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Daily General Horoscopes - Monday 24 June


Your love life is confusing again right now, but if you consider the possibility that your partner is stressed or a little depressed and that their mood is not about you, then you don't have to share in it. There may be nothing you can do for them but be supportive right now.


You may have some challenges with your significant other and a sibling or friend in arranging schedules and plans for the activities of a loved one who needs your help getting around from place to place. You may be having trouble compromising on share responsibility.


This is not a good day to let an impulse over-ride your common sense, especially where it comes to purchases of art or entertainment services. You may want to grab those season's tickets to the opera right now when they look like a bargain, but will you really make use of them?


A challenging situation in your career or workplace has you a bit on edge right now, and it is spilling over into your social life. You may find that there are terrific changes to deal with all of a sudden, especially if your business is involved in technology.


You have a dramatic opportunity to change your life path, but you may be so excited that you trip over your tongue right now. Slow down a little, take things step-by-step, and be very careful when you are reading the fine print. You could need a magnifying glass to get through it all.


Changes to your primary relationship are coming, changes that will bring rewards and opportunities to you both. Keep your eyes open for changes involving people you have worked with in the past. While some of these relationships will be challenging, the ultimate changes will be good.


If you have kids they are likely to disappoint you in some way right now. Hold your breath, count to ten, then ask yourself whether or not you are over-reacting. You will have concerns about education, communication and travel to be resolved right now, whether you are a parent or not.


More extra money is coming your way. You will be amazed by your good luck in the workplace right now. Your department could get a bigger budget, or, if you run your own business, you may find that loan you didn't expect finally gets approved. Just be careful how you spend that windfall!


Unexpected changes, detours and travel-related delays are the order of the day. Take extra time to get from one place to another, and be sure that all of your personal documentation is in order. Don't forget your wallet and driver's license, now!


Your intuition will be terrific right now. You have wonderful investing and work-related opportunities, and you will know just which ones to pursue, and which to avoid. Your personal energy is high right now and you will enjoy the art of getting ahead.


A home-based business could be a bigger challenge than you thought, with the primary pressure coming from an insecure spouse or business partner who cannot wait for future prosperity. Instant results are not possible, and you may have to dip into savings to make this dream come true.


This is definitely not a good time to go shopping for cell phones, computers, PDAs and other electronic or communication devices. They are likely to be the wrong model, break down easily or be more costly in the long run than you had anticipated. If you must buy these toys, get good warrantees.


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