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Daily Love Chatty Style Horoscopes - Friday 17 August


Recent events might have caused you to feel as if you've had to share a loved one in some way, been less of a priority or their attention has been diverted from you. However, you're not about to start sulking as the cosmos understands the need to create an environment where you and the object of your affections can enjoy quiet, secluded or intimate time alone. Switch off phones, draw curtains and shut out the world briefly.


The urge to meet and mingle could grow strong in single Taureans and if you're unattached and looking for love, then you have plenty of cosmic support to make some delightful and potentially exciting connections. Attached Bulls might seize a chance to show off their sweetheart in a social or possibly luxurious setting. Either way, this is a time to get out and about and turn some heads!


A relationship decision might need to be made sooner than later and delaying it might not be an option. The cosmos supports new romantic or relationship strategies put in place now. If ringing a change or injecting some life into what's become predictable are increasingly important, then something positive can occur with a bit of effort combined with a bit of imagination. It's not impossible to bring more color or spice to your emotional world!


Your emotional world could be abundant with questions that outnumber answers at this time, but you'll need to be realistic about how intensely you address this imbalance. You could discover that probing for one answer from a loved one or potential partner brings several pieces of the puzzle. This can help you to prioritize what needs the most effort and attention – and focus on ways you and a certain person can put a relationship on a firmer - or more trusting - footing.


You have a choice regarding how you use words at this time. They can either be barbed and hurtful or helpful in restoring peace and banishing any unpleasantness. Much depends on how you plan to wield your personal power. Your best option has to involve compassion and understanding because you'll receive what you give. If any exchange has to become intense, make sure it's the sexy kind of intensity, not the kind fueled with resentment.


Rather than resent romantic or relationship boundaries or restrictions, this is a time to adopt a more lighthearted attitude toward what feels enforced. This applies tenfold if you encounter a relationship snafu because overcoming it with ease relies on seeing it in a less serious light. Of course, you don't want to play down what needs addressing, but you don't have to be too strict or systematic, either. A loved one will follow your laid-back and upbeat lead, too.


You could find some new and imaginative ways of expressing thoughts or feelings, and the authenticity of your words could be enough to save you from having to back them up with actions. Speaking or conveying a message of love from the depths of your heart will resonate deeply within the lucky recipient. Any gestures or actions made to support what you say will be icing on the proverbial cake.


Getting to the bottom of a romantic or relationship issue that has simmered in the background for some time needs you to show some willingness or proactivity. A loved one might believe you simply don't care or are adopting a 'whatever will be, will be' attitude toward something they see in a more serious light. Be willing to meet them halfway – and prove them wrong.


This is a time to trust what your heart tells you when it comes to maintaining harmony in your emotional world. Whether this involves strengthening one connection or bringing healing possibly in the form of an apology, you can't go wrong by expressing your passionate emotions. Push aside fear and have faith in the fact that your heartfelt and sincere intentions can change or transform one special connection.


You could feel extra sentimental as you cast your mind to the past and reflect upon previous love life chapters and episodes. Whether you believe fiery passion you once possessed has since become a faint flicker, you're doing yourself and the one you love no favors by viewing your emotional world pessimistically. You're just one attitude adjustment away from transforming your emotional world. Decide here and now what you want it to be and it can happen.


An ongoing domestic or family matter could make itself known and have a knock-on effect to your love life or a love relationship. If any lightheartedness is replaced with seriousness, then you might need to be discerning about what truly needs attention within the home or family circle and what's less important. There's nothing stopping you and the object of your affections from enjoying quiet, undistracted moments alone once duties or obligations elsewhere have been tended to.


If your lighthearted or playful side is determined to reveal itself, then allow it to do so. Your positive and jovial vibe could be precisely what's needed to bring a smile to a loved one's or potential partner's face. This is also a time to trust the power of spontaneity. Doing something differently or even altering one routine can inspire you and someone special to explore new possibilities that can lead to a fascinating, shared world you can lose yourselves within.


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