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Daily Love Chatty Style Horoscopes - Wednesday 2 December


Here's a chance to inject playful, imaginative fun into your love life or a special connection. Getting a loved one on board with weird or wacky plans could be a cinch, too. But even if matters of the heart take on a more playful and light-hearted vibe, you and your paramour can learn much about each other in the process. That's your ticket to becoming closer and more intimate!


Applying intense focus to all that's going on in your emotional world might be helpful - but only to a point. You may need to look beyond your immediate needs at what a lover or potential sweetheart wants from you. Whether it's a listening ear or a shoulder to cry on, it's by 'being there' for someone close that something sweet can form within your bond or strengthen it.


If you're single and didn't think that the possibility existed for you and someone to 'click,' then you could be delightfully surprised. But whether you're single or spoken-for, love can form or strengthen by finding sexy, fun ways to bring differences into the open. This could create a healthy debate. You could be in your element with this, too!


You bring an abundance of lightheartedness and positive vibes to your emotional world now. If a lover needs inspiring and motivating, then you could be superbly placed to do both. But the Moon in your sign could push you to nurture in ways that become smothering. Focus only on keeping things simple and light. Applying fervent energy is sexy, but in measured doses.


Your unique brand of spontaneity could be what a lover or potential sweetheart needs now. You could feel inspired to come up with passionate plans that make both you and the object of your affections feel so alive. You're also able to balance indulgence and extravagance in all the right ways. Consider it your delightful duty to make both your and a loved one's hearts beat faster!


Looking backward at a time when much appeared or felt simpler and easier is natural. But taking a determined step to go back in time to reconnect with somebody or recreate a happy memory won't satisfy your hungry heart. Look backward only long enough to appreciate what you have in the present. Then focus inspiringly on what you can make happen in the future.


If you're up for a romantic adventure, then you could have a new level of open-mindedness toward doing what you might not normally do or trying what you might not usually try. But whether you're single or attached, you could feel extra ambitious when it comes to passionate pursuits. This is a time when bold or spontaneous actions could bring a very pleasing result - and more!


Applying more focus to what you want rather than what you feel you don't have with matters of the heart is 'the way to go' now. Whether you're single or attached, you have insights and observations that a lover or potential sweetheart needs - and would probably be delighted to hear. You're willing to give what you can to create a stable connection. And all a lover or potential paramour needs to see is the abundance of positivity you offer now.


The Moon's influence could enhance your keenness to focus on what you keep to yourself or confidential with matters of the heart. That doesn't mean you're deceitful or concealing skeletons in a closet. You could find the act of looking inward to acknowledge needs and desires helps you reacquaint yourself with yourself. That's the best way to be the best lover for someone else!


With the Moon influencing partnerships and commitments, tedious tasks or obligations could be easy to ignore. You may feel a strong urge to take care of the one you love in some way, too. This could also be a time when you step straight up to the plate to assist or solve a problem for the object of your affections or a potential sweetheart. This level of caregiving won't go unnoticed or unappreciated. Go you!


Your idea of fun and frivolity could be unique or radical - and a lover or potential sweetheart might struggle to resist it. You could feel particularly inspired to stray from norms or venture into unknown territory. And if you think this offers an abundance of intimate, sexy synergy, then you're right!


It might be up to you to set the record straight or put others in the picture about your love life or a close relationship. Your personal world could be something others take a keen interest in. But fiction could outweigh facts, especially if you're aware of how you or a lover are gossip topics. With little effort, you could nip potential problems waiting to happen straight in the bud!


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