a partner to summon more effort and patience than you're used to summoning to overcome any issue. If you're single, then you might feel your heightened radiance is more of a curse than a blessing if it draws the wrong types of admirers your way. However, you'll undoubtedly have options to consider, and trusting your heart to make the right choice will ensure you do.


You might feel that much connected with affairs of the heart doesn't respond to your efforts during August. This is due largely to Mars rewinding until the 27th, but with Venus influencing privacy and secrets from the 6th until the 9th of September, you could be privy to withheld information. Every Scorpio will have their own story to tell about what comes to light about a loved one or potential partner, but something could be revealed, or it's equally possible you and a loved one will be the ones keeping a secret. The Full Moon on the 26th highlights love and romance, and with passions and emotions running high, a bond can be formed or strengthened delightfully.


You're dealing with some weakened, key astro players with affairs of the heart, which might explain why your passion levels have diminished since the end of July and are likely to continue to flatline during most of August. Your cosmic mission this month involves accepting a loved one's or potential partner's differing opinion about a matter close to your heart. However, their polarized attitude might be due to them not understanding the issue with the same level of depth you do. If you can be patient and handle all forms of communication with care, then you'll see a noticeable improvement by the 19th. If you're a single Archer, then this date might coincide with a decision you've struggled to make regarding a past love or reviving a previous love connection.


Just as you felt your mojo had returned, and passion levels were enhanced instead of nosediving, you could feel your interest in or enthusiasm toward anything connected with love and intimacy plummet once again. This will likely be the case between the 12th and 27th. However, even if the cosmos is determined to call 'time out' with your libido, it gives you a chance to be clearer about the energy you've invested toward affairs of the heart generally or a certain connection. If you're simply going through the motions and your heart isn't really 'in it,' then that could become clear this month. If you're chomping at the bit to move your passion from neutral to top gear with a special person, then this period of reflection could be invaluable.


You're dealing with some unusual cosmic circumstances with affairs of the heart, but if anyone can roll with what's exceptional or unorthodox, you can! A backward-moving Mars in your sign since the end of June hasn't helped you summon much enthusiasm or proactivity in any area of your world, your love life included. From the 12th until the 27th, Mars leaves your sign and influences privacy, detachment, and secrecy. Even if much of what you want to say or do in your emotional world remains in the confines of your mind – or in the realms of fantasy – you can still benefit from calling 'time out' and taking realistic stock of what your heart wants and needs. Then, you have a Solar Eclipse on the 11th offering a fresh start with a new relationship if you're single or an existing one if you're attached. All you need to do to embrace this opportunity fully is free yourself from outdated attitudes or beliefs regarding relationships and commitments. It's time for a mental upgrade, and this could be potentially thrilling.


Taking a step back to assess and be realistic about the powers of attraction at work in your love life will be time well spent. If you're an attached Piscean, then you might not have reflected upon what continues to draw you to the person you're with. If you're single, then you might question why you keep falling into the same love life patterns or attract the same type of person. The answers you come up with could be revealing, too. The 26th brings a Full Moon in your sign. If anything connected with affairs of the heart or a love relationship has fallen short of your expectations, then this could be a time when you decide to ring a change or two and take a bold step to create the depth of connection you might believe is missing.


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