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Weekly Love Chatty Style Horoscopes (Updates on Friday) - 21 June 2019


You could sense you're pushed a particular direction this week, perhaps to make a decision - or see where a 'breaking point' exists. Fortunately, coming events could also help to make clearer what this pressure is in aid of. Try not to doubt your assessment of a romantic or relationship situation, regardless of how urgent, illogical, and inconsistent it may appear. A turning point that you'll soon see as very positive is imminent.


You might be keen to ensure a loved one or someone close is told certain information on a need-to-know basis. However, events this week could encourage whatever you're choosing to withhold to emerge. If it does, then you can help to bring a shared perspective on something that needn't transform from a molehill to a mountain. The coming week offers a chance for mutual trust and respect to either be restored or taken more seriously. A bit of vulnerability and authenticity on your part can help to make either happen.


Trust your ability to transform your perceptions of love, romance, and intimacy this week. By looking inward and being true-blue about your needs, you can turn any negative or pessimistic views or attitudes into something positive. This could spur you on to deepen a commitment by sharing your truth with your paramour, but profound results probably won't happen instantly. Seize the chance for self-reflection on offer to you this week. It's the first and perhaps most integral step to gaining answers to your most passionate questions.


This week, whether you want to call it self-nurturing, self-care, or controlled self-indulgence, it's important that you put your needs first – briefly! If you're an attached Cancerian, then you could find your idea of relaxation, chilling or kicking back meets with enthusiastic approval by a lover. But if affairs of the heart are in any way turbulent or confusing, then double the need to create distance and enjoy some quality 'you time.' Your heart will provide clear instructions about what it needs, and top of the list this week should be what boosts your feel-good factor.


This week, you're likely aware of how strength and determination need to be summoned to be productive, but your emotional world could require just as much effort and attention. This leaves you with a decision about balancing your ambitious and passionate efforts in the right ways. A lover won't be happy to hear that you're 'too tired' after a day's work to indulge them. Applying too much energy toward professional pursuits and allowing your love or sex lives to fall by the wayside could result in you receiving a harsh reminder to prioritize both. Get the balance right before that happens. You've got this.


Although you could receive intriguing insights into a romantic or relationship matter, it could be helpful to allow these to marinate before taking any action. Moving something forward in your emotional world or a close connection could require you to reestablish personal, romantic, or intimate boundaries. Fortunately, this isn't done to encourage a greater depth of restriction but to open your mind to new passionate possibilities on offer. Circumstances within your emotional world are undoubtedly evolving, and the fact that you're evolving with them will make this process of change so much more manageable - and considerably sweeter!


Introducing more lightheartedness into your emotional world or a special connection requires only a modicum of imagination. It could be easy during coming days to focus too intently on serious matters, many which could relate to finances, or where responsibilities override fun and frivolity. Rather than believe you must accept certain love life circumstances as they are, you can bring an abundance of color to your love life or a special relationship by being a bit less beholden to mundane responsibilities and a lot more receptive to playfulness finding its way into your emotional world.


A challenging issue in your love life could demand attention and not without a good reason. However, you could focus so much on its minutiae that you miss an opportunity to experience something potentially delightful that could beckon subtly. Try to strive less for romantic or relationship perfection and focus instead on adopting an open mind necessary to seize opportunities on offer. Forming or strengthening a connection with someone special needs a peaceful and harmonious climate to happen. Relax and allow that to manifest in a way it wants to.


Adopting an all-or-nothing attitude towards affairs of the heart could be more thrilling than reckless during the coming days. You're aware that your heart wants what it wants, and if it demands more adventurousness or spontaneity, then you could pull out all the stops to bring both. An exciting journey doesn't have to be physical. It could be a wonderful and sexually stimulating meeting of minds that takes you and somebody into delightfully unfamiliar territory! Your passion levels are enhanced for more than one good reason this week. Allow this fervent energy to take you where it wants to.


If a romantic or relationship situation feels noticeably more complicated, then this could be a time when you and the object of your affections decide to have a conversation or exchange that may be long overdue. However, it could be more helpful if you remind yourself that you're not in a boardroom and take this kind of conversation to the bedroom! You could bring too much formality or a business-like approach to something that needs to be discussed sensitively. A connection can go from humdrum or platonic to powerfully passionate if handled with the right levels of care.


If you're typical of your sign, then you probably need some level of space or freedom in a love connection. You have your interests and probably encourage a loved one to pursue theirs. However, this week, you could misinterpret a partner's need for quiet reflection as a request for space. In truth, they may want you to show some attention and encourage them to convey what's on their mind or in their heart. Don't create distance at a time when someone close wants you closer to them - even if the way they go about asking is confusing.


Even if it feels as if drama or tension brew in the background of your emotional world or a special connection, your intuition can probably tell you that what's building momentum is both helpful and timely. Don't be concerned if you sense that you're venturing into unfamiliar territory that feels daunting or circumstances are shifting with a loved one in ways that create mixed emotions. The more you can rise above or even welcome what feels uncertain, the easier it will be to summon the confidence to turn any lemons into very sweet lemonade!


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