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Daily Love Chatty Style Horoscopes - Wednesday 24 February


It could feel as if communication goes off on tangents with a lover or someone close now. But you can play a part in keeping things simple by ensuring conversations don't get too deep. That can happen another time. This includes making potentially far-reaching decisions, too. So, try to lighten up and remember that sometimes, less can be more.


The universe appears keen to boost your feel-good factor and make your emotional world a warm, safe haven. But if having love and intimacy on the mind causes you to take your eye off responsibilities in other areas, then problems await. Keeping distractions to a minimum means you can indulge in sensual pleasures guilt-free later!


The more you focus on what's missing or falling short of expectations, the more effort you'll believe is needed to gladden your heart. But consider what you're possibly expecting to happen quickly. A lack of immediate progress doesn't mean none awaits you. Slowing down momentum working to your advantage won't help things, either. So, keep the faith and patience levels high!


You could sense that you're giving romantic or intimate fantasies more 'thinking time' than you usually do. But there's nothing wrong with that! Although these could provide an inspired thrill to spur you on to make passionate progress, they could also offer helpful insights into steps you can take to bring a pleasing development that you know your heart wants to be yours.


You may not feel settled or calmer with matters of the heart until you feel both in other areas. But consider how much emphasis you're putting on progress and productivity outside of your emotional sphere. By giving into the pursuit of pleasure, or maybe more than one, you could discover what you've been missing out on!


Be careful when instigating a conversation that surrounds the one you love doing something with the best intentions. All would be fine if this didn't touch a sensitive nerve with you. Is a lover or potential sweetheart proving to be a distraction in some way? If so, they need to know this. But showing appreciation for their thoughtful actions in the first instance would be a good idea.


Try to focus on the 'positives' or benefits of what you're considering in a romantic or intimate sense. This could be a time when you're led more by your heart than your head. Applying too much caution or being fearful of what may change could cause you to miss out on an opportunity or a development that you know, in your heart, you want – and possibly need!


Yes, there could be something deflating about discovering what you thought was agreed or understood between you and your paramour remains uncertain. But how you react or respond could go down in history. So, don't underestimate how far-reaching what you say or do could be. Focus on what's lighthearted within your situation. That won't go unnoticed or unappreciated!


If you want the truth from a lover or potential sweetheart, then that's what you could receive. But guard against misinterpreting what you're told. Whether your paramour tells you 'as it is' or lays emotional cards on the table, trust that what they say is authentic or 'the real deal.' The best way to reciprocate is to appreciate and not resent - or be seen to resent - whatever's said.


Matters of the heart could be subjected to matters beyond your control. That's why you shouldn't feel something between you and someone close has become derailed - or is in the process of derailing! The more you and the one you love accept that influences outside of your relationship create two-way confusion, then you'll both manage successfully to keep tension at bay.


It is possible to ensure money doesn't become the root of evil where something between you and a lover is concerned. A plan may need to change or be rescheduled due to a development that requires reassessing finances. But there's also an interesting lesson on offer for you, the object of your affections, or both. What transpires could end up being something you're grateful for.


You could be in a situation where you can't change romantic or relationship circumstances but can change your attitude toward them. So, focus on what's worthy of appreciating or embracing. Also, trust your intuition if it encourages you to look beyond what's obvious or perhaps mysterious within an existing or a budding relationship. With little effort, you could soon turn deflation into elation!


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