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Weekly Chatty Style Horoscopes (Updates on Friday) - 18 January 2019


Personal interactions, especially on a romantic or creative level, take on a greater significance this week. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse brings a romantic matter to a head while also enhancing your ability to speak from the depth of your heart with new levels of passion and conviction. However, you'll need to set some realistic expectations surrounding the speed at which a romantic relationship can be progressed and dial back the dramatic intensity of your message. The trick is knowing when you've done and said enough to get a process underway.


This is a time to take more notice of the message that comes from dreams or to take a few that already hold a prominent place in your mind and heart more seriously. However, it can be easy to draw comfort from your mind's creations but not so easy to see them in a realistic, practical context. Don't waste valuable time scrutinizing or trying to find flaws in what your heart urges you to do this week. You're receiving inspiration and are pushed to make at least one cherished aspiration become real for a good and timely reason. Trust that.


Stating your case or making your views clear to a certain person not only gives them plenty to consider but also strengthens your bargaining position. The recipient of your words could be taken aback by how strongly you feel and surprised at their inability to connect the dots in a way that they perhaps should have. However, communication must always be a two-way street, and once you've said your piece, being willing to listen is just as integral to making progress.


You could be reminded in more than one way that all good things must come to an end and it's important to accept that some valuable memories have been formed within all that has occurred in your world recently. Focus on these rather than dwell upon what – or who – is missing from your world. Reality could set in with a bit of a bump and act as a cold shower to the warmth and support you've received from others lately. Even if both were offered temporarily, the effects could be permanent and something to draw upon when you need reassurance in the future.


Life is about to become noticeably more intense as your sign hosts the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, This is the equivalent of standing at a cosmic intersection, waiting for the lights to go green and aware that, if you don't take the initiative, then you might be pushed to do so! You have some choices to make but can also take control of your own destiny. Be ambitious but don't convince yourself that others are waiting for you to prove yourself or your worth in some way.


You might experience difficulty when conveying your ideas this week as many could emerge so quickly that you won't be able to release them fast enough. However, your audience might lose interest if topics of conversation revolve solely around your wants, needs, interests or pet peeves. There's no need to speak your mind so fervently to gain someone's approval or trust. As long as what you speak is the truth and you make a concerted effort to balance talking with listening, then you could find someone drops a communicative barrier and opens up to you in a wonderful and potentially heartwarming way.


Your keenness to help those less fortunate could intensify. Perhaps, you've seen evidence of what your benevolent efforts have done to make someone's world happier or more comfortable recently and want to continue to spread cheer. However, to really make a lasting impression, you'll need to enlist the help of others, or possibly friends and this might not be as simple or straightforward as it ought to be. It's your enthusiasm or passion that will sell your idea, not the concept itself. Through your benevolent efforts, someone's world is about to become a better place.


Career matters could demand attention – and capture your imagination this week. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse looks set to alter your career trajectory in some way. You might detect your responsibilities increasing or feel a strong need to prove your abilities but look set to feel justifiably confident about your professional future. You're in the spotlight and have a chance to show off your creativity and leadership skills. Rise proudly and deservedly to this challenge.


Demonstrating your loyalty, compassion or showing generosity toward friends and partners could be noticeably easier this week. However, your desire to stretch your limits or encourage others to do the same could prove tricky in the light of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse enhancing your desire to broaden horizons. The lines between heartfelt determination and a desire to simply escape from the mundanity of life could be blurred, and make others feel that what you're encouraging them to consider or do is too risky for their liking. Remember that a leader offers hope, and that's the seed you might need to plant in others' minds first.


You could discover that loyalty or service to someone else doesn't count for as much as you thought it did, or an arrangement you thought was balanced is seen differently by someone else. However, even if an imbalance does exist, others remain dependent on you, or you have obligations you can't simply walk away from. The most challenging part may involve deciding where your time, efforts, loyalty or passions can be applied more effectively and satisfactorily. You have the right to ring the changes where they're needed, but your connection with at least one other person might mean you can't take strides quite yet.


You might feel a need to focus on personal priorities more than those of others, or someone with whom you're committed to or partnered with. You know you're not selfish, but someone might have a different idea or impression as the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse influences your companions. Fortunately, the new boundaries put in place become more flexible when you connect with your generous and sympathetic side. Showing someone you care about them can be more effective than telling them. Words can paint pictures regarding your intentions; actions will provide everything else needed for them to become real.


Boosting your levels of satisfaction connected with what you do on a daily basis relies on you being willing to accept a powerful and potentially far-reaching change or possibly disruption to your regular schedule. However, you also need to find a balance not only between working and playing but working and making better use of your creativity. It is possible to harness your passion in more than one way to not only make you more productive but feel more self-fulfilled.


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