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Daily Chinese Zodiac Horoscopes - Monday 24 June


You are not at your communicative best right now. Even though you have good opportunities for showing off your mind-power right now, you seem determined to float off into outer space every time the spotlight shines in your direction. Get focused!


A sudden insight about your life or lifestyle may have you focusing much of your energies on the people closest to you - your spouse and/or business partners. You may be spending much of the day thinking about or talking to them.


Family members are acting a little strange or confused right now. You have a hard time communicating with them, unless you keep to relatively safe topics. You may have some ideas to improve someone's health, but wait until you are asked before you offer advice.


If you are a parent and are looking to expand your circle of friends, look around your children's lives for people who share your interests, hobbies or values. If you are not yet a parent, you could meet people in a group of people who share a hobby or interest.


Arguments, disagreements and challenges to your authority are all part of the hazards and obstacles you face right now. Someone is testing you - trying to find out what your hot buttons are and how long they can push them before you explode - which could well happen right now.


You may be having something of a personality crisis right now. Who are you, and where do you fit into life? You may be re-evaluating yourself because of some comments or concerns raised by someone in your career or social circle. You may decide to have an emotional makeover.


You will be spending a lot of time on the telephone right now, talking with loved ones and companions about shared interests. One conversation in particular will bring in some interesting information about a health matter that could clear up the mystery of someone's strange behavior.


You have some doubts or concerns about a planned recreational trip. Trust your instincts here. Even if you are being overly cautious, this is not a good time to throw all discretion to the winds. Bungee jumping and other "extreme" sports are out right now.


If you want to treat yourself right now, it's book time, movie time or travel time. You need a bit of space and time to push back the boundaries of your imagination. Get involved in a creative class, or make some time for yourself alone with a book or hobby.


You need to invest in yourself. You may be given an opportunity to boost your financial portfolio with stock options, or be given extra benefits. You may also find social connections offer unexpected opportunities to boost your career profile. Don't be afraid to schmooze.


Your phone will be ringing off the hook. The gossip lines are just burning with good news, and everyone you know is eager to be the first to tell you. You are likely to have good news of your own. There is a new stage coming in an important relationship.


Your social presence comes back with a passion right now. You'll be on fire. You will know just what to say, when, to whom, where and how. You'll be a one-person social whirlwind. You can make new friends and build existing relationships into something more than special.


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