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English Daily Love Horoscopes - Thursday 24 January


Think about arranging a get-together or a night out on the town, and enjoy yourself with friends or with your lover. Almost any social interaction you organize is well worth the effort and results in a more than satisfying outcome. If you have a partner, it's just as rewarding for you to share some romantic time together.


Self-confident, laid-back and in a good mood, you keep everyone happy and expect to do well romantically. You reassure loved ones by your concern and can resolve any issues that arise between you. Nothing prevents you from making new friends. Being positive as well as realistic brings you success.


Motivated by your desires, you feel easily stirred to action. If the opportunity arises to take advantage of the way you feel, you spend time with someone exciting and loving. The reverse is also possible: Maybe your partner isn't in the mood. If so you need to accept this; you may be frustrated but avoid over-reacting.


Life is likely to be problematic if you’ve unrealistically high expectations. Inevitable arguments follow if you're expecting more than others are prepared to give. Try to keep your conduct in check and don’t put undue pressure on your partner or friendships by making inappropriate or impossible demands.


People value the qualities of self-control and confidence you display. You enjoy being popular and are encouraged by this and able to make headway with certain ‘others’ that you previously have been reluctant to pursue. Your ability to show some interest and a degree of patience is ultimately likely to be rewarded.


Keep your social contacts to a bare minimum. Stay in your local surroundings, where people know you and perhaps know how to handle your present mood. If you try to make new friends or attempt to find a new relationship partner, it's unlikely that you'll be very successful but instead just become more disheartened.


You find meaning and true value in your relationship; it's easy to forget seemingly unimportant personal problems, you're content with your lover and prefer to focus on the warm feelings you share with them. If you're single, you look for people to care for and love considering this an essential thing in life.


If things aren't progressing very well in your relationship, you need to make a stand. If possible, take some difficult decisions and confront unexpected problems. Meanwhile, don't allow yourself to lose sight of your romantic ambitions or forget what you've learned, the journey is often the only reward you receive.


If you're in any way vulnerable, in need of some tenderness and affection from your lover, show them exactly how you feel, and you'll find they're unable to resist you. If you don't have a partner, or if your relationship is not going too well, you make yourself readily available for an alternative prospect elsewhere.


You are sociable as well as being innately cool, calm and collected. You enjoy your relationships and experience prolonged periods of light-hearted pleasure. It’s an ideal opportunity to strengthen present bonds or to get to know others. It has never been as easy before, for you to be so amenable, and open-minded.


Concerning your love life, whatever you do your partner finds irresistible, they fall for your charms, and little prevents them from generously giving you their tenderness and love. Don't shamelessly take advantage, but be grateful for all the attention others lavish on you and be appreciative of them in return.


If you're feeling tired, at the outset let your partner know you need some space and exactly how you feel, then they won't expect too much from you. You seem reluctant to try to do anything much, even to the point of breaking prior commitments, and if pressurized are less likely to respond at all.


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