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Daily Love Chatty Style Horoscopes - Wednesday 24 April


A challenge presenting itself in your emotional world or a special connection is one you can rise to without issues. If you're seen to handle it calmly and methodically, then a loved one or someone close will feel reassured that they can play a key part in overcoming it, too. Calmness needs to prevail if this is to be tackled and resolved swiftly. Emotionally-charged impetuousness – or bossiness on your part - will only complicate things.


What you decide to disclose to a loved one or potential partner may need weighing up properly before you spill any beans. Although openness and lack of secrets form the basis of in any trusting relationship, you could decide that this issue is strongly connected with the past and deserves to remain there. However, this could be a matter that has no intention of remaining in the shadows. Bring it into the light before it does so itself.


It could be easy and understandable to focus on what you believe you don't have in your emotional world or is missing from a love relationship. However, such thinking could be caused by more than one pessimistic vibe coming from the cosmos! Impatience could be at the root of any discontentment but you can be certain that once this confusing cosmic climate shifts, the discontentment you're inclined to focus on will be replaced with justified optimism.


You might know intuitively that something in your love life is worth waiting for – but this would be more exciting or thrilling if you weren't so fed up with waiting! It's also possible that lines of communication between you and a certain person have become blurred – or maybe even a bit darker. What has delayed romantic or relationship progress or caused emotions to be suppressed on either side is on the wane. See how this brings a renewed sense of freedom and enthusiasm.


You could be much closer to taking significant and far-reaching steps toward your romantic future, and only a small tweak instead of a drastic change is needed to get you to where your heart yearns to be. You may find your love life veers toward a destination you're unsure about but this offers the chance of excitement or intrigue to replace what has felt uncertain. Don't be so determined to play it safe!


Honesty needs to underpin all exchanges now, even if you know what you intend to say to a loved one or close companion may not have them punching the air with joy. Conveying yourself swiftly and painlessly requires your words to be reinforced with plenty of empathy and compassion. Your paramour knows what you're saying is truthful and may need a bit of time to absorb it, but replacing words like 'I' with 'we' can go a long way to keeping things sweet.


Try not to be too strict with yourself or a loved one regarding what your current love life circumstances should look and feel like. Progress may be slow but it is happening and at a pace that will prove helpful eventually. It's possible you're setting unrealistic expectations. You could benefit by being a bit more flexible or having faith in serendipity!


You might promise the Earth to a loved one or potential partner but could unintentionally make a promise or commitment without thinking through the implications properly. A desire to bring pleasure and happiness to someone's world is wonderful but offering something that may be beyond your means is another. Agreements or commitments need to be entered into slowly at this time, regardless of how keen you might be to take a stride or two.


The cosmos could offer a lesson in love and one you could see as an unhelpful and steep learning curve. It could be easy to focus on what's less than desirable in your emotional life or within a love relationship or see only issues and stumbling blocks. However, get ready for a new level of understanding coming, either within you or between you and someone else. This new perspective on affairs of the heart could be a game-changer.


You can probably come up with numerous reasons to stand your ground or refuse to let what might be a matter of principle slip by. However, be certain about whether the effort to do so in the name of love is necessary. You needn't go to lengths you're considering to defend or justify a point of view to someone close. Keeping the peace could prove to be a better and more sensible option now. Stubbornness and determination can be sexy sometimes, but save both for other areas of your world.


An issue of blame or some level of 'finger pointing' could arise between you and someone special, possibly due to an opportunity that was missed because of attention focused on resolving an issue that proved to be a storm in a teacup. This could be a time when it's best to say nothing and accept that whatever chance was missed wasn't entirely a loved one's fault!


Although the object of your affections may not be trying to pull the proverbial wool over your eyes, they could be slightly economical with the truth. However, this is unlikely to be done from deceit but because they feel it's unnecessary for you to know the finer details of a situation. They could overestimate the level of interest you have in this, anyway. The choice is yours whether you pursue this by probing deeper for more insights or leaving it alone altogether.


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