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English Daily Love Horoscopes - Sunday 20 August


You receive many more messages and contacts than usual and enjoy all the attention. You may receive a text or message from someone special, who is obviously keen and excited at the prospect of meeting. Respond positively or you may find some time in the future you come to regret a missed opportunity.


Personal involvements don’t always go according to plan. Situations constantly change and even if your romantic life is unsettled in any way, you remain relaxed and unruffled. You approach potentially heated discussions by asking your partner for their point of view and consider carefully what they say before responding.


Try to avoid spending the evening alone, instead invite some friends for a get together and see what nightlife is on offer. Using your initiative, and especially if you're single you make pleasant connections, think carefully about exactly what you're doing, otherwise you may find you regret what has transpired by the morning.


If things aren't progressing very well in your relationship, you need to make a stand. If at all possible, take some difficult decisions and confront unexpected problems. Meanwhile, don't allow yourself to lose sight of your own romantic ambitions or forget what you've learned, the journey is often the only reward you receive.


Those you are close to admire and appreciate your confident attitude. It’s easy for you to get to know people and to win their affection. Don't give up on existing attachments, cultivate the one you feel an affinity towards. Getting together for a romantic meal can be a great way to start things going again.


You're admired and appreciated by the people you love. An understanding of emotive relationship issues helps you confidently deal with any differences of opinion that may occur. If you're single you're able venture out and get to meet new people, your persuasiveness makes it easy for you to impress others.


Try to avoid saying things you don't mean during any disagreements, instead react calmly and thoughtfully. When this seems difficult, you realize you can’t engineer or control the outcome of every situation you're confronted with. Try to be more understanding and view the argument from your lover's perspective.


The people you love consider you to be a well-adjusted person, occasionally we all experience a variety of different emotional states. If you feel low-spirited, find a quiet place and search for the cause of that feeling. If you feel euphoric, share this feeling with a loved one, create a wonderful experience for you both.


You're intent on providing those you care about most with the kindness and extra attention they deserve. They appreciate you for providing them with such recognition and admire your enthusiasm and confidence. In return you get the unique opportunity to appreciate them in a different and more captivating way.


Your charm and wit make you very attractive to others, one thing leads to another, but this only happens if your partner takes the initiative. You’re simply too passive to get something going. If you live with someone and are in a relationship, your lover finds your indecision irritating, causing needless upsets.


Concentrate on the really important things in your life, for example a peaceful coexistence with your friends and loved ones. Quietly remind your partner if you have one of how much they mean to you. Retain your composure when faced with any sudden event, don't take everything that occurs as a personal attack.


Your ability to deal with others helps you socially. Even if normally you find it difficult, it’s easier to make new friends. With conviction, you instinctively know how to put across your point of view, impressing others with your composure and eloquence, and only pursuing these friendships if you want them to develop.


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