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English Daily Work Horoscopes - Thursday 19 October


You feel able to exercise control effectively but may experience a degree of anxiety leading to an uneasy feeling and you becoming rather short-tempered with your colleagues. A desire for improvement in status is unwise if it only results in wasted expenditure that in the long run achieves very little material benefit.


If you're busy trying to get your message across but have a hard time convincing others of what you want to achieve, rather than appearing irritated and disappointed, you make a detailed plan at the outset instead and do as much as possible to adhere to your schedule and not be needlessly distracted.


If you've difficulty reaching your targets, better news is on the horizon and you notice how easy your workload appears. Seize every opportunity to take on a new project, whether or not you’ve little experience. Discovering how effective and capable you are in untried areas gives a real boost to your self-confidence.


Don't expect too much, regardless of the way you feel be ready to show how cool-headed you are and remain totally calm no matter how difficult that might be. Very few things are likely to go exactly the way you want them to, resist any temptation to blame others otherwise your popularity may hit a low point.


Be careful what you say when in talks with colleagues. The uneasiness you feel may lead to irreconcilable disputes. Instead whenever possible avoid working in a team and do your best to find a quiet place where you able to work alone, as a result you don't get involved in any time-wasting disputes or discussions.


The atmosphere at work is more relaxed than previously. You're much less competitive and enjoy sharing various concepts with your colleagues. Realizing how effective working as a team is, you consider the wealth of experience that others are able to contribute to your plans, working together to bring success.


You’re great at working in a team and your colleagues basically enjoy working with you. Normally you're calm and remain unruffled. Trying to accommodate so many different suggestions, you won't allow others to impose any disruptive ideas on the group, the irritation you feel may upset the compromise you seek.


Using your astute mental capabilities combined with a clear head you're able to confidently summarize anything you present objectively. You put your ideas and concerns in a distinctive and purposeful way which makes working with you an agreeable experience, you're admired and appreciated by your colleagues.


Remaining focused on important tasks and free from unwanted responsibility, your helpful and easygoing attitude enables you to effectively cooperate with others. You build collaborative projects and understand how important it is to satisfy the needs of everyone who's involved to achieve a successful outcome.


If you're being put under unnecessary stress or confusion creates a knock on effect with your colleagues, find the root cause of disruptive factors and try to defuse the unsettling atmosphere. Hold back a bit with your demands, which may be perceived as unreasonable and foolhardy in the current circumstances.


Your enthusiasm and good natured attitude help you make progress with tasks requiring your attention. Your expert approach demonstrates an understanding of the most difficult problems confronting you. You're able to show authority in overcoming any of these difficulties, work colleagues admire your thoroughness.


You're aware of how to allocate your time, and taking account of other work commitments you dedicate yourself to a new area of interest you’ve considered tackling before. You feel motivated, finding basic concepts easy to grasp if you give yourself enough time and take advantage of the way you feel to focus your mind.


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