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Weekly Love Chatty Style Horoscopes (Updates on Friday) - 17 September 2021


With a Full Moon affecting detachment, invisibility, and recuperation, an urge to enjoy your own company could intensify. But if you're willing to dial back intense effort with matters of the heart, then you could start to see romantic or relationship circumstances more realistically. This could be a week when you indulge in sexy fantasies. But if this is done to avoid facing a particular romantic or intimate reality, any escapism might be brief.


So, you say you want a revolution? This week you could go one step further and create your own sexual revolution! With Venus squaring up to Uranus, your rebellious qualities could emerge in full force. You might not think twice about shaking anything connected with matters of the heart, especially an established relationship. But try to be aware of how driven you are to bring a change or two that perhaps doesn't need the urgency or drastic measures you believe it does.


There's a strong theme involving endings and beginnings with matters of the heart. If a relationship ends, it's probably not going to be a surprise to you or somebody. If you're single, you could feel disappointed or deflated to discover the reality of somebody you pinned your hopes on. Either way, passionate progress relies on acceptance. There may be romantic or relationship pills that are difficult to swallow. But you can trust that the fresh start commencing is perfectly timed.


With Venus affecting true love and heartfelt expression, your love life should be noticeably more comfortable or inspiring. But when Venus hooks up with Uranus, expect the unexpected! At least one unanticipated development could shake a romantic or relationship comfort zone. Whether this leaves you smiling and your heart racing or with a sudden problem to resolve remains to be seen. But you will likely be reminded that love works to its own agenda.


This week's Full Moon has dark and secretive qualities, that's for sure. It represents what you choose to ignore or suppress. It influences what you're afraid to acknowledge or face. So, this lunar event can help you finally let go of suppressed and concealed emotional pain. Yes, this will involve facing a fear. But you're also about to understand where it comes from and how it needn't affect your emotional world or a special connection any longer.


Full Moons often boost emotions. The one affecting relationships and partnerships this week is unlikely to pass without some emotional increase. But it also offers a unique chance for you and someone to bond intuitively. Reading each other's thoughts, finishing each other's sentences, or communicating without words are real possibilities. Also, Venus and Uranus want to work together to surprise you. So, prepare to see how love works in mysterious, delightful ways!


Pedestals - it can be easy to put a lover or potential sweetheart on one. That's because, in our eyes, the one we love can do no wrong. But because we're human means we are creatures most prone to making mistakes. A mistake you could make this week involves seeing a particular person through rose-tinted glasses. Something about them might be difficult to accept. But how long are you prepared to kid yourself? Reality might not be such a hard pill to swallow.


A Full Moon targets true love, heralding a new chapter with matters of the heart. But an emotional release might be needed to move things along between you and someone. Then, Venus in your sign connects with Uranus, affecting relationships and partnerships. You're encouraged to 'romance outside the box.' There will be benefits to daring to be different in the name of love or being drawn to whatever (or whoever) is unusual or quirky!


Until Venus enters your sign on October 7, the planet of love is tucked away invisible, detached, and outside the realms of consciousness. So, you're encouraged to look inward at and assess your romantic desires and needs. But Venus's link with unpredictable Uranus could cause feelings and emotions to emerge in an avalanche-like way. If you're happy spilling all your emotional beans, then fine. But if you're not, you'll need to dig deep for restraint.


Of course, many long-lasting relationships start with two people as close chums. But if there's an understanding that a relationship is strictly platonic and becomes something similar to Monica and Chandler waking shocked in bed together, it might be decision time. For some Sea Goats, that development isn't out of the question! If you're attached, friction could exist between you and a pal regarding a partner or love decision on either side. Be the one to take the high road.


Matters of the heart could be rollercoaster-like. With responsibilities outside your emotional sphere demanding attention and effort needed love-wise, you might stand, scream and let all juggled balls drop or spinning plates crash to the ground. But passionate progress relies on you doing a balancing act. So, there's no need to make a tough choice between your emotional world and elsewhere. Instead, believe that you can balance your many obligations. You've got this.


A Full Moon in your sign will heighten emotions. But feeling nudged to be more expressive or wear your heart on your sleeve could be what's needed to form or strengthen a special connection. Don't be concerned about saying or revealing too much. It's best for all your emotional beans to be spilled. Single? The love-gods have a surprise lined up for you on Thursday. An admirer could be revealed, but what you discover could be shocking and intriguing!


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