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Weekly Chatty Style Horoscopes (Updates on Friday) - 31 July 2020


As Mars links with Jupiter, the tension it creates could push you to face - and resolve - a particular fear. But if you wrestle with deep emotions or powerful reactions, then remember there is much you can achieve by summoning and applying even a tiny bit of confidence. Jupiter, because it excels at inflating and exaggerating anything it touches, could make any turmoil, drama, or misunderstandings appear bigger than they are. But Mars is at hand to help you to face particular circumstances honestly and enthusiastically. Try to focus on how the fear you're encouraged to face and change you're encouraged to introduce is healthy, helpful, and timely.


As your ruling planet, Venus, forms a tense link with Uranus in your sign, what you've tolerated or put up with for too long could become clear. But the problem may not necessarily surround another person or a group of people. It could be an attitude you've adopted that prevents you from expressing yourself in a way you wish you could. But, one way or another, 'push' looks set to become 'shove,' and it's unlikely you'll be able to shake off the need to take a bold, assertive step. So allow coming events to help you to stop thinking about what you know you need to do. Then, take that important step that you know is necessary - and timely.


This week brings a challenging link between your ruling planet Mercury and Pluto. Be careful that you don't see circumstances that you should see positively and inspiringly as deflating, troubling, or worrying. Trust that you're one tiny attitude adjustment away from overreacting to anything that transpires during the coming days. Trust as well that whatever arises is not only manageable but something you're bound to look at and recall having overcome successfully in the past. If you believe that you're dealing with a mere storm in a teacup, then this week's challenge will pose no problem whatsoever.


This week, you have a Full Moon influencing what's dark, mysterious, or concealed. Therefore, it's likely that a hidden matter may not only be brought into the open but could also help address a fear you may have had or one that someone close to you has nurtured. You're experiencing powerful transformation. You're dealing with circumstances that require you to accept what's ending and beginning. But whatever arises or wherever it becomes apparent that a new chapter is commencing, you're right to accept that something has progressed or evolved because the time is right for it to do so. If you focus only on what's positive within any development, then relief, release, and comfort on offer will undoubtedly find you.


This week, as the Sun squares up to Uranus, you're likely to be in no doubt about where you stand with circumstances in an area of your world. Although a fact must be faced or viewed realistically, you certainly don't need anybody to draw your attention to what must be accepted. But it's even more important that you don't see enlightenment that comes your way as unpleasant or worrying. You have options where you need them. You have more control available to you than you probably think you do. You could find that this makes taking a specific action or making a certain decision not only easier, but it also offers a valid reason to feel less worried and much more inspired.


This week's tense link between Mercury and Saturn suggests you should 'know your place' and appreciate structure, rules, or protocols. But your determination to bring a result could push you to bend or break a certain rule. That alone could cause complications. But further complexities could arise if you try too hard to alter an aspect of your past. It's the future that beckons inspiringly now. However, guard against being in too much of a rush to arrive there. Resist doing something reckless, hasty, or even irresponsible in the belief that it will help you achieve the desired result or arrive at a particular destination more quickly. Look forward instead of backward. Take the sensible and methodical steps you know are needed, and all will be fine.


As Venus links with Saturn, you will hopefully become aware of how it is possible to accept or even like a challenge that you would normally go to great lengths to avoid. Rather than focus on whatever appears unpleasant or uncomfortable, focus instead on what you can gain by turning the proverbial telescope around and seeing what might appear deflating or disappointing in a more positive light. The more you choose to see it negatively, the less motivated you'll feel, and the less effort you'll give something that deserves the energy you can offer it. Don't be quick to write off a less-than-desirable scenario as one that you believe is unfair. Summoning the right levels of positivity will reveal there is a reward hidden within it for you.


This week, as Mercury forms a tense link with Pluto, you could place too much emphasis on something that's not as helpful, valuable, or relevant as it appears to be. You yearn to experience something deeply satisfying. For that to happen, you need to give less attention and focus to what's trivial. Even if it feels as if you go 'over the top' or 'over the edge,' you also know there is much in your world that isn't said that should be said. So, although you're not obliged to offer an apology for saying something you know to be true, the real trick this week is knowing when to stop making your point once it has been made.


As Mars links with Jupiter, it's in your best interests to apply more care and attention to an area of your world that you could be inclined to go too far, too fast within. You could find yourself having to put right something that goes wrong due to your impatience and being overly keen to bring a result that needs more time to manifest. So, don't allow emotions to get the better of you or passions to overpower you. Keep both your mind and eyes open. Be willing to embark upon the exciting journey on offer. But make sure that the brakes work and that you're willing to apply them when necessary!


'Learning from experience' is what the connection between Mercury and Saturn offers you this week. You are about to reassess or re-evaluate at least one area of your world and probably change some rules by which you live your life. Of course, you're not forced to change anything you don't want to change. But unless you're willing to apply at least one lesson learned from the past to this week's challenge, you could feel as if you're dealing with something imbalanced or unfair. You have enlightenment coming your way that brings a lesson of some kind. As soon as you accept and embrace this, you will find a new level of clarity replaces frustration or confusion.


As Mercury links with Uranus, you're offered a rare chance to bring a significant change. However, once you get this process underway, you may have no option other than to see it through to completion. That's why you must know what you're doing and why you're doing it. Life would probably be considerably easier if you were armed with all the information you need. But you look set to make an important discovery in one area where you need fresh insight or understanding the most. So trust the new perspective coming your way. You stand to benefit emotionally, physically, psychologically, and materially from what transpires.


This week, you have a supportive link between Mars, the planet of passionate energy, and Neptune. You need to consider what might happen if a dream came true. What chaos or upheaval might arrive if that happened? It's fair to say that you can achieve something important to you, but you'll need to be aware of the equilibrium you shake by doing so. There are pros and cons attached to being in a position to see an important goal or aspiration move forward. If this means as much to you as it appears to, then push aside any misgivings and seize this opportunity with both hands, regardless of the adjustment you might need to make as a result.


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