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Monthly Chatty Style Horoscopes - January 2019


You look set to start as you mean to go on as 2019 commences. This is a month where real, tangible strides are taken and it might in your career where you truly shine! Whatever occurs professionally brings a wave of security and stability to your world, but you'll need to remove yourself from a certain comfort zone to truly benefit from it. You're being pushed toward unexplored territory for a reason that might become clearer as the month progresses. You're right to trust any feeling that your life is heading in a new direction and will work out in ways that not only reassure you greatly but could also exceed your expectations. Bring it on!


If you've wanted to bring a wave of reassurance or a greater depth of self-fulfillment to your world, then you look set to experience both during coming weeks. However, whatever occurs is the result of effort made recently and ways in which you've been the captain of your own destiny with giving your life a greater sense of meaning and purpose. You're right to accept that your efforts are bringing a tidal wave of change and upheaval that you'll need to adjust to. However, both are a small price to pay for taking a gratifying step toward achieving something that boosts your self-pride and self-worth enormously.


The month kicks off with a powerful Solar Eclipse on January 5, and this can be integral to you putting one relationship or commitment on a firmer, stronger footing. However, don't let money matters or financial issues be the focal point of discussions because you and a certain person can enjoy many benefits of teaming up or collaborating in a new way. An arrangement might have worked well until now, but it needs to shift to a new, more productive level. Be willing to embrace with a very open mind the ways that you and a certain person can strengthen your long-term security – and embark upon a shared plan that will blossom wonderfully during coming months.


A partnership or love relationship receives considerable focus as the month commences, due to a powerful Solar Eclipse on January 5. What gets put in place or agreed between you and a certain person has 'long-term' written all over it. If you've wanted this connection to deepen or become formalized, then you could feel reassured and delighted with what transpires. Your career also receives considerable focus during the coming weeks, and you might need to think on your feet when an unexpected development occurs on or around January 6. However, see this is a chance to get your career trajectory back on course. Yes, you might need to remove yourself from a comfort zone, but the reward for doing so will be too strong to ignore.


At a time when millions of people are dropping hints about how they intend to improve themselves in some way, you look set to prove how serious you are about a new health or fitness regime. A change you're keen to make to your daily routine or banishing a bad habit or two will be a plan you'll likely stick with - and it will bring impressive results! You're blessed with the same cosmic support if you want the new year to mark the start of a new career, and effort made to job hunt after January 5 could land you something that will surprise and delight you. The month ends with a Lunar Eclipse in your sign on January 21. This will bring some essential pieces of the puzzle needed for you to feel more fulfilled – personally and emotionally.


A powerful Solar Eclipse on January 5 influences true love and brings a significant shift in your emotional world. The cosmos appears keen to bring a tremendous sense of warmth and reassurance to your love life and instill a greater sense of 'belonging' where your connection with a certain person is concerned. Whether single or attached, you could end the month feeling one connection is the stuff soul mates are made of. You're also blessed with plenty of delightful Venus magic where your home and family are concerned from January 7 until early February. Something connected with your abode or a family member looks set to be a tremendous source of comfort, relief – or luck – around January 22, too!


The month commences with a Solar Eclipse targeting your emotional foundations and roots on January 5. Creating a long-term strategy to build a more stable foundation for you and your family could be increasingly important. For many Librans, a significant change within or to your home could be on the cards, but it's also possible that your personal and emotional stability need attention and you have a chance to regain control of your life - in no uncertain terms! A series of short, sharp shocks could also be felt where one close relationship is concerned. However, this is the universe's way of reminding you that focusing on someone else's needs mustn't be done so intently that you overlook, ignore or compromise your own.


As 2019 commences, you might feel you've had enough of being an observer or have taken enough of an interest in others' lives and want to start putting yours on more stable foundations. A Solar Eclipse on January 5 could remove uncertainty about what you can and should be doing to feel more fulfilled, and the universe seems keen to help with career-related progress that might mark the start of you feeling more valued. Be prepared for the unexpected where this is concerned, as something on the work front could occur that you didn't see coming and will need to think on your feet to benefit from. It's time others sat up and took notice of your achievements and capabilities – and wherever success is, money is rarely far behind!


There's likely to be an unignorable theme of love and money during January, but perhaps with your finances requiring the most attention initially. A Solar Eclipse on January 5 targets your earned income, offering you a chance to initiate something leading to long-term financial growth and security. Don't ignore or dismiss as fantasies certain moneymaking ideas that demand attention. One could be a long-term revenue generator! The cosmos also appears keen to shake your emotional world or one close connection. The sky speaks of 'liberation,' and every Archer will have their own story to tell, but you're about to be granted the freedom to pursue what - or who - your heart truly desires. Whether single or attached, your romantic prospects don't simply appear promising – they appear outstanding! See what transpires when Venus and Jupiter get together in your sign on January 22.


Are you ready to take the reins and steer your life toward a greater sense of security and fulfillment? It might sound fanciful, but that's what you're pushed to do, thanks to the Solar Eclipse in your sign on January 5. However, it will be essential to spot the powerful and far-reaching opportunities that exist within what might appear to be obstacles or hurdles. It's by releasing yourself from whatever has run its course that you can take truly fantastic strides toward a more reassuring - and financially stable - future. The financial picture is reinforced by a Lunar Eclipse on the 21st that targets money that comes from sources other than earnings - and could bring reassuring news regarding an investment, commission or windfall that helps you breathe a well-deserved sigh of relief.


You're not shy when it comes to speaking up and drawing attention to how something can be done in a more unusual or untraditional way. The urge to do this could intensify as your ruling planet, Uranus, starts to move forward on January 6 and affect how you think and convey yourself. Your ideas might sound far-fetched to others, but they'll make sense to you, and that's what matters. Make an effort to surround yourself with like-minded people because not only does the sky insist they can be found, but they're your ticket to turning one cherished idea into something tangible. Proof of this could arrive around January 22. On January 21, a Lunar Eclipse targets your partnerships and commitments. If there has been more taking than giving on someone's part recently, then this could be magnified but in a way that helps you take the necessary steps to redress any imbalance.


You're in a superb position this month to remind or prove to others that your dreams aren't too fanciful or certain aspirations aren't figments of your imagination. A Solar Eclipse targets your hopes, dreams, and wishes on January 5 - and can turn one cherished aspiration into something real and tangible. You're creating a realistic plan to get you to where you want to be and might be fortunate to have someone on your side who can be integral to making it happen. An emphasis also exists on your finances, and with Venus influencing your career for most of January and working alongside lucky Jupiter in the same sector, you're about to feel more valued and appreciated professionally. See what transpires around January 21 and 22 where your career is concerned. You have a double helping of luck on those days in a way that could have you punching the air with delight!


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