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Daily Love Horoscopes - Monday 26 June


Finding the time throughout the day today to sit and adjust your sails will be very important for you to do, as there is a wind coming in strong. There will be an adjustment period today, one that will test your patience. Hold on but loosen the grip just a little, as your personal relationship will meet some opposing forces today.


Night time can be challenging for you, for the thoughts of the day come running back in to remind you what you have not managed to sort through. Allow these thoughts to be there, then see a giant rubbish bin for you to put them into, for you need some peace to be in your loving heart space today.


Being grateful is the key to all happiness and is the key for all relationships. For when gratitude is present then you get to see whatever it is that you have not been seeing. Allow the inner eyes and the inner voice to see this relationship or relationships today.


Yesterday was a day that seemed to take on a lot of your attention and even though it has been and gone there is some residue passing over into your day today. Remove the history lesson by seeing all that has been before this moment now to be all scooped up and deposited into a burning inferno, to burn the issues and the upsets of all the days before this day right now.


It is not about being perfect or even presenting yourself as perfection, even though you are a wonder at doing just that, but today the angels of romance and love are speaking strongly and are urging you to proceed with love first and perfection second.


Quick thinking is exactly the solution to your needs being met today. When you tend to pause and wait to think, that is when the truth does not come out. Instead of holding back and assessing the moment in play today just react and speak or do so without any pauses and watch how much your inner voice comes out to play.


Finding time to sit with your recent emotions, your recent expressions of love is divinely timed for you to do. You have been given a great opportunity today to let those feelings, to let those emotions come through to support your heart within your relationships.


Balancing out work and play is the priority for you to do today. Make time for fun, find some space to relax, create a harmonious feeling from within you and let those around you feel your energy by making a decision today to be not all about work.


Sitting in wait for someone to come along and rescue you is not only a lonely place to rest but is a non productive one. You are more than capable of making any changes that need to be made today. Allow yourself to speak up and watch how your relationship benefits from it.


It's a wonderful day for demonstrating patience, for sitting in silence and in peace. There is a huge amount of negative energy in the air today that needs your calming nature, your peaceful outlook, and your inner stillness.


Happiness awaits you. Stop judging your love life as a temple you have to honour all the time. What you can do is let the fun side of love come in with the lighter side, the silly side of the relationship and watch how it meets both of your needs.


Waiting for the right time to have a moment to express your desires today will be felt. It will feel like a push from behind, like someone is there urging you and that is your guardians of love urging you to let go by telling someone what it is that you need from this relationship.


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