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Monthly Chatty Style Horoscopes - July 2020


Although you won't juggle in a literal sense, you could proverbially to create a balance between your home and work circumstances. Complications could arise when a Lunar Eclipse on the 5th shifts your attention to something manifesting on the professional front. But if you need more support than you're receiving, then don't hesitate to ask for it. It could be time to enlighten others about how much responsibility you're shouldering. Unless you speak up, they may never know.


Even if you feel your words don't flow smoothly, you still have an attentive audience. A talent, skill, or knowledge you possess could be sought after. So, take your place in the spotlight to enlighten others. But try to see the coming weeks as a period when you're getting to grips with the information you convey or share. By the end of July, and especially after the New Moon on the 20th, you could find that you express yourself with the imagination of an artist and the finesse of a poet!


July is all about creating more security and stability, and particularly in a financial sense. A Lunar Eclipse on the 5th could bring a development that has been building for some time. Allow this to make crystal clear where you stand financially or what your next monetary move must be. A backward-moving Mercury complicates your earnings until the 12th, so it could take until the end of the month before you bring the changes or improvements you need. As for one tiring or draining career-related scenario, you could find that's resolved on or around the 27th, too.


July brings scenarios that could become tenser before they improve. However, trust that they will not only improve, but positive changes will be far-reaching. A Lunar Eclipse on the 5th targets relationships and commitments. If you're at your wit's end regarding something that has become imbalanced in a partnership, then intense energy will bring into the open what needs to be addressed. Wanting to make career-related progress might feel as if you're wading through waist-high concrete, too. But keep smiling. Ride this frustrating energy out until after the 20th. From then, much could start to feel positive and more manageable.


This is a month of new directions. Much focus and consideration could be applied to your career and life direction. A Lunar Eclipse on the 5th brings to a head a work-related matter that has been simmering for some time. Something can't continue as it is, and a professional fact needs to be faced. You're also encouraged to explore options to either broaden your mind or create a platform that provides information to others in some way. It may take until the end of the month before plans become clearer. But you could be onto something unique - and big.


A new era commences from the 5th, where self-expression is concerned. For many Virgos, this marks the start of a powerful and far-reaching chapter with matters of the heart. Something may not simply shift to a new level. It could become more formal, set in stone, or permanent. But if you've been kidding yourself about what you need in terms of love, romance, and intimacy, then an unignorable revelation is in store. Either way, whatever changes or transforms will have been brewing for some time. But you're about to take a step in a reassuring and comforting direction.


July will bring options to enhance security in both your home and career. As comforting and reassuring as that will be on some levels, you may have to deal with the upheaval accompanying any change or changes. That's where things could become tricky. You're putting in place more solid foundations that won't be created overnight. But confusion or uncertainty within your domestic set-up or on the professional front will diminish as the month progresses. See what happens after the 20th for proof of this.


If you're expected to commit or sign on a dotted line, then you owe it to yourself to look closely at any fine print. A Lunar Eclipse on the 5th targets your communication and how you convey yourself. So, if you're dealing with legalities or red tape, then don't pretend you know what others are talking about if you don't - or assume that what you say they automatically understand. This could be a month when you deal with a necessary formality. If you need more time to ensure that every 'i' is dotted and 't' is crossed, then that will likely be time well spent.


You could be aware of one door closing while another opens. A source of income you've relied on could alter drastically or come to an end on or around the Lunar Eclipse on the 5th. Be prepared to deal with upheaval and a brief period of insecurity that accompanies this. But don't lose sight of how you're encouraged to be more imaginative and resourceful. Whatever comes to a close urges you to explore an opportunity begging for attention. It might take until after the 20th before you spot this, but you can trust that it will arrive.


When the universe decides something has outlived its usefulness, it assists with removing it. That's a scenario you're likely to experience with a powerful Lunar Eclipse on your sign on the 5th. Something is coming to an end, and it's likely connected with a partnership or relationship, in either a love or business sense. But nature abhors a vacuum. So, have faith in the fact that whatever gap is created forms part of a bigger plan to enhance your emotional and material security. Just be prepared to let go of what or whom you know you must release.


You're likely to become increasingly aware of the contribution you can make to a particular area. If your current efforts make you feel dissatisfied or unappreciated, then that could change this month. You have talents or skills that could be put to better use elsewhere or in new ways. But try to ensure that your efforts to change whatever feels unsatisfactory or imbalanced remain consistent until after the 20th. You could find a reason to feel reassured and optimistic presents itself then.


A friend in need could be a friend indeed if you feel there's something you can do to reduce disappointment or discomfort in their world. Somebody could experience a serious - but brief - case of bad luck. Your compassionate and generous qualities could kick in to do all you can to support them. But although you would move heaven and earth if you could, there are limits to how much you can assist them. Make 'being there' for whoever-it-is a priority. That could be all they really need.


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