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Daily Chinese Zodiac Horoscopes - Thursday 24 January


Watch your driving right now. You tend to be quick and impulsive, and not overly focused on what's going on around you. Please, do leave the cell phone turned off while you are on the road. No meeting or appointment is worth the danger you'll be risking.


Today may end up being all about family values and the role they play in your life. This is the "real thing", not a vague concept expounded by pundits. You will come to realize how blessed you really are. Not all of your friends are so lucky. One could come to you seeking advice about a dysfunctional relationship.


There are some dramatically positive energies in your financial sectors right now. You can expect big changes. If you are already wealthy, you may be changing the way you earn your living. If not, you may be finding an unexpected new source of income.


The workplace will be exciting and interesting but just a little chaotic right now. Everyone seems to have wild ideas, and they are all running around like chickens with their heads cut off trying to get the higher-ups to notice them. This is not the best day for new creative projects though.


You come across right now as a unique individual with many innovative ideas. You want freedom to expressing yourself in an unusual or unconventional way, to make a big splash in a social setting, and may be drawn to new and interesting hobbies.


You have an opportunity to make friends online, through travel, or in the pursuit of a hobby that relies on paper or communications in some way. You could start up with a pen-pal or meet someone in an Internet chat room who opens up new horizons in your life.


A change is as good as a rest. You need a vacation. You may or may not already be booking one, but if this is a new idea, consider adding a spa visit, and make sure that some form of "healthy retreat" is part of the picture. Your body needs a break.


You may find yourself making impulsive decisions in the office or work place right now, and may regret speaking up at the wrong moment. It may be in your interests to maintain a quiet, behind-the-scenes profile right now, to listen carefully rather than try to force your opinion at this time.


A lucky break in your finances could come about through changes in your work schedule. You could get some extra hours this week, or hear news of a raise coming your way. Someone will be looking at your working conditions and may bring in the extra help or budget you needed.


You may want to take some time to help out an older friend, loved one or family member. While this may be a chore, there may also be a lot of satisfaction in making a difference for someone you care deeply about.


The balance of power in a personal relationship is changing and this could throw you off balance right now. While you regain your equilibrium, ask yourself if you might not have all the answers after all. Find an advisor who can bring more experience to the table.


You need to invest in yourself. You may be given an opportunity to boost your financial portfolio with stock options, or be given extra benefits. You may also find social connections offer unexpected opportunities to boost your career profile. Don't be afraid to schmooze.


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