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Weekly Chatty Style Horoscopes (Updates on Friday) - 17 August 2018


Assumption needs to be removed from any conversations or exchanges this week. Fortunately, your ability to convey or express yourself is unlikely to leave any room for assumption to be problematic. You know what to say to someone to comfort and inspire them. Don't believe what you say will fall on deaf ears or be taken with a pinch of proverbial salt. The right words, said in the right way, can affect someone profoundly.


Not only is your personal feel-good factor enhanced this week, but you're able to spread love among anyone you come into contact with. Your ability to radiate warmth and positivity makes this an ideal time to ask a favor if you've been waiting for the right time to do so. Your request could relate particularly to a family member, too. This could also be a time when you bring a bit more comfort to your home or see a tedious work-related routine in a new light. In any case, maintaining a positive, loving attitude brings positive results.


This week, Mercury turns direct after being in a weakened state since July 26. This could coincide with a realization that one or two plans you were convinced were destined for failure or unlikely to get off the ground receive a green light to proceed. It could also reopen lines of communication that have been prone to misinterpretation or closed altogether. Something is about to start moving forward again after delays or levels of planning you didn't anticipate would be required. That is bound to please you greatly.


Getting someone to agree with you would be helpful in many ways, but their agreement goes beyond you 'getting your way.' It is integral to security or stability you need in an area of your world. As much as you might resent knowing that someone plays the essential role they do, you need them on your side. Coming events could bring the breakthrough you've worked hard to achieve. With you and someone finally on the same page, something can proceed in a way that pleases and reassures you.


Most plans require us to find a way to get from A to B in some way. We are aware of the position we're in currently and can see in the distance where we want to be. As helpful as it would be if a straight line existed between the two, we know the journey to get from one to another is often winding and involves the occasional detour. Where one cherished aspiration is concerned, don't be deterred by someone else's belief that your journey will be fraught with complications and delays. Once you embark upon it, you could be surprised at how straight and clear the road is.


This week, Mercury awakens from a slumber it started at the end of July. When it returns to a strengthened position, you're one of the first people it looks at to assess where certain ideas or plans got to before it appeared to go into reverse. Events this week could confirm how quickly momentum is picking up in areas where you've felt like you've been wading through treacle. Think of it as being similar to a drifting sailboat that finally receives a tremendous gust to move it at a helpful pace in the right direction.


The need to approach an issue or dilemma logically has probably resulted in some level of reassuring progress made. It might have felt as if you've been tackling the matter with one hand tied behind your back, but it could become clear this week that logic needs to be replaced with something less 'cold.' It's time for your heart to have a louder say than your head. If you choose to heed its message this week, then you can tip a particular balance in your favor.


It's possible that what has been a gentle 'push' so far could become an uncomfortable 'shove' this week, but that could be a development you'll feel relieved or reassured by. You might sense enough assessment, analyzing and preparation have gone into something requiring a brave step to be taken. This week, prepare to show someone – and yourself – what you're capable of. Had you not been pushed to do so, it might not have happened.


Songs have been written and films made about people who found themselves in a position to 'rule the world.' But who would ever want such a time-consuming and potentially thankless role? We'd never succeed in keeping over seven billion people happy. This week, although you might not feel taking up such a position is necessary to make the world a better place, you could see ways in which you can make your own world and one or two others' more comfortable and colorful. Some seemingly small gestures could make a very big difference.


Everyone knows the mathematics involved with the chances of winning a lottery, but this doesn't deter billions of people who buy tickets. Someone must win eventually and many who do probably believed luck only worked its magic for others. It's important I make clear that the sky doesn't suggest a lottery win is guaranteed this week. However, that doesn't mean a development that causes you to feel you've succeeded against odds you were convinced were stacked against you isn't out of the question.


Don't be concerned at how a particular attitude or viewpoint is shifting with something you've always felt certain about. You're being presented, albeit slowly and gradually, with a new perspective on a certain matter that you have a long history with. The coming week could highlight how you have options where you thought few existed previously. However, being willing to see a bigger picture presenting itself that is replacing one no longer relevant will encourage you to head toward a new and more promising destination.


Many people would agree wasted talent is truly saddening. As someone who likely possesses more than one impressive ability, fortunately, for the rest of us, you tend not to allow your talents to be unexploited. However, this week, you could believe applying a certain skill or ability doesn't offer the level of challenge you wish it did. You have something special and potentially unique to offer. Don't allow apathy or complacency to cause what could be a superb opportunity to be ignored.


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