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Weekly Chatty Style Horoscopes (Updates on Friday) - 27 November 2020


There's a strong communicative theme this week. A Full Moon Eclipse affects how you think, process information, and convey yourself. You could find you have more communication-based obligations or discover that making a point and understanding others proves tricky. But you could also be on the receiving end of someone's frustration about what is, ultimately, their problem. If you treat it as a 'storm in a teacup,' then that will make it much more manageable - and brief!


This week's events are likely to encourage you to apply a new level of focus to values, valuables, and priorities. A Full Moon Eclipse affects your beliefs, principles, self-worth, and income. Venus opposing Uranus could also highlight an opportunity begging you to acknowledge and seize it. Yet, you could look for a potential downside or 'catch.' So, try to put less importance on minor issues. Focus instead on moving toward - or reaching for - your most inspired, biggest dream.


This week, the Full Moon Eclipse occurs in your sign. This is likely to create a dilemma surrounding a commitment, partnership, an obligation, or a relationship. You could have a strong emotional attachment to a decision about where something between you and someone goes from here. But you're also urged to trust your assessment of a particular situation. You have a sensible plan in place. It could reveal how much closer to success you are than you believe yourself to be!


This week, a Mercury/Saturn link can help you gain the clarity you need to make an accurate assessment of particular circumstances. This can also help you let others know what you think and feel - or have learned or discovered. So, don't suffer in silence. Help yourself and others by expressing openly and honestly what you think and feel. Whether you do this on a face-to-face basis or via social media, you could gain a significant amount of support and respect by doing so.


This week brings pressure to routines, work, and a long-term vision. A Full Moon Eclipse affects your social scene and interactions with others in groups or collaboratively. But the Sun and Jupiter draw attention to what needs restructuring. Preserve and protect whatever makes you feel confident and secure. But if you focus your efforts on what IS 'working' and robust, then you'll identify any 'weak links' that hamper the progress you know can be made.


A Full Moon Eclipse signifies a career development or professional turning point. So, push aside doubts. Accept that others have a point when they say, possibly literally, that 'you're the best person for the job.' Hopefully, it will be clear that others have faith in you in more than one way and what you can accomplish. Don't allow fear or insecurity to dilute what can - and should be - a time to embrace well-deserved recognition, appreciation, and respect.


This week, you could sense how close you are to making something important happen. You may be aware of what's missing or beyond reach to do so, too. But trust that you're close to a solution. You might also consider delaying addressing a particular matter because you know that a fine line exists between harmony and chaos. But don't feel unsure about instigating a change you believe you're not ready for. In truth, the time has come to bring it - and you're prepared for it!


Indecision could cause you to refrain from digging deeper for answers about where you stand - and what the reality of your relationship is - with a particular person. There may be something that keeps you 'on edge' or perhaps adds more sparkle - or drama - to your world about this, too. But a dream you might secretly nurture regarding this connection or arrangement needs you to accept that it is yours for the taking - and to reach out bravely to seize it!


A Full Moon Lunar Eclipse offers a new chapter where a partnership or commitment is concerned. A scenario with a certain individual could require you to choose whether you rise to the confrontational bait they set, too. You're dealing with tense, emotional energy this week. But whether it's due to the Eclipse, an awkward so-and-so, or both, take the 'high road.' Address whatever arises sensitively. Be willing to distance yourself when you know it's necessary.


A Full Moon Lunar Eclipse could transform daily routines. This may involve your work or push you to adopt a healthier lifestyle. A Mercury/Saturn link suggests a persuasive individual could be determined for you to see things their way. But stand your ground. Take stock of a situation or an arrangement and draw your own conclusion. You'll not only keep your pride intact but could also discover how much closer to success in a particular area you are than you thought you were!


A Full Moon Lunar Eclipse affects matters of the heart and self-expression. But whether this has you punching the air with delight or choosing to focus on independence you may lose remains to be seen. Venus affecting your career and status, and Uranus, influencing your home, family, and emotional foundations, could help you balance your work and domestic lives. But removal from a comfort zone is essential. So too is accepting that an ambition or a dream has grown from a whim to something undeniably attainable!


The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse highlights how too much professional focus depletes the necessary energy to enjoy a satisfying personal life - and vice versa. But a Venus/Uranus link could remind you that a recurring thought that demands attention does so for a good reason! Don't be concerned about the change or upheaval that will come by doing what you'd prefer to avoid. If you can connect with what's inspiring and worthy of embracing, you could discover that your journey to success is shorter than you thought it would be!


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