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Weekly Career Horoscopes (Updates on Monday) - 16 October 2017


Venus' departure from your work sector over the weekend has let Mars, warrior planet of the cosmos off his leash and in his own last full week, he's out to create as much carnage as possible. Fortunately for you this is the right kind of carnage, working with Pluto in your career sector to gain as much leverage and momentum on the job front as possible. Venus has not only left you with a fairly good sense of what you want on the job front, but a lucrative sense of direction. When Mars leaves this will bring all the planetary activity on the work front for the year to a close. However, Mars is running with Pluto, still in his early weeks in direct motion in your career sector and he'll take the reins from there. Mars and Pluto are the planets of war and revolution, so they will be looking at any way to fire and shake things up.


Jupiter's departure from your work sector last week has had nothing but positive consequences. After 13 months Jupiter has created more than enough momentum, with Venus having returned over the weekend to help you exploit that. With Mars returning in the early hours of next week, the real work and job opportunities are still in front of you. What Jupiter has taken with him is the constant pressure of the past 13 months. There may be a few flare ups, but that is all that they are, flare ups. If there is going to be any work tension and job pressure it is more likely to be at the start of the week and again in the lead up to Friday's New Moon. This is simply the Sun, in his last full week in your work sector, encountering the protests he gets from forces on a more reflective front, at this time every year. This is nothing more than a reminder to pace yourself.


A bit of professional pressure or work/life balance tension at the start of the week is nothing compared to a massive shot in the arm that both work and career forces have just received. What is happening professionally is so much bigger than anything the early days of the week can throw at it, but the professional gods are also big and confident enough to appreciate its importance. Any pressure at the start of the week is from an opposition between Mars on the home front and Chiron on the career front. This is part of the work/life balance reminders that the Sun will always bring in August and September. Yet as Jupiter spends his first full week in your work sector in over a decade, he will use this to your advantage. This gives you the confidence to stop and take work/life balance seriously, for this is the start of an 18 month period of expansion and growth across the job and career fronts.


While you haven't fully escaped the professional pressure or work/life balance tension of the past 13 months, it is now coming in fits and starts and at a more mundane level. The Sun always moves through your home and family sector at this time of year and for the last 92 years that has included an opposition with planets in your career sector. This is the downside to having career resources in play all year, year after year and decade after decade. It wasn't until Jupiter left your home and family sector last week that the constant pressure of the last 13 months dropped back. The Sun, in his last full week in your home and family sector will do what he is charged to do, which is make work/life balance a priority. However, the pressure that has dogged you all year is gone and in its place there is a massive coming together of income, work and career forces.


With his first two weeks in direct motion in your work sector under his belt, Pluto will be starting to gain a small amount of traction. However, this is minimal and needs to stay that way, with small steps in the right direction more than okay for now. And for now, the 'right direction' means a lucrative direction. Both Venus, who left your income sector over the weekend and Mars, who is in his last full week, have been Pluto's support system since the tide turned on the work front late last month. As the planets of war and revolution Mars and Pluto are natural allies, so will be working all week to bring income and work matters together. Both are aware of the massive and game changing developments on the job front from December and the impact this will have for the following three years. This is why all the focus now, in these early weeks in direct motion, is on steering things in a lucrative direction.


Thanks to the Moon's visit to your career sector last week you've had a chance to sharpen your professional instincts and get your bearings. Yet while the Moon returns every four weeks, it is already clear that last week's visit has punched well above its weight and it was all to do with timing. The Moon moved through your career sector at a critical time on the income front last week and as the focus is still more on income matters this week, this was important. The Moon was in your career sector during Jupiter's final days in your income sector and as he left. This gave your professional instincts direct access to all the information Jupiter left you and income forces with. Now, as Venus spends her first full week in your income sector, as Mercury leaves on Tuesday and in the lead up to Friday's New Moon, there is a constant checking in to what your professional instincts are telling you.


While there could be some work tension and job pressure at the start of the week, this is not only the last hurdle this year, it comes with perfect timing. The week starts with Mars, in his last full week in a nostalgic and reflective part of your chart, in opposition with Chiron in your work sector. In the final days of your current Mars cycle, you're operating on limited reserves and Mars is challenging work forces not to demand too much. Except the reality is they're not and with Jupiter in his first full week in your income sector in over a decade, it is now all about where the money is. Mercury's return to your income sector will bring a smart head for money into play that will make it even easier to work smarter. This is more a case of Mars raising the protest flag, only to find that there is not much to complain about. However, this is a valid reminder of a need to pace yourself.


The Moon left your career sector in the closing hours of the weekend, allowing you to start the week with your professional instincts sharp from the get go, but without the strong emotional responses. It was the Moon's return over the weekend that allowed you to cap off a stunning four weeks on the career front. The North Node, making its first visit to your career sector in 17 years, has enjoyed a three week alignment with work forces, before teaming up with Saturn on the income front last week. This was also a chance to get a feel for a drop in work tension and job pressure. While there may be some flare ups this week, both in the early days of the week and again later in the week, this is just the Sun making its annual checks. As major forces on the income, work and career fronts continue to work together, the Sun is making sure you know when to take your work hat off.


Venus' departure from your career sector over the weekend has taken the leash of Mars, as the warrior planet of the cosmos spends his last full week here. Once Mars leaves this will bring all the planetary activity on the career front for the year to a close and all planetary activity in both your professional houses. Mars is the perfect planet to bring things home, for he gives you the energy and passion needed to put everything you have into everything you do. Mars needs to know that once he leaves you have enough momentum to bring this professional year home and to take you well into 2018. You start the week with the Moon in your career sector as well, ensuring your professional instincts, passions and fighting spirit are fuelled and in synch from the get go. There could be some speed bumps at the start of the week, with a reminder that you still need to pace yourself.


Any fears that Jupiter's departure from your career sector last week may have seen things come off the boil have been allied. While Mercury will leave on Tuesday, this is not before leaving you with the intellectually savvy edge needed to keep your head in the game. However, it was Venus' return over the weekend and Mars' return early next week that has the second wave now showing up. In the Sun's last full week here there is a cross over between the two, something the Moon's return on Wednesday will help you get a read on. This is when the lead up to Friday's New Moon begins, with a chance to draw a line in the sand. Yet with things taking until December to run their course, this is more a line in the sand between a period of lining everything up and a period where everything will come together.


As you move into the new week you may as well be walking into an altered or alternative reality, so divorced is what you find to anything else this year. Welcome to your first full week in over a decade with Jupiter in your career sector and the start of a period of professional growth, expansion and opportunities that will take 18 months to run its course. This is still early days and until Mercury returns on Tuesday, the professional gods don't even want you to have your head in the game. Once Mercury returns on Tuesday and the Sun next week, the focus will shift more to the details and starting to make things happen. In the early hours of the week Jupiter wants a quiet moment where you're able to focus on the big picture. Jupiter has returned to expand your sense of what's possible, while it's up to planets like Mercury to figure out the 'when, where and how'.


The Moon left your work sector in the closing hours of the week, but won't follow you into the new week, giving you the best of both worlds. This allows you to start the week with an intuitive read on work and job matters from the get go, but without the Moon's strong emotional influences. It was over the weekend that the Moon brought a chance to regroup and process what had been an extraordinary four weeks across the income, work and career fronts. This saw major forces in play on the income, work and career fronts align, the last being Saturn on the career front and the North Node on the work front last week. The Moon spent the weekend in your work sector, so you've had a chance to read between the lines and join the dots. With Saturn moving into his final two months in your career sector on Friday, you're able to do so with confidence.


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