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Daily General Horoscopes - Wednesday 26 February


If you are feeling stress or pressure right now, the answer may be simpler and closer to home than you think. What you need to do is sit down with a trusted loved one or friend and vent a little. Be sure that you offer to return the favor when it is their turn to blow off steam.


Spirit joins body in sending you "SOS" signals right now. You could have recently had a nightmare or be suffering from anxiety attacks - but it is all to wake you up and make you aware of the changes you must make to improve your life. Don't worry, you'll get the right message in time.


Secrets, hidden knowledge, and hard to find information has you running around like a chicken with its head cut off right now. You may be tempted to throw your books, paperwork and computer out the window, but if you stick with it, you'll get your hands on what you need to know.


Friends and companions may call to invite you out on what seems to be an innocent gathering, but if you are single they do have ulterior motives. Someone wants to partner you up with a buddy of theirs. Keep an open mind! If you are not single, expect some fun time with mutual friends soon.


You are seeing some success in your career and want to celebrate, but there is just not enough time to get away from your new responsibilities. You need to insist on some "self" time, so that you can recharge your batteries every once in a while.


You may be overly focused on the way other people react to you right now. Don't forget that other people may not be thinking about you when they make their judgments or reactions, they are reacting from their own background, childhood or experiences.


You may find friends, companions and associates are utterly unreliable right now. They are way off in a world of their own, and absolutely nothing you do seems to bring them back down to earth. Why bother? Relax and enjoy the antics. They'll at least be entertaining.


Your significant other comes across in your chart as a little confused, but not in a bad way. They just don't understand you at the moment. But sometimes confusion is a good place to start when changes are required. And sometimes it is a lot of fun, too.


You may feel torn between home, family and loved ones, and an unexpected responsibility that comes up in your career right now. You may be considering buying or upgrading a computer so that you can do more work from home. Be careful, make sure the deal you get is a good one.


You may be disappointed in a coworker's performance or attitude right now. They don't seem to be getting much done, and you may be the one taking the blame for the results. An older or wiser friend may be able to set them straight, if they are approached with tact.


You will be impulsive and energetic right now and people will be interested in what you have to say. If you are still single, you may have an opportunity to impress someone with your wit and wisdom. If you are already married, you and your partner may be sharing some interesting ideas.


I guess you are determined to beat your head against the family brick wall, huh? Well, in some cases that may be necessary. You may have to deal with someone who just plain isn't being reasonable. But in a lot of cases it's going to be you who is the stubborn one.


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