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Daily Chinese Zodiac Horoscopes - Wednesday 24 April


Listen to your instincts right now when they scream at you to hold back. Don't spend money if you find yourself questioning an expensive or impulsive purchase. You may find that the inner message is coming from your intuitive inner shopper who knows a better deal is possible if you wait.


Make everyone stick to the budget. Your coworkers might resent you at first for being the "official stick in the mud" but persist in demanding a value case be made for a new and expensive project or unnecessary travel plans. Someone is pushing for a business trip that could be handled by phone.


You really need to get out of the house. Even if you can spare only a few moments, find some way to give yourself a break. Try out that new computer game, or stop off at the local mall to pick up a new board game for your next dinner party.


You are the expert, teacher, or guru that everyone is seeking right now. You have all the answers at your fingertips. But the truth is, despite your impressive resume and track record you are shaking in your boots. What is so hard about admitting you don't have all the answers? You are not God.


Your home will be a haven from the stress of the world right now. You may find it incredibly healing to do one of those little "Martha Stewart" makeovers on one of the rooms of your home, or to treat yourself to a long hot bath complete with candles and scented oils.


There are wonderful social opportunities for you right now. You can make new and exciting friends, meet new people and enjoy the company of those who challenge you intellectually and emotionally. Someone in your family may introduce you to someone new as well.


You could have a moment of profound insight about a friend, or a conversation with a friend could trigger awareness about your own thought processes. You will realize that you have to change some of your habitual reactions, and that idea will bring a great deal of positive change.


Your mate or partner is the rock in a storm you are seeking right now. They will have just the words of comfort you are seeking. People you work with, and family members you live with, will be a source of arguments, disagreements and distractions right now.


You will be mulling over some fear or worry when someone you love drops by to take all your worries away. If you are single, you may meet someone at a place where ideas are shared, like an Internet Caf? or a bookstore. Your mind will be active and alert.


You will be able to make some dramatic changes to your lifestyle that have a wonderful affect on your appearance, mood and well being. You may decide to have a massage or treat yourself to a day at a spa, or work out at a local gym. There must be a "healthy" aspect in the day's recreation.


You may make a new friend with a coworker or client who has the ability to boost your own career profile. It is all about connections right now. All about who you know. Treat people well at very level, because you may find you need their help later on.


A friend is going to ask you to commit to some kind of personal sacrifice on their behalf, but you have other priorities, most likely a family member who is in need of emotional support. They may not realize that their own prejudices are getting in the way of clear insight.


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