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Daily Love Chatty Style Horoscopes - Thursday 24 January


Try not to see romantic options or possibilities as frustratingly limited or few and far between. It might be tempting to pursue what appears easiest or most within reach, but you could find the easiest option ends up presenting the most obstacles or headaches. Instead of narrowing down what you believe is on offer to you, allow options to reveal themselves more fully. In time, you'll know to pursue the one that truly feels right.


Be willing to embrace the mysterious or intriguing qualities emerging in your emotional world. Some might be very subtle, but that doesn't make them any less magical. Being receptive to information coming to you helps you refrain from drawing inaccurate conclusions. A relationship, budding or otherwise, can benefit from you trusting the fact that what might feel unanswerable or intangible isn't a symptom of something being wrong. Far from it.


You might draw comfort from seeing a certain person or situation in your emotional world in a rose-tinted, idealistic way but the cosmos will soon bring you down to Earth with a bump if you do so. What's needed to make romantic or relationship progress is a healthy dose of realism. There can be more benefits than disbenefits to accepting what's less than perfect in your love life now. This will likely become clearer shortly.


You might see a romantic or relationship situation in a way that seems to demand urgent attention or effort. However, give this scenario a chance to develop – and how involved a loved one chooses to be with it. Where you might believe the onus is on you to take the initiative and be 'the fixer,' allowing a bit more time to pass could reveal the helpful contribution the object of your affections can make.


Let your imagination run riot. When you do, something spectacular often results and doing so now could play an integral part in revealing thoughts or feelings in a way that would make any poet jealous. Even if your creative efforts do little more than bring a smile to a loved one's face, then they'll have been worth making, but this is you we're talking about. You'll do more than simply make a lover smile.


The Moon in your sign could play a part in you feeling a romantic or relationship matter is becoming less easy to control. You're right to accept that what's needed is simplicity and your innate ability to create structure from chaos will come in handy now. The first step involves keeping emotions in check. Progress relies on pushing aside short-term, meaningless distractions.


Try to resist laboring a point to a loved one or potential partner because your opinion or view is likely to have been understood the first time. If you're not convinced your sweetheart has truly listened to what you've tried to convey, then give their actions a chance to reveal otherwise. The more you push or reiterate, the more likely it is you'll delay the progress you're so keen to make.


An interesting scenario could present itself in your personal life but might involve someone who's more of a friend than a romantic connection. However, your love life or a special connection could involve your chum in some way. Whether this involves them offering advice or, for some Scorpios, something shifting from platonic to passionate with someone, a friendship is integral to romantic or relationship progress.


Rather than resent the way a loved one seems to oppose a closely-held view of yours, try instead to connect with the logic behind their thinking. Someone close might see what needs resolving as something the two of you can put your heads together to bring closure to. Your view might be relevant, but it only provides one half of the solution. Listening helps to provide the other.


You might be aware of how a loved one or potential partner believes they're better placed than you are to call the shots or dictate how an arrangement will be. However, their increased confidence might be the result of slack you've cut them recently. You've probably done your fair share of listening and might need to speak up now.


You might believe you're sending out a consistent vibe or conveying yourself with crystal clarity but might be underestimating how inconsistent or erratic you are in other ways. This could be one of those times when it's best to leave words out of the equation if all they're doing is making a relationship matter unnecessarily complex. It's your actions that will make the point most effectively and without any risk of misinterpretation.


Thoughts could be muddled or blurred, and heightened sensitivity and emotions could prove to be stumbling blocks to conveying yourself concisely. The Moon in your commitment and partnership sector could stir emotions within you that keep changing constantly. Try to not to succumb to a belief that everything between you and someone must be resolved instantly. Applying a bit more attention to detail could be what's needed.


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