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Daily Love Chatty Style Horoscopes - Saturday 8 May


Thoughts connected to your romantic or relationship past could dampen the present at this time. But if you do stroll down Memory Lane, try to keep it brief. You could look too much into the shadows of your past and see love life lessons as harsher than they probably were. Be honest with yourself about what you learned, pick yourself up, and move on!


A wave of doubt or negativity could crash into your emotional world if you allow it to. Don't believe there's disappointment attached to what isn't going to plan romantically or relationship-wise. Convincing yourself that the love life circumstances you dream of will always be beyond reach could be your biggest hurdle to progress. Trust the trajectory you're on. It holds so much promise.


You could question much within your love life and might also be surprised at some of the answers you come up with. But with Venus now in your sign, you could feel more inspired about your current relationship circumstances, especially if making progress with someone special is a priority. Perhaps, what you and they need is a shared goal. If so, then one might come to mind.


Although you're right to trust your instincts regarding a romantic or relationship scenario, they may provide part of an overall picture. If you want the truth and nothing but the truth, you may need to ask your paramour some direct questions. For the reality of your love life circumstances to become clearer, a timely - and possibly overdue - conversation may need to be had.


Balance may need to be found between what you believe ticks boxes in your emotional world or a special connection and where shortfalls might exist. But try to accept that you might see certain circumstances unrealistically. Don't allow lofty expectations to add fuel to festering resentments. You're superbly placed to encourage more of what you believe is missing. Focus on that.


Shifting power dynamics in a love connection needn't cause unwelcome complications. You could have a slightly distorted view of what a lover expects from you, and this could affect your expectations of them, too. The answer? Relax and lower your expectations! Allow something to form or flourish gradually. This is a time when you're better off resisting any urge to steer or push.


Your persuasiveness could be enhanced now, but there are right and wrong ways of making the most of this. Asking for what you want from a partner is one thing; demanding it is another. To make sweet progress, you'll need to get the balance right. Conveying your needs from the depths of your heart is what's needed. Say it like you mean it, and then sit back and listen.


You can form or strengthen a special connection without getting too deep or intense now. There's no harm at all in expressing thoughts or feelings in ways that are more heartfelt or profound. But gaining a loved one's support could involve strengthening the foundations of trust at this time. You can believe there are some delightful long-term implications with doing so, too.


Your desire to come up with answers to life's mysteries could cause you to push too hard on a loved one for input or solutions. The object of your affections might share your curiosity. But making them feel forcibly drawn into any discussion is far from sexy. If you want to enjoy insightful or intriguing conversations with your paramour, try not to get too deep or intense!


You could see a romantic or relationship scenario as either 'black' or white' at this time. You might see it in an unnecessarily restrictive way and not see where flexibility exists. Also, try to be fair where you sense any imbalance. You might believe you do more than your fair share in a special connection - but the scales could be tipped a bit unfairly there, too.


If it feels as if a loved one tests your patience or pushes the limits of your generosity, don't assume you've got a completely accurate understanding of what's occurring. Someone close could be wrestling with something they're not revealing to you. It might be necessary to ask what's up. Do that in the right way, and you'll likely receive an honest answer.


If a loved one suggests you're setting your sights too high in some way, then it's likely they don't understand what you're trying to accomplish. So, try not to misinterpret their comment as a lack of support. Instead, take it as a cue to explain why something is as important to you as it is. The one you love might be unaware of what you've managed to accomplish on your own - so far.


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