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English Daily Erotic Horoscopes - Wednesday 2 December



Plenty of action indicates your lover is crazy about your passionate love-making and is regularly driven to the heights of ecstasy. They show their appreciation by responding with intense desire. It's an even greater reward for your lover to know they don't always have to make the first move.


Full of emotion and tenderness, you feel a need to make more of an effort with your love-making. You long to spend time with your lover and can't wait to come together after spending time apart. Sometimes you're inclined to sit back, letting them take over. Be pro-active and think of your partner's needs too!


You're not making much of an effort in matters of love. But then again, you don't have to! Your partner can take on some of the preliminary work. In the meantime, let yourself relax. Anything else would be too much, you're not exactly in total control. Your own screams of delight won't bother your partner, everything is as it should be.


Your overtly sexual attitude turns you into a genuine love God. But that's not enough for you - you fancy more sexual exploits and adventures, perhaps a threesome. Talk it over with your partner - they might agree, or delight in a night searching for some suitable candidate. If they don't warm to the idea, don't force it - present it to them in a more diplomatic way.


Don't be surprised when your sex life isn't that thrilling. Instead of faking the passion, say what you really need. Since you're finding it hard to assert yourself anyway, this won't be an easy task. If you make the effort, it'll be worth it. Life is too short for bad sex.


For you, a relationship has to be full of affectionate cuddles and sighs. Since you feel so secure in your relationship you could try something more daring. For instance, let your other half cover your eyes with a smooth silk scarf, then let them take control. Perhaps this is as good as it gets.


You want to be in charge, so make this absolutely clear to your partner. So how can you spice up your sex-life? Role playing does it for some folks. The teacher giving his schoolgirl pupil a lesson, or the plumber being seduced by a desperate housewife. Let your fantasy go wild!


You find your partner alluring and want to have some fun. Don't always wait till you reach the bedroom - it could be interesting to make love impulsively whenever the moment is right. The thought that you might be seen by outsiders only increases the thrill factor. Be careful not to be caught or chased off - that would be a real passion killer.


You and your partner can't get enough of each other and this shows. There'll be no dull moments, either in bed or anywhere else. Do you feel like a threesome? Tell your partner about your secret fantasy - they might want to do it too and surprise you with who they suggest to tempt you!


You feel a strong physical attraction to your partner. Those erotic thoughts keep buzzing through your brain, at work and everywhere else too. Where sex is concerned, neither of you need to be told what to do. You both know what turns you on. Try some new things - spontaneity your creativity knows no limits.


It's all systems go for your sex life. There'll be variety and passion available for you and your partner to enjoy and you'll find new ways to turn each other on. There are no taboos between you and you'll have no qualms about experimenting with erotic new ideas and delightful sensual games. Don't wait too long to be asked.


Even if you and your partner are sexually active, what you get up to may be the same and the bedroom where most of your love-making action takes place. Be more adventurous and thrilling by making the most of your time together and truly learn to appreciate each other's stamina and sensitivity.


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