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Weekly Career Horoscopes (Updates on Monday) - 14 August 2017


You begin the week with a real advantage from the get go and that includes across the income, work and career fronts. In any week starting the week with the Moon in your income sector is going to be an advantage. This is something that the professional gods will be more excited about seeing than the money gods. For not only does this sharpen your nose for money and give you a lucrative sense of direction, this will also put the Moon at a friendly aspect to any professional forces. And that's where the timing is so auspicious. Mercury only turned retrograde in your work sector over the weekend, at a time when both planets in your career sector are also in retrograde motion. With Juno turning direct on the career front at the end of next week and Mercury retrograding back out of your work sector just days later, this is just a short window of opportunity. For this week and next, the doors are open to the past, second chances and untapped job and professional potential at the same time.


After last week's lunar eclipse in your career sector, things settle back to a more normal pace this week, albeit a new normal. It wasn't just last week's lunar eclipse that gave your professional game a jump start, but the work tension and job pressure that had just come to a head days earlier. While any career matters triggered by last week's lunar eclipse is now taking on a life of their own, it is on the work front that a new surge is taking place. This makes the timing of the Moon's return to your income sector on Wednesday especially auspicious. For the Moon will be here when Jupiter moves into his final eight weeks in your work sector, on Thursday. After 11 months in your work sector, Jupiter is ready to bring things home and spurred on by last week's eclipse, it is time to put everything on the line. Thanks to the Moon you'll have a nose for money and a lucrative sense of direction as you move into these final weeks.


While you might struggle to name it or put your finger on it, you're likely to start the week with your professional confidence riding high and a sense of relief. At some level, there will be a sense that you've dodged a bullet, though you are not sure what bullet or how. Something began to shift when the Moon returned to your career sector last Wednesday. As your professional instincts kicked in you could sense the support and your confidence building, but also the threat of professional pressure. Two things happened over the weekend to change everything. The first was support from income forces locking into place. And I'm not talking everyday support, but the kind of support that is creating some auspicious conditions across the income and career fronts. This was marred slightly by an impending sense of pressure. That pressure was from the fact that Mercury was poised to move into opposition with career forces. But at the last minute, Mercury turned retrograde and out of harm's way.


As Saturn spends his last full week in retrograde motion in your work sector, he is slowing right down. So much so that while an opposition with the Moon on Thursday might attempt to create some work tension and job pressure, it is unlikely to. This is the last time that Saturn will be in retrograde motion in your work sector for another 28 years, so is intent on using this as a time to reflect and look back. The Moon's monthly visit to a reflective part of your chart will create an opportunity designed to ensure you're not working too hard. This is a call to pull back, with any work tension and job pressure all about knowing when to keep your work hat on and when to take it off. However, the Moon will return to find Saturn already applying the breaks. This is a week for working behind the scenes, with career and income forces in full support.


Starting the week with the Moon in your career sector is always going to be an advantage. This will ensure your professional instincts are sharp from the get go and your professional imagination engaged. That will be the case in any week, but this week the timing couldn't be better. For this comes just as Mercury is spending his first full week in retrograde motion in your income sector, at a time when the doors are still open to the past, second chances and untapped job potential. In the early part of the week, the Moon's intuitive edge will be the thread that allows you to read between the lines and join the dots across the income, work and career fronts. The Moon will also be here when Venus puts pressure on Pluto on the work front, creating some work tension and job pressure. Sharp professional instincts will allow you to see through the fog of war, quickly taking any messages on board.


After last week's lunar eclipse on the work front and all of its emotional intensity, there is a chance to let things settle. You're done with the hype and just want and need things to get back to normal, albeit a new normal. A lot of water has passed under the bridge, so much so that you haven't had time to process it all. For when last week's lunar eclipse brought things to a head on the job front, Venus had only just left your career sector seven days earlier. This completely put processing not only Venus' visit but the months of planetary activity on hold. There is a lot to process on the job and career fronts, which is why a quiet week will suit you just fine. It is the Moon's return to your career sector midweek that will bring everything you need. For the first time since Venus left, there will finally be a chance to process all the water that has passed under the bridge, not just over recent weeks but so far this year.


