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Daily General Horoscopes - Wednesday 24 April


That new leadership role you are thinking of assuming could turn out to have financial strings attached. You could get lucky and be voted treasurer of your favorite club, but you may also find out that the cupboard is bare, and you are the one in charge of the next fundraising drive.


You may be the center of attention right now in your family or neighborhood, but it may come about because someone you care for or have to live near has decided to pick an argument with you over your spiritual or religious beliefs. Avoid these topics if at all possible.


You may be asked to take on a leadership role, or to teach others right now. One of your personal skills, talents, or a craft or hobby could come in handy when dealing with unexpected responsibilities right now, particularly if they involve the care of small children.


Money makes the world go around and your world would be spinning if it were not for spendthrift kids or a partner who has been a bit selfishly spending their way to happiness on your budget. You have to put the breaks on, but that may be hard to do because the outlook seems so postive.


Family members seem determined to stick their noses into your love life and it may be up to you to put the brakes on, even though it may well be your partner's family who are the most active culprits. You may not be able to get support from your significant other right now either.


You seem to be on a "helping out kick" in the workplace right now, and while most folks are grateful for the extra energy you provide, someone else may find your efforts are a little too strident. If you see "that face", back off a bit and let them come to you on their own terms.


You may be frustrated with your boss or an authority figure, but they are pushing you in your own best interests, believe it or not. There may not seem to be immediate financial or personal rewards in the process, but give it some time and you will begin to see some very positive benefits.


You may need to back off on yourself a little. Your energy is rather demanding right now and that could help push people along or push them away. Daily meditation or relaxation exercises could help you recover some needed perspective.


You may be tempted to celebrate some recent wins in the game of life with some wild and expensive celebrations. Be extra careful. Self-indulgence could come back to haunt you. A simpler, more creative but frugal celebration could actually be a lot more fun.


It's an incredibly romantic day for your sign, and if you are single, this is a terrific day for just getting out and being seen. Look for a club or bar with the kind of music you love, get out there, and shake your groove thing. You will attract attention.


There could be longer than normal wait times, delays in commutes and confused schedules today. Bring water, remember to take deep breaths, especially if you feel that familiar clenching in your gut. Bring a book to read of you have appointments scheduled that will involve any kind of medical information.


An anticipated problem will prove to be much over-hyped. While you may not dodge the problem completely, it won't be as bad as you expected. Relax, go into your daily work flow. You may even enjoy the challenge, there might even be a bonus in it for you.


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