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Daily General Horoscopes - Friday 17 August


If you want to move ahead in your career you will have to stick your neck out, and take on a leadership role in mentoring or teaching others. You could learn a lot from the experience of teaching others. You may meet someone interesting at a work-related gathering.


You may get some uncomfortable sensations right now but they should pass once you realize that they are mostly related to stress. While your physical body is under a bit of a challenge right now, you are likely to get some good news about your finances that will brighten your mood.


If you do crafts and hobbies, you could find yourself working on some strange projects that bring in new technological elements. If not, you may find yourself drawn to recreation on the Internet, or to a movie with a high-tech plot twist. Video games could suddenly pique your interest.


Trust your intuition where it comes to a potential partner, whether for business or romance. You will have more luck with the former, but there is potential there for benefit in romances, provided you are careful not to let yourself get too carried away.


A friend may deliver some news that triggers a flurry of activity on your part. You will find that by the end of the day you'll be grateful for the fact that you started off somewhat on the wrong foot, because you hopped over to a much better place than you planned.


Food, family and gossip are the highlights of the day. Someone has tongues wagging. If it is you, it is likely because you have pulled off a big change to your health or well being. This is a great time to start a new diet.


If you are trying to get a handle on your love life right now, the key words for the quest are "money, values, material security". You may be feeling insecure partially as a result of something your partner says and does and partially because you are reliving a childhood insecurity.


Your affirmation of the day is ... I am the perfect picture of health and fitness. You may feel a bit dragged out right now, but a lot of that is self-perception. Are you really being fair in your assessment of your physical condition? Or are you focusing on weakness at the expense if your strengths?


You are not stuck on that low rung of the career ladder after all! All you have to do is be as wildly inspired and innovative as you are right now and you will be shooting to the top in no time. Take advantage of a big change in your workplace to make a move upwards.


You may be thinking about traveling for health reasons. It may be you need the light and warmth of a sunny beach, but you can also get similar benefits at home from a good brisk walk. You do need fresh air and physical activity, and you'll find a way to get it.


You are having a hard time making an important decision about your lifestyle, well being and health. A friend of yours may come up with some ideas that could help you make up your mind. You might experience those ideas as a kick in the behind, however.


You have a chance to solidify your financial or career advancement, provided you don't allow your own self-doubts to get in the way right now. It would be a bad day to indulge in long personal calls or allow personal business to distract you. Don't let a partner bully or push you into action you aren't ready for.


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