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Weekly Love Chatty Style Horoscopes (Updates on Friday) - 07 May 2021


The universe is extra determined to help you update your list of what you want and don't want when it comes to romance, love, and intimacy. Your confidence and self-worth receive special focus this week. A New Moon can bring a shift in attitude regarding what you want or want more of in the name of love. Gone are the days of accepting or tolerating less than you deserve. A bit of a confidence boost could be all that's needed to advocate stronger for your needs.


A New Moon in your sign and other powerful planetary activity could make this a pivotal week where matters of the heart are concerned. The fresh start and significant shifts on offer can help you start looking more optimistically toward your romantic or relationship future. Make no mistake; any passionate comfort zone you've become deeply entrenched in could be shaken. But that's how any emotional burdens you carry can finally be released.


With Venus in your sign, trust wholeheartedly in your ability to send out a welcoming, warm and attractive vibe. You could also find your attitude toward matters of the heart becomes more grounded or practical. So, your vision of the future regarding an existing or a budding relationship is likely to be accurate. Even if you don't ask for support from a lover or potential sweetheart, you could find that you receive it – and are grateful for it.


A New Moon influences the social scene, friendships, and your involvement with groups. Other planetary activity intends to remove you from a comfort zone to connect, meet and mingle wherever safe and possible. Friends feature more prominently this week. If you're single, then don't rule out how effective one pal could be at being a matchmaker - if they're not somebody you're attracted to already. Attached? Daring to be different intimately could be more than fun!


This week, the universe has plans to open your mind, eyes, and heart. If you're single, then you could experience something not experienced previously - connecting with somebody who truly 'gets' you. If you're attached, then deep sharing could take on a whole new meaning. Allowing any intimate barriers to crumble releases inhibitions that can make connecting physically feel like the first time!


This week, Jupiter casts its lucky and optimistic magic with your relationships and commitments. Until the end of July, partnerships are blessed with new levels of growth which includes more open-mindedness and adventurousness on your part. If you're single, then somebody you meet during this time could have the Cosmic Seal of Approval! Attached? You and a lover could venture into new territory together, mentally and physically.


This week, the universe encourages more receptiveness and openness in an intimate relationship. You could assess any self-imposed limits regarding how much you reveal or make yourself vulnerable to a partner. But it's equally important to take stock of how satisfied you are with receiving what you give in every sense. Whether an imbalance comes from you or the object of your affections, new levels of give-and-take could be introduced.


Love and intimacy are about to receive fantastic cosmic support that's bound to make you smile or smile even more! A New Moon marks a fresh start with relationships and commitments, or one in particular. But other planetary action brings a wave of change that can quickly take one bond to a new level. Single? Good luck and optimistic Jupiter influences true love from now until the end of July. Romantically, things couldn't look better!


This week, you could adopt a more realistic and practical view toward matters of the heart. This could involve accepting where your passionate efforts bring the desired result and where they don't. Whether you're single or attached, you could feel more inclined to look to the future about where you want to be romantically or intimately. If your current romantic circumstances don't offer the security and stability you need, then you could set a new trajectory.


Focus shifts strongly from perceived shortfalls in your love life to what you have in abundance or could have with a change of attitude. Caution or hesitancy could be replaced with new levels of optimism and determination. Satisfying your hungry heart could mean taking a risk with it. But, by remaining behind a particular line or watching romantic opportunities pass you by, you do yourself a massive, passionate disservice. Take a risk for a change. It will be worth it!


Romantic or relationship progress could rely on you seeing your emotional world in a practical light. That doesn't mean you've been deluding yourself. But you can no longer continue to see certain circumstances idealistically. Adopting a logical approach to matters of the heart might feel a bit like a cold shower. Things are about to get serious but in a way that may be necessary. But you can only benefit from seeing your love life through a more realistic lens.


If you sense rumblings in your emotional world that give you a reason to feel inspired or optimistic, trust them! An unexpected development could lead to a sudden decision that takes your current romantic or relationship circumstances from 'meh' to magnificent. And with Jupiter having a brief stint in your sign until the end of July, luck is truly on your side for love to form or flourish!


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