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Daily General Horoscopes - Saturday 27 February


You may be very tempted to jump off the diet bandwagon. A one-time cheat probably will not set you back, but make sure that little treat does not turn into a full-out binge. An alternative treat may be something other than food. When was the last time you had a good massage?


Arguments or disagreements with friends could be a good thing right now. All the cards will be on the table, in full view, and the two of you can decide as mature adults whether the problems can be overcome, or whether or not it might be time to agree to part the ways.


You may have to make an adjustment in your financial plans right now. You may face a significant challenge because of news you hear about the credibility of your boss, employer, or a significant partner in your business plans. Stay flexible and avoid high-risk projects.


You'll feel playful, excited and motivated right now, and can get a lot of work done. If you have children, you may hear of greatly positive changes in their lives or educational efforts. The ones you love have had some obstacles to overcome and this has made them stronger.


A technological tool or device may prove to be very helpful in dealing with an old chore. You may have had this device for some time, but are suddenly finding ways to make it useful. With a little patience you may be able to find other uses for it as well.


Your phone is ringing off the hook right now with people who want to do little more than gossip and that is fine with you. You don't feel like working when you could be talking. Paperwork you do right now may have to be re-written tomorrow and you will wonder "What was I thinking when I wrote that?"


You have an opportunity to do some home improvements, and there may be a side benefit to the renovations that you overlooked - better home equity. The bathroom may be overdue for an overhaul, and you may be considering adding an ensuite.


A friend you thought lost is really going through a tough time with health problems, depression or a substance abuse situation. You can help by being a good listener, and by understanding if they feel the need to pull back from socializing for a time.


Friends and companions you normally count on are acting like maniacs right now. You may find that retreat is the better part of friendship just now. They will likely come back around in due course, and there is little you can say or do to change things.


It might be a good idea to avoid using the phone right now. You are likely to get some strange and unsettling phone calls, especially from siblings or close friends, who seem to have some pretty strange ideas all of a sudden. Double check all facts before taking a stand in an argument.


You'll have good luck with money right now, with news of an upcoming promotion or bonus, and luck in finding bargains. There may be new or better sources of income just around the corner, so keep your eyes open. A home-based business could be challenging and profitable.


You may have a profound spiritual or psychic experience right now, one that leads you to new friendships, to a new social circle whose influence or knowledge could be a significant benefit to you, both spiritually and in more down to earth ways.


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