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Monthly Chatty Style Horoscopes - December 2020


Your definition of 'relief' could involve Saturn and Jupiter no longer influencing your career. Both will target friendships and your involvement with groups. They'll also bring a new level of focus to cherished hopes, dreams, and wishes for the next twelve months - and beyond. Social restrictions won't deter you from forming and strengthening networks on every level. That's where the most inspiring opportunities can be found from this month - and for the next few years!


Saturn and Jupiter bring a wave of change to transform how your professional world appears currently. For the next few years, Saturn will push you to take your career more seriously by shouldering more responsibility. For the next twelve months, Jupiter will encourage growth and 'thinking bigger.' That 'top rung of the career ladder' is about to appear more within reach. All that's needed is a consistent effort and positive approach. This month, you can begin both.


Prepare for your mind to open in new and potentially thrilling ways. Saturn and Jupiter bring new ways of thinking, spiritually and educationally. You may have never experienced before the 'mind-broadening' process that will affect you for the next few years. Any teacher or mentor you need to embark upon a learning curve will be available. If you thought your religious or philosophical beliefs were solid, then you could start to think differently about both, too!


It's your financial picture that receives special, significant focus from this month - and beyond. Saturn and Jupiter target money that comes your way disconnected from earnings. The planet of reward and the planet of luck and optimism will be integral to bringing new levels of financial security and stability. In time, it's possible that what gets underway from this month and over the next few years could replace your earnings rather than support them. How does that sound?


If you've wondered how to improve your love life or a relationship, then the universe has plans to step in. Saturn will strengthen the foundations of relationships for the next few years, and possibly in both love and business. You also have Jupiter bringing a more expansive, adventurous approach to one-to-one relating – and a Solar Eclipse affecting true love on December 14. This offers a powerful fresh start to one special connection - or maybe one waiting in the wings!


How long has it been since you woke each morning, loving what your working day was about to bring? If you don't already see shifts occurring on the work front, then coming events will make these clear. Saturn and Jupiter target daily routines, service to others, and health for the next twelve months and beyond. For every tough lesson learned, inspiring growth and opportunities will be on offer. A sense of work-related purpose is about to be discovered - or revived.


Although your love life receives special focus this month, you probably won't ignore a shift occurring with your career. This is likely to culminate with the Full Moon on the 29th. It acts as a spotlight, shining directly on you to make professional progress. But Full Moons are as much about endings as they are beginnings. If a current role no longer offers professional pizzazz, then pursuing something more satisfying - or less stressful - could be more than a possibility.


Strong focus is about to be given to your emotional foundations. Saturn and Jupiter have far-reaching plans to strengthen your home and family world. Saturn's three-year influence will solidify anything flimsy with current domestic foundations. If all's fine there, it may be with family members or relatives where a profound learning curve commences. For the next year, you'll likely appreciate the open-mindedness and optimism Jupiter offers to smoothen this process.


The effort and sacrifices made in the past few years to strengthen your financial stability are about to pay dividends! A wave of relief enters your world from this month as Saturn shifts its disciplinary focus from your earnings to how you communicate and learn. Jupiter supports this by opening your mind to pursue new educational interests and learning curves, too. You've learned enough money-related lessons since 2017. Accept the pleasurable respite coming your way.


This month's celebrations are even more awesome due to Saturn departing your sign. Since 2017, the ringed planet has brought restrictions and harsh lessons. From this month and until 2023, it targets your earnings. More restrictions and lessons await - but so too do rewards. You also have Jupiter departing your sign after a year's visit. But it will provide the optimism and open-mindedness needed to boost your income. You'll like what that does to your confidence, too!


Take a good look at your life now because a wave of change is coming. Saturn enters your sign on the 17th for three years. This puts you in the driver's seat of your life and helps you steer its direction. Expect to learn valuable lessons along the way, too. Jupiter also enters your sign, on the 19th. This offers 'star treatment' where luck and mind-expanding opportunities are concerned. A memorable year of personal growth awaits, and it commences this month! Lucky you!


Saturn brings a new level of reality and lessons regarding fears, insecurities, and healing. This relates to all that doesn't take a physical form, such as dreams, secrets, and emotions. Be prepared to look deep within yourself. Clarity will replace what you've seen idealistically. This is also supported by Jupiter, enhancing psychic and spiritual development. As for your career, a Solar Eclipse on the 14th marks a turning point. A well-deserved spotlight is well and truly on you!


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