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Daily Chinese Zodiac Horoscopes - Sunday 12 July


If you are single, you may find yourself attracted to unusual people who are outside your normal social circles. If you are married, you may find there is some kind of couples class, seminar or workshop with exciting ideas to perk up your relationship.


It is time you had a good look at your diet. You may be eating something that is affecting your health. You might want to go on a rotating diet. Eat one thing for 3-4 days, then something different, and see if you react to anything. You could be surprised how big a difference a small change could make.


Relationships may be challenging right now. You and your significant other need to talk about career changes or social responsibility, but right now it may be hard to see eye to eye. If you are still single, you may be attracted to someone whose politics turn out to be totally opposite to your own.


You will be asked to take on a leadership role in setting up some kind of gathering or get-together that involves everyone's favorite entertainment. Be sure that you think of all the people now, especially the little ones - will there be enough toys, Kool-Aid and snacks appropriate for them?


You could make a new friend, or find out that an existing friend has spiritual healing abilities. They may be confused or uncertain about how to proceed, and seek you out for guidance. If you are not already familiar with such things, seek out information on the Internet together.


Keep positive if you have encountered a slow patch financially. Remember nothing lasts forever. You may need to keep your eye on discretionary spending for a while, but you will soon see the light at the end of the tunnel.


You will tend to be short tempered right now and are likely to take things out on those closest to you. Your stress levels have you reacting a bit hypersensitively. Make sure that you watch your emotional reactions carefully right now as you do not want to alienate those you care for.


You really want to sneak out for some extra-curricular fun right now, but your responsibilities may get in the way. That may turn out better than you think, though. Some delay or changes to your plans may lead you to more fun than you can shake a stick at.


You will be in a good mood right now. Your sense of humor returns, and you are energetic. You are up for some fun, too. You might actually drag your partner out of the house to go party this evening. If you are single, you might be going out with friends when someone new catches your eye.


You have opportunities to learn things that will make a positive impact in your life, or the lives of others. Most likely this will take the form of alternative health-care, holistic healing, or naturopathic remedies. Keep an open mind, and your eyes open for good leads.


Your love life is something of a roller coaster right now. You have all the plot twists of a Victorian romance novel. Try to be patient with your significant other right now. You are both going through some pretty dramatic changes and you need each other's support.


Your love life is white-hot right now. You are full to brim with the energies of life, and there are ample opportunities for you to share those energies with your love partner right now. If you are single, just step outside. You could quite literally trip over someone special right now.


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