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English Daily Love Horoscopes - Wednesday 24 April


With passions running high, if you're unable to do anything positive about your feelings, you easily become frustrated. When trying to approach someone, who would not normally expect anything from you, be careful what you imply or suggest is thought through, or you may appear rather vague and insincere.


Discuss plans with your lover. Intense conversations and deliberations are at a stage that is important for you both. Only by working through more ambiguous details do you form a clear picture of your relationship outlook. If single, your friends stand by you, they’re enthusiastic about your romantic activities and show their support.


You're reluctant to give up on an existing love. With such commitment, you eventually get the dream partner you've waited for. If you're single, your bright amenable attitude determines how well you fare. People react positively to you and notice how very sociable you are. It’s easy for you to meet and impress others.


Your romantic life is turbulent and punctuated with misunderstandings. Be careful about giving an opinion; not everyone appreciates your straightforward approach. They may misconstrue your comments believing them to be arrogant and selfish. Remain calm and objective when making claims and attempting to attribute blame.


You understand the issues that matter most to you in your private life. You're able to settle existing disagreements and face up to the consequences, even if you find talking about certain issues is rather difficult. You express yourself well and are ready to make compromises when they are deemed necessary.


If there's a lot of confusion or uncertainty in your relationships, you try to get rid of these feelings. People you meet are friendly and helpful because of your positive and agreeable attitude. You treat others with the level of respect that you want and expect them to show you and reveal how you wish to be treated.


If you're experiencing highs and lows of emotions and you feel you're constantly being misunderstood or wrongly criticized, be particularly careful not to overreact or behave inappropriately, by being hurtful towards your loved one, or doing something that later you might come to regret.


Choose your words carefully, your ability for compromise is apparently lacking and any shortcomings or erratic conduct unlikely to be well received by those you care for most. If asking your partner for understanding, don't expect them to provide you with the answers, you're always the architect of your fate.


You feel like making some changes. Tired routines are due for a shakeup, and you may provoke others or your lover to force change on the situation that exists between you. Their response and the outcome are likely to add some spice to your relationship or may prove more unsettling than imagined.


For too long you've neglected to do the things you've promised yourself. Not hesitating any longer, you start to enjoy life to the full. You may start a relationship, visit friends or a lover, there're interesting people close by waiting for you to discover them and your self-confidence makes you appear even more attractive.


You’re faced with an ongoing ordeal and constant distractions. Resist any urge to ignore your situation but keep in mind your perspective isn't the only point of view out there, maintain your composure, others aren’t necessarily always correct. Often solutions to problems are easier to resolve than you first realize.


The relationship you share with your lover is intense. You're able to reconcile any extreme differences that exist between you and encourage one another to be more tolerant and open. If single whatever you do turns out well, is amiable and leads to a reinforcement of the trust new partners show towards you.


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