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Daily General Horoscopes - Thursday 24 January


Relationships will take your attention for most of the day. There may be arguments with loved ones, most likely relatives and parents, but there are good times as well, with friends and partners. Don't worry what people say or do. Their attitudes are likely to change quickly.


Someone who hits your hot buttons could turn into an unexpected ally during a workplace conflict. Pick your battles with great care, though. You may find that you can turn mountains back into molehills with a little applied listening and a lot of patience.


You could spend a lot of time on the phone right now. While one of the calls may be challenging, another will come in to soothe and calm your nerves. A friend or sibling will be a willing shoulder and may even bring some good news that wipes away all your worries.


Today you will be asked, or are asking the question "Am I taking on enough responsibility in my family?" You may be doing too little or too much, but you are somehow out of balance, and it is long overdue that you take a reality check.


Career and investment opportunities are on the menu right now. You may find that others, coworkers especially, do not share your enthusiasm for your "stock du jour". You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink. You have to follow your own gut feel right now.


You get some interesting thoughts and ideas about investments right now. It is unlikely that you will act on them right now. Store them away for a future time when your motivation is higher. Avoid signing any new paperwork or documents related to finances right now if you can.


Invest in some time together with your partner. You may find it pays off with unexpected rewards. You will have a lot of energy right now and want to spend it on your loved ones - your significant other is the one crying out with the most desperate need for your attention.


You may be traveling for health-related reasons soon. An authority figure or police officer could turn out to be lucky for you right now. You are likely to be learning, studying or reading right now, and all these activities can bring you useful information.


Your workplace is about to undergo a dramatic series of changes, likely due to some investment in communications or networking devices. If you work at home, you could be buying a new computer or signing up for a new Internet account. Regardless, you'll have much better connections when the day is done.


This is not a good time to confront a loved one or relative about their lack of ambition of late. You may be coming across a little more harshly than you intend, in part because you are worried about them, but in part because you feel you are holding the bag.


You are finding that a recent spiritual or metaphysical commitment has profound implications, not just on the spiritual level, but also on the mundane. Earning a living, staying ahead of the debts, and organizing new friends and social obligations are all part of the picture.


The Big High Mucky Muck may be visiting your workplace soon. You may be expected to put on a show that you really do not have enthusiasm for. You may find it easier if you think of it as a step you need to take in a role-playing game. You need to do it if you want to level up.


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