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A busy year is going to see Jupiter spend time in 3 different areas of your chart, but the most important place you'll find the planet of luck this year, is in your Sign. Your current Jupiter cycle, that began with a Jupiter return between February 1999 and February 2000 looks to have another year to run when, on the 18th January, he moves into what should be a wind down year. Instead it’s going to be a wind down ‘5 ½ months’, with Jupiter returning to your Sign on the 6th June. This brings a very short Jupiter cycle of just over 10 years, instead of the usual 12, to a premature end, with your future rushing towards you. Just a few days before Uranus, planet of surprise and the unexpected returns to your sign, on the 28th May, for the first time in 75 years and most likely, for the time in your lifetime. Unless that is, you’re older than 75. Together they will open things right up in the middle months of the year, but will both leave your sign, Uranus on the 14th August and Jupiter on the 9th September, moving to the background before returning in early 2011 in earnest. This gives you a taste of the future while still being able to work behind the scenes and close old doors at the same time. Meanwhile, Saturn will spend the majority of the year in your relationship sector, where together with Mars’ presence in your romantic sector until the 7th June he is putting a lot of focus on your personal life. There will have to be some compromise and a bit of juggling though, for there isn’t a moment of 2010 that your career sector won’t be active, with a solar eclipse on the 15th January and a lunar eclipse on the 26th June bringing unexpected opportunities. It’s during the 15 weeks that Saturn is absent from your relationship sector, from the 8th April to the 22nd July, that he’ll return to your work sector, where it seems there is some unfinished business.


Before 2010 even begins the seeds for an extremely big year for love have already been sown, with October 2009 when things really began. It was on the 17th October 2009 that Mars, planet of passion moved into your romantic sector, followed by Saturn’s move into your relationship sector on the 30th October 2009. As you move into 2010 they are both still there, with Mars already in retrograde motion and Saturn due to turn retrograde on the 14th January. This puts a lot of focus on the past, with Saturn’s retrograde move taking him all the way out of your relationship sector, on the 8th April and Mars in retrograde motion until the 11th March. This gives you a chance to go back over old ground, lay any old ghosts to rest, close old doors or opens the door for second chances or for a reconciliation. When Mars turns direct in your romantic sector on the 11th March Venus, planet of love will be in your sign, with your Venus return running from the 8th March to the 1st April. These are destined to be some of the most romantic weeks of the year, with Mars not only bringing a lot more romantic passion, but a lot more urgency. Once Saturn leaves your relationship sector the focus is purely on your romantic situation until Mars leaves your romantic sector on the 7th June. Then there’ll be a gap that allows you to let things settle, until Saturn returns to your relationship sector on the 22nd July. Once he’s back he’s here until October 2012, giving you the time and the resources to create something phenomenal, face challenges head on and commit to the future.


As 2010 is such a big professional year, with your career sector active for the whole of 2010 and Saturn returning to your work sector for 15 weeks, from the 8th April to the 22nd July, there is a need to know when and where to find the best financial opportunities, especially on the income front. The most opportune time of the year for income opportunities begins on the 1st April and runs until the 10th June, giving you more than enough opportunity to open new doors, seize opportunities and break through any glass ceilings. It is Venus, planet of money, desire and the laws of attraction who kicks things off, moving through your income sector from the 1st to the 25th April. A New Moon on the 14th May is likely to bring new income opportunities, while Mercury’s retrograde period, between the 18th April and the 12th May brings the opportunity for second chances or to benefit from the past. Once Mercury leaves your income sector on the 10th June there’ll be no more activity here for the year, so it’s important that you have things on track by then. There is a gap of exactly 3 months where there is no activity in either of your money houses, with the financial drought broken on the 10th September, when Venus reaches your financial sector. Normally here for around 4 weeks, the planet of money and desire will spend well over 3 months here, visiting not once but twice. Her first visit runs from the 10th September to the 8th November and her second visit, a double dip visit which opens the door to second chances, runs from the 30th November 2010 to the 8th January 2011. With Mars making his first visit to your financial sector in 2 years between the 15th September and the 28th October, 2010 this has the potential for being a very lucrative year, allowing you to capitalise on the effort that has gone into both your work and career situation during 2010 and over recent years. If you’re going to achieve all that you’re capable of achieving & seizing the work opportunities opening up, you’ve got to be able to go the distance.


The fact that Jupiter, planet of luck will return to your Sign this year, even though it is just for 3 months, from the 6th June to the 9th September, colours the whole year, bringing you to the start of a brand new Jupiter cycle, one that won’t begin in earnest until January 2011, but gets its first push this year. This puts a different spin on a year that will see your career sector active for every single moment of the year. The year begins with the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Pluto and the North Node in your career sector, creating a line up of forces that has never assembled here before and they will still be assembled when a solar eclipse falls in your career sector on the 15th January. This creates an opportunity for new beginnings and for real change, something that will be an ongoing process throughout the year. Pluto, planet of change and revolution will be in your career sector for the whole of 2010, making this a year when there will be very little stagnation and lot of forward movement, but the main thrust of the year comes within the first 6 weeks, with a need to have things moving as much as possible by the 10th February. It’s on the 8th April that Saturn returns to your work sector, staying just 15 weeks before leaving on the 22nd July, not to return again for another 3 decades. It’s during this time that your income sector is most active and that there will be an opportunity to prove yourself, for second chances and to put things on track, both on the income and work fronts, with a need to be willing to show up and put maximum effort into everything you do. There may be some hard asks during that time, but there is likely to be some immediate financial benefit as well as positioning you for the next big thrust in June, July and August, months that should see a lot of work opportunities come into play. Be alert to new opportunities around the 26th June.

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