By the time the Moon returns to your career sector on Friday, you'll be ready for your second weekend in a row where things have come to a head professionally. While like last weekend, this will mean spending the weekend with your work and professional hats on, you already know that this is not in the traditional sense. For it was over the weekend that has just ended, that something special came together. That something special was an alignment between Venus and Ceres in your career sector, just as support from Neptune on the work front locked into place. These are the three planets in the solar system that are less focused on reality, what is and practicalities, than any other planet. This saw Neptune's dreams on the job front, merge with Venus and Ceres' desires and expectations on the career front. The Moon's return on Friday will allow you to do it all over again this weekend as well.


Thanks to the Moon's departure from your work sector on Sunday, you're able to move into the new week with all of the advantages and none of the disadvantages of having the Moon on board. The disadvantages are the strong emotional responses, buttons pushed and the potential for work tension and job pressure, which you would have left behind you in the final hours of last week. This leaves you with your instincts sharp and an intuitive read on work and job matters from the get go. As the Moon's first visit since both planets on the work front turned retrograde, you're also able to start with 20/20 hindsight from the get go. With the Sun in his last full week in your career sector, a total solar eclipse there early next week and Saturn in his last full week in retrograde motion in your income sector, being able to trust your instincts is everything.


Starting the week with the Moon in your work sector is always going to be an advantage, ensuring you have an intuitive edge and an intuitive read on work and job matters from the get go. However, it is the timing that turns an ordinary event into a game changer. For it was just hours before the Moon returned on Sunday that Mercury turned retrograde in your career sector. To have the Moon and its intuitive edge to rely on during Mercury's early days in retrograde motion is a game changer. This has put the brakes on career matters, with the natural reaction being to try and fight that by pushing things yourself. Yet when you do this during a Mercury retrograde phase, this is when Murphy's Law comes into effect. To have an intuitive edge as you adjust to Mercury's early days in retrograde motion is huge. By Wednesday the Moon will be gone, but this is an advantage you'll easily retain.


Apart from a small hiccup over the weekend, Jupiter is now fired up and ready to make his final months in your career sector count. That hiccup over the weekend was the Moon bringing the reminder it brings every four weeks, of the importance of work/life balance. Any professional pressure or work/life balance tension this may have created was fleeting and nothing more than the reminder you get once a month. But with career matters now surging forward, the message has never been more important. The Moon's return to your work sector on Wednesday will ensure you have an intuitive feel for work and job matters and the timing couldn't be better. For it is on Thursday that Jupiter will move into his final eight weeks in your career sector and not due to return for another 11 years, this is when everything moves into high gear.


Despite the fact that Venus will find herself in opposition to Pluto in the first half of the week, this is unlikely to put a dent in your job confidence. If anything, it may even fuel a sense of rebellion. This is because you are coming from a place of strength. It was earlier in the month that Venus also came under opposition. That time it was an opposition with Juno in a reflective part of your chart. Venus had been in your work sector for less than a week and any work tension and job pressure this created, may have knocked your confidence. However, by the time Venus moves into opposition with Pluto at the start of the week, she has just come out of a weekend where she was surrounded by support on the work and income fronts. This time any work tension and job pressure will be met with a very different response and could be a catalyst for change.


The conditions on the professional front should be confusing, but this is something you've had over three weeks to adjust to. What you're adjusting to is an almost manic push forward on the job front, while Saturn is slowing things down to a crawl on the career front. Just having Mars in your work sector has brought you to the busiest month in two years. In the lead up to next week's total solar eclipse on the job front, Mars doesn't just have his foot on the accelerator but flat to the floor. Yet in his last full week in retrograde motion in your career sector, Saturn has his foot firmly planted on the brake. With a massive turnaround next week, you need time to reflect. This is Saturn's final days in retrograde motion in your career sector for another 28 years, so there is a need to learn as much as you can from the past. It is all about knowing when to use the brake and when to use the accelerator.


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