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Daily Love Horoscopes - Sunday 20 August


Finding time today to be with your partner will be the best way to spend the day. Your partner has been patient with you of late, yet their needs have not been deliberately ignored, it's just been that kind of week. Therefore set some time to be there just for them today.


Holding off from doing all on your to do list today will actually get everything done a lot quicker. Sometimes resisting what you actually want to do, can slow time itself down, to go much slower, by doing something that you want to do today, especially with your partner or lover or friend. This will help you to be more proactive throughout the rest of the day today.


Waiting for the right time today is crucial to not be putting ones foot in one's mouth. There is a right time to broach the issue or subject of concern today and it will be shown to you when you see a little flash of light between your eyes. This will signal the time is now. Trust the seeing of this to understand that you can always follow your gut instincts.


Walking, running and swimming are all forms of physical activity that you may do or may not do. Regardless, the message from the heavens is to involve yourself in some form of physical activity today. To reach a place within you that leaves you feeling quite happy and free involve your partner, as they will be grateful for the invitation.


Putting your walking shoes on will do wonders for your self esteem and for your physical self. Your partner has been wanting you to reach a place within you where you are able to meet your own needs and this is not for anyone else but you today and in turn will even create some much needed time out to clear your head but to also have a heart to heart chat with the self in the process.


Hold onto the innocence of love and romance for there is some beauty within the innocence and even though you may feel quite stuck in your way of interacting within your relationship, there is always room for some light hearted simple romance today.


Backing out of an agreement or backing out of a decision is not the way to gain someone's trust here, even though you may have changed your mind. Just sleep on it a little while longer before you make any decision out of possible haste.


Sitting in some tranquil setting will do absolute wonders for some mental clarity, for the conversations of late within your relationships is confusing your point of view. B stepping away and reclaiming your own space you will reach a better understanding.


Yesterday taught you to let go of what has to be done by focusing on you first. Well, today is almost the opposite, get creative, get those jobs done that you have been putting off to allow even more room for some much needed connection in the bedroom.


Having one less activity to get done today will leave room for some action in the area of your relationship. Involve them in a new activity or ask them what is it that they would like to do with you to get a momentum going. Be with each other and enjoy something out of the norm today.


Having a heart to heart chat concerning what's next within this relationship will be the best conversation you have had for a long time and it will relieve you of any thoughts or ideas that you had that weren't true, leaving you with only possibilities.


Taking time out today to just hear your own thoughts will do wonders for you and will do wonders for your relationship, for it's feeling a bit full in there and must be addressed by clearing all of those mental thoughts so that your heart can be engaged here today, not your mind.


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