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Weekly Love Chatty Style Horoscopes (Updates on Friday) - 31 July 2020


This week, you could be aware of how the arrival of information shines a new light on a romantic or relationship scenario. If you're single, then somebody you may have been intrigued by could reveal how alluring they really are, especially if you haven't had a chance to meet them in the flesh, so to speak. If you're attached, then something you had either written off or dismissed as unattainable or unachievable could be brought to life if a partner takes the reins or the initiative. You could be reassured by how they make something important to you, important to them.


There's something relevant about the saying, 'you can't make an omelet without breaking some eggs' where your love life is concerned this week. But you mustn't focus solely on the negative connotation. You can't make romantic or relationship progress if you're determined to cling to what you know, in your heart, needs to be released. You will need to sacrifice some degree of comfort to free yourself to make the most of the opportunities on offer. Your confidence will receive the boost it needs if you remind yourself that whatever you release is no longer needed.


You continue to receive delightful cosmic support to help you feel more confident and optimistic toward matters of the heart. Next week, you're likely to receive an even more significant boost where you need it. But, during the coming days, you mustn't dwell upon shortfalls or what you believe is missing in your love life. The more you allow a negative or pessimistic attitude to kick in, the more unfounded shortcomings you'll believe you see. You really are one small attitude adjustment away from stopping this unhelpful, repetitive cycle.


Nobody can deny that imposing structure or routines where love and romance are concerned can kill the spontaneity that magic requires. This week, it could become clear how your emotional world can benefit from a new level of predictability or stability. From next week and beyond, you're about to receive the equivalent of a green light where romantic or relationship plans you've been making in the background are concerned. For now, or during the coming days, use this time to get your proverbial ducks in a row, so you're ready - because you will likely need to be ready!


Be careful where your quest for an answer or a solution is concerned with matters of the heart this week. When we actively look for answers, we can receive misleading information that is easily misinterpreted. But maybe you haven't given your heart the louder voice it deserves. Try not to invest effort unnecessarily in finding the answer you need to solve a romantic or relationship dilemma. The Full Moon influencing partnerships and commitments implies that, if you give your heart a chance to provide the insight you need, then it will.


Slowly but surely, you're making progress where an imbalance surrounding giving and taking in your emotional world or one special connection is concerned. For some time, you've been acutely aware of the investment of effort on your part, and what you've received in return. As both your emotional and material resources diminish, you're pushed to create the security and stability you need. This may require you to look inward and accept what or possibly who you've outgrown. But that insight is a cosmic gift you should seize with both hands.


If you want to experience the rainbow in your love life or a special connection, then you must put up with some rain. However, you may have had no issue with rain; it's the thunderstorms you've dealt with recently that have probably brought the most discord, discomfort, and uncertainty. But this week, it's important you don't gravitate toward an immediate solution or an obvious source of comfort. Both are likely to be temporary. If it's something long-term you want, then you will need to try to resist succumbing to a particular path of least resistance.


Whether you experience success or disappointment in an area of your emotional world this week depends entirely on the mindset you adopt. That might sound painfully obvious. But whatever or whoever you pursue needs your heart to be truly 'in it' to 'win it.' You owe it to yourself to offer more than a halfhearted attempt. You're right to sense that something delightful and pleasurable is on offer if you summon the right levels of gusto to get it.


Although none of us possess finite levels of love, we don't have infinite levels of energy to apply toward it. Sure, there's always something amusing about a 'romantic fool' unconcerned about the effort they appear to waste in their pursuit of love. But when our heart genuinely supports something that resonates within it, we don't want to waste any valuable effort. Your love life could benefit from you putting a bit more value on how and where you apply effort this week - and beyond.


In looking at the circumstances surrounding your love life this week, I'm reminded of the scene in The Wizard of Oz, where Dorothy emerges from her home into the unbelievable world of Munchkins. Audiences' jaws dropped back in 1939 when that scene went from black-and-white to spectacular technicolor. Similarly, you're emerging from a world of darkness and greyness into something impressively and heartwarmingly vivid. All you need to do is push suspicion and hesitation attached to the past aside and embrace the magic that the universe insists is on offer.


There are many occasions when we should trust our instincts when they send a message along the lines of, 'if in doubt, then don't.' But there are exceptions to this rule. This week, where matters of the heart are concerned, you can benefit from pushing aside any doubts that might surround you letting a particular person know what is truly on your mind or in your heart. This week's Full Moon in your sign indicates that a heartfelt blend of openness and honesty could be nothing short of transformational.


With a Full Moon influencing endings, recuperation, and healing, you could find emotional matters take a back seat to other, more sensitive issues. Although you could be selective about how you give love, you could also be equally discriminating toward ways you receive it. If you find that giving and receiving affection or support becomes too intense, then step back to give and receive both on your terms. You could find others or possibly a loved one, in particular, support your need for distance, detachment, or space.


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