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Daily Chinese Zodiac Horoscopes - Saturday 8 May


This is a good time to review your investments, credit history and long-term finances. You will find this is an investment of time well spent. You may discover a way to shave done time off your estimated time of retirement, or boost the bottom line for the future.


You have a chance to get out of the house, and to have a little fun with friends and loved ones right now. An unexpected invitation to go out to some kind of wild new movie or to go shopping for a new electronic gadget will be a lot more fun than you figured.


You have done something to rebuild your self-confidence. You are suddenly happy to take on the challenge of a new leadership role. You may be experiencing unusual changes in your primary relationships right now, which are changing your attitudes and feelings towards others.


Serious conversations or discussions may lead you to reconsider some of your personal and political attitudes. You could end up in an argument with someone from another culture when it dawns on you that you really have to learn more about the outside world.


You're the leader right now, both at home and at work. You can push strongly for that perk or pet project. There are likely to be unexpected gains or wins in the battles you normally fight with or on behalf of coworkers, clients or management staff.


It may seem horribly self-indulgent to spend the day in the bookstore or public library shopping for an armload of books, but it is a positive way to deal with stress. You need a chance to relax and unwind, and you could even discover a way to make some money in all that paper.


Your telephone is ringing and you are getting romantic invitations that are a little over the top! If you are single, one of your friends may make an indecent proposal that sets your cheeks on fire. If you are not single, you have some special time together with your partner.


If you and your partner needed a chance to talk right now is the day for getting things off your chest. One of you has an issue to do with children or recreation time, and the other wants some attention - you can kill two birds with one stone right now if you are creative.


You may feel like you stumbled into a barrel of Freudian Slips right now. It seems no matter what secret you try to lock up, it sneaks out through your subconscious. Any boo-boos you make are recoverable, though. A friend of yours is going to find great humor in your discomfiture.


Your personal energy is up and you may not be too eager to work right now. In fact, you are far more eager to get out and play. You will either spend the day rushing through to get away from the office, or daydreaming because you know you can't escape early.


You may be torn between responsibilities at home, and a strong need to travel or get away from it all. You are highly impulsive right now, and could wreck your economic recovery plans if you aren't careful ... sticking money into your home is far better for the long-term goals.


A coworker of the opposite sex could be lucky for you right now. Their different point of view could be helpful in triggering an idea that is the solution to the problem you've been chewing on the past two-three days. Just in time, too, because you both needed an answer right away.


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