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Weekly Chatty Style Horoscopes (Updates on Friday) - 26 February 2021


We all have ways of dealing with what we believe to be an injustice. Much becomes more complicated when we also deal with people who believe what they're doing is right and seem to know their 'rights' better than their 'wrongs.' This week, be careful where your desire to right a particular wrong is concerned. There could be more to certain circumstances than meets the eye. Before taking decisive action, you may need to allow a few more facts some time to arrive.


This week, as Venus links with Saturn, you could discover the past isn't as set-in-stone as you believed it to be. Of course, you cannot change it. But a valuable lesson exists within it that you may not have spotted previously. Something connected with your past is about to be seen from a different perspective. The fresh understanding coming your way is timely and helpful. But it also has significant implications with a bold and positive step you're about to take.


We're prepared to take most situations at face value if they don't give us reasons to feel worried, anxious, or concerned. But sometimes, we succumb to an urge to dig a bit deeper to see what lies behind what we hope might contain a golden nugget of inspiration. As Mercury links with Jupiter, you could do more than find a golden nugget. If you can trust how you're encouraged to feel more broadminded, generous, and optimistic, then you'll be right to start digging!


This week, a particular area of your world could benefit from a surge of logic. That's because you're likely dealing with circumstances that appear illogical, irrational, or inexplicable. You could also be surprised at how quickly something that felt comfortable and secure experienced a wave of upheaval and tension. But during the coming days, it's necessary to bring something that's hidden into the open. By doing so, you will begin to put right what you are confident went wrong.


This week's link between the Sun and Saturn could play a part in you feeling a strong urge to take charge or be in control of what feels uncertain or changeable. But the 'waiting game' you're playing serves an essential purpose. It's about to highlight a new list of responsibilities coming your way. With these come real opportunities. Once they start to arrive, you'll feel more reassured about the stable - and promising - position you're in.


Before you can truly enjoy the taste of something exquisite, you have to have tasted something, er, much less pleasant first. You have learned how to 'make do' with what has been unappealing or unpleasant. So, does this week's connection between Mercury and Jupiter - along with a Full Moon in your sign - mean something delicious, impeccable, or outstanding is coming your way? That's exactly what it means! You've paid your dues. Now, it's time to receive a reward.


This week, Venus links with erratic Uranus. Understandably, you could look at various areas of your world and believe that what you need to bring improvements is beyond your reach. But you're about to discover that you're blessed with the creativity you need to take an important stride. Yes, you're about to take a step into the unknown. But you'll soon see how you benefit emotionally and financially by doing so.


This week brings a powerful and pleasing link between Venus and Uranus. Not only are you dealing with what's likely to be a wave of sudden or unexpected energy with matters of the heart, but you could find one relationship goes from platonic to passionate quite literally, in a heartbeat. Romantically and intimately, a breakthrough is possible. And if matters of the heart or flesh don't interest you, wait and see how much more artistic and creative you become!


This week, you're likely to see how meticulousness and intense focus applied to the finer details of something have paid off. Attracting attention to yourself might also involve you showing or proving your competence in some way. Whether this relates to a new job, home, or property, something requires you to take charge and show how responsible you are. There's every reason to believe that you will shine impressively, if not admirably, too!


This week, more than one powerful and far-reaching event can bring significant developments regarding love and money. The keyword where matters of the heart and your financial position are concerned is 'reassurance.' That's why you can believe in what transpires this week. Once you sense your faith in what unfolds or occurs is justified, you can also believe that your patience has finally paid off - and a reward is one you've earned.


This week's connection between Venus and Uranus could be inspiring and stimulating - in more ways than one. But be careful about what or who you 'fall' for. You could discover something or someone is more accessible or attainable than you thought. But you could also find the 'chase' was more fun than the 'catch.' So, make sure your head and heart work in tandem to decide if seizing an opportunity that might be tricky to remove yourself from in the future is what you want.


When a roof leaks, where water accumulates is rarely where the problem lies. When translated into this modern age, an old Chinese proverb is along the lines of, 'if an electrical appliance doesn't work, check to make sure it's plugged in.' That might sound like ridiculous, obvious advice. But, sometimes, to establish the cause of a problem and rectify it swiftly, we need to explore painfully obvious options first. That's how you're likely to make an area of your world more efficient, stable, and reassuringly comfortable.


